tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Round of Drinks

A Round of Drinks


God I really hope you like it. It took a lot of effort on my part! This story is dedicated to a very good friend. If it wasn't for him, I would've never written this story. Please leave comments whether or not you like it, or if there is anything you think I should change. Enjoy.


They've been a trio since college. They kept in contact even after they graduated; making a ritual of seeing each other. A girls night out, is a sacred tradition among women. It was something they all needed once in a while. A break from the mundane lives they lived from their 9-5 jobs and whatever boyfriends they had at the time.

Stacy adjusted her skin tight, light blue halter top, over her firm generously sized breasts. Fishing in her purse for money for the taxi driver, she handed him the money, while pulling down her mid-thigh black skirt over her shapely legs. Her high heeled, black shoes, made an echoing tap sound on the pavement in front of the neon lighted bar they were to meet at. Taking out her lip gloss from her bag, she applied a thin layer to her full mouth, making her upturned parted lips glisten in the light. Pushing her straight, shoulder length blonde hair out of her face, she pulled the door open to the busy bar/restaurant.

The place was called Mccann's, a place they all loved throughout college. She knew the waiter Drew fairly well, along with Frank the owner, they all did. Waving hello to Frank at the bar, she started scanning the big room with her bright blue eyes. She didn't see either of her friends yet, so she sat down at a table in the far corner of the room. Crossing her creamy, smooth legs, she ordered her drink from the waiter and got comfortable in one of the high backed chairs. Stacy glanced down at her slim wrist to her watch, noting the time; she looked around the crowded room, waiting for a sign of her friends.

Stacy thought pretty highly of herself. She was the type you could tell she thought as much, in how she walked, talked, even looked at you, that she was better than you were. The most popular throughout high school and college for being the prettiest and the sluttish, there wasn't a doubt in her mind, it was just fact. Because of her popular status, she never lacked friends. But keeping their pact of girls' night out was merely amusing for Stacy. She lived off of gossip. Smiling and nodding, making the right remarks, at the right times during conversations, all the while in her mind she was saying 'what a pathetic little creature you are' made it all the more worthwhile. Drew came with her drink just as Emily and Samantha walked in arm in arm. "Let the night begin." Stacy thought smugly.

Emily felt nauseous, she hated these get togethers. She'd much rather be at home, spending time with a good book and her cat than here with Stacy. The women made her physically ill she was so superficial. Of course she'd never say that out loud, to the Barbie slut. Sam liked being around Stacy, so Emily tolerated her, to be around Sam. Moving her purse strap higher on her shoulder, she moved in step with Sam toward Stacy. "Just look at her!" Emily thought to herself. "Can her skirt get any shorter?" Planting a smile on her face, she hugged Stacy around her middle. Then sitting in a chair across from Sam, she crossed her long legs, while Sam gave their friend an affectionate hug.

Emily was beautiful in her own way. She had long dark brown hair that curled wildly around her oval face. Her hazel eyes were her best feature, they could be soft when in a good mood or dark when angered. She was a little shorter than Stacy's 5'6 but had a shapely figure. Her figure was nothing like Stacy's, but firm from daily running. She wasn't one for wearing short skirts like Stacy, but kept to full length skirts or dress pants, they made her look great anyway, she just didn't know it. Tonight she chose tight black dress pants, that hugged her curvy hips, and a red satin top that tied in the back, which accentuated her flat stomach and firm B, sized breasts.

Drew came over to take the new arrivals order. "Hello ladies." Drew said sweetly.

His dark eyes locked with each of the girls. "Hi Drew" replied Samantha with a returning smile.

They all knew Drew had a secret affection for Sam, but she never returned it. He would subtly hint to her to get a few drinks of their own on occasion, but every time Sam would politely refuse. Drew was a tall but muscular guy, who never seemed to push hard enough for what he really wanted. He had short dark blonde hair and an easy smile, but he was always the quiet type. He was never one for being obnoxious, like most of his friends were, just watched the world with his dark brown eyes. He felt you learned more about people that way. Drew had plenty of patience. Normally getting what he wanted in the long run was something regular for him. He knew that he would get Sam one day, he just didn't know when.

Samantha, or Sam for short, was the kind of chic that everyone liked. Young and old, popular and unpopular, she made friends wherever she went. She had a laid back manner, and always seemed to be happy and laughing about something. Her personality made her gorgeous. She had mid-back length, bright red curly hair, laughing bright green eyes, and a glowing complexion. She was the same height as Stacy, and had Emily's build. She was shapely, firm and gently muscular. She wore a simple, strapless black sundress, that seemed to flow and sway around her frame. She was the kind of girl that had legs to her eyes, and looked amazing in dresses. She was far from conceited but didn't have a low self esteem either. Samantha liked everyone, she knew that Emily didn't have the same affection she did for Stacy, but appreciated her all the more for these get togethers. Sam knew that Stacy had that bitch streak in her, but she also knew that underneath it all there was a sweet, caring, wounded girl there. That was the only reason she stayed friends with her for so long.

"So, you have to tell me about how things are working out with Adam!" Stacy said eagerly to Samantha. "Isn't he everything I told you he would be?" She said happily.

"We broke up two weeks ago." Sam replied sadly.

"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that!" Emily said to her friend with heartache.

"It's alright, it would've never worked anyway, and he travels for work a lot." Sam said while Drew put down their drinks in front of Emily and her. "I had a little problem with him sleeping with his secretary too." Sam laughed.

With a look of shock, which an actress could have died for, Stacy said "No! He couldn't have!"

Emily just rolled her eyes. "Well sounds like you're better off then." She said with a sigh.

"I've never been better." Sam smiled. "I just started a new job, and it looks promising, so I couldn't be better!" She lied.

"That's great! Where are you at now?" Emily asked.

"I'm at a local gym as a trainer. It's pretty good pay, and I get to work out for free." Sam replied.

While signaling to Drew for more drinks Stacy said "Well that's just great for you!"

"I have to admit to you guys though; Adam was really good in bed!" Sam blushingly stated.

"Oh I know! Or at least, I mean, I've heard." Stacy stammered while looking down.

"I bet." Emily scoffed.

"Tell me how the family is Emily!" Sam excitedly asked.

Drew came with their drinks; he intentionally leaned over Samantha to place hers in front of her, brushing her back as he did so. Sam just looked up at him with a smile on her face. Drew winked back, giving her a slow smile.

The night carried on with the girls recapping what was currently going on in their individual lives. Once intoxicated they would reminisce about the good ole days back in high school and college. They wished for the better years when life was nothing but parties and books.

"I need to pee." Stacy said as she stumbled up from the table.

"Hey sweetie, how are you holding' up?" Sam slurred out to Emily.

"It's ok; she doesn't bother me no more!" Emily drunkenly laughed.

"Good for you! I know how you don't really want to be at these things but I'm glad you're here." Sam smiled to Emily.

"I am too, I like hanging' out with you Sam, always did, makes it worth it." Emily bashfully said smiling.

"What's taking Stacy so long to just pee?" Sam thought out loud. "Don't know." Emily shrugged.

"I'll be right back; you stay and watch the drinks?" Sam asked.

"Sure, I'll have another one too!" Emily giggled.

Sam stood up unsteadily, and sauntered to the back and down a long hallway, where the bathrooms were.

A door flew open to her left startling her. "Hey, Stacy's in here. She doesn't look so good." Drew explained to a confused Sam.

"What? Why is she in there with you....ouch!!" Sam yelled, feeling a sharp prick in her shoulder. The last thing she saw before the world went black was Drew's eager, smiling face as he caught her slumping body.

Emily sat as patiently as she could. She had another drink, and started tapping her painted finger nails, against the smooth surface of the table impatiently.

"Oh screw the drinks, where are they?" angrily pushing her chair back from the table she mumbled to herself, "They've probably forgotten all about me, wouldn't be the first time."

Staggering down the hallway towards the bathroom, Frank swung a door open just before the ladies room, almost walking right into Emily. "Oh sorry sweet heart, I didn't see you there. If you're looking for your friends they're in there." He pointed in the direction of the room directly across from him.

Staring at the door in confusion, she asked, "What are they doing in there?" Emily turned back around to ask Frank but who'd disappeared down the hall out of earshot.

Not knowing what else to do, she knocked on the door, and turning the door handle, she called out "Sam? Stacy? What are you two up to?"

She felt the blood drain away from her face as she took in the room. Both Stacy and Sam were tied up with their hands behind their backs. They seemed to have passed out on a couch in the small room. Drew was sitting next to Sam, rubbing her thigh slowly.

Smiling at Emily he said "Emily, I'm glad you could finally join us, I thought I'd have to come out there and get you!" He laughed.

Frank walked in behind Emily. Turning to him she asked stunned, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Well honey, we've decided to have a party, and you three are on the guest list!" He laughed at her baffled look. "Now its time to get the party started.

Grabbing a hold of her arm he shoved the ready needle he had and pushed the drugs into her arm. "That will only hurt for a moment." He said over her scream for help.

"Get them out to the van." Frank instructed Drew. "Did you get all the info we need?" He asked.

"Yeah, about an hour ago from the guy I told you about last month." Drew replied.

"Well at least he pulled through for you, now we'll really have everything we need. I thought we'd have to play first and worry later." Frank laughed at his own remark. "But now, if these ladies decide they didn't like our plans so much, we'll have the information to make sure they won't want to talk." Frank explained.

Emily couldn't feel her hands, she tried to move them by flexing her fingers but couldn't. Moaning from the pain in her shoulders, she rolled over. She couldn't remember where she was. "Did I just pass out last night? When did I get home?" she thought in her head.

Flashes of the bar came back to her, then once she remembered seeing Stacy and Sam tied up on that couch made her lurch to a sitting position. Her head started spinning, so she lay back down heavily, bumping into a solid body. Rolling onto her side, she saw it was Sam curled up next to her. "Sam! Oh God Sam, wake up! Are you ok? Please be ok!" she frantically said.

Samantha heard Emily's voice from far away. Feeling like she was being yelled at from down a long hallway. "What is she saying?" Sam groggily thought. "Why does my head hurt so much, why can't I move my aching arms?" Struggling to open her eyes, she slowly came awake. "What the hell is going on?" Sam croaked out from her dry throat.

"Oh thank God Sam you're awake!" Emily cried.

"Where are we? Why are my arms tied?" Sam asked confused.

"I have no idea why, but I know who." Emily said, and explained what she could remember before the needle hit.

"Drew and Frank did this? I can't believe it!" Sam exclaimed. "Where's Stacy?" Sam wondered aloud. Sitting up slowly, she looked around the room they were in. It was completely bare, except a few pictures of scenery on the walls and the big bed they were laying on. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Stacy facing away from her, lying next to her on the bed.

"Stacy, wake up!" Sam said, bouncing on the bed as hard as she could, in an attempt to wake her.

"Sam? What's going on? Are you ok?" Stacy mumbled out. "God my arms and head hurt!" She complained while rolling over to her other side with a grimace.

"I'm ok, I've no idea where we are and what we're doing here, but Drew and Frank did this." Emily explained to Stacy.

They heard a door creak open behind them. All turning as best as they could, they saw a tall man with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a husky muscular build, enter the room and smile. "Ah I see you're all awake! Perfect!" The stranger said happily.

"Who are you? Can you untie us?" Stacy spoke up.

"Who I am isn't important, but you may call me Mike. As far as untying you, I can't do that. Where would the fun be in that?" He mockingly said and laughed at their outraged expressions.

"If you three will listen, I'm going to tell you this only once. You have one hour in which you can try to escape this place. There is a key hidden in this room that can unlock the door behind me, as well as any outer doors. If you do escape and tell about who brought you here, we will do a little telling of our own. We will make sure you will never have respectable jobs again. If you don't escape you become our little playthings. Delightful little playthings if I may say so, from what I've already seen." Mike finished with a slow knowing grin at the girls.

They started speaking all at once. "What?!" Stacy said. "If you think..." Sam started. "Just who do you..." Emily tried.

"Now girls, you are wasting valuable time. I've told you what you needed to know and that is all. Mike said while putting up his hands. I must say this though; I can't wait to play with you." Mike sighed as he closed the door. They all heard the key turn in the lock. They all turned to one another and started speaking at once.

"What do we do now?" Emily panicky asked.

"How are we getting out of here?" Sam looked at both of them and asked.

"Ok let's get untied first." Stacy said levelly. "The both of you turn around and we'll put our backs together so we can untie each other. Then we'll start looking for the key. I don't know about you two but I know I'd rather not be their plaything." Stacy explained.

Struggling to find the right positions, then with the bindings, it felt like an eternity to get them undone. Emily was crying "We need to get out of here. I refuse to lose my virginity to those ass holes!"

"You're still a virgin? Stacy asked shocked.

"Yeah, I told you both that I wasn't so you wouldn't make fun of me, especially you Stacy." Emily sniffled.

"I wouldn't have made fun of you for that, despite what you believe I'm not the slut that everyone thinks I am either." Stacy soothed.

"Well I'm glad you two decide now is a good time to have a heart to heart, but if you'll remember we need to get out of here first!" Sam shouted.

Looking apologetically at Sam, they started tearing apart the bed in search for the hidden key. They tore off the bedding, searched inside pillows, under the box spring, even the frame itself and still couldn't find the key.

Breath heaving Emily leaned against the wall and asked, "Where in the hell is that damn key?!"

"There probably is no key Emily." Sam replied, discouraged.

"No there has to be!" Stacy shouted.

"Well then you find it Stacy!" Emily said flinging her arms wide. "Where else can we look?" She knocked the picture that she was standing next to onto the floor, with the fling of her hand.

With the breaking glass they heard a metallic clink hitting wood floor. "Nope looks like you found it Emily." Stacy said happily while running over to the broken glass. "Let's get out of here!"

"Wait! What if they're out there, waiting for us to come out?" Emily fearfully asked.

Picking up a piece of the broken glass, Sam ripped off a piece of her sundress and wrapped it around it. "Then we fight!"

Each of the girls followed her example and armed themselves with a piece of the broken glass... Stacy put the key in the lock and turned. They held their breath, as she slowly opened the door, peering around its wooden edge. Straining to hear any sudden noises, she opened the door wide, realizing there was no one in the room outside the door. They were in a barren cabin style house with little furniture and what was left was broken in pieces and piled up next to the fireplace.

"Ok the coast is clear." Stacy waved to her friends to follow her out of the room.

They had no idea how much time actually passed between Mike telling them they had an hour to escape and now, but they weren't going to waste any more time.

"We have to find a road, or a neighbor, or something." Sam said.

Opening the door to outside, they ran through a big yard as fast as their legs could carry them, not caring what direction they were going in, just knowing that they had to get away. Reaching the edge of what appeared to be a forest they stopped to catch their breath.

"We should split up." Sam huffed.

"No way, that's the stupidest thing to do!" Emily exclaimed.

"I think it's a great idea." Stacy replied confidently.

"No it's not, what if something happens to one of us, we'll be able to take care of each other better if we're in a group." Emily pushed.

"But if they are following us, it will be harder to find 3 of us in different directions than all 3 of us going in the same. We can meet up at the same place. Say at Cafe Royal downtown at home? Depending how far we are from there." Sam thought out loud.

"But we don't even know where we are Sam!" Emily shrieked.

"It doesn't matter where we are, we can't be that far away from a neighbor or something that we couldn't call for help to get out of here." Sam said reassuringly.

"Alright fine, you two seemed to have made up your mind. We are just killing time standing here arguing about it." Emily agreed grudgingly.

They hugged each tightly and ran in opposite directions of each other.

"About how long until we go hunting for the fresh meat?" Drew asked Frank eagerly.

"Oh I'll give them about a half an hour. Let them think they've really gotten away." Frank laughed.

"I sure can't wait to play with that little shy looking brunette! I bet she's a bombshell!" Mike cackled.

"Did you turn on the tracking devices?" Frank asked Drew.

"Of course, they won't even know it's there, it's attached to their clothes." Drew laughed. "I'm watching them now."

He showed Frank the little portable TV. Pointing to where the different colored dots were moving on the screen.

Stacy cursed herself for wearing her high heels out last night. They were definitely not running shoes. The heels kept sinking in the soft earth, making her twist her ankles twice. By the third time she had to stop and break off the heels against a tree. Her face, lungs, and throat burned. Her face burned from tree branches slapping at her from her mad dash through the dense woods.

"I need to get out of this place. How freaking big is it anyway?" She asked herself. All the sudden the trees seemed to part and she was in a clearing of sorts. There were tree stumps where trees used to be and grassy areas so the trees must've been removed a while ago, Stacy thought. Running across the field, she stopped short at seeing Frank turn from behind the tree, she was running towards.

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