tagLoving WivesA Life Changing Event - Paris Ch. 02

A Life Changing Event - Paris Ch. 02


Laurie was on a plane heading for France as the sexual partner of a wealthy couple. Terra and I were lying on the bed, tangled together in a deep sleep after having used up the balance of our sexual energy the night before. Being an early riser I left her to sleep as I went to have coffee and see to the dog. It was my first morning being a millionaire. It felt really nice to sit and look out into the trees and not have that nagging worry about whether or not I would have enough money to take care of all those things I had to let slide. My credit score was shit, but now, that I had the cash to deal with my debts...I really didn't care about that. Of course I would hire someone to fix that but it was not pressing, not while I had the cash necessary to live as I chose to live sitting in the bank.

Feeling new energy hit me I finished my coffee and started in on cleaning up the yard. Then I realized that I had the money necessary to do all those things I wanted to do to the house, yard and my driveway, but which to do first? After I did the lawn and cleaned up the deck and back yard I began calling contractors but only those who came recommended by the people I had spoken to at the party, after having deposited my new found wealth in my first over-seas account. I then realized that I had to contact Charles to show me how best to access these funds without the IRS getting wise.

So it was my afternoon was spent planning to get my yard expanded, my deck extended and a new full service garage facility built into the space where my dog had been going to shit. He'd have to find a new place to shit, which would be rectified once we had more yard space. Anyway, Terra having to go to work left sometime in the morning promising to be back after her shift was done. It wasn't until I had finally settled into my afternoon, surveying my handy work that my phone buzzed with a new message. It was from Joe via a satellite phone with a video of my wife in Paris. On the video my wife was naked save for a garter belt and she was a bit nervous. "Honey, Joseph wants you to know that I am about to have my ass fucked for the first time. He wants you to see it happen. By the time you get this it will have happened. I hope you enjoy this" and the video was placed on some fixed point, likely a tripod of some sort by the angle of the image.

What I saw was a very upscale apartment overlooking the city lights of Paris France. In the distance I could see the Eifel Tower all lit up. What I saw next was my wife lying face down on a cushioned bench that was clearly designed for a person to be 'fucked' while still being comfortable. It was covered in deep rich red velvet with buttons and tufts of cushion on which to lay. Laurie was looking really good in her garter belt as she took up her position. Jessica, Joes wife began fingering her ass to get her to relax as she applied lube. Laurie seemed to like this and even appeared to like Jessica's fingers as the penetrated her. Low moans came from my wife as two and then three fingers found their way into her. After four fingers I saw her ass wiggle as she spread her legs and then began to pump her ass back against Jessica fingers.

The audio was 'okay', but it wasn't great. So I only heard a few moans from my wife. Once Jessica was satisfied with her progress Joe then moved in behind my wife ready and at attention with his cock nicely lubed. Jessica spread her fingers as he placed his cock at the entrance and simply put his cock in where her hand had been. No, shocks of pain for Laurie to endure upon initial entrance. This seemed to surprise her as she realized that his head was inside her and a pleasant moan arose from the depths of her chest. "I thought this would hurt" she said and laid her head down on the cushion as she began wiggling her ass side to side as Joe slowly drove his cock into her. "Ohhh...I..I..never knew this could feel so nice" she moaned softly and she pressed herself against him as he gripped her hips and drove his cock in deep. My wife responded with a combination gasp/moan as Joes cock opened her up. Raising her head she braced her arms against the cushions and pushed back to meet his intrusion as if he wasn't going in fast enough to deep enough for her.

Then she started to wiggle her ass side to side while Joe started to rotate his hips in a circular motion. Pretty soon their motion was in synch and I could see his cock slowly penetrate even deeper into my wife. Jessica contented herself by watching the action from an overstuffed couch with one leg up against the back and the other on the floor as she fingered herself. Laurie looked into the camera and said "Well, Richard...I'm getting fucked in the ass just like you've wanted me to. I hope you are enjoying the show" I was.

It wasn't long before Joe's pelvis was pressing against my wives cheeks at which point she let out a long, low moan of approval while pressing herself hard against his pelvis as if she was discovering just how pleasurable it could be to have a cock buried deep inside her ass. It was then that Joe spoke up to Laurie, just loud enough for me to hear it "We have to let you get used to our connection for a bit' he said 'then we will move slowly in and out until you tell me you are ready for a good 'fucking'".

Laurie my wife was thoroughly enjoying herself at this point and nodded her answer as she moaned her approval. Only she started rolling her ass around so that his cock would move just enough for her to feel the sensation of his cock inside her. It seemed to stimulate something inside her because she raised her head and opened her mouth with her eyes closed. She was the picture of ecstatic bliss if there ever was one. Joe taking her cue started moving with her back and forth grinding his pelvis hard against her ass causing her to emit a moan as she too ground herself back against him.

Pretty soon I could see Joe pull out slightly and drive back in as the came together with a 'puk'. Joe eventually pulled out all the way keeping his head inside, waited...and slowly, slowly drove himself in one motion into my wife again. This elicited a gasp and moan from my wife who when his cock was half way in pushed herself back onto him so that I could hear a 'smack' on the speaker. Joe was good to his word about a slow session because they kept up the slow motion for what seemed a good long while, until my wife began to beg for more "Fuck me nice and hard" she said. Before the breath of those words passed her lips Joe was giving it to her as she requested long, hard full strokes of his cock started in on the aggressive piston action coming against her ass with a resounding 'PUK-PUK-PUK' followed by "Uhn...Uhn...uhn" from my wife who was holding onto the cushions for dear life while pushing herself back to meet his trusts.

It was not long before Joe took a firm grip on my wives ass and increased his attack so that his hips were nearly a blur. Then to my astonishment Laurie bent forward and then arched herself back and cried out in orgasm as she ground her ass hard against Joe who pulled her back to his chest driving his cock deep inside my wife...and groaned, grunted and then called out.. "Augh" and filled my wife with his cum. My wife then looked into the camera and said "Well, hon...I did it...sigh...I did it and I loved it. I hope you enjoyed it."

Jessica then turned off the camera and the screen went blank. The last picture was that of my wife panting as she pressed herself against Joes chest still connected. It was fairly certain that my wife when she came back home would be smiling from her Paris adventure. As I turned off the video, after saving it, Terra walked through the front door and smiled. I grinned because she had on only a trench coat which she dropped on the floor revealing her naked body and pumps.

The afternoon was fun...especially after I showed her the video of my wives first anal sex.

More to come.

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by Anonymous

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by dkmywife04/26/18

to anony

Yes this was meant as an addendum to the original story. Chapt 1 is being removed...it was never supposed to be published.

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by dkmywife04/25/18


This is merely a fiction piece, logic, reality had nothing whatsoever to do with it. A wife decided to network...with a bunch of filthy rich people..got lucky to find a very wealthy rich guy with a hotmore...

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by widowedidiot04/25/18

Changing Event?

well now that your wife has found somebody that can satisfy her, is she even going to bother coming back? What happens when Terra finds out how you don't know how to satisfy a woman? Lets face it. If youmore...

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by Anonymous04/25/18

Paris 2...

appears to be the same as Paris chapter 1. Was there supposed to be an updated chapter? Love the story BTW.

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