tagFetishA Prostitute's Invitation to China

A Prostitute's Invitation to China


Sushi was delicious as always. The Sake and the tuna rolls went down too easily today. I have a very good feeling, and I am excited to see my early evening client.

My next client, Mr. Xuan, loves to eat my pussy. He also has his own unique technique with his sex toys; he likes to fuck me with vegetables. He brings peeled cucumbers to my room, and he fucks me with them while he eats the cucumber from my pussy. He likes to slide the cucumber inside of me, slide it out, and then he takes a bite of the vegetable. He calls me his "pussy dip." It's a little freaky, but a big fat cucumber feels good.

I have about 15 minutes before Mr. Xuan arrives to my room. I'm pleased the sheets have been laundered by the brothel staff. My room, bathroom and bed have been cleaned and refreshed. My room smells like cedar, vanilla and lilacs.

I slide off my high-heel shoes, and I roll on a pair of crotch-less fishnet pantyhose. I am not wearing underwear. I take an ice cube from the refrigerator and I rub it over my twat.

I then take a small strawberry from the fruit tray, I bite the berry and then I rub it over my labia. I want a slight strawberry flavor on my lips for Mr. Xuan. I rub a little more ice over my twat.

I take off my shirt and put on a black lace bra that allows my nipples to peek out from the center of the bra-cup. I rub ice over my nipples until they are hard.

I put on my silk robe and I walk toward the window. I notice my friend, Lamont, sitting at a nearby street table watching me. He's not really a friend, but he is a nice acquaintance that likes to watch me through the window as I prepare for my clients. He sends me packages of coffees and teas during the holidays, so I enjoy when I see him outside. As I wave to Lamont, I lower my window shade. As the curtain lowers, Lamont waves back to me.

Within moments, I hear a card swipe through the door. I turn around and I see Mr. Xuan standing in the doorway. He's tall and he is wearing a tailored suit that looks exquisite. His eyes immediately look at my breasts. My robe fell off my shoulder and my nipple was erect and in plain view. He exhales a breath of enjoyment. He opens a bag, and he then places a bowl of cucumbers in water on my vanity.

I smile and I walk towards the middle of the room. He immediately grabs my face and starts kissing me. His tongue is soft, long and slippery. His breath smells like peppermint and alcohol. As he kisses me, his hands rub over my tits. Both of his hands start fondling my nipples fast. He flicks my nipples and then pinches and holds them between his fingers as he pulls them up straight. He moans and says, "Oh, I like big nipples so much. Oh, I like fat nipples...big fat nipples."

I answer, "Yes, baby. You play with these as long as you like. You get me hot when you pinch them."

He slides off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. Mr. Xuan, starts touching my hips with his hands. He then sits me down on the bed, and he spreads open my robe and my legs. He licks my pussy. He asks, "One day, I want you to grow your pussy hair long. Long and thick so it covers everything. You need a curtain for my tongue to open. Your pussy is so juicy, a furry curtain will drive me crazy."

He then pushes his tongue in my snatch and he starts licking my pussy lips like a lollipop. I moan and say, "Oh, yes. I'll grow my pussy hair long, Mr. Xuan."

He then takes his middle finger and he starts to finger fuck my pussy hole. I am so wet. I can hear his face smacking around in my wetness. He then puts another finger in my twat. It feels so good.

Mr. Xuan strokes my pussy gently, but with strong consistency. He licks my clitoris hard, and he puts three fingers in my snatch. As he finger fucks me he says, "Oh, yes. Your pussy is so deep and wet. I like rubbing my face all over your pussy."

Mr. Xuan repetitively slides his face up and down my pussy. He says, "Fuck me back now. Fuck my face like a big, fat cock. I want you to fuck my face hard. Come on, give me your money maker."

I start thrusting my hips up toward his face. I pull my nipples a little to keep me hot. As I slide my pussy all over his face, I moan. I let out heavy breaths; his tongue is so deep in my pussy. I rock my pussy up and down on his face. While I face fuck him, I see his hand reach for the bowl of cucumbers. He grabs one and brings the vegetable down towards my pussy. He rests the vegetable on my snatch as he sucks my clitoris. As he sucks and smacks down on my twat, he starts to slide the cucumber up and down my snatch. The vegetable is cold, thick, and wet. The cucumber feels good on my slippery pussy.

Mr. Xuan stops licking my snatch for a moment, he looks up at me and says, "Time for my pussy dip."

He then slides the fat cucumber inside my wet snatch. As he watches the vegetable slide inside my twat, he says, "Yes, fuck it back now. Let me watch you fuck. Come on, fuck it hard. Don't be shy. I like my cucumber with a lot of dip. Get it wet, Lacey."

I moan as the cucumber slides in and out of my pussy hole. After a few minutes, Mr. Xuan starts taking some bites out of the cucumber. He then slides the entire vegetable inside of my pussy and then pulls it back out and takes another bite of the cucumber. He breathlessly says, "Mmmmm...salty."

He then slides the cucumber back inside my twat. He does this repetitively. He slides the vegetable inside my snatch, he then pulls it out and takes a bite. He does this until he consumes the whole cucumber.

Mr. Xuan only reserves 45-minutes of my time. I suspect he has a wife or a lover calling him back home. As he gently kisses the inside of my thigh, he looks up and tells me, "I want you to go to China as my guest."

I sit up and inquire, "China?"

Mr. Xuan stood and straightened himself. He buttoned up his shirt and put on his suit jacket. He left a generous tip on my vanity along with a white envelope. He looked at me and said, "Call me and let me know what you think."

He kissed my face and left the room. I walked to the vanity and opened the envelope. An airplane ticket to China along with a stack of money fell out on to the tray. A note inside read, "Please meet me in China. Your presence is requested at the underground royal pleasure palace. Please make your arrangements. Everything else is prepared for your arrival. Let me know your decision within 72 hours."

As I think about the offer, I smile. I usually don't meet my clients for personal appearances, but this request left me feeling intrigued. A round-trip ticket to China. An underground pleasure palace? All of this teased my imagination. The longer I thought about the invitation, the more I wanted to know about the pleasure palace.

Perhaps, I will go to China. I just need to think about it for a little longer; I do have 72-hours to make a decision. What would you do if you were me? Yeah, I thought so...I'm going.

This is my life. I'm good at being an Amsterdam prostitute. It's an exciting life if you play your cards right.

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