tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Quiet Night by the TV...

A Quiet Night by the TV...


We're sat there on the sofa, curled up chatting after a day out together, rubbish TV on in the background. I can feel your breath on my chest and your hand resting on my leg. I feel the urge to kiss the top of your head which makes you look up at me... You give me that look, the look that tells me you want me to take control and enjoy you, the look that expresses a million desires, the way your eyes sparkle... Time to fulfil one of your favourite fantasies...

I know what I'm going to do to you: I'm going to make you wait, I know you're ready for me to take control of you and I will, just in my own way... I look into your eyes and place my hand on your chin, bringing you up to me and kissing your lips. Those soft, willing lips always feel so warm and inviting. I can tell you're desperate for me to have my way with you but not tonight, tonight I'm going to make you wait for it...

I break the kiss and stand up, that expectant smile comes on your face, you nearly jump to your feet to follow me until I tell you I'm going for a shower. I can see the confusion on your face as I turn away from you and walk out the room. Perfect.

As I take a slow shower I can here you pacing around outside the bathroom, I know the frustration you will be feeling, the confusion and the way your bratty side will come out. Just the mood I want you in - horny and angry. You're always so much fun when you're in that mood. As I turn the shower off I hear you rush into the living room to sit ready to ignore me. After quickly drying myself I wrap the towel around my waist and head into the living room to you and there you are, perfect you, angry you, grumpy you, disobedient you, exactly how I knew you would be. Time for fun.

You try to storm out past me as I walk towards you but, like a good girl you instinctively stop on my command - I can see your anger grow inside at the way your body responds to me instead of you. Your body wants me so bad but your trying to maintain your anger at me I can see it in your eyes, those beautiful, blue eyes. I could get lost forever looking into those.

I wait for you to try and leave again and grab your arm as you go past - no words just my hand on your arm - making you stop and tell me to let you go... There it is - the disobedient, bratty side of you coming out, just as I knew it would and exactly what is needed for this fantasy to playout. I continue to hold your arm as you try to shrug me off, you tell me to let you go but I keep my firm but gentle grip on your arm, watching your eyes for that moment when I know you're in the right place...

"Fuck you, I hate you" - the words come out of your mouth without thinking and the glint comes into your eyes, now you're ready. I slowly raise my free hand to you face and stroke your chin, you try to turn your head away from my touch, wanting to stay angry with me. I run my hand onto your neck, knowing it's one of your weak spots and then back up behind your ear and into your hair, tightening my grip and releasing your arm. You know what's coming now and you know you're in trouble but the brat in you repeats the earlier statement "Fuck you, let me go".

I smile at you and see the grin spread on your face momentarily before the frown returns. I drop my towel revealing my waiting cock and pull you down to your knees in front of me... my hard cock right next to that warm, waiting mouth. Pointing my cock towards your mouth I pull you in and for a split second you open your lips, wanting to please me, wanting to satisfy me before trying to turn your head away again, lips tightly closed.

"Suck it" - that command you normally love, that you normally submit to willingly tonight makes you even more determined to disobey. I repeat myself once again but you again deny my request, one word escaping your lips, "No". This gives me the chance I need and I force your head down on my cock until I feel the back of your throat, your hands quickly start pushing on my thighs to get away but I hold you there for a few seconds, showing you who's in charge.

I release your head and you pull away and start calling me all the names you can think of in your enraged state, making me smile at my disobedient little slut... I startle you by grabbing your hair and pulling quickly and firmly so you end up on the floor on your belly. Before you can move you feel my body against your back and my hand around your throat. You struggle and try and push me off but you know you can't and you know what's next...

I whisper into your ear "You've been a very naughty little slut and now it's time to take your punishment" and slide my free hand down and under you and in one swift move your jeans are undone and my hand is pulling them down over your ass. I know you love the feeling of me taking you this way and even though you protest again as I pull your sexy lace nickers down and place my hard cock between your legs, pushing hard until I feel it slide into you.

I ignore your pleas for me to stop and start fucking you, slowly but forcefully and keeping my hand on your throat. With each thrust you swear at me again and call me another name, I just fuck you that bit harder each time to remind you that you're mine and I'm in charge. I feel your body starting to push back and know your close to cumming, you always cum so fast when being used.

I adjust my pace to make sure you cum hard, loving the sound of you trying to hide your orgasm and stay angry at me. As I feel your body come down from the orgasm I slide my cock out and push against your ass, feeling the tightness grip me as I slide in. "Stop, not in my ass" comes from your lips in-between the squeals and screams as I start fucking you fast. This time it's my turn and I make the most of it, pounding hard and calling you a cheap slut as I feel my own orgasm build.

You know what's coming and I hear the words "Not in my ass, don't cum in my ass" come from your mouth. Oh how I love it when you tell me know and it's the final thing I need to make me cum. I thrust deep one last time, holding myself there as I fill your ass and let my pleasure wash over me. After the last waves have subsided I slowly lift myself off you and leave you there on the floor, used and full of cum. The last thing I hear as I leave the room is "Thank you Sir".

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