tagRomanceA Night At The Movies

A Night At The Movies


You and I are at the movies. I have one eye on the screen, and one I on your amazing smile. I am so nervous, and I can sense your nervousness too. I see you looking at me, and quickly look away. I'm scared to death of eye contact, and don't want to creep you out. During the movie, I decide to make something happen. I lean over slightly and whisper, "You have no idea how amazing you are." You smile warmly, and scoot a little closer to me. I pick my hand up, and scratch my leg. All the while, I'm planning on moving my hand closer to yours. As I place my hand down, you move yours in unison, and our hands touch for a brief moment. We both feel the electricity, but are afraid to admit it. I pull my hand away and apologize. You assure me it's ok.

A few minutes go by, and I am totally forgetting about the movie. I don't have a choice, with you sitting next to me; all I can think about are your eyes. I decide to go for it, and put my hand on yours. Our fingers interlock, and I know you're mine. I whisper to you how right this feels, and you tell me how amazed you are, and that it feels so right. I put my arm around you, holding you tight. At this point in time, I am the happiest guy in the world. We snuggle during the rest of the movie, our bodies fitting perfectly together.

As we leave the movie theater and walk outside, I grab your hand and spin you around. I pull you to me, and put my arm around your waist. Our eyes and lips are inches apart, and at the same time, we go in for a kiss. I melt, as I pull you closer. As we are standing outside the movie theater, I tell you how this is a dream come true. You tell me to shut up and keep kissing you, so naturally, I obey. I gently part your lips with my tongue, and slide my hand down, grabbing your ass.

We go to the car, and I open the door for you and steal one more kiss before you get in. I get in on the passenger side, and we embrace again, with my hand caressing the back of your head. You tell me how wet you are for me. I ask you to prove it. You slowly unzip your pants a little, and slide your finger inside. You pull it out and hold it for me. I hold your wrist, and gently lick the tip of your finger, tasting your sweet juices. I than take your entire finger in my mouth, and I hear you moan slightly.

You reach your hand to my crotch, asking if I'm hard for you. As you feel my package, you see how hard I am. You whisper that you'd love to taste me. I unzip my shorts, pulling out my hard cock. I grab the back of your head, shoving it down to my dick. I pull your hair, and tell you to lick the head. As you do this, I move my hand around front, squeezing your breasts. As you take me inside your mouth, I slide my hand up your shirt, playing with your hard nipples. I pull on them hard and harder, until you let out a slight whimper. I tell you not to stop sucking my cock, and resume pulling your hair, and pushing your head up and down.

I slide my pants down more, and take off my shirt. Right before I cum, I tell you to stop. You sadly pull your head up. I tell you to take off your shirt. You comply, and I lean you back against your door, licking your nipples. As I'm doing this, my hand slowly moves down your body to your wet, quivering pussy. I unzip your pants and slide your jeans down past your hips. I slide a finger into you...feeling your wetness for the first time. I stop for a moment, taking it all in. I run my finger along your clit, feeling how swollen it is. I bring you to the brink of an orgasm, and stop. You ask why, I tell you that you don't deserve it yet. I tell you to grab my cock and start stroking. I lower your head closer, and shoot my huge load, some of it hitting your mouth and lips, some on your face, and some going back on my cock and stomach. I grab your hair, pull it, and make you lick the cum off my dick and stomach. I make you smile and stick out your tongue to show me you swallowed it all like a good little girl.

I tell you to drive, and you pull out of the parking lot. As we're leaving, we notice an employee from Hardees's in the parking lot, and wonder how much he saw. I tell you to drive to Detweiller Park. We go into the park, and find a secluded spot. I take my shirt off and lay it on the picnic table. You straddle me, as I carry you to the table. I slide off your jeans and boy shorts, and spread your legs. I gently lick the inside of your thighs, biting gently. You grab the back of my head, pulling my hair. I gently lick your pussy, mesmerized by the taste. I begin to lick your clit, and slide a finger into you. I lick you until you orgasm, shuddering while I put my hand over your mouth to keep you quiet.

I sit on the picnic table, and pull you on to my lap. We kiss deeply, as you lick your own juice off my tongue. I tell you again how amazing you are, and you whisper that you want to feel me inside you. I tell you I want nothing more, and you hop off while I take off my shorts. You climb back on the table, grabbing my dick and guiding it into your pussy. As we get the rhythm down, I grind into you...deep into you. I'm holding you on by your ass, and I occasionally smack it, making you moan louder. It doesn't take long to be close to climax, with as worked up as we are. I pump into you faster, faster faster...harder, harder harder. You're screaming for more. At the same time as you orgasming, I pull out, and shoot another load in your mouth. You swallow it all, and collapse in my arms.

We need to go to the movies more often.

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