tagLoving WivesA Night at the Movies

A Night at the Movies


"Honey, I'm home!" A bit cliché I admit but I was feeling nostalgic as I arrived home this evening. I tossed my hat and briefcase on the mail table in the entryway and headed for the kitchen where I usually find my wife this time of day.

"Welcome home, Darling."

There she was my beautiful wife. She always beats me home, as her work is only a few miles away while I have a forty five minute commute. She had already changed into a robe and slippers which I love, as the robe is pretty much see through exposing those magnificent tits.

I leaned down to her and gave her a big warm kiss while allowing my hands to slip into her robe and squeeze her hot breasts. I pinched her nipple as I withdrew just to see them stand up and out like proud little soldiers.

"I feel like this is a good night for the movies, so go get dressed. I'd like to make the seven o'clock showing."

"Darling, I have an early day tomorrow."

I can see she isn't going to be on her best behavior. "That's ok; we'll only stay for the first flick."

She sighs, drama queen to the end, but she heads to our room to get ready.

I pour myself a drink, rum and cola, and walk to our room to get changed also. I love to watch her get dressed. She looks so pretty sitting nude on the bed as she rolls stockings up her long lean legs and attaches them to the garter belt she had already put on before I came in.

I grab my favorite brush off the bed stand. One of my favorite tactile sensations is brushing her long silky red hair. I waste several minutes thus occupied before she reminds me of the time.

We quickly finish getting ready and head out the door. Always the gentleman I open and hold the car door for her, besides it allows me another look at those long legs as she settles into her seat.

The theater I like best is a half hour away; traffic isn't bad so we make it with a few minutes to spare. I buy the tickets from the bored young man at the ticket booth and some popcorn and drinks from another desultory youth behind the counter, and then we head into the theater.

I admit this theater has seen better days. It must have been quite the showplace when it opened, one can still make out the gilded ceiling moldings and artwork high on the walls even though it's now faded and dulled by time.

Not too many customers, of course it is a week night and early yet. I find us seats in the center of the row that has the cross isle. I like to have plenty of room to stretch out my legs and it's always nice to be able to see her silk covered legs stretched out in front of her.

There is some shuffling around as the other movie buffs find their seats and several look over my wife as they make their way past us. She pretends to look away as they look her over, but I know my wife, she has always been an exhibitionist and enjoys the attention.

I lean over and kiss her again as the lights start to dim; I also reach over and unbutton her coat, reach in and give those tits a big squeeze. I follow our usual routine by feeding her several pieces of the hot buttery popcorn as the trailers start to roll, being sure to wipe the buttery and salty oil from the corn around her lips. It always makes her lick those luscious lips, which in turn makes me incredibly horny.

Trailers over the lights go out and the feature attraction begins. I watch for a few minutes interested to see if this flick is worth the hype that was put in the ads. It's not, but it's no worse than the usual fair, so I settle back and reach over to spread her coat. She squirms a bit as I run my fingers over her body and down between her legs. She knows I am getting popcorn oil all over her upper thighs and sooner or later my greasy salty fingers will reach their goal and begin rubbing her clit.

I hear the sigh that tells me my fingers are on target as I watch her legs slowly open. She presses back in the chair making it recline the few inches these modern theater chairs do and she opens her coat up completely. We are attracting some attention from the other patrons, that's to be expected.

The man in the seat behind my wife leans forward for a better look and I give him a smile to let him know I don't mind. He inches forward until he is pressed up against the back of her seat where he can see her entire body and my fingers working their magic.

It happens the same way every time; the first touch is tentative, furtive, fearful of being repulsed then when no objection is heard, bolder, more aggressive. His hand finds her naked breast, beginning to caress, explore, and discover the swell, the soft firmness, and the heat. Her moans encourage, make the timid bolder and the fingers respond by exploring the peak of the mound, wrapping the tip, squeezing and twisting the cherry at the top.

Another patron emboldened by his example moves to the empty seat next to my wife, at first watching with the caution of an alley cat for any sign of danger before allowing curiosity to overcome fear and making his first delicate touch. He begins his journey at the firm flat belly of the beast, feeling the exercise hardened muscles of her stomach before drifting further south to the lightly covered forest of the valley of pleasure.

I remove myself from the field of combat as the waiting wolves circle and begin to dart in for a nip, a touch, a quick feel of their prey. Now the pack closes in, their spears showing in their hands, waiting for the chance to thrust them into soft and willing flesh. I watch as their prey is caught, positioned, and conquered. Thrusting spears piercing again and again the wet and yielding body, fluids hungrily devoured, moans and whispers exchanged.

And still they come, vultures to the feast circling, waiting their turn for a bit of flesh, a hot piece of meat, a way to quench the need, fill the hunger and void the pressure built up inside them.

She moans and turns, meeting thrust for thrust, reaching to capture one weapon after another and thrust them away dripping and limp their battle over. Her hunger swallows all they have to give and demands more, more.

The pack begins to thin, slinking away in the darkness. Her shining heat has defeated them, taking all they had to offer and laughing because it wasn't enough, it never is. She was born for this battle, groomed and trained her entire life; they had no chance to defeat her. It's what her body was made for, to meet the enemy and drain them with her never filled caverns of dark delights.

I return with water and help her into her coat. We leave before the movie ends, our purpose finishing ahead of the X rated fiction played out on the silver screen. I escort her to our car and assist her in. Soon we will be home, showering off the fluids and smells, cleaning up the evidence of the night's debauchery, but the movie in our minds will play over and over until it too fades and it will be time to have another movie night.

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