tagErotic CouplingsA Friend in Need

A Friend in Need

byThe Scrumptious One©

It all started at a party. I was there with my fiancé and Michael was there with his current fling. Things had not been going well at home and my fiancé was talking with Michael’s girl in another room about our problems (unbeknown to me) while I was mingling with everyone else at the party.

I didn’t think anything of him talking to her as they had known each other for a few years and my fiancé had told me previously he had no physical attraction to her. Well that was all well and good until I went to the bathroom and overheard them talking in the next room. I pressed my ear to the wall and heard my man spilling his guts to his ‘friend’ about our relationship problems. None of this concerned me too much until I heard him proposition her and ask her if she wanted to have a quick fuck, right there and then saying it would solve some of his problems.

I ran to find Michael who was in one of the bedrooms resting and fell into his arms crying. I told him what I had just heard and he tried his best to comfort me. He wasn’t too upset with what he had heard, as he and his fling had only been dating a little while and he realised his relationship with her was short lived at best. I asked him to take me anywhere but here or my place, so we drove back to his place to talk.

We sat on the couch and he got me a drink to calm me down and I told him everything that had been going on. I had known Michael for about 5 years and I knew he had a real soft spot for me since he first met me but it hadn’t affected our friendship and I considered him one of my best friends.

I cried a fair bit and he was the perfect gentleman, just holding me and comforting me. It got to about 2am and we decided that sleep was the best option so he made up the spare bed and we said goodnight to each other.

After about half an hour I couldn’t stand being alone anymore so I went and knocked on his bedroom door. He was still awake too and asked if I wanted to sit up and talk some more, I shook my head and asked if I could just sleep next to him. He moved over and I climbed in.

I started to cry again and he put his arm around me holding me close. We stayed like that for a while, spooned together, until I had calmed down again and then I turned to face him.

He wiped away the tears still on my cheek and asked me if I was feeling better. I nodded and told him that I had decided to break it off with my fiancé, this was the last straw and I need to move on with someone that truly loves and respects me.

“I love you” he whispered.

I looked into his eyes and saw just how much love was there. I moved a little closer and went to kiss him on the cheek. He turned his face so our lips met but I couldn’t pull away.

When our lips finally parted he said “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ve never been surer”.

We kissed again and this time our lips opened and our tongues touched for the first time, it felt so good, exactly how a first kiss should feel. His hand went around my waist and he pulled me closer. I could feel his excitement through the thin material of the T-shirt he had loaned me.

I stroked his bare chest and one of his hands moved down to my arse. I could feel his cock harden more as he traced the edge of my lacy G-string. His other hand under my shirt running up and down my back and then he rolls me over so he can explore my front.

I remove the shirt and his eyes light up at the sight of my medium sized, well shaped breasts and hard nipples. He takes one in his mouth and nibbled gently. I moan in pleasure and my G starts to get very moist. He moves to the other and does the same. He has his legs spread over me and I am rubbing against his hard cock with my thigh.

His mouth begins to move downward over my stomach, circling my navel with his tongue. He goes down further and positions himself between my legs. With that he puts his nose to my panties and takes a deep breath “God you smell good”.

He begins to kiss my inner thigh and his fingers move their way to my pussy. Tracing around the edge to start with, it’s not long before he cannot help himself and begins to rub my sex through the panties. “You are so wet Sexy Girl, I think we need to take these off”.

I nod in approval and lift myself up so he can slide them down and off. He tosses them to the floor and then turns his attention back to my pussy. I watch the smile on his face as he sees my bare pussy lips for the first time. He begins to kiss my thigh again but quickly moves to my lips and tastes me for the first time, we moan together as his tongue slips in.

His tongue expertly fucks my pussy as his fingers find their way to my clit. I push up off the bed into him so close to cumming I can’t stand it any longer. He suddenly moves his fingers away and looks up into my eyes – it is now I find out what a tease he is. Luckily for me he doesn’t tease me for too long and returns quickly to my clit. The feeling is amazing as I cum for the first time that night, so powerful, so sensual, so emotional.

He doesn’t slow down as I cum and I cum again and again until I can’t stand it any longer. I need a break to catch my breath and to have my turn exploring him.

He moves back up the bed and we kiss, slow and passionately. I can taste myself on him, I’ve never really liked the taste before but now I can’t get enough, it’s intoxicating in a great new sexual way. Finally I break free from the kiss and roll him on to his back. I straddle him and push my pussy down on his now extremely hard cock.

I decide to return the favour and start by spending time on his nipples. I’m a little rougher with him and bite gently then a bit harder. He moans with approval and I know he wants more but I can’t wait to go down further.

I inch his undies down and release his hard cock from its prison. I knew that he had a large cock by the feel against my leg earlier but seeing it naked before me makes me quiver with excitement.

I lean down to taste the pre-cum that has been leaking out and feel him twitch. I then take the head in my mouth and suck gently on it teasing it with my tongue. I can feel his head stiffen and I know he must be close. I take that as my cue to suck on the head of his cock harder and slide it further into my mouth.

I move one of my hands between his legs and begin to massage his balls. He is so close that the pre-cum is flowing and I love the taste. He tells me to slow down but I can’t help myself I want to taste his cum, so I lick my finger and insert it into his bum hole, and stroke his prostrate. I then put my mouth back on his cock again and move my finger in and out of his tight arse with the rhythm of my mouth.

Within seconds he explodes down my throat, moaning in ecstasy. I swallow every drop and then reach up to kiss him passionately.

We lay back for a while, holding each other, happy and content. Conserving our energy for the moment, as I know that I wont be able to resist him much longer. I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me. I close my eyes and smile thinking how good it will be.

He strokes my stomach and kisses and sucks on my ear, which I love. His hand moves to my breasts and he squeezes them gently and then with his finger and thumb he pinches on my nipple, just hard enough. I take his cock in my hand and begin to pump it back to life. We start to kiss again and he climbs on top of me placing his very erect cock just inside my lips, teasing me again. “Oh Michael, please fuck me” I beg you.

“Roll over” he whispers and gently but firmly spanks my arse as I do.

He puts one hand in mine and the other one under my pussy. Then he slides into me from behind. I’ve never felt anything so good, he fills me perfectly. As he starts to slide in and out he starts to play with my clit. I’m that horny that I cum almost immediately, squeezing his cock as I do. This encourages him to go faster and harder and he starts to really pump me but doesn’t let up on my clit and orgasm after orgasm rocks through me. He whispers in my ear that he is about to cum and as he does, I do again too. I have never cum this much ever in my life and with such intensity I’m shaking by the end of it.

We collapse next to each other again and kiss each other deeply and sincerely. I fall asleep in his arms thinking how badly the night started out yet it ended up being the beginning of something amazing. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….

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