tagBDSMA Rude Awakening: My Spanking Fantasy

A Rude Awakening: My Spanking Fantasy


I lie there in my bed, sleeping peacefully, wearing what I usually wear, which is nothing. I'm under the big soft fluffy hunter green comforter, cocooned with just my face showing and part of my wrist. Lying sprawled on my belly with my breasts pressed into the hard mattress. Nonsensical dreams fluttering through my head as I sleep soundly.

I am awoken by the comforter being stripped away suddenly, the chill of the air making me shiver and start to reach to pull it back. The fist now held tightly in my hair, painfully pulling me up to a man I don't know who stands beside my bed.

I tear at the hand that pulls me up to try and get away, but he's big. Bigger than I have ever been near, ever been with. He stands better than six and a half foot, and his body is like a brick wall, huge, unmovable and cruel. I look but I can't see his face. He wears a hood like an executioner. Blacker than black, so black that light seems to be sucked into it, what little light there was in my dark room.

My head aches from where he has such a tight grip, and I try desperately to stand.

"Kneel, slut," He says in a voice that makes me tremble with fear as he pushes me down to the floor so I can do what he wishes. "You stand when I say you may stand."

He takes the belt from his pants. Thick black leather with a silver buckle and wraps it around my wrists, trapping them together tightly until I wince. Then he sits on the side of my bed, where he opens his pants and pulls out his flaccid cock. "Suck it." He pushes my head into his crotch roughly. I am knocked off balance and scramble clumsily to obey. I glance at his cock to try and orient myself.

"My god!" I gasp. I can't believe that a man that tall can also be hung that well. Thick and long, just seeing him flaccid he's longer than most men I've had while hard. My mind starts to scream again. This will never fit! I hear it screaming. He'll never fit anywhere! When he gets hard, he's going to kill you.

His hand forces my face to grind into his groin. "I said suck it!"

I whimper and nuzzle in his groin which smells of sweat and at last find the plum sized head of his soft cock. My tongue licking it slowly as I feel his hand start to loosen its grip in my hair. "Take it in your mouth." His voice wasn't quite as harsh this time.

I open my mouth and suck the tip inside. Slowly moving him deeper and deeper into my mouth. His pulse throbs and makes his cock begin to swell. I try to relax as my fear of his sheer size starts that maddening screaming in my head again. This time of how he will strangle me to death with his cock shoved down my throat.

Then I feel it start swelling out until I can feel my teeth running the whole length of him on each stroke and he still insists on shoving it in deeper. My molars are scraping against the delicate skin of his hardening cock and he's pressing against my tonsils and trying to open my throat wider.

He thrusts up with his hips as I feel him almost at his full potential and making my mouth into a grotesquely wide maw trying to fit around a cock as big as my forearm. I gag and try to pull away, the fear shrieking now in my head. Both of his hands now in my hair, and forcing me down even lower onto this sapling. "Take it all, bitch." His voice is a hoarse moan as he starts to roughly fuck my mouth.

I'm squirming and squealing and trying to get away. The gagging and the pain from his thick cock being shoved so far down my throat making my eyes water and before long I'm crying. I panic as he shoves it deep and then holds. My lungs start to burn with need to breathe. I can't stop myself from clawing at him with what little range I have with my belted hands. I draw blood from his thigh and he lets up enough to let me gasp for air.

I drink it in great gulps as he pulls me up from his strangling cock. "You drew blood. I was just having fun before, but now you've drawn blood." He pulls me across his lap, that fleshy tree trunk scraping down the length of my body until it comes to press right into the soft patch of brown fur that covers my pussy.

I lay there bent over his lap like a schoolgirl waiting for her punishment. His hand is like steel as he takes his first swat at my creamy white heart-shaped bottom. The impact not only almost sends me sailing off his lap, but pushes my outer labia around the head of his cock. I squirm as he readies the next blow. It falls harder than the first, and his other hand grips my waist. "Little bitch, you know you deserve this!"

"Please! Stop! I'll do whatever you want!" I say in an attempt to get out of what I think is about to happen, but his only answer is a deep chuckle and another stinging blow to my backside. I feel my little clit swelling against the rubbing of his cock head. Every blow sending me bucking into that small apple sized head until I feel the pre-cum starting to wet my clit.

I'm kicking now, trying to get away, screaming and crying as I struggle on his lap and he laughs at me. "Call me anything you like, slut. I'm going to spank you until I'm through with you."

My bottom is burning and quite red as I feel my pussy wetly sucking at the head of his cock as I buck into it with each smack of his huge hand. In between blows which are sometimes maddeningly slow, I find myself grinding against that delicious hard pole. "Horny little bitch, you like this, don't you?"

"No! Let me go! Stop this you fucking bastard!" I scream and cry as I keep trying to get away from him.

"Say it! Say that you like it, slut! Tell me and maybe I'll stop," He laughed again. "Then again, maybe I won't."

I sob against his leg and whimper, "Yes! I like it! Oh god, yes! Now stop!"

He laughs and sends a flurry of swats to my behind until he sees it. A drop of blood. A single drop of blood on my bottom. I'm wailing and sobbing against his leg as my hips buck hard into his thick hard cock head. "Blood for blood." He mumbles and leans over to lick it slowly from my bottom. The skin is so angry and red that I shiver and whine as his tongue touches it.

His fist is in my hair again, and making me move so that I can lay on the bed belly down. He makes me put my wrists which are still belted high over my head and re-belts them to the headboard. "Kneel up and show me your ass like the little bitch you are." His voice was deeper, rougher.

I move so that my ass is high in the air, but my breasts and arms are still on the mattress. My thighs are slightly spread and I can feel that even the outer lips of my pussy are wet. I start wondering if he will notice that I'm so wet and I find myself squirming and trying to rub my pussy on something.

His laugh makes me moan softly as he teases me by rubbing his stiff cock against my abraded bottom and tracing the head down over my tight little ass hole and the slick outer labia. "Well, someone enjoyed her spanking, didn't she?"

"Please! Please fuck me!" I beg, just wiggling and bucking and trying to force his cock inside me. But he only laughs and I can't get the head past the outer lips because he's teasing me.

"Nice to see you beg, bitch. Now if you want me to fuck you, you have to prove it to me that you're hot enough to fuck." He bends over her and rests his cock on her ass, humping gently against her. His black executioner's hood brushes against her cheek and her ear as he whispers. "Prove you want my cock. See how nice it feels? I bet you want that inside that pussy, don't you?"

I whimper and spread my legs obscenely wide. The wetness that was held back when my legs were closed starts slowly running down my thighs as I sob with shame and try to bury my face in the mattress.

His cock slides down and finds the slippery hot wetness then he pulls away slightly. I feel his hand going to my pussy and down to my thighs as I tremble. He seems to stroke his hand along the soft fur of my pussy for a moment before rudely shoving a thick finger in deep eliciting a gasp of surprise and pleasure from my lips.

His voice is a deep growl as he shoves his finger in up to the third knuckle. "Beg for this cock, slut. Tell me how much you want it."

"Oh fuck! Please! Shove it in me! Fuck me hard! Oh god! Tear me apart with your fucking cock!" I whine and moan. My body trying desperately to ride his thick finger. He pulls away just enough to make my moving pointless. Tears of frustration falling down my cheeks as I continue to beg. "Please, you can even fuck my ass if you will just fuck my pussy first. I don't care anymore. I just gotta have something in me! Please!"

"Please, Master!" He pulled his finger all the way out and kneeled back to look at me for a moment.

"Yes! Yes! Please, Master!" I whimpered feeling helpless and on fire. My pussy aching and painfully hot. "Please, Master, please fuck me hard. Oh god! Make it hurt, Master!" My shame just making me hotter, wetter.

Then I could feel him move behind me. He let his cock hover at my pussy for a moment and then I felt him try to spear me deeply. I gasped and moaned loud and long as he finally worked the thick head into my tight canal. I arched up as he thrust deeper and felt him forcing inside. I cried out, "Oh god! You're going to split me open! Fuck! Don't stop!" He pulled back and a mix of sweet fluid and blood coated his shaft, but he only growled deep in his throat and thrust deeper still until he had all he could inside me. He was stretching me painfully wide and pushing so deep that he was pushing a little past the bottom of me and still had a few inches yet to fit in. He held as deep as he could go for a second and then started to move.

He thrust so hard into me that the bed smacked against the wall. I felt myself moved higher and higher on the bed as he mercilessly impaled my poor gushing pussy with that huge battering ram that he called a cock. The thing seemed to swell even more inside me and I could feel that he had a set of balls that were just as gigantic as his cock as they slapped against my rock hard clit. I wondered how much he could hold inside those mammoth testes. How much would he come?

His cock feels like it's breaking me in half, pushing my bones aside to make room for itself as it pushes deep enough and hard enough that I can already feel the bruising. That cock, filling me so full and rubbing all of the most sensitive places at once as he still fucks me so hard he literally has to chase me across the bed.

Finally, he has me wedged uncomfortably between the headboard and him. My hands pushing against the wall and pushing me onto his tree trunk of a cock as my pussy gushes and spreads down my legs the juices he pushes out with each thrust. I'm screaming and crying as I feel myself start to come around this giant's cock. My pussy trying to milk it like it has smaller men, but only gripping it firmly and making me come harder.

I shudder and shake as I keep coming around him. I can hear him in my ear. His breathing is ragged and his voice is now nothing but a deep growling hoarse whisper. He grunts as he hurls himself up into me. His words are animal and scorching hot in my ear as I know he feels me coming. "Open your mouth, fucking cunt."

He pulls away quickly as I whimper the empty feeling he left behind in my pussy. His cock is inches from my face when I open my eyes and he has a look in his eyes that can only be described as brutal. A bestial voice breaks his silence, "Suck it."

I open my mouth and push it in as far as it was before, greedy to have him in me again. Pushing him deep enough that I gag on his cock and have to pull away some to breathe. His hands ball into fists in my hair and I whimper as I feel him start fucking my face hard. My teeth scrape against his elephantine cock as he pushes it ever further back into my throat until I'm gasping and clawing at him to breathe. Tears rolling down my face as he rapes my mouth hard enough to make my teeth hurt.

I feel like he's slamming so hard into me that I gag on every in stroke and gasp on every out. My mind rattles in my skull as he rams home and finally bursts deep in my mouth. I gag and choke as he fills my mouth full enough that it runs out of my lips and down my chin. I pull back from him just enough to start swallowing and try to drink as much of him as I can before I drown in his come.

Drinking deeply the gallons of come that he pumps into my mouth. His back is held so tight and straight with his head thrown back and that infernal hood covering what must be a rapturous face. I keep drinking for what seems like days and my nose burns because it's full of his come too.

Finally he stops and looks down at me. "Good little bitch." With a tired laugh he unbelts my hands from the headboard and re-belts them together. "Now, you will come with me and confess your sins. It seems you have many."

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