tagGroup SexA Different Kind of Family Pt. 02

A Different Kind of Family Pt. 02





The week after Master died, I moved with Katie into the house, permanently. We decided to share her bedroom, even though it was the smallest in the house. We just couldn't move into the Masters' old room; there were just too many bad memories.

Even if we didn't quite feel ready for it, Katie and I were on our own. The farm had to keep running. Crops needed planting. We had our lives to keep living.

At first it was pretty hard. Not many people wanted to do business with a nineteen-year old Chink. But our usual customers had gotten to know me in the past couple of years, and the majority agreed to continue our business partnerships. And as time went by, business went back to normal.

The rhythms of our life kept us going. Wake up, do your job, go to sleep. Plant, tend, harvest, sell. Smile for Katie. She was depending on me to keep us together, to keep us afloat.

The year after Master died turned out to be a year of big change, and also a year of even more tragedy. To be honest, Miss Rachel had an even worse year than we did.

There was some conflict in another country, and our President said that we had to do something about it. For weeks, it was the only thing the news would ever talk about. And then a few months later, Bill Taylor decided that he needed to go.

Miss Rachel was, understandably, rather upset. Bill hadn't been recruited. No one was forcing him to re-join the Army. There was the farm they had just started together. And besides, at 23, Miss Rachel's biological clock was ticking and he'd promised they would start their family. But Bill was dead set on joining. He said it was his duty as an American citizen.

In the end, Bill left. Miss Rachel was torn: half-proud of her husband, and half- scared to death about losing him. The last time he'd gone into the Army was more than enough for her, and that was a time of peace. This was a real war.

Running the farm was left to her. She knew just barely enough to keep things moving. The farm staff could keep everything in order until Bill got back. And I promised Bill I'd look after his wife.

Almost immediately, Miss Rachel became a frequent visitor to our house. After the day's work, every day, she would come by just to talk to us. Katie would meet her at the door with a big hug and ask, "How are you holding up, Miss Rachel?"

Every day, Miss Rachel answered with some variation of, "Not so well, Katie. Home is just an empty shell without my Bill."

A year later, in the wintertime, a black sedan with military plates pulled up to the Taylor farm. Two uniformed officers gave Miss Rachel a folded American flag and Letter of Apology from the President. Bill's body would be coming back in a few weeks.


Bill's funeral was six months past, and I was visiting Miss Rachel to look over her bookkeeping. She could do the math just fine, but every so often a supplier or customer would get the idea he could rip off the poor widowed woman who didn't know any better. So I would always review things to make sure no one was taking advantage of her.

"You want a cold beer, Johnny?"

"Yes, thank you, Miss Rachel."

She brought me a cold bottle from the fridge, the top already popped off. I took a swig then set it on the table, returning my attention to the accounting.

"Are you old enough to drink yet, Johnny?"

I smiled and turned to her. "Not yet, Miss Rachel." I very deliberately took another gulp. "But I'll be turning twenty-one in another month."

"Well, as long as you're old enough to vote... or to fight..." Her voice trailed off as she thought about that last phrase. I'm sure Bill was in her mind right then.

Then she put on a new smile and turned to me, "Hell, as long as you're 'legal'." It was a wolfish grin she flashed me this time.

I just grinned right back at her. "Legal, and fully capable anytime you need me."

"Mmm, I'll have to take you up on that sometime." Her tongue trailed out and she licked her lips. Her green eyes were shining.

Ever since that first time I'd met Miss Rachel, we'd had a little bit of a flirtatious friendship. I was a young man, thinking about sex every two minutes and about whichever female crossed my path. She was a pretty young lady, used to having men fantasize about her. But this was the first time I felt real heat coming from her. She was a young widow, still in the flower of her youth and attractiveness, but she didn't have a man to really appreciate that part of her anymore; I was the closest thing she had. Right then, I knew I would have to start being more careful around her.


That night, Katie was in front of the mirror drying out her hair after the evening's shower. My mind was still going over the heat in Miss Rachel's eyes, the thrust of her tits, and the cold fire of the icy beer she'd given me pouring down my throat.

I crept up behind my beautiful blonde, ripping away the towel and lifting her up in my arms. Katie squealed in my grip and didn't stop until I planted her flat on her back across our bed. "Johnny, what are you-?"

Her voice gave out when my tongue hit her clit.

I wanted to bring her pleasure, but the need in my loins was too great. I stayed down there just long enough to get Katie's juices flowing, and then I stood up and shucked my pants.

Katie wasn't complaining. Actually, she just giggled as I clambered atop her body and without further foreplay, I shoved my cock inside of her. And then I was fucking like a machine.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Katie chanted in my ear as I drilled her. It added to my stimulation but all that mattered was my release. Less than three minutes passed before I lunged my body forward one last time and exploded, pumping out a gallon of cum in successive waves that splashed against Katie's womb.

When I was done, collapsed against Katie's firm tits and gasping for breath, she stroked my hair and asked, "What was that all about?"

I wasn't sure if I should tell her. After all, most women wouldn't be too happy knowing their man was half-thinking about someone else. But this was my Katie. We had no secrets. So I told her.

Miss Rachel was lonely, that much was obvious. Her first six months alone were spent in shock and mourning. Over the next few weeks after that, the seriousness of her situation seemed to cave in around her, and Miss Rachel had really started to get depressed. She talked to us about it often. The only man she'd ever really known was dead. She was on her own in the world, and only twenty-four. By the time her mother was twenty-four, she was pregnant with her third child. Miss Rachel had always wanted children. Now it seemed like that would never happen.

Katie listened through my story, and when I finished she whispered to me. "Maybe Miss Rachel just needs to get laid. To remember what it feels like to have a man holding her."

I dared not say anything, even though very naughty images popped into my head.


In the end, Miss Rachel decided to adopt. She contacted the orphanage in town to start making arrangements and to set an appointment to come down and visit the children.

The very next day, Miss Rachel got a call. A Chinese girl had been orphaned more than a year ago. Now possibly because of me, the orphanage directly approached Miss Rachel about this girl. No one else within a hundred miles wanted to adopt a Chink.

They called her Lin, and she was a dirty, scrawny fourteen-year old who seemed half-starved and absolutely scared of us when she came in the door. At least, the social worker said she was fourteen. The girl looked nine-years old. For a brief moment, I thought about what my little sister, my real little sister, would have looked like if she hadn't died.

When Lin saw me, her quiet snuffling stopped, and she just looked wide-eyed at me, as if amazed to see a Chinese face. The social worker pleaded with Miss Rachel. Lin had nowhere else to go.

Miss Rachel's heart went out to the lonely girl, all alone in the world. They needed each other. So little Lin moved into the Taylor farm next door. Tragedy, happiness, sadness, love. And for a little girl: hope. Life goes on.


The next two years literally flew by. Both of our farms had a rough time, mostly due to the adjustments of losing their owners. But we were really starting to turn things around. Katie's and my farm was really humming. Quite a few times, people offered to buy it from us. And Miss Rachel's farm was at least turning a profit.

Lin was growing up nicely. Miss Rachel made sure the girl went to school full- time rather than laboring on the farm, and she was growing up into sweet young woman. Even though her mom was only ten years older than her, and a different race, Lin loved her as strongly as any daughter could (which included some teenaged attitude). And taking care of Lin made Miss Rachel happier than she ever could be. The two of them were even more frequent visitors to our place than Bill and Miss Rachel had been before.

Katie and I made clear with Lin that we weren't around to act like her parents; we were there to be her friends. She took that to heart, and always came by to ask us for advice. Sometimes, she would tell us secrets she didn't even want her mom to know.

But most importantly, in those two years, the love between Katie and me was growing steadily. And I had a plan.

As long as either of us could remember, neither one of us had been on a real vacation. In fact, neither of us had been beyond the big city since before we came to the farm. It had been nothing but work six days a week, with one day of rest for the Sabbath.

No sick days. No vacation days. But by the end of next winter, before spring planting, I was going to take Katie on a real vacation: to see the beaches, and see the real ocean.

Katie knew about this vacation. The idea alone was terribly exciting for her. What she didn't know was that I'd planned for this vacation to be our honeymoon.

The details aren't that important, I'm a simple man. But I proposed in our loft. And she said yes. It was about time I made an honest woman of her anyways.

Of course, Miss Rachel and Lin were over the moon when we told them the news. Lin was especially excited when Katie told her that "Uncle Johnny" was going to bring her back a starfish from the ocean. But very quickly, Katie and I could see that while Miss Rachel was genuinely happy for us, the waves of sadness had come rolling over her again.

Katie and I were two young people moving on with our lives towards a bright future. Miss Rachel was a twenty-six year old widow, and she wasn't getting any younger. And she wasn't going out to meet men, either. She had a farm to run and a daughter to care for. More likely than not, she would never feel the love of marriage again.


It was two weeks before the Fall wedding. Lin was at a friend's house for a slumber party, and wouldn't be back until the next morning. It was a late Friday night, Katie and I were just settling in to go to sleep when Miss Rachel called to say she had an emergency plumbing leak.

I kissed Katie goodbye, grabbed my tool kit, and hopped into my truck for the short trip down to the Taylor farmhouse.

I knocked before walking in through the door. Miss Rachel was waiting for me, still in her nightgown and a thin coat to ward away the evening chill. Her arms were crossed over her chest to hold the coat closed. Her dark, sleek hair was piled up and pinned back, and her sharp, pretty face was holding my attention.

"You want a cold beer, Johnny?"

"I think it's a little late in the evening for that, Miss Rachel." I started glancing around, trying to figure out which room had the plumbing leak.

Miss Rachel just put her hands on her hips, and the coat split open just enough to reveal her deep cleavage in the nightgown. "Why not? Aren't you old enough to drink yet, Johnny?"

I couldn't help but glance down at her tits for a moment. I smiled a knowing smile. "Of course I am, Miss."

"Well, if you're old enough to drink, then that makes you 'legal', riiight?" Miss Rachel's wolfish grin was back.

The predatory gleam in her expression suddenly worried me. I coughed, nervously fishing my head back and forth as I made to look around the house and doing my best to ignore her innuendo. "Uh, yeah. Now where was that leak of yours?"

Her brilliant green eyes were shining. "Oh there's no leak, Johnny." Her coat dropped into a puddle on the floor, followed by the nightgown, leaving her absolutely and completely naked. I was immediately transfixed by her big, firm tits and pink pussy. She stepped towards me. "Nothing here to fix except for me."

She took one more step and then grabbing my head, she planted a fat kiss right on my lips. I gasped in astonishment and she took the opportunity to snake her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the hard liquor on her lips.

I backed up immediately, but she just followed me until my legs hit something and then I found myself falling down into the couch. Miss Rachel went right with me and ended up straddling my legs, sitting in my lap.

I could feel the heat coming from between her thighs, and then I noticed that my pants were getting a little damp where her pussy was grinding on top of my leg. She was soaking wet and already leaking onto me.

Quickly, I got my hands to her shoulders and I pushed her back away from me. "Miss Rachel! What the-? We can't do this?"

"Why not, sugar? You're legal, and you won't be married for another two weeks. You're still fair game."

"But, but, I shouldn't be doing this." Her big tits were jiggling in my face and I half wanted to plant my nose in between them and half tried to crawl out of the couch.

Miss Rachel's expression suddenly turned nasty, a snarl on her lips and her eyes wild. "Why not? What's wrong?! Am I not an attractive woman anymore? Do I not turn you on? Am I not fuckable anymore?" She got up off of me and started to pace around the room.

I got myself out of the couch and started to sidle over towards the door. "No, no, that's not what I me-"

She cut me off. "Oh, poor widow Taylor. Her husband's dead. Now she ain't had a nice fuck for years and now she can't ever again! I've been put out to pasture. Men can't even look at me anymore! And I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life!"

"Please, Miss Rachel. That's not it. It's Katie. I mean, please. I love her. You are gorgeous. I am attracted to you. I would love to fu-, I mean, if it wasn't for Katie. I'd-"

"No, no. I understand, Johnny." And then she took a deep breath. Thirty seconds went by, neither of us moving or saying a word. The sudden silence hung in the air and was more deafening than Miss Rachel's rant of a moment ago.

"Johnny, I'm sorry. It's not your fault." And then when Miss Rachel looked up at me, she was her old self again. That is, the young, pretty, sad, and depressed Miss Rachel I remembered. "I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry."

She got up, and came to me, holding her arms open for what perhaps was our customary hug of friendship and of saying goodbye. But I backed away, afraid of what that hug might become. And I was straining very hard not to ogle her still naked body.

For a moment, she looked hurt. But then she just dropped her arms.

I mumbled an "I'm sorry." But strangely enough, I couldn't help but glance at her heaving bosom, expanding and dropping with her exertion.

She just closed her eyes, half-turning and giving me a dismissive wave. "Just go home to Katie, Johnny." Then she walked away to go to her bedroom.

Only after she was out of sight, I bolted through the door, trying to collect my thoughts. Despite the autumn cold, I found myself sweating as I got into the truck and sped the half-mile straight back home. My body was humming, male instincts driven to lust at war with my "civilized" sensibilities.

When I got back to our room, Katie immediately sensed that something was up. "What's wrong?"

My hands shaking, I sat at the end of the bed, and I told her everything. My mind was still spinning, and I had to backtrack a few times so that it actually took me longer to explain than the whole event had lasted.

After I finished, Katie didn't say anything. Her face was thoughtful, and I took the time to calm myself down. My brain really hurt.

Just when I'd finally collected myself. Katie spoke up. "Let's go." She grabbed her coat, and started out our bedroom door.

I followed her, "Where are we going?"

"Back to Miss Rachel's place." Katie's voice was tight, but measured. I wasn't sure if she was actually calm or so enraged that she couldn't even raise her voice.


"I have to see her."

I'll never understand women. But I knew enough to obey. So a few minutes later, we walked right back into the Taylor house, unannounced. I'd left the front door unlocked when I bolted, and Katie marched us straight upstairs to Miss Rachel's bedroom door. Without knocking, she opened it and led us in.

Miss Rachel was lying on her side, staring at the wall when we entered, and then she sat up quickly when we invaded into her room. At least she'd put some clothes back on. Her eyes were only on Katie, and I saw the fear in Miss Rachel that she'd lost her best friend in this world.

But Katie just crawled onto the bed and gave Miss Rachel a warm hug, cradling her friend's head against the crook of her neck. Confused, Miss Rachel wrapped her arms around Katie, and then realizing that no further harm or reprimand was about to befall her, she started crying softly. "I'm sorry."

"No, no. You don't have to be sorry. It's alright." Katie sat them both upright, holding Miss Rachel by the shoulders and looking straight at her. "I understand. I can only imagine what kind of wreck I'd be if I ever lost Johnny. All alone, with no one to hold you at night. I'd say you've been doing better than I would."

Miss Rachel just looked at Katie with wide eyes, in disbelief.

Then a little smile crawled its way across Katie's face. "Now, we can't leave you like this. I've said it before to Johnny. Girl, you just need to get laid." She reached up and began to stroke Miss Rachel's cheek with the back of her hand. Then Katie turned and fixed her blue eyes on me, a fire burning in those irises I only ever saw when she was really aroused. "Besides, Johnny did promise Bill that he'd take care of you."

My head snapped up, and then my brain was starting to hurt again. Uncomprehending, I took one step backwards. Then as I watched, Katie slipped a hand to one of the shoulder straps holding up Miss Rachel's nightgown, sliding it off the shoulder and dragging it down the arm until bit by bit, one of Miss Rachel's large, round, breasts was being exposed.

Still staring at me, Katie half-whispered in Miss Rachel's ear in a husky tone, "Anyways, I've always wanted to see what having sex REALLY looks like..."

Miss Rachel seemed as confused as I was for a moment, but then her eyes dropped to my crotch and saw that my pecker was rising. And then her gaze was locked onto me as well.

My breath started coming in short gasps, and then a gloriously rosy and upturned nipple came into view, and I found the lust boiling inside of me again as the idea of what was going to happen really hit me. I was about to fuck Rachel.

She wasn't Miss Rachel anymore. I couldn't hide behind the formal "Miss" title that mentally told me she belonged to another man. This was Rachel, a vibrant, young, gorgeous brunette with a fantastic body and even bigger tits than Katie's. And I desperately wanted her.

Katie sensed the change in my demeanor and slipped her hand to Rachel's other shoulder strap, tugging it off so that the entire top half of Rachel's nightgown fell into her lap.

Katie leaned in behind her, wrapped her arms around and palmed both of Rachel's tits, cupping them and squeezing them together into tight cleavage in front of my eyes. In the same husky tone I hadn't remembered Katie ever using, she asked me, "Isn't she beautiful. Doesn't she turn you on? Isn't she fuckable?"

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