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A Good Pet


Beth sat in her car and stared at the house. What am I doing here? She leaned forward in her seat in order to pull a crumpled advert from her back pocket. She held it up and again read the slightly faded ink. It was a personal ad that read: "Olivia Richards seeking: live in female companion for pet/submissive/slave. Expect to be collared, caged, used, and abused for my pleasure and your own, hopefully. I am looking for a relationship as well, so if you are interested, please contact me." Below that was the street address, a telephone number, and an email address. So about a month ago, Beth had emailed Olivia. They'd begun a dialogue, talking about Beth as a prospective companion for Olivia. Eventually they had traded photos and lists of fetishes and kinks. Turns out, they had quite a bit in common. You see, Beth had a secret. Something she'd kept from everyone she'd ever known. Her friends, co workers, parents... none of them knew her secret passion... for pet play.

She was generally a shy woman, but more and more her fantasies were cutting into her life. It was something she felt almost incomplete without. She needed to be disciplined and caged when she was bad and she wanted to play fetch and be petted and played with. She wanted to please an owner, a mistress, and be told she was a good girl. She wanted to be loved.

So there she was finally parked outside of Olivia's home with a bag packed for a week long stay, a test run of the relationship. At last Beth mustered up the courage to open her car door and get out, lifting her suitcase from the back and dropping it onto the concrete sidewalk as she did so. It was just past five in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to turn the brilliant oranges and reds of a setting day. Beth could feel her palms begin to sweat, as they always did when she was very nervous. She clutched the handle of her suitcase and crammed her other hand in the pocket of her baggy blue jeans. It was warm outside, which only served to make her sweat a bit more. She was so anxious, a worry wart. That's what her friends liked to jokingly call her. She was that close to tossing the whole idea aside and just getting back into her car and driving away. She stood there, deliberating, temporarily lost in thought.

The door opened and a woman, looked to be about twenty-eight opened the door. She wore a floral skirt and blouse combined with house slippers. She stepped out onto the front stoop and stared at Beth for a moment before smiling and holding out her hand.

"Going to come in or just stand here all day?" She paused and Beth smiled back, though it was not a smile of happiness, but of panicked fear. She took a deep breath, ready to tell Olivia that she just couldn't go through with it,

"... Olivia... I don't think—" And it was as if Olivia knew she needed a sort of push, something to put her in a place where she was comfortable enough to talk and begin the trial run they'd agreed upon. Olivia strode toward her full of all the confidence that was absent in Beth's mind. In one hand, Olivia grabbed the suitcase from her and in the other she clutched Beth's upper arm and started her back toward her own front door.

"Oh, no. You're not standing me up, girlie. You're going to come in and have dinner with me. Relax, and then, only then, if you still want to go, I won't stop you." Olivia walked Beth into the living room, set her suitcase in the corner next to the television, turned and sat Beth on the couch. Olivia stood hovering over her for just a moment and then walked into the kitchen and called back, "Now, do you want anything to drink, dear? Is water alright?" Beth's mind was in turmoil. Is this really something I want to do? And then Olivia walked back around the corner with two tall glasses of water and a small bowl. She set them all down on the caramel colored coffee table, and then sat down next to Beth. Olivia took Beth's hands in hers. They chatted for a couple minutes and Beth still had not calmed down very much, thinking of everything that could come from this meeting and relationship.

"Ok, look me in the eye. Calm down. Do you want to be here?" Beth nodded. Olivia smiled. "I'm going to need you to use words, sweetie."

Beth blushed. "Yes, I—I do want to be here. This whole situation is something I have wanted for a while now, but been too scared to actually do. I don't normally do things like this..."

Olivia was nodding knowingly. "This is something I want, too, Beth. I'm glad you want to stay," she paused a moment and lifted Beth's hand to kiss her wrist and then met her shy companion's eyes, "But I don't allow puppies on my couch." Beth jerked backward a little, a gasp escaping her open mouth, and her eyes widening in surprise. Slowly, Beth nodded. She slipped off the couch, kneeling on the soft carpet next Olivia and looking up at her, unsure. Olivia smiled reassuringly at Beth, picked up one of the glasses, poured the water into the small, white bowl, and placed it on the floor between her bare feet. She patted the floor next to the bowl and gestured to Beth.

"Come on, puppy. Have a drink." It was not a request, but a command. Beth realized then how dry her mouth felt and crawled forward to kneel between Olivia's feet. She lowered her face to the water and used her tongue to begin lapping it up. Olivia smiled down at her and then reached down to stroke Beth's short brown hair. She ran her fingers through it and gently cooed at her new pet. Beth's body visibly relaxed, releasing all of the tension she'd kept built up there. This was her zone, her place, and nothing had ever felt more right in her entire life. She was incredibly glad that she hadn't bolted. She really had been thirsty though and within five minutes the bowl was empty. Beth's face was wet from the water when she sat up and, without anything immediate to draw her attention, her calm began to dissipate. She felt slightly awkward just kneeling there on the floor and didn't know what to do with herself.

Olivia just watched her, a small smile on her face. She was enjoying Beth's slight discomfort and was also pleased that she had decided to stay. Olivia had searched and searched for someone who could not only serve her properly, but someone who would reciprocate her feeling and desires. She had a good feeling about Beth, one she hadn't felt before, but she let those thoughts slip away. It would do no one good to jump too soon and Beth obviously needed training and care, which she was definitely willing to provide. Olivia finally took pity on Beth, who looked as if she too had drifted off. She began to scratch Beth behind the ear and Beth, almost automatically relaxed to the touch.

"Good girl. Did you enjoy that water and your first taste of submission?" Beth blushed bright red and felt a surge of confidence. She turned and began to lap at Olivia's palm. She then gently gripped Olivia's index finger between her teeth and growled playfully. Olivia laughed and pulled her hand away. "Playful puppy, huh? Well, you'd better calm down. It's not playtime right now." She then stood and stepped away from Beth. "I've got to get us some dinner started. Why don't you explore the house? I don't mind as long as you do not go into the bedroom. There's a sign on the door so you'll know." Beth nodded and started to stand even as Olivia was already walking in the opposite direction, probably toward the kitchen.


Upon hearing Beth, Olivia turned right back around. "Nope. You are not to stand and walk about on two legs. I also don't want you speaking unless it is to use your safe word. Is that understood?" Olivia's tone was not one to be argued with and Beth instantly felt ashamed. She immediately nodded and dropped back down to her hands and knees. Her head hung low with her embarrassment at disappointing Olivia so soon. Olivia crouched down beside her and lifted her chin so she could see Beth's eyes. "You remember what your safe word is, correct?" Beth nodded. Olivia shook her head. "I need to hear your voice, pet." Beth thought for a moment at what she could possibly mean when she'd been instructed not to speak and then she realized and barked her confirmation. Olivia stroked her hair. "That's my good girl. Now go explore." Beth barked again, more happily this time. She even wagged her butt as if she had an imaginary tail. Olivia stood and smiled down at her before turning and going on into the kitchen. Beth watched her go, almost sad that she wouldn't be with her. Then she turned around and began to explore the house, a house a big part of her hoped would one day become her home.

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