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A Fantasy Lived


She felt a quiver of fear deep inside her body. She didn’t quite know what to expect but the prospect of three men at once greatly excited her. The subject had first come up while they were snuggling in bed. After three years together she was pleasantly surprised when he told her of his fantasy. He wanted to have her with three cocks inside her. One in her mouth, the second in her pussy and the third in her ass. As he spoke his fantasy out loud she felt a tingle under her clit and knew the idea excited her as well. So, here she was. It was his birthday and as part of his present she had decided to fulfill his wish. When she had told him of her plan his cock had become hard at once, and they shared a night of amazing passion. Hopefully tonight would turn out just as well.

She lay back on the bed, hoping that the black lace g-string and camisole she had chosen to wear was enough to excite the two extra men that were to share her bed that night. He had already told her that he would be the one inside her mouth because he wanted to see the look of ecstasy on her face while she was fucked by the two strangers. As for the two men, they were going to be able to choose where they took their pleasure.

He came in, his cock instantly hard as he scanned her body and his eyes lingered on her huge breasts. Her nipples became hard under his smouldering gaze and she could already feel her cunt moistening, ready for whatever cock would be inside that particular place. He moved onto the bed and placed his hand behind her neck as he kissed her passionately, almost roughly. The feel of his tongue against hers instantly sent a wave of pleasure down her body. She knew she was especially sensitive tonight and was glad for the extra sensation.

She moaned under her breath as his fingers slipped under her g-string and gently stroked her clit. She moved her hips against his rock hard dick, loving the feel of his cock against her. He bent his head down and brushed his lips against her aching nipples, then, while growling softly in her ear he gently squeezed her tit.

She loved the feelings he was evoking inside her and was almost frantic for his hard cock slamming into her. She got so involved in all the touching, nipping and sucking that she forgot all about the two men she hadn’t met sitting in the next room. Suddenly she heard the door open and she glanced over to see the two strangers standing In the doorway. A strange sensation came over her as she saw the looks of lust in their eyes. She was suddenly aware of every move she made and she started doing things to him knowing the other two were watching. She placed one arm underneath his waist and stroked his ass gently while the other hand moved up and down the length of his cock. He suddenly shifted and with a quick wink to the two men who were now standing beside the bed, he put his head between her thighs and licked gently on her inflamed clit. She moaned, and moving position forced him to lick deeper inside her cunt.

As she felt herself sink into the sensation she was further excited by one of the two men reaching out to grab her amazing tits. As her boyfriend licked her cunt and the first stranger squeezed her breasts the third man removed her camisole so she lay naked on the bed. Strangely, she did not feel the discomfort she expected, instead she felt very powerful knowing these three men owed their erections to her.

Suddenly, all sensation stopped. Her boyfriend gently pulled her up into a sitting position. She could feel the other men positioning themselves behind her. She moaned loudly, anticipating what was to come. The men positioned themselves and she knew what to do. Slowly she raised herself up and positioned her cunt over the first mans huge cock. Gently lowering herself down she heard the man gasp as his cock was enfolded in her wet, warm pussy.

She cried out with excitement as his cock slid all the way inside her. She leaned forward and slightly to the side so that she could have her nipples sucked by the stranger as she lovingly started to suck her boyfriends cock. She slipped the head just inside her lips, increasing the tempo and depth as her pleasure grew.

Meanwhile the second stranger had a glorious view of everything going on as he started to rub lubricant into her ass. She felt a warm glow come over her as he started to slide his cock in and before she knew it he was fucking her ass so deeply she screamed in pleasure. Her boyfriend looked at her flushed face and smiled, he was enjoying this as much as she was.

She cried out as she felt the second man cumming in her ass. The feel of his cum inside her led her to orgasm and as her cunt spasmed around the first mans aching cock he came inside her too. Still being fucked in both her ass and her cunt, she continued to suck her boyfriends cock as the glow from her orgasm washed over her. Finally, she tasted his sweet cum in her mouth as he groaned with the intensity of his orgasm.

They all collapsed on the bed. Slowly, the four of them untangled their bodies and the two men left the room silently. She smiled at her boyfriend as he took her hand and led her to the shower. He smiled back as he started to wash the cum off her tired body. Suddenly she felt she needed more. She gently pushed him to the floor of the shower and lowered herself onto him as the water flowed over both of them.

Their bodies rocked together in a sweet embrace and she knew he was satisfied with the way the evening had gone. As another orgasm washed over her body she smiled as she remembered she had the whole thing on tape ready to watch another day.

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