tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Paladin's Training Ch. 20

A Paladin's Training Ch. 20


***Author's Note***

Hi guys! I've been listening to your feedback! It would seem I got so excited developing some of my secondary characters that I haven't been writing enough of our favourite protagonist, Aran! This chapter is my first effort at fixing that. I will also now put the name of the character whose perspective I am writing from at the top of the section. Hope you enjoy! - Anti.

(All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen years)


"A Paladin's life is love and respect. A Paladin bears the Gift, and the Gift is above fear, above cruelty, above jealousy. Aros loves all equally, and who bears the Gift is one worthy of doing the same. Paladins do not possess, they do not own, they do not close their hearts to those around them out of self-preservation. Love is the most pure of pleasures that exists, and a Paladin gives that pleasure freely, for it is the will of Aros." - transcribed from a lecture given to new initiates of the Order of Aros.


The bath house was a symphony of moans and sighs and the splashing of water as the sixteen glistening bodies shared their pleasure together. Aran, Smythe, Erik and Kedron sat in a row against one side of the huge stone bath while the women began to rotate through, taking their time to mount each man in turn, the chain beginning with Kedron, then moving to Erik, then Smythe, and finally Aran.

Amina had begun proceedings by gracing young Kedron with her attentions. Kedron was the newest Gifted discovered since Sara, and would become a Paladin once trained. Once Amina moved from Kedron to Erik, Jeira took the Priestess's place atop Kedron, followed by Sylvia once Jeira switched.

It was like some adolescent fantasy; twelve gorgeous women slowly taking their pleasure with four very willing men.

Aran grinned as Amina slowly lowered herself down on him, relishing the sensation of once again being inside the beautiful Priestess. Her sparkling sapphire eyes remained fixed on his as the head of his cock pushed past her smooth lips and into her willing body. Everything about Amina seemed designed to allure, from her perfect, heart-shaped face with its full lips and large, melting eyes, to her silky golden hair, darkened now from the water and slicked back, plastered to her neck and shoulders in a most attractive fashion. Her generous breasts, which more than filled Aran's hands, were round and pale and capped by pink nipples that drew his lips like a moth to a flame.

For several moments, the rest of the room faded into nothing, and there was only Amina. His Gift hummed with hers in a scintillating melody, and together they enjoyed being merged once again. Had Aran been aware of his surroundings, he would have realised the other occupants of the bath had all ceased moving and turned their eyes toward the Priestess and Paladin, so lost in each other that neither noticed how quiet it had suddenly become, The only sounds were breathing and the crackle of the huge fireplaces that surrounded the room.

"I missed this," Amina whispered into his ear as she slowly but firmly ground her hips into his.

"I did too," Aran returned before softly biting her earlobe. His hands had found her ripe buttocks, and were squeezing them firmly while pressing her more firmly against him with each gyration of her hips.

"Fuck, that's the most arousing thing I've ever seen," came a whisper from nearby.

Turning to his immediate right, Aran saw Jeira watching from where she was astride Smythe not two feet away, her dark eyes lidded with lust and her hands tangled in Smythe's jungle of chest hair.

Before Aran could reply to Jeira, Amina's movements became more insistent, and her Gift began to sing as she crested a wave of pleasure that radiated outward like a bursting bubble, enveloping everyone in the room in hot bliss.

Nobody was spared - bar Aran, who felt strangely like he was in complete control - and fifteen simultaneous climaxes ripped through the bath like a string of firecrackers, all set off by the Priestess whose velvet pussy was gripping Aran's cock like it would never release him.

"Oh, Aran," Amina whispered into his neck as the everyone caught their breath. "You've gotten so much stronger!"

Aran just held her tightly while she recovered, stroking her slim back with his fingers.

"I'm glad you didn't come," the Priestess said softly as she raised herself up so she could meet his eyes. "For there is someone you should save it for."

She didn't need to point it out; Aran could feel Elaina on the other side of the bath, her Gift pulling at him insistently, and his own responding. With a smile, he took Amina's face in his hands and kissed her deeply. "Thank you, Priestess, for your wisdom, your love, and your healing." It was an ancient, formal manner of gratitude, but it felt appropriate here.

Amina touched his face in response and kissed him again before vacating his lap and wading back into the water, heading toward where Induin, Liaren and Lynelle were still enjoying one another's Elven bodies.

Aran's view of the rest of the bath was soon blocked by slender Jeira, who quickly jumped up off Smythe and settled herself down on Aran, taking him to the hilt in one smooth motion. She was a truly beautiful woman, with her wet raven hair hanging around her slightly freckled face, and her pale, slim body with modest breasts that begged to be captured by his hands.

"Fuck!" The two lovers cried in unison before their lips smashed together in a torrid kiss. This was Jeira, his first woman, his first Bond, the one who had unknowingly set him on the path to become who he was today. Jeira, who loved him as deeply as a person could, who was kind and passionate and strong, and had lost her husband because of Aran. He couldn't help it; the guilt crept into him even as she made fierce love to him. If the Druids had not been hunting Aran, they would not have tracked down Hamlin and Jeira, and Hamlin would still be alive.

"No!" Jeira growled, pulling back from their kiss. Her hips had stopped, though she remained impaled on him. Her face was like thunder; a beautiful, ferocious storm, and her dark eyes glittered dangerously. "You will not do this to yourself, you hear me?"

Of course. Through the Bond, she would be able to read his emotions as easily as reading a book. Aran opened his mouth to speak, but Jeira rode right over the top of him. "Hamlin is gone, yes. And I miss him terribly, but you will not blame yourself, am I clear?"

Aran tried to speak again, but was once more overridden. "If you hadn't killed that wolf, I would be dead! And if you hadn't met Hamlin, then the last weeks of our marriage would not have been more loving and passionate than anything we had ever hoped for!"

Tears brimmed in her eyes, and Aran felt his own do the same. The Bond carried not grief, however; it carried gratitude. Seeing the truth in her words - and feeling it in her heart - Aran nodded silently.

"Good," Jeira said with a satisfied nod and a cheeky grin. "Now let's get back to fucking. It's been far too long since I've felt you inside me!" At that, her lips found his once again, and they resumed their water-churning lovemaking until Aran sent her back into the bath dazed and quivering from several intense climaxes.

As Jeira left his lap, Aran's eyes fell on Elaina, who was still opposite him at the far end of the bath. Her emerald eyes sparkled and she bit her bottom lip. Aran read her look perfectly; it said: "I'm coming for you at the end. Be ready for me."

Again, Elaina vanished from view, replaced by the petite, slender form of Sylvia. Her half-Elven eyes were of a similar shade of green to Elaina's, and they twinkled as she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to lower herself down. Aran placed his hands on her slim waist and guided her onto him.

"Oh, yes, Aran!" She breathed as she took him in inch by inch. She was small, so he was careful to go slowly, despite the fact she had just fucked Smythe. Looking over, Aran smiled at the sight of the burly Paladin being ridden by plump Liddea. Smythe had a double handful of the biggest tits in the room and was eagerly licking and sucking on the pale orbs while the fire-haired Dwarf bucked her round hips enthusiastically.

Bringing his gaze back to his current lover, Aran kissed the cute half-Elf tenderly and moved his hands to her pert bottom so he could gently move her up and down.

Sylvia mashed her body against his and clung to his neck as she quickly reached her peak. "Thank you for saving me, Aran," she whispered breathily.

Aran knew what she was referring to; he and Sylvia had been captured by Heralds recently, and two of the Heralds' guardsmen had been quietly planning to violate Sylvia. They had not succeeded.

"I'll always keep you safe, my love," he whispered into her golden hair as he held her tight. Over Sylvia's shoulder, he could see what was happening in the rest of the bath. Sorla and Amina were engaged in a passionate kiss, while Elaina and Rayna had Bella pressed between them in a delicious vice of pale breasts. Sara occupied one corner on her own, one hand beneath the water and the other firmly kneading a shapely breast while her eyes roamed over the hedonistic displays all around.

Sara was forbidden to engage with anyone else - as part of her training - but that didn't mean she couldn't please herself in the meantime. She looked at Aran as his eyes fell on her, then shuddered as a climax took hold.

Aran's cock twitched threateningly inside Sylvia, who moaned at the sensation. He very much looked forward to the day he could make love to Sara, who was to become a Priestess under Amina's guidance.

Sensing that Sylvia was done, Aran gently lifted her from his lap. She groaned in protest as his shaft left her pussy, but didn't resist when Aran passed her into the waiting arms of Jeira, who was resting nearby.

"She's cute," Jeira said with a low chuckle as Sylvia wrapped her arms and legs around her.

"Yes, she is," Aran agreed with a smile, settling back against the stone so Liddea - who was finished with Smythe - could position herself to squat down on him. Aran loved Liddea's Dwarven body; everything about her was round and comely and somehow plump without being fat. Her face was soft, her hips and thighs very generously curved, and her tits were simply spectacular.

Once her ample rump was resting on Aran's thighs, his hands came up of their own volition and gathered up as much of those wonderful breasts as he could, reading Liddea's needs so he could touch them just the way she liked. Firm squeezes were the Dwarf's preference, with a brush of a stiff pink nipple here and there.

Still seated next to Aran, Smythe was now thoroughly enjoying the attentions of a very aroused Sorla, whose hands were planted on the Paladin's chest and her hips churning as if she was trying to drive him into the stone beneath the water. Smythe's hands were gripping Sorla's tits - which almost rivalled Liddea's - and the half-Orc was moaning wantonly as they rutted.

Down the line, Aran could sense Rayna atop Erik and Induin straddling Kedron. Sounds of pleasure were increasing around the room again, as if the lust was building to another crest. Looking over, Aran found the source; Elaina and Amina were locked in a tight embrace, each with an arm beneath the water, their ample breasts pushed together and billowing out to either side.

Again, Aran's cock twitched. He was completely in control, thanks to his extensive training, but still he very much desired to come.

Liddea leaned forward and planted her plump mouth on his as she came, her massive breasts squashing into his chest and her tight Dwarven pussy squeezing him delightfully. She laughed as she pushed herself up on her arms, which did wonderful things to her tits. "I can't believe we're actually inside a real Temple!" She breathed excitedly. "Let alone the fact that I just got to fuck two Paladins!"

Aran laughed at her youthful exuberance, which seemed a little out of place on a Dwarf of over two hundred years of age, but then, she'd been a loyal Servant of Aros for many long years, and only now did she have a real place to call home.

"Thank you for keeping faith," Aran said quietly, caressing her cheek. A tender moment passed between them before they were interrupted.

"There's one Paladin you haven't fucked, you know!" Came a sultry voice from behind Liddea as two hands snaked around her and hefted her breasts.

Liddea squealed with delight as Elaina dragged her off of Aran and over to where the two women could enjoy each other for the first time.

In a heartbeat, Sorla was in Liddea's place, her lush lips capturing Aran's and her tongue exploring his mouth. The stunning half-Orc broke the kiss to look down at him, capturing his gaze with her large, dark eyes. She was a vision, with her long, black hair framing her pale face. She carried more Human than Orc traits; the only clues to her Orcish heritage were her slightly exaggerated jaw and nose, her subtly pointed ears and her statuesque frame. Somehow, all these features came together in a delightfully feminine way. Aran could see how some men might be intimidated by a woman like Sorla, who was probably stronger than many men due to her Orcish side, but Aran saw her for who she really was.

"I love you," was all Sorla said, and she needed say nothing more, for Aran could sense through their Bond exactly what she was feeling.

Sorla's height meant that their sitting position gave his lips access to the soft skin at her neck, and he nipped lovingly at her while she rode him. His hands slid down her slim back and over her ample hips to her wide rump - wide mostly from muscle, though Aran did like the way it jiggled when she walked - and he squeezed firmly, pressing her harder against him.

"Oh, fuck, Henley!" Cried fire-haired Rayna from beside them as she reached a quaking climax atop Smythe.

Aran and Sorla turned to watch with interest as the busty girl collapsed onto Smythe's chest, breathing hard.

"It's not fair!" She mumbled weakly into his chest.

"What's not fair, lass?" Smythe asked with a chuckle.

"That you get to make me come like that, but I can't do the same to you!"

Aran looked back at Sorla, who was eyeing him with a quirked brow, as if she could understand Rayna's plight. "Don't look at me like that!" He protested. "You've made me come plenty of times, I'll have you know!"

Sorla laughed at that. "I'm just saying that I know what Rayna means. It would be nice to maybe have a little more power over you, in that way. You know, just for fun."

"Hear, hear, sister!" Rayna chimed in as she lifted her cheek off Smythe's chest.

Aran knew what to do about this. Giving Smythe a conspiratorial wink and a nod, he sent a jolt of his Gift into Sorla's body, exploding her pleasure senses all at once. Smythe did the same to Rayna, though not quite as intensely.

It was an almost comatose Sorla that was gently taken from Aran's embrace by Jeira, who seemed to have become some a sort of field doctor for women recovering from intense pleasure. Aran watched with a smile as Jeira softly caressed Sorla's face, moving strands of hair away so she could gently kiss her.

"Here, Aran," Smythe said as he tenderly lifted a near-limp Rayna off his lap and passed her across, his big hands encircling her hourglass waist.

Wiped out from all the sex, Rayna mumbled something incoherently as Aran gathered her up in his arms and held her close. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and buried her face in his neck, for all the world as if she were about to go to sleep.

"Would you like to take a rest, my love?" Aran asked softly.

In reply, Rayna shifted her hips and a moment later Aran was embedded in yet another woman, this one just as special as the others. Aran had Bonded Rayna - and her friend, Bella, who was currently riding Kedron at the other end while whispering dirty things in the young man's ear - quite by accident on his last night in Ironshire, but he was glad that it had happened.

Looking around the room, Aran realised he no longer believed in coincidences or accidents; he'd seen enough now to know that things happened for a reason, and for all these people to be together in one place meant they had a common purpose.

Rayna's lips against his ear brought him back to the moment. "Will you be around more, from now on?" She lifted her head to look him in the eye, her expression soft and vulnerable.

Staring into her crystal blue eyes, Aran wanted to say yes. He wanted to do whatever would make her happy, just to see her smile, but he answered her honestly. "I will do my utmost, Rayna, I promise you."

She nodded seriously. "I know. I also know you'll be called away sooner or later, off to do whatever it is you Paladins do. I just want you to be careful, and know that I'm so glad I met you that night."

Love crashed through the Bond between them and Aran surged forward to wrap her tightly in his arms and squeeze her against his chest while his mouth hungrily sought hers. Pleasure soon flared hotly from Rayna's end of the Bond - once again tempting Aran to tip over the edge - and she moaned deeply into his lips before her muscles turned to water and she collapsed against him.

A somewhat revived Sorla soon appeared, tall enough that her impressive, pale-ochre breasts were sitting clear of the water despite the depth of the bath. The half-Orc gently gathered up Rayna, who mumbled a weak protest but seemed happy enough to cuddle up to the other woman.

Barely a second later, a long, slim leg passed Aran's face as a foot planted itself on the bench next to his hip. Lazily, he let his gaze wander up that leg, over the smooth, pale thigh to the hairless juncture where it met its mate. Higher his eyes travelled, over a flat stomach to perky breasts only slightly larger than Sylvia's, above which a beautiful Elvish face looked down at him, the petite features graced with twinkling sapphire eyes and framed with a curtain of wet silver hair.

"About time, eh, eruchen?" Induin said with a cheeky grin.

"Agreed," Aran replied wryly, casually leaning back and resting his elbows on the stone coping surrounding the pool.

"Hmmm," Induin mused, assuming a thoughtful pose, with one hand on a cocked hip and her chin resting on the fingers of the other.

Aran chuckled. Induin was nothing short of entertaining at the best of times. "What seems to be the problem, sweetness?"

"Well, I've just had my pussy fucked three times," she began casually. "So, I'm thinking about something different."

To Aran's surprise and delight, Induin spun around to face away from him, putting her pert ass directly in front of his face. She squealed as he lurched forward to playfully bite at the smooth skin of her tight rump.

Beside Induin and Aran, Bella was atop Smythe, mashing her generous tits into his mustache and giggling as he dined on the soft flesh. One step across, Induin's twin sister Liaren was riding Erik, and next over, Lynelle was coupled with Kedron, who was staring up at the Elvish beauty as if in a trance.

Aran's attention was brought back to what was transpiring directly before him as Induin began to squat gracefully with her hands on her knees, lowering her slim hips and tight rear until her pink rosebud was positioned right over the head of his cock. Looking back over her shoulder, the Elf gave him a sly wink before dropping further and pushing herself down until he popped past her tight ring and into her buttery depths.

In her usual fashion, Induin let loose a loud string of Elvish as she took everything Aran had to offer, until she was firmly seated with her buttocks pressed against his abdomen and his rigid shaft embedded deep with her ass.

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