tagNovels and NovellasA Miracle at the Cabin Ch. 05

A Miracle at the Cabin Ch. 05


Please read the previous chapters before this one to understand the story up to this point. None of these chapters are stand-alone. This chapter does contain erotic scenes.


I woke to the feel of my cock in someone's mouth. The velvet soft and warm wet tongue that pressed against and stroked the shaft captured my mind. I peeped with one eye to make sure it was Pam. It was.

She saw me stir and whispered, "Good morning Mr. Wood."

"Very funny."

"You mean you're not Mr. Morning Wood?"

"At this moment, I'm anyone you want me to be." She smiled, turned and straddled my chest and thrust her ass into my face. She must have been up long enough to wash because her pussy and ass had the fresh fragrance of Dove soap. She turned and looked at me.

"You can dive in, my period ended last night."

"I thought it wouldn't be over till tomorrow."

"It's crazy. Sometimes it lasts four days and sometimes six days. The average is five and that's what I was planning on. But when I started to change the tampon early this morning, it was clean. I'm now all yours and the welcome mat is out."

At that moment, the chill from the morning air hit the moisture on my cock and my bladder screamed.

"Pam, I've got to go pee. Can you give me a moment?"

"I'll go with you."

I looked at her and frowned. "Why?"

"Because you need my help."

"Uh, uh, OK." Was this some sort of a new sex game she just invented?

We walked to the bathroom and she stood next to me in front of the toilet. I looked at her and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I just want to help."

My bladder was yelling obscenities at my brain so I reached for my penis to direct the urgent flow. Pam shooed my hand away, wrapped her fingers around it and pointed it toward the toilet bowl. I stood there with my body resisting someone else's hand aiming my cock. I suddenly couldn't pee.

"Go ahead, any time."

"Pam, this takes some getting used to." I looked down at her small delicate hand on my aching cock and, finally, my mind let go of its death grip on the urethra. The flow started a few drips at a time, then a small steady stream and then a gusher.

"I knew you could do it." She watered all sides of the bowl with my cock like she was watering flowers with a garden hose. As my bladder pressure eased and the flow almost stopped, she took her hand away.

"Wait, you're not finished."

"What do you mean?"

"You've got to shake out the last few drops."

She wrapped her fingers around it again and started tugging. "Pam, you've got to shake it up and down." She finally got the hang of it and shook it as well as its ever been shaken.

I laughed and asked, "Why did you do this?"

"I just wondered what it was like to have a cock for pissing. When I pee, I seem to spray it all over my pussy and legs. You guys are lucky."

"What brought this on all of a sudden?"

"Well....I was sitting here last night wiping my pussy and legs. Then I remembered yesterday morning when I had to watch you pee while I was dying to go. I just wanted to see what that'd be like."

"So is this going to be a regular thing I should expect?"

"No, unless you want me too."

I laughed again and said, "Let me think about it."

As soon as we re-entered my room, I lifted her into my arms. Pam squealed with excitement and wrapped her arms around my neck. With one arm under her knees and the other supporting her back, I carried her to our bed.

As I laid her down, she smiled and held her arms out to embrace me. The room was very cool so I pulled the sheet and quilt over her. I slipped under the covers beside her and we hugged and kissed. Her hard nipples pushed into my chest. She reached for my cock and slowly brought it to life. Her eyes showed the mischievous excitement I would see many times in the future.

Pam whispered, "That's the first time anyone has carried me to bed. I feel special."

"You are special."

Just then her feet touched my leg.

"Jeezz girl, those feet are like ice."

She responded, "I'm sorry."

"Let me warm them for you."

I told her to turn away from me and bend her knees so that her feet were pointing back to my body. I slid down so they could be flat on my stomach, which is always one of the warmest parts of my body. I held them against me and massaged the tops with my warm hands. She relaxed as I rubbed her feet and ran my fingers between her toes.

"That feels amazing. I could cum just from that."

In a few minutes, her feet were almost back to normal temperature and she turned to face me. She quietly whispered, "I really, really need for you to eat me."

"Oh, now?"

"Yes, I need you. Please."

I crawled under the covers and moved between her firm warm legs. I made a little tent with my butt sticking up. I knew from previous quilt diving that I was going to need some fresh air so I created an air hole on the side.

Since Pam remained covered by the sheet and quilt, she couldn't see anything I did. She could only feel the touches and experience the sensations as I tended to her body.

She bent her knees toward her chest. I supported her legs with my hands under her knees and slowly spread them open. It was so dark under there I couldn't really see what I was doing; so I let my fingers and tongue scout the territory. Beginning on the insides of her smooth thighs, I kissed and licked up and down between her crotch and knees. While doing that, I had just one finger lying against her anus, slightly caressing it.

I moved to her vulva and licked and kissed the valleys between her legs and the outer labia. She had a full bush and I had to stop twice to pull loose hair out of my mouth. She didn't seem to mind me stopping, as her moaning and fidgeting were non-stop.

My kissing and licking continued on her outer and then inner labia. I used fingers of both hands to butterfly her inner labia, which opened the vagina and urethra area for my tongue. Her vaginal lubrication began to ooze as my tongue entered her tunnel and thrust toward the cervix while she twitched. Pam was now really squirming and the moans were getting louder.

As my tongue explored the inside of her vagina, I rubbed her clit with my nose. It was warm and very hard so I knew she was ready.

Then I focused everything on her clit. I touched it with my tongue and massaged it, alternating between light touches and hard, firm pressure using the entire strength of my muscular tongue. I sucked it between my teeth and gently nibbled it. Her vaginal fluid flow was now very heavy and was beginning to soak the sheet. She was quivering and breathing erratically with short quick breaths. As her orgasm approached, she grabbed at my hair and pulled like she was trying to force my head into her vagina. I moved down and inserted my nose into her vaginal opening and lightly licked her anus. Suddenly, she moaned loudly as her vagina started a rhythmic clinching and releasing of my nose and her anus sucked in and thrust out with each clinch.

"Ooohhh GOD! Tom, Tom, rub my clit. RUB MY CLIT TOM! OH, OH! THAT's IT! OH GOD!

The orgasm hit Pam like a truck. She jumped, twisted and whimpered trying to get away from my tongue. Her body bucked and bounced as she tried to close her legs and roll away. I held on to her legs and kept the full tongue pressure on her clit and my finger up her rectum. Her thighs gripped my head like a vice. She screamed as the tingling orgasmic heat singed every nerve in her body.

After about 30 seconds she started to come down from the first climax but I was ready with the coup de grâce. I held her down and reached behind her engorged clit, into the hood, and massaged the tendon and nerves that led to and supported her clit. Using my thumb and index finger, I stroked it and milked a totally new orgasm that slammed her body once again. She screamed and bucked as she squirted and squirted, totally out of control. It was only then that I noticed I had also ejaculated a full load. What a mess!

I threw off the covers and headed for a towel while Pam continued to writhe and moan uncontrollably. As I flung open the bedroom door to go to the bathroom, Jerri was standing there with her hand inside her soaked panties and a totally fucked look on her face. Of course, I was naked so I brushed right on by and ran to the bathroom as Jerri ran down the hall the other way to her bedroom.

When I returned to the bedroom, Pam was struggling to get untangled from the sheet and blanket. I "helped" by throwing the covers over her head and began trying to sop up the water and semen. After a moment, she was able to crawl out from the covers once again and I got my first good look at her face.

She was flushed bright pink and covered with perspiration. Her hair was matted and tears were rolling down her face.

"What's wrong sweetheart?

She struggled but finally got out, "Not a damn thing."

"Why are you crying?"

"I cry when I'm really happy."

"So I did OK?"

"I don't have the words to describe what just happened."

"Can you get up? I need to pull off the sheet and pad really quick."

She struggled out of bed and stood naked as I removed all the bed linens. It took a while to get the two sheets and pad off. The sheets were really tangled with the quilt. Pam still looked a bit dazed.

Someone knocked lightly on the door and Pam, without even thinking, said to come in. In walked a fully clothed Jerri.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you'd be dressed."

I said, "That's OK. We don't have anything you haven't seen before." I walked over to get underwear as she talked.

"I came to apologize." Of course, Pam had no idea why. "I was walking past your room and heard Pam screaming and moaning. It just got the best of me so I eavesdropped and I shouldn't have. I'm very sorry."

Pam responded, "No problem. I probably would have done the same to you. I'm sorry I was so loud."

Jerri nodded her head and turned to walk out. She stopped, turned to me and said, "I wish you'd teach David whatever it was that you did." She grinned, walked out and closed the door.


After we bathed, washed our hair and I shaved, we dressed and carried the bed linens down to the laundry room. As we loaded them into the washer, Ruth walked in and asked if she could help.

"No thanks, mom. We had a little accident so I'm washing the sheets."

Ruth smiled and commented, "Yeah, I heard the screaming. Brought back old memories."

Pam and I looked at each other and all three of us laughed.

"Are you two ready for breakfast?"

I volunteered, "Let me take charge of that. Pam will be glad to help."

"Mom, he makes wonderful pancakes. Do you have corn meal?"

"I always have cornmeal, sweet. It's in the freezer so I'll pull it out."

"Do you have any bacon or sausage?"

"Of course dear. It's in the fridge."

Once the washer started filling, Pam and I headed to the kitchen. Jerri was already there making a pot of coffee. The girls hugged and kissed cheeks. Jerri and I just grinned at each other.

"Tom's going to make the best pancakes you've ever tasted."

"Great. So he really does cook."

"No I don't. Making pancakes and grilling are not the same as cooking. Pam is a cook. I really just watch and try to stay out of her way."

Pam replied, "Jerri, why don't we cook together this afternoon and create some interesting dishes like we once did?"

"That'd be fun. Let me think about it and you do the same. After lunch, we can toss out ideas and decide what to do."

Then the devious Pam joined the discussion, "Maybe we could get mom to invite her boyfriend."

Jerri exclaimed, "YES! Great idea. Where's mom?"

I replied, "I think I saw her walking to the bedroom."

Pam cut in, "Why don't we ask her at breakfast?"


When the food was ready, the girls carried it into the dining room and Jerri went to get her mom. Once we were all assembled and said the blessing, everyone attacked the food.

Jerri commented, "These pancakes are wonderful. I saw you added cornmeal but what are the proportions?"

"I substitute about a third of the flour with cornmeal. It's not precise and you can do more or less."

Ruth chimed in, "The flavor and texture is really good with the syrup. Girls, we need to make a note of this."

We continued to talk about food, the weather and Thanksgiving plans. Then Pam brought up the subject of the hour.

"Mom, Jerri and I are planning to cook for tonight's dinner. We were thinking it would be good for you to invite your friend. We'd love to meet him."

Ruth responded, "Sweet, I already have. I was planning on fixing dinner for everyone including him. He's coming at 6:00."

Both girls reached over to grab their mom's hands. They were talking at the same time and squealing like teenyboppers. Finally, a little calm was restored.

Jerri exclaimed, "Mom, that's wonderful. What's his name?"


"Tell me all about him."

"Well, we go to church together. He lost his wife to cancer about a year ago. I've known him for a few years. We started sitting together at church and then he asked me to dinner and we've become good friends."

Pam asked, "Is that all?"

"Yes, sweet. Unlike you girls, I believe in taking things gradually."

Pam came back, "You mean you haven't even spent the night together?"

"No, not yet."

Jerri cut in, "What's wrong with him?"

"Nothing is wrong with him, not as far as I know anyway."

I finally butted in, "Now girls, stop pestering your mom. Ruth and Rudy are both mature adults."

Everyone resumed eating but I kept seeing Jerri and Pam glancing and smiling at each other.

After breakfast, Jerri and Pam insisted on cleaning up while Ruth and I enjoyed the fire in the living room. It was the first time that just the two of us were alone.

"Tom, I really appreciate you bringing Pam here. I know it was difficult for her to come. She told me you really helped get her head straight."

I responded, "Pam is a conflicted young lady. I think she wanted to come but was very embarrassed by her treatment of you and Jerri. She even feels that she was responsible for Richard's death."

"Oh no! Surely not! Richard had an inoperable heart defect and we'd known for years that he would eventually die from it. None of us expected it'd be so soon. We just never told the girls. You know how that is."

"Of course. But somehow, in her mind, she linked Jerri telling her Richard was heart broken when she left with the fact that he died from a heart attack."

"Richard and I were heartbroken for a while. But we slowly realized that we needed to let her go out into the world and just trust that God would take care of her. He and I had to grow into the fact that we couldn't protect our girls forever. But we still loved her and wanted her to be happy. We really looked forward to seeing her occasionally. It was a big event when she called."

"I think it'd be good for you and Pam to talk through that. She clearly misunderstood; and she's carried around a lot of guilt. I think that affected her relationship with you and Jerri."

"I will. I'll get both of them together and set the record straight. Thank you for letting me know."

Ruth continued, "I've seen an amazing change in Pam this week. She's still full of energy but there's something really different-almost like she now has a new outlook on life. She's not nearly as focused on herself as she was."

"I think she does have a new outlook. We've talked a lot since we met and have spent several days together. We both think God has brought us together and that it's now up to us to decide our future."

"Tom, you and I both know that love is a lot more than sex. After the pleasure comes real life. You and I have been there during the rough times when our worlds were falling apart. We've struggled with life and losing our spouses. Sex is wonderful and it brings a lot of temporary happiness and joy. But you wake up in the morning and must face the rest of the world and its challenges. The only thing I ask is that you and Pam take it slow and make sure you're truly in love with each other before getting married. I'm not so much worried about you as I am about her. She can be very impulsive."

"I promise you we'll do that. Pam is the first to admit she's made a lot of mistakes and I think she doesn't really trust her own judgment right now. But she and I are working on that. She was the first to say she wanted to come here and apologize to you. So she is starting to make good decisions and to take responsibility. Thank you for loving her through all of this. I know it's not been easy."

"Tom, at dinner tonight, would you ask the blessing for us?"

"I'd be honored."

About that time, the girls joined us and the conversation turned to plans for the day. And, as usual, when girls get together, the subject turned to shopping.

Jerri kicked it off, "Mom, Pam and I would like to take you shopping this morning. How about we go to that big outlet mall up the interstate above Spartanburg?"

"That sounds like fun. Can Tom also go?"

Jerri responded, "Of course! I'm sure Tom just loves to go shopping with three women, don't you Tom?"

I knew what I wanted to say but then decided to say what I should say.

"Absolutely! Maybe I can find a few men's stores while you three hit the others."

With that decided, everyone scrambled to get dressed and their makeup on. I sat and read the newspaper and gazed at the fire.

In about 45 minutes, we were ready and all three women were chatting non-stop. You would think it was Christmas and they were all six-year olds.

It took about an hour to drive up to Gaffney, where the Premium Outlet Mall was located. It was very large with 75 stores. The girls headed to Ann Taylor, Coach, Chico's, Gap, Hanes and few others I've forgotten. I hit Polo, Van Heusen, Eddie Bauer and Tommy Hilfiger. I kept getting calls on my cell to meet at least one of them at the car so they could drop off bags.

When it was time for Jerri's run, I met her there and opened the trunk. After putting the bags in, she stopped to talk.

"Tom, I really want to thank you for your advice last night. I called David this morning and we're going to a nice resort next week, for the entire week. He loved the idea. We assured each other of our love and commitment to get through this. I've already started dripping on Pam for her to tell me what you did that caused such screaming. Maybe I can teach my hubby." She then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "Pam is a very lucky young lady."

Around 2:00pm, everyone decided that enough was enough so we headed home. After a quick stop at Burger King, we were home at 3:30. Once the 15 or so bags were unloaded, the girls changed into jeans and went to the kitchen. They were now getting serious about dinner.

Pam asked, "Mom, is Rudy partial to any particular meat or vegetable?"

"He's not so much into fish and seafood. The times we've gone out, he ordered steak, veal or chicken. I think as far as veggies go, he pretty much likes them all."

"What about soup?"

"Yeah, I've fixed soup for him and he loved it."

After about ten minutes of debate, the sisters decided on a menu. The first course would be a creamy onion soup with a Gruyere cheese topping. Next would be a small green salad with croutons and bacon bits. The main course would be a grilled veal chop with a mac and cheese casserole and oven roasted mixed vegetables. Dessert would be vanilla ice cream with a black walnut chocolate sauce. The girls decided it was best for Ruth to do the black walnut cake for Rudy on another day.

Pam and I headed to the grocery while Jerri and Ruth cracked the walnuts and worked on the veggies. By 5:00, everyone was busy in the kitchen. Pam's job was the soup and salad. I was responsible for grilling the chops. Ruth worked on the chocolate walnut sauce and the mac and cheese. Jerri set the table, straightened the living room, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed. She would do the roasted veggies just before they were served.

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