tagRomanceA Loyal, Cheating Wife Ch. 01-02

A Loyal, Cheating Wife Ch. 01-02


Hello! I am new to writing so I apologise for any typos or anything that's just hard to read in general. This is my first story so please give lots of criticism!

I combined chapters 1 & 2 as chapter 1 was short and didn't have any actual "sex" in it. I also purposely left character descriptions vague for the sake of having them fit your imagination.


Chapter 1

"UGH! I am sick of Dean never picking up after his dog!"

It was a Saturday evening. Jeremy had been binging through the latest season of Black Mirror when his wife, Maya, had just come back from her jog. She tells him she goes jogging around this time because she loves watching the sunset. At least that's what she says, he's never actually gone jogging with her.

She had just reached their home when she had accidentally stepped on dog poop. Often whenever either of them left or was coming back to the house, they'd find a dog turd left in front of or on their yard. They'd often come home complaining about their incompetent neighbor that it became routine. They grew used to complaining and picking up after their neighbor's dog that it never occurred to them to just go over and talk to him about it. But today was different. Today she had accidentally stepped on it. She had gone into the washroom, cleaning the mushy fecal matter off her new pair of running shoes.

"Can you go talk to him about this! I'm sick of this shit!" She yells.

Jeremy chuckles.

"What's so funny?!" She snaps.

"I just think it's funny because... like... shit... literal shit... nevermind."

"Are you going to go talk to him or not!"

"Well it's not really my problem. I mean my shoes are still clean."

"Ugh. Well I don't want to talk to him."

"Neither do I."

"Can you please talk to him. For me."

"I like totally would but I like, kinda don't want to? And you're a strong independent woman, you got this!"

"Uggghhh. Why do I even keep you around if you won't even talk to people for me. You know what. I'll talk to him tomorrow. No thanks to you."

"Ooo. You're sexy when you're mad."

"Shut up."

He flashes her a smile and goes back to the living room, binging the rest of his show. A couple hours pass and he had just finished cooking up dinner.

"Honey! Foods done!" He calls out.

No response.


He begins walking up the stairs into their bedroom. At the desk on the opposite end of the room is Maya, looking through Dean's Facebook pictures. Jeremy sneaks up behind her.

"Mmm. look at those abs!" Jeremy says.

Maya jumps and quickly minimizes the webpage.

"Oh my god! You scared me!"

"What were you looking at?"


"Yeah. Okay."

Jeremy reaches over for the mouse and reopens the webpage, bringing up a picture of Dean, shirtless, holding his dog.

"Wow. This picture is literally perfect."

"No it's not! That dog shits everywhere!"

"I don't see any dog shit in this picture."

"Shut up. He's not even that attractive. You're belly is perfect."

"I know. But so are his abs... and his dog."

"Wow. It sounds like you wanna fuck him or something."

"Me? Nah. You give me all I need and want."

"Shut up."

"Come eat, the foods getting cold."

"I don't think so. Smells like its doing the opposite actually."

"I'll open up the windows to air out the smell."

They head down for dinner and take turns talking about their own individual things. Maya talking about how she plans on dealing with Dean, and Jeremy talking about how fucked up Black Mirror is. After dinner they wash up, then head back up to their bedroom.


"So what." Maya says.

"Do you think Dean's hot?"

"I think he's an asshole."

"That's not what I asked."

"Oh my god. Can we just go to sleep."

"Alright. But just to let you know. I'd totally fuck him if I were you."

"Shut up." She turns around and pulls the covers over her head.

"I love you."

"I love you too."



Chapter 2

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Uggghhh... What the fuck." Mumbles Maya.

"Sorry, honey."

Jeremy grabs his phone and turns off the alarm he had forgotten to turn off. He checks the time, 8AM. He puts his phone back on the nightstand and smushes his face back into his pillow. 5 minutes pass before he feels his wife get out of bed.

"I hate you." Mumbles Maya.

"I love you too." He says without opening his eyes.

Maya heads downstairs wearing nothing but her panties. Usually, this wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that their living room window was wide open. Jeremy had opened up the window last night to air out the burnt smell of last nights dinner and had forgotten to close the curtains. This wouldn't be an issue either except that today, outside their window stood Dean, with his dog, staring right at Maya.

"AH!" Maya squeals.

She drops to the ground and begins crawling towards the window. When she reaches the window, she grabs the left curtain and drags it to the center, then she grabs the right and does the same. She then stands up and slowly peels away the curtains to peek through. She looks through the curtains only to see a small dog turd, sitting in front of her house. Furious, she stomps upstairs, back to her room.


"Oops." Jeremy mumbles without lifting his head off the pillow.

"Dean saw me!"

"That's nice honey."

"I wasn't wearing a shirt!"

"I'm not wearing one either honey."


She throws on a white shirt and a pair shorts and begins storming back downstairs, out the front door. Outside she sees Dean and his small dog walking away.

"HEY!" Yells Maya.

Dean turns and looks at her with a puzzled expression.


Dean slowly starts walking towards her. It's only until he gets close does she realize how tall he actually is.

"Can I help you?" Dean asks.

"Um, Yeah! I think you can! Pick up your dog's shit!"

Dean, confused, looks at the poop sitting between them.

"That's not from Georgie."


"I pick up after him."

Dean holds up a plastic bag, filled with dog poo.

"What?! Then who's dog shit is this?!"

Maya glances across the street and makes eye contact with a young boy with his bulldog who is now pooping in front of someone else's house. The boy runs off, his dog slowly following behind.

"Oh... I'm so sorry." Maya blushes.

"It's no big deal."

Dean then pulls out another plastic bag and picks up the poop that had been left by the bulldog.

"Oh you shouldn't do that. It's not your dog." Maya says.

"I know but I don't think he's going to start picking up after his dog anytime soon."

"Well, thanks."

"You're welcome."

"Can I offer you some coffee or anything? I feel really bad for yelling at you."

"That'd actually be pretty nice."

Maya and Dean head inside the house, Georgie following closely behind.

"You can just relax on the couch. I'll bring the coffee to you."

As Maya walks towards the kitchen, Dean's eyes drop down to her ass. The shorts fit snug and whether it be genetics, good exercise, or both, her ass looks amazing. Dean feels his pants get tighter as his cock begins to grow. He crosses his legs in hopes she won't notice.

"How do you like your coffee?" Yells Maya from the kitchen.

"Uh... I'll have a double double." He replies.

Dean struggling to hide his tent, looks around in hopes to find something to help cover himself.

"We've never really talked much before this huh? This is probably the most we've said to each other... Ever!"

"Haha... Yeah... True." Dean replies.

Dean finds a small pillow and places it over his crotch. Relieved, he relaxes back on the couch only for Georgie to snatch away the pillow and run off.

"Hey! Georgie!"

"How long have you lived..."

Dean looks over and notices Maya, holding two cups of coffee. Pretending not to notice his hard on, she places his coffee on the table and sits on the opposite end of the couch.

"How l-long have you lived here?" Maya says, struggling to keep her eyes away from his crotch.

"A couple years... give or take..."

A couple seconds of silence go by without either one of them breaking eye contact.

"I should probably get going I got... Uh... Some stuff to do." Dean says.

"Yeah! I got some stuff to do too! It was nice talking to you!"

Dean quickly gets up and leaves as soon as he can with Georgie following behind. Leaving Maya, sitting alone in the living room.

"Good morning!" Calls Jeremy, coming down the stairs.

"Good morning sweetie."

"Ooo! You made me some coffee?" Jeremy says, taking a seat on the couch.

"Uh, yeah. Hey, did you know it wasn't Dean who's been leaving his dog's shit out there? It was some random kid and his dog this whole time."

"Really? How'd you find that out?"

"I ran into him this morning. We talked a bit. He's actually a pretty nice guy!"

"Wow! The whole package! Now we just gotta figure out his dick size..."

"Shut up!"

"I'm just teasing. But I'm honestly curious about his size. Someone that tall and attractive must have at least a decent sized penis. If he doesn't that would be so disappointing."

"That won't be hard to figure out." Maya says without thinking.


"Oh. Um. Well."

"Well what?"

"I just felt bad for yelling at him this morning because I thought it was Georgie's poop - his dog's name is Georgie by the way - and I offered him some coffee."

"Uh huh."

"And so he was sitting in the living room and I went to get him some coffee."

"Uh huh."

"And when I got back, he had a hard on!"

"Huh. Wait, so this coffee wasn't meant for me?"

"What? No. That's not important right now!"

"Hmm. Maybe thats why this coffee tastes so good." He says, sipping out of the mug.

"Shut up!"

"How big was he?"


"How big was his cock?"

"Well I didn't SEE it."

"Well what's the approximate size?"

"Uhh, 6 inches? I think."

"Did you guys do anything?"

"What?! No! Of course not!"

"Well I mean I wouldn't mind"

"Well you're all I need and want so you don't gotta worry."

"I'm not worried honey. We've been together since high school. I don't mind you fooling around with other dudes. Just don't fall in love with them." Jeremy says with a smile.

"Really? Well I don't know if I could let you fool around with anyone else..."

"That's fine. I'm not saying this to free myself up. I'm doing this because I know other guys find you desirable and that you'll find them desirable too."

"You're the only guy I find desirable."

"I just think it's pretty hot thinking of you with other guys."

"Really? Who have you thought of me with?"


"What? Even before? When I thought he was an asshole?"


"What did you think of us doing? Kissing?"

"Way more than kissing."

"Oh? Like what?"

"Fucking. Hard. Hard fucking."

"Oh my god shut up."

Jeremy smiles and gives her a big kiss before heading to the washroom.

Maya finishes her coffee and brings the mugs to the sink. She heads back upstairs, into her room and goes on to the computer to check her Facebook. While browsing through Facebook she decides to check Dean's profile page again.

"Dean, Dean, Dean. Who are you?"

"Born in Seattle. Has a sister. Likes to drink a lot? Me too Dean, me too."

With her growing curiosity, she clicks the photos tab which brings up a ton of photos of Dean. While browsing through his photos, she finds one that peaks her interest. It was a picture taken by a friend and it shows Dean bench pressing a ton of weight. Despite the impressive feat, something else catches her attention. In the picture, Dean is wearing a pair of light grey sweatpants and the way they sit on his crotch leaves very little to the imagination. She notices the outline of his penis which stops midway down his thigh. The length and girth is already impressive despite being flaccid.

"I wonder how big it gets." Maya thinks to herself.

She closes her eyes and thinks back to Dean sitting on her couch, his erection straining against his pants.

"There's another thing I can offer you besides coffee." She smirks.

She begins to imagine herself sliding his pants down, letting his long, thick cock spring out. She kneels between his legs, spits on her hand, grips his shaft, and slowly starts to stroke him. She begins picking up the pace until she's pumping away as fast as she can. The cock begins to leak precum so she moves her head forward and licks the tip. She can almost taste-

She quickly snaps out of it and opens her eyes. She can feel the blood rushing to her cheeks, embarrassed that she'd even think about him like that. She looks down only to realize she had slid her hand under her waistband and had started rubbing her clit. She pulls her hand away and notices the wetness of her pussy on her hand. She looks towards the bathroom door, hearing the water from the shower still running. She looks back at the picture of Dean and decides to see where her imagination takes her. She closes her eyes and begins to imagine herself, kneeling before Dean.

Opening her mouth, she takes the head of his cock in between her lips. She circles the head with her tongue making him moan. She starts taking his cock deeper into her mouth, feeling his cock slide down her throat. She then begins bobbing her head up and down his cock, moving faster, and getting sloppier. He suddenly grabs her head and takes control. He starts thrusting, fucking her mouth. She doesn't resist his grip, letting her mouth be used for his pleasure. She slides her hand under her shorts and panties and begins rubbing her clit, rubbing faster to match his thrusts. She can feel her orgasm building. The sensation of rubbing her clit, and the taboo of having another man's cock in her mouth that's not her husbands pushes her closer to the edge. As she gets closer she begins to moan around his cock, influencing him to do more than just fuck her mouth.

He releases her and pulls her off his cock, then brings her up to his lips. They share a passionate kiss while she pulls off her shorts and panties, then climbs on top of him. Straddling him, she begins to guide the tip of his dick into her pussy. She slowly lowers herself over his long, thick cock, feeling him go deeper and deeper into places she's never felt before, stretching her pussy wider than she's ever taken. The feeling of his cock inside her makes her legs feel weaker and she stops moving when she can't go any lower. Dean places his hands on her ass and slides her halfway up his shaft. She braces herself against him and he starts thrusting up, fucking her hard, fast, and deep. The feeling of having another man inside her feels so wrong but only makes her want it more.

"Oh fuck! This is the best cock I've ever had! Fuck me harder Dean!"

Feeling her orgasm coming, she starts moving her hips in time with his thrusts.

"Oh god! I'm so close Dean!"

He holds her still and fucks her even harder. The noise of his cock slamming into her is only being topped by the moans leaving her mouth. The feeling of him hitting her deepest points pushes her over the edge and she collapses onto him, cumming hard. She feels wave after wave of pleasure wash over her body, making her quiver on his cock.

She opens her eyes, lying back onto the chair breathing heavily. She looks at the picture still on the computer and bites her lips. She closes the web page and walks over to the bed and collapses onto it, exhausted after her orgasm.

Jeremy comes out of the washroom and notices Maya, asleep in the bed.

"Must've woken her up too early." Jeremy smiles.

He places a blanket over her and kisses her forehead.

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by Anonymous04/13/18

LIKE! I like your story very much, gave it a 4.25* (85% = A-). It is EROTIC, REALISTIC & ROMANTIC, 3-in-1.

I like how Jeremy & Maya interact.
The scene when Dean hides his hard on with a pillow is EPIC.
Maya's erotic fantasies were depicted masterfully.

I will marry her in my next life.more...

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Very readable...

Made me want to keep reading. I don't think though that it is going to end well for hubby.

Sorry for being a grammar fascist but it should be "your belly is perfect" -- you did sort of ask for that kindmore...

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keep writing and submitting


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by Anonymous03/17/18

Great Start

5 Stars for your first very successful attempt. Screw these other assholes who don’t like it. Can’t wait for chapter 3 when Maya and Dean hopefully have actual sex! Please keep writing!

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by HTW203/17/18


Loving Wives. Still cheating no matter how it looks

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