tagBDSMA Dominant's Diary Day 03

A Dominant's Diary Day 03

byThe Hungry Eye©

I got a call today. It was Arial's mother. She was pretty upset. I can't say as I blame her. She didn't approve of our seeing one another. She also informed me that Arial was a very experienced nineteen year old, not a twenty six year old who hates course language. Arial told her all about me and she has given lawyer boy the cold shoulder. Mother wants her to have a future, or so she says. I figure she envies her only daughter getting it from a man the about the same age as she. It looks like I need to get some things straight with Arial tonight.

She arrived about nine. She gets off from work at seven. She looked stunning. I had taken her shopping for some things. She needed some new lingerie, shoes, and jewelry. Young women these days have little sense of how to present themselves and so many of today's fashions make an otherwise attractive women look worse. I took her to have her hair done. She has lovely long wavy blonde hair. Something most women pay enormous sums to achieve. She was always trying to get is to lay straight on her head, but the hairdresser and I showed her how beautiful it was in its natural state. It was full, wild, and still came down over her breasts and to the middle of her back even with the slight trimming of her ends. She wore a full length black knit dress, that clung to every inch of her slim girlish figure. Already quite tall, she was even taller in her black mules. She was a far cry from the girl in the sandwich shop now.

"You look lovely."


"Follow me."

I turned and walked down the hall to the living room as she followed me. Up until last night our sex had been fairly conventional. The sex was very good, better than most young girls. She had clearly thought over how she would please me when we were together and she was not at all inept. Young pussy is something every man craves and yet it always seems a little less than you hoped. Arial was eager and uninhibited, with a lean flexible body, and great affection for my cock. I do love a woman who loves my cock. She never complained about my demands for her to suck it or lick it, indeed she frequently just began to suck it on her own when I was in bed with her. But the thing that was missing was mental. I was having a hard time finding her mental buttons. Arial seemed rather shallow, or at least that is the way she wanted to present her self. Maybe she was or maybe there was more to her. I suspect the latter. I figure Arial and her mother had some history I was unaware of.

But tonight I would change things, test her. I was pretty sure of myself, but sometimes with the young ones you never know.

I entered the living room hearing her heels click on the hardwood floor behind me. I took a seat in my leather club chair and turned to look at her.

"Come stand in front of me Arial."


"I can see your nipple rings through the material of your dress."

"I know, they are kind of large, but I like them."


"They remind me of you"

"It appears you didn't wear panties. Why?"

"My other ring has healed up enough that I don't need them to support it. Should I have worn them?"

"You did fine. Does it hurt?"

"A little sometimes, but I don't mind."

"You don't mind that something I made you do makes you hurt?"

"I guess not. What do you mean?"

"Nothing, it is just that I like the idea of you liking it."

"Would you let me sit down? I feel stupid standing like this."

" No Arial. I want you to lift your dress up and get on your knees."

"You want me to do you a favor?"

"Just do as I tell you Arial."

She did what I told her. She seemed to be rather passive and shy by nature. I stood up and walked behind her and took her long hair in my hands as she kneeled, pulling her head back I looked down at her.

"Give me your wrists."

She lifted them up and I removed some handcuffs from my slacks. I put her wrists behind her and lifted them up in such a way she had to bend forward and cuffed her.

"Ooooh, you are kinky aren't you?" she smiled.

I said nothing but slipped a leather dog collar from my pocket and put is around her neck next. I had a small chain leash I attached to it as well. Arial was strangely silent and serious.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Shut up, bitch."

"Why did you say that? You are hurting my feelings."

She was obviously upset now. I was beginning to wonder how this was going to go. I lifted her wrist up higher forcing her to bend over even more, her face nearly touching the floor.

"Arial, I am not some inexperienced boy. I demand a lot from a woman. I learned today that you have been dishonest with me about your age. You are just barely old enough to play our little game. You should know it was your mother who called me and told me all about you."

"What! That bitch! Don't believe anything she tells you. She is a liar and a drunk."

My sweet, passive pet had come alive. It seems she could be rather volatile.

"Shut up about your mother. It is you I am interested in. You have lied to me."

I let her go and pulled her up to her feet. Her hair was tossed and her face was red. I found it exciting to see her arms cuffed behind her in her evening dress, her chest heaving, her breast jutting out. Her nipples were hard and pushing through the material of her dress. She just stood there pouting, angry. I led her by her leash to back to my room as she clumsily followed in her heels. I flipped the leash over the rail between the posts of my bed and pulled it snug and clipped it so that it held her up straight, standing at the foot of my bed. I was a little surprised she hadn't said anything. I took some scissors from my desk drawer and lifted the seam of her dress and began to cut upward, slowly revealing her pale skin, first her thin legs, and then her pussy, over her belly and between her breasts until it fell open to either side.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I can, darling."

"You are an asshole too, just like my mom."

I took her lower jaw in my hand and squeezed.

"You little cunt, you ungrateful little cunt. Why did you lie to me?"

"I figured you might think I was too young. I liked you."

"You mean you wanted me to fuck you."

"I liked you, you seemed sweet."

"No darling, remember how you wanted to suck my cock, how you so eagerly swallowed down my cum."

"I figured I would have to. You are older and more experienced. If figured you would expect me to."

It really annoys me when a woman won't take responsibility for her own carnal desire. It seems they insist on making it seem it all springs forth from the male mind. They insist on playing the victim. The young ones are especially this way.

"Okay darling, have it your way. You WILL be my victim tonight."

I took her lower jaw again and kissed her hard on the mouth, my tongue penetrating her deeply, exploring her mouth, moving around in her like weasel trying to find a mouse in its burrow with no thought of being subtle. My other hand went to the crotch, cupping her pussy and then lifting and letting my middle finger pierce her now, very wet cunt lips. I pushed deep violating her, curling my finger so as to push against her G-spot. She tried to gasp, but I only kissed her harder, my mouth hard over hers, my tongue fucking hers. Her hips began to buck on my hand, my finger massaging that naughty secret spot in her pussy and my thumb pressing on her clit. I intended to turn her into a pile of female lust. I could feel the muscles in her thighs tense and her hips spasm now. She was close to cumming. I let her go. She stood there panting with her torn dress hanging from her shoulders.

I stepped back and began to undress, slowly, taking my time. Arial watched, she called me her beautiful man. She seemed to be impressed with my looks and I let her watch. She seemed wanton now, there actually seemed to be some passion in her eyes. Once naked I moved close to her and put my arms around her, my naked body against hers. She opened her legs and tried to hump my hard cock. I turned her around and unhooked the leash and bent her over the foot of the bed, then stepped around and clipped the leash to the headboard.

I went back and stood behind her bent over body and slipped my dick in her cunt and began to fuck her, but only a little, then I stopped letting my cock slide out and rested it in the crack of her ass. I already knew she had tried but never really had it in the ass. I think she knew that was what was going to happen. She became very tense and quiet. I leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

"Now darling, you have really been a bad girl, you know you have. I am going to give you a choice. You can either take it in the ass, or you can have your ass whipped. Before you answer, remember, you are on thin ice with me. I don't like complications and you are not only dishonest, but your mother makes things complicated with you. Now you think very carefully how I should punish you. If you are smart you will pick the one that you think will please me the most."

"You do whatever you think is right."

She sniffled trying not to cry. I think she was truly scared.

"Don't worry I will, but you had a choice. Do you wish to give it up?"

"I am so sorry, I really liked you and I don't want to make you mad I just want to please you."

I love it when they say that. I stepped over to my dresser and pulled out a bottle of lube. Arial was watching me as I stroked it on my erect cock. If felt good. I liked the way she watched it in silence. I went and stood behind her ass and teased her asshole with the head of my cock. Then I teased her clit. Rubbing the head of my dick against her clit. She was beginning to squirm now, her arousal rising again.

"Now Arial, you know I am going to give it to you in your ass. You will need to relax. If you don't it will hurt terribly. Of course that is your choice, you will get it anyway. In any event it will feel better as your asshole becomes accustomed to it. You might even find it pleasurable. I know I will. You know it is funny, just a minute ago you called me an asshole. Now you are getting it in your asshole."

I am not fan of anal sex actually. I much prefer pussy. But sometime it is necessary to let someone know who is the boss. Nothing says to a sub that I am dominant like my cock in her ass.

I squeezed some more lube in the crack of her skinny little ass and began to rub my cock around the opening. She seemed receptive, but I had enough experience to know when the head of my cock pushed past the opening she would gasp with pain. It is a pain no one is ever prepared for. And, that was just what I did. She grunted.

"Take it out, take it out."

"Breath Arial, take deep breaths."

She began to pant. As soon as she did I pushed it in further. Her body stiffened.

"You have to relax darling."

Then I pushed it ball deep into her. She became very still as though afraid to move. I reached around and found her clit and began to rub it until I could feel her relax and begin to move. Then I began to move my cock in and out of her. I think she was surprised that it no longer hurt as much, she even seemed to enjoy it, especially when I would squeeze her tits or play with her cunt. Once I had cum I left her there and took a shower. She looked beautiful bent over the bed. I have a tall bed and her feet could barely touch the floor. Once I dried off I decided to tie each leg to the bedpost so they would be spread wide.

"You might as well know Arial, I have a fondness for spanking little girls like you. You are an angry young girl and simply fucking you won't take care of that. You need to be spanked. DId your Daddy ever spank you?"


"Hmmm, I'll bet if he had you would not have turned into such slut. I think it is just what you need."

I took a wide leather belt from my closet and doubled it up. I did not spare her. I hit her hard the very first lick. I wanted her to know what I was capable of. She needed to be a little scared. But then, a whipping is kind of like jumping into a cool pool of water. There is the initial shock and then you quickly become accustomed to it. So it was with Arial. She was much tougher than she thought. It was only when I determined that the welts I was leaving were severe enough that I quit. I left her to sob for a while and released her and held her. She was quick to come to my arms, kissing me passionately, greedily, as if glad to be on good terms again. She knew without asking to suck my cock, only pausing long enough to ask me if it felt good and begging me to cum in her mouth. I decided I would rather have some pussy instead and pinned on her back holding her hands above her head while I fucked her. There is nothing like a little discipline to bring out the best in someone. I wasn't sure if it was the pain or the relief of knowing I still wanted her, but she seemed more passionate than usual, cum three times before I allowed myself to cum. We slept a while and then I woke her.

"Arial, don't you think it is time to go?"

"I don't know what time is it?"

"I is three A.M."

"I guess, Mom is probably drunk. She probably won't miss me. Wait a minute! My dress, you cut up my dress! What will I wear."

"Nothing would be fine with me. But since you wore it over here I suppose I will let you wear it home."

"Oh my god, you aren't serious are you."

"Of course, it is dark, you can wrap it around yourself."

She clumsily got up and covered herself as best she could. She looked pitiful. Her hair was a mess and the dress barely covered her backside. I let her out the door and watched as she got in her car and drove away. Then I took the phone and called her mother.

"Hello, I just sent your daughter home to you. I wanted you to know I took good care of her."

Then I hung up and disconnected the phone.

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