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A Millionaire Lifestyle


I look in the mirror, pleased with what I see. It had become a game. The goal to look prettier and more desirable every day, had taken over my daily routine. One day it was sparkly eye shadow, the next a new two toned bra under a sheer blouse.

It was an easy game to play. My features were in place. I have a beautiful symmetrical face, stunning fuck-me eyes, a well proportioned nose that leads into full ripe lips, but it was my body that made men and women look twice. My body is like a stripper's body; long, lean and luscious. An hour glass figure with sensuous curves leads to my sexy protruding ass and gorgeous legs.

It didn't matter what I wore. I was approached. They all want to fuck me, suck on my tits, run their hands down my long slender back then stick their big fat cocks right into my wet pussy and inviting ass.

But I'm just a tease. I don't let my admirers do anything but look. Sometimes I let them cop a feel of my beautiful big breasts. There is also an occasional passion inspired kiss or once in a while an orgasmic fingering job behind the bar. It adds a much needed thrill to my boring daily existence as a bank teller. Flirting with the customers and getting extra smiles and winks just simply makes for a better day.

Today I went for it. I love shopping and had recently found an incredibly sheer off white blouse. My red strapless bra with the black lacy bottom looked amazing under it. I cupped my breasts and traced my cleavage while looking in the mirror. Everyday I asked myself, is that too much? Am I pushing the limits too far? I'm brazen and confident so off I went to work and began the early morning routine looking like I was primed and ready to be fucked, as usual.

Everyone adores me, including my manager and the bank manager. I have a very charming personality to go along with my looks. The people I work with and the customers I meet try not to stare, but they don't tell me to dress down. Not even the older ladies that come into the bank, seem to care that my sexiness is over the top. They likely don't say anything since I am so cheerful and kind to them.

I was busy enjoying another day of teasing and flirting with customers and staff when you walked in. Everything changed from the moment on. When I first saw you my mouth went dry. Your suit jacket was off and your dress pants hugged your sexy well toned ass. I noticed your hair was tousled in a just woke up look but surmised you probably paid a fortune to have it look that way. And then you turned around and I melted. Your eyes a stunning blue, sparkled back at me. Your smile covered your face and offered promise of uninhabited hot sex. I felt my pussy fill with juices.

The attraction was mutual. You waited for me. I felt nervous, unnerved by my strong desire to have you ravish me. You licked your lips just then and I thought of how amazing that tongue would feel parting my pussy lips. After a sexually charged bank transaction where I opened a new account for you, you passed me your number and told me to call you the minute I was done work. Excitement surged through me the rest of the day. I could hardly stand the anticipation. When I got off work there was a limo parked in front of the bank. You opened the door, kissed me seductively and watched my sexy ass position itself in the seat beside you.

"You're so beautiful I just had to be with you," Dario whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck with french kisses that sent searing blasts of deep desire to the depths of my pussy. Soon, that's all I could feel. The pulsing of my wet pussy seared my senses.

As if you knew what I was thinking you laid me on the seat of the limo, lifted my tight skirt up and revealed my neon pink thong. I was shivering in anticipation, not used to letting anyone else have control. You flipped me then and took in the full view of my sexy toned ass. I circled my ass slowly and seductively, then arched my back elevating my cheeks. Immediately your hand cupped them, your mouth nibbled on them, and then your hand left a strong imprint as you gave me a nice strong swat. The sensations made my pussy fill with juices again. You did it again, and again, until I was moaning with raw need.

"Fuck me," I begged, in a small voice, my pussy so wet and full of need I could hardly stand it.

When you turned me around again, slid down my thong and started eating my pussy like a ravenous animal I knew I had finally found my sexual match. I heard you bite, slurp, and grunt as my pussy bucked in your amazing mouth. Your long licks drove me wild, then you fastened on my clit and teased it with your long flicking tongue. Next your fingers started pounding my wet pussy. I came right away, in a long intense grateful orgasmic pulse.

"That's it sweetheart, ladies first," you said as you mounted me, your hard on larger than I thought possible.

"Your pussy is so wet from your cum beautiful," you said as you swiftly drove your cock all the way deep into my hot little pussy.

Swishing noises and grunts filled the air. We fucked for a long time. Your stamina is amazing. Our orgasms overtook us in their intensity. I stumbled out of the limo severely fucked.

"Same time tomorrow," you said smiling at my disheveled state. You knew you had me wrapped as I nodded a meek yes.

Everyday after work you were waiting for me in the limo. The sex was always wild and adventuresome. We didn't talk much. You didn't tell me much of your life and your world and you didn't ask about mine. I didn't push it. You were my sexual fantasy and I didn't want reality tainting the intense orgasmic feelings we shared.

After about two weeks of wild sex you offered me a proposition.

"Amber, sweetie," you said looking at me affectionately. "My business is in desperate need of executive assistant to answer and take care of the business of a high powered executive, named Jeffery, who comes into town once in while. We can pay you $100 00 a year and Jeffery will only need your help when he is in town."

You passed me a cell phone.

"He'll call you on that phone when he is in town. You'll do things like arrange cars for him and restaurant reservations, that kind of thing. What do you say?" he asked, a pleading look in his eyes. "It will give us more opportunities to be together during the day. I can't get enough you of sweetheart," he added.

I thought about what you were offering. My job at the bank paid me half of what you were offering and the job description didn't sound too demanding.

"Will you guarantee me work for at least a year? I asked. You nodded.

"Yes, Dario, yes, thank you" I said smiling brightly. I kissed you then, elated and excited.

"Don't stop dressing sexy for work darling, I might stop by sometime," you said with a wink. The next couple of weeks were a blur. I said a tearful goodbye to my customers and staff members and went towards my new adventure.

Weeks went by and my new employer still hadn't required my services. I was starting to get bored except for the times you came over to fuck me. You always called ahead, so I could pick out ravish worthy clothing from my elaborate closet. I loved dressing sexy and you loved fucking me half dressed, using every piece of furniture as a vehicle for our intense love making.

A week later the phone call came.

"Hello, my name is Jeffery. I'd like you to arrange for a suite at a five start hotel downtown. I have clothes that need to be taken to the dry cleaners that can be picked up at my office on 5212 24st. I expect to find them on my arrival, pressed and ready to be worn. I will need my tuxedo for later on this evening. Make reservations at the finest lobster restaurant for two. Find me a viper to rent and a helicopter. I'll meet you at my office in 4 hours. Don't be late."

My mind swirled with the tasks ahead of me. It wasn't a case of hurry up and wait, but rather a case of wait then hurry up. I made all the arrangements and arrived at his office just in time. He was dressed in a suit and I was stunned at how strikingly handsome he was.

When I came in the door he grabbed me and kissed me hard.

"But, but I have a boyfriend," I said.

He laughed almost an evil sinister laugh,"Oh you mean Dario? Oh, he's just a pawn baby. I'm the real thing."

With that comment he pressed a kiss on my lips that melted me, despite my attraction to Dario. At that point I realized that it was possible to be equally attracted to two powerful men. Then Jeffery grabbed me, pushed me against the glass, tore my panties off with a single pulse and whipped out his big cock. I knew the glass was a mirror on the outside and on the inside so I was unconcerned that my sexy ass was leaving an imprint as my legs wrapped around him. His big throbbing cock was now deep inside me.

No one will see us fucking went through the back of my mind, but I was wrong. The outdoor lights had gone on, the switch converting the glass into a see through mirror had been flicked and a crowd of prearranged paying spectators had already gotten a full view of my sexy ass pushed up against the glass.

"Soon you're going to be saying, Dario, who, you most beautiful vixen." Jeffery said while fucking me forcefully against the glass.

"Look in the mirror at how beautiful you are, honey," he said. Then he stood sideways carrying me and fucking me. Outside horny men were watching my tits bounce wildly while I was getting fucked. Watching him fuck me in the mirrored window was an incredible turn on.

"Should we be doing this here, what if someone comes in," I questioned; starting to doubt this wild ride we were on. He kissed me roughly then, overriding all concerns, by sliding his big cock inside me a little further and fucking me a little harder.

He brushed my long blonde hair from me face.

"Give into it baby, I feel good inside you don't I?"

I nodded yes.

"Then just let go and feel me. There are no rules. It's just you and me, here and now."

Then he grabbed my necklace and pulled my face towards his, forcing his tongue into my mouth, commanding my tongue with his. His hand reached up and started flicking my nipples. My whole body was alive with wicked sensations and then I came on his cock with an orgasm that rocked me violently.

Jeffery bent me over a desk and took his cum soaked cock and shoved it full tilt into my ass, causing me to scream with surprise. I had never been taken so roughly. He ripped into me with his strong cock. Jeffery was pounding into me deep and my sexy body was responding with equal forceful thrusts back into his massive manhood as paying customers observed. Jeffery didn't stop fucking my hot sexy ass for a long time. When he came, I came with him. Our orgasms were loud, aggressive, and totally out of control.

You are amazing Dario but this was mind blowing sex like I had never experienced. He kissed me then, sweetly, adoringly. Then he told me to stand in front of the glass. He wanted to look at me. He wanted to see his hot cum drip from my sexy ass. I stood there as he tweaked my nipples and ran his hands up and down my gorgeous body.

"Slide a finger in between your cheeks, then put it in your mouth, lick your fingers and let me watch you taste my cum."

I did as I was told, totally memorized and turned on by the forceful way he directed and demanded me. He showed me where the shower was and soon my well used sexy body was fragrant and clean again.

Jeffery showered, smiled at me, and said he would be back later.

"I left you a little bonus check beautiful," he said pointing to the desk he wanted me to sit at.

He told me he was expecting an important phone call so while he was enjoying a relaxing dinner he needed me to be available to take the call. I gave him the address to the restaurant I had booked for him, he got into the viper that had been dropped off and then he was gone.

After our wild sex I needed a refresher so I fixed my make up and hair and then sat at the desk he wanted me to sit at, staring at the phone. I could still feel the tingle between my legs and it excited me. I picked up a book I had been reading and crossed my shapely legs.

Then the phone rang.

"Hi baby, have you missed me?"

It was you, Dario. I felt a twinge of guilt, then dismissed it.

"Hello sexy," I purred into the phone.

I was surprised that I was so hot for you Dario, even after having just being ravaged by Jeffery. It was like the flood gates had opened and all I could feel was my pulsing pussy.

"Sweetie, I'm waiting for an important call for Jeffery, maybe I should get off the phone." I purred sexily into the phone.

"Don't worry about it honey, there are other lines and if you see one of them light up then we'll just end our conversation. I bet you'd like me to be there right now licking your hot pussy, now darlin, wouldn't you?"

Hearing those sexy words sent erotic pulses surging through me.

I didn't know it but you were on the other side of the glass with a phone in your ear. You had turned on the switch making the interior of the office clearly visible again.

"Yes" was the whispered answer.

With all the sweet loving I had just experienced my pussy was on fire; working in high gear and not wanting to stop.

"Is your pussy wet? Do you want to touch it?" you asked.

I whimpered another meek, "Yes" lost to the sensations of pleasure now.

"Stand in front of the mirror window and lift that pretty little tight skirt as if I was there watching you," you said to me.

"Show me your thong. Now slip a finger inside that gorgeous pussy. Are your nipples hard darlin? Show me how hard you can make them. I like to think of your big nipples in my mouth right now sexy. Maybe you should take off your sheer blouse and imagine me there slowly taking off your sexy new bra. Can you do that for me slowly baby? My cock is so hard for you, I'm going to stroke it while thinking of you standing there."

What I didn't know is that you were actually standing there, along with fifty or so other men and women but I couldn't see anything but my sexy hot body in the mirrored window in front of me. I did exactly as I was told, obeying every sensuous request, totally turned on.

I brought myself to a screaming orgasm in front of the mirror. My skirt was hiked, my tits were swaying beautifully, and I could see how incredibly sexy I looked in the mirror. I was use to feeling and acting sexy, and I was so turned on, and right into the feelings and emotions that were overtaking my sexy body.

"That was a beautiful orgasm gorgeous. I love hearing your orgasmic cries and whimpers. You're still horny aren't you beautiful. Lick those long sexy manicured fingers of all the wet cum you just covered them with. Imagine me standing in front of you and you're giving me a show to make my cock flow."

Slowly I slide my fingers into my wet pussy and pull them out licking them seductively, one at a time.

"Thinking of you doing that is going to make me cum beautiful, but don't stop. That's it gorgeous. Think of me being right there honey. Let me see those beautiful big tits of yours. Show me how beautiful they are. Play with them darling." you say in an excited voice.

With my eyes closed I do exactly as I am told. My fingers tweak my nipples. I slide my hand down my stomach and start playing with my pussy again.

"Sit on the desk in front of the window with your legs out, lean back and play with yourself. Fuck yourself baby, make yourself cum, do it baby, do it now! Side two fingers inside and think of my cock fucking you. Do it hard baby. Don't stop til I hear you gush. It's me licking your cunt right now baby, you're so beautiful, you look so hot doing that, don't stop," you said to me on the phone. Men in trench coats were standing in front of the mirror, their cocks in hand.

You led and guided my every move until I felt another riveting orgasm.

"Get dressed slowly baby, and sexily, I want to imagine you getting dressed honey." you said to me.

I looked in the mirror in front of me. I realized that I had never looked sexier. My cheeks were flushed, my body was spent and my smile is from ear to ear.

You hung up, after telling me how gorgeous I was, and I resumed my seat at the desk. I was spent and very satisfied. You flicked the outdoor switch, the mirror became a reflection again, and the horny spectators filed back out to their cars.

A few minutes later the phone rang. It was Jeffery. He asked if I had received the important phone call he was expecting. I said no. He told me I did well and he would be back in a couple of weeks. I told him I would look forward to it.

Jeffery boarded the plane for Miami. He pulled out his laptop, sat back and watched our adventure from this afternoon with satisfied smile. He would remember to give Dario a bonus for his beautiful find. The version he was watching came from the cameraman that had filmed this new hiree though the glass.

A different girl on call, in every major city, a paying clientele, and a millionaire lifestyle. What more could a person want?

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