tagBDSMA Hard Days Work Ch. 02

A Hard Days Work Ch. 02


Glancing at the bed table clock, she realised that she'd have to hurry if she wasn?t going to be late. Unfortunately, now that she was entrapped by his creation, she knew it'd take a while to finish dressing.

The stockings weren't a problem, attaching them to the garters was however. The stockings pulled on the garter, the garter on her labia. In her already aroused state, the increased pull was pleasant, but only just.

She decided against knickers, somehow she knew that they'd spoil the effect. Instead she reached for her shortest work skirt. It came to just above the knee, sexy, but not too revealing. It did however had a decent spilt up the side, though it usually overlapped enough to stop too much thigh showing.

Next would be a top, but here she was stuck. Her proud, bound breasts, jutted almost obscenely in front of her, her nipples extended by those fiendish rings, and what mage it even more difficult, there were those damn weights hanging from them.

She started by trying on a loose blouse, something that wouldn't be pulled too tightly against her chest. Once it was on, she realised that it wouldn't do. Although it did manage to mostly cover up her adornments, the feel of the material as it slid across her way too sensitive nipples was distracting, very distracting. The feel of the blouse was centring all of her attention on her nipples, making her so very aware of how badly she wanted to cum. With a start she realised that she was cupping her bound breasts, rubbing her thumbs across the tips of her nipples, revelling in the feelings rushing through her. She wasn?t going to make it like this; unfortunately, all she was doing was turning herself on even further.

She tore the top off, and tried a tight sheer top. This had the added advantage of trapping the weights, taking some of the strain off her tender nipples. It didn't shift as much, so her nipples weren't tormented as much.

However, looking down at herself, she could see that her nipples were almost poking through the top. When she checked in the mirror, she could see almost every detail of her trapped nipples though the material.

Shrugging, she set the bells to ringing gently, she tried on a jacket, this covered her up, but the weight of the jacket teased her nipples. Almost crying with frustration, she realised that there was no way that she was going to escape this devilish torment.

She slid her dainty feet in to three-inch court shoes, the highest she could get away with, and took a final look in the mirror.

She stood up to her full five foot eight inch height, more with the heels, and stared at what the mirror revealed. She could see that her face was slightly flushed, her eyes dilated with desire. Damn! Her dark red hair pulled back into a sexy ponytail, just reaching between her shoulder blades.

Her shoulders looked broader, made more obvious by the way her breasts were being slightly pulled together. They jutted out, making her jacket hang open seductively. Luckily the jacket also covered the couple of spare pounds she was always promising herself that she?d have to loose.

The skirt clung to her broad hips in a stylish but seductive way, and her calves, one of her strongest features she'd always thought, were emphasised by the heels she wore.

Satisfied, she grabbed her keys, and left.

Walking she found was tricky, the weight attached to her clit swung in time to each step, an insistent reminder of what she couldn't touch. Her breasts rubbed against her jacket, reminder her of their presence, as if she could forget.

Walking as briskly as he could, she made her way to the bus stop. It wasn?t as quick as she?d have liked though. If she moved too fast, the weights started to jingle, sounding extremely loud to her ears. Also, her rapidly moving thighs pulled a bit too much on her labia, causing her to gasp with the added pull.

Slowing to a brisk walk, she rounded the corner, and saw her bus just pulling up, cursing she knew she?d have to hurry, so gritting her teeth, she ran for the bus.

The pull on her labia was almost too much, almost enough to make her wait for the next one, but she was already late, and didn't want to be in ever worse trouble. As she ran, first one labia then the other was pulled forward, and then back, stretching them with each step. She could feel the weighted bell bouncing off her thighs, moving in unpredictable ways.

Luckily her breasts were so tightly trapped that they didn't seem to move, but her jacket did, slapping against the tips of her teased nipples. Each slap sending a new jolt of pleasure coursing through her.

Panting, and not from just he run, she managed to slip onboard the bus. As she stood there, she was amazed to find that somewhere along the way, the pain had been turned into a new source of pleasure.

The short bus trip wasn?t too bad, though its stop start nature kept her on her toes, each movement reminding her of her predicament. She almost missed her stop, being so intent on the feel of her hidden tormentors.

The underground wasn't too bad, at least initially. The escalator wasn't too bad, but the train was filled with late running commuters.

As she was pressed deeper into the already crowded train, she found herself being crushed against a blonde. Unfortunately, her jacket had been opened slightly by the crush, and she found her nipples being pressed into the blondes back. What made it worse was the fact that the blonde was wearing a strapless number.

She could feel her nipples pressing into her; she could feel the warmth of her body through the tips of her nipples. Irritated, the blonde shrugged her shoulders, trying to remove the irritation. The movement of the shoulders dragged her nipples across the smooth skin. With shame she relished she loved the feel of the blondes skin against her, even if it was through her top.

She tried to make a bit of space, but the carriage was too crowded, and she could see that the blonde was getting annoyed with the feel of something digging into her back. Her movements were becoming more exaggerated, as she tried to remove the irritation.

Whilst she was trying to find some way to deal with the problem her breasts was causing, the movement of the train added new problems. The track wasn't the smoothest, and every so often the train would judder as it passed a set of points. The train bounced her just enough so that her swaying clit bell rang.

She could see that the occasional sound was irritating the other commuters. She knew what they felt like, after all no one likes hearing an unanswered mobile. If it was only so easy she thought.

The blonde's movements were dragging her nipples this way and that as she tried to remove them from her back. Luckily the blonde couldn't turn round, all she could do was glance over her shoulder, her eyes flashing her annoyance at her. All she could do was shrug her shoulders apologetically, but even that jigged her breasts.

She realised that she was as turned on as she had ever been. The mix of pain and pleasure had blended into something else, something greater than either. The shame she felt, being so turned on, and in public just added to the mix. And as if that wasn't enough, the unpredictable way the train moved, and the way the blonde tried to remove her pointed nipples from her back added to it all.

She thought that if she could only reach her pussy, if she could only stroke the edges of her taught labia, teasing herself there, then maybe she'd be able to make it. She could feel her juices dripping down her thighs. She was so wet, she was leaking. Her juices were slowly making their way down her thighs. The knowledge that she was covering herself in her arousal added to the heady mixture of feelings she was experiencing. She thought about sliding a hand down to her mound, to seeing if she could indeed manage to make it without touching her hidden clit, but the way she was pressed in, she knew that the blonde would feel her hand against her ass.

She was tempted, even though she knew the blonde would wise up quickly enough, but what would she do? Would she accept a stranger trying to bring herself off against her, or would she raise a commotion, calling attention the pervert behind her?

She sucked her stomach in, and slid her hand against her belly, letting it rest there a moment. The blonde didn't react, so feeling braver; she started to slide it down her front, reaching for her taught labia through her skirt.

Just as her hand brushed against the blonde's ass, making her start suddenly, the press was released. She had been so carried away with her desire; she hadn't noticed that they'd arrived. With a stifled cry of frustration the moment passed, she was no longer tightly pressed against her, her nipples weren't being tugged this way and that by the blondes shrugs.

On weak legs, she stumbled of the train, ashamed by what she had been about to try. Ahead lay her office, and she had absolutely no idea how she was going to make it through the long day ahead.

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