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As a teacher of 15 years' experience, I suppose I thought I had the right to believe I had seen it all? Well, I certainly thought I had, until, at a crossroads in my life and wondering whether to have a change of career, I saw an advert requiring an English teacher at an all girls finishing school in Switzerland. I nearly didn't read past the headline assuming that it would be a female only post, however, out of curiosity I read on.

Thinking about it, sex discrimination laws would have meant that a gender specific advert would have been illegal and of course there was no mention of gender at all in the advert. The qualifications and experience requirements of the position did not throw up any obstacles to my applying for the job, so I thought "What the heck, why not?" It was still teaching which wasn't a real change in direction but, a different country and a finishing school? It was an evolution of sorts?

Maybe I should introduce myself? My name is Paul, I am 36 years old and divorced, the divorce was all my fault as I just could not keep my dick in my pants and out of several young pussies that weren't my wife! There were no children, so the split from Julie my wife was uncomplicated.

I have taught English and English literature at secondary and sixth form college level for 15 years. I am just over 6ft tall with an average athletic build as I still partake in several sports and also coach Rugby and football (Soccer) I had started to feel a little bored and no longer challenged by my job hence the potential need for change.

One other thing that will become relevant later in this story is my penchant for panties. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the sight and feel of a woman's ass or pussy in a cute pair of panties. I could eat panty pussy till the cows come home.

I put an application letter and an updated CV together and popped it in the post, I mean what was the worst that could happen? Dear Mr Sampson...thanks but no thanks! I never gave the application another thought as I got on with my job and pondered what my options were if I were to have a change of career. It must have been at least a month later when a large envelope arrived with a Swiss postmark, and there was certainly more than just a letter inside, it felt more like a magazine or periodical of some sort.

Upon opening the envelope, there was a letter and a full school prospectus and colour brochure for the "Lady Sophia's Finishing School for Ladies."

I browsed the brochure which showed pictures of a vast and stunning alpine property set in a mountainous backdrop with a lake, meadows and sports facilities, tennis courts, hockey fields. There were pictures of young ladies partaking in classes, sports and various social activities. The prospectus indicated Diploma and Degree level education alongside what they described as "Invaluable life lessons ensuring a satisfying and prosperous future."

Looking at the fees, for each year I couldn't imagine how these young ladies were going to have anything but a prosperous future! My annual salary would have allowed a daughter of mine to school there for about three days at this place, I didn't need to look at the letter to realise I was way out of my depth, and that rejection of my application was just a couple of paragraphs away.

Dear Mr Sampson,

Thank you for submitting your CV for consideration for the position of English Master at Lady Sophia's.

I am pleased to inform you that it has been reviewed with considerable interest and as such you have been put forward to the interview shortlist.

The interviews will be taking place in London at the Dorchester Hotel in two weeks time; I would be most grateful if you would confirm in writing your continuing interest in the position, at which point arrangements will be made for a day and time for your interview.

Yours Sincerely

E. M. Agnew


Interested? Holy Cow! My response was in the post within the hour! Having re-read the brochure and the prospectus I could find no way to understand how on earth I had anything to offer "Lady Sophia's Finishing School for Ladies." I was a simple middle-class guy with no airs and graces that could "Ensure a satisfying and prosperous future." To the female progeny of the super rich! However, after a series of phone calls and confirmation letters the time and date of my interview was fixed. I was to present myself at the Dorchester Hotel reception 13:45 precisely in preparation for an interview at 14:00 I should expect the interview to last a minimum of 1hr to a maximum of 3 hours. The timing range seemed a little odd to me, however, with more thought I assumed the more prolonged the interview, the better you must be doing?

While I did not give myself a realistic chance of landing the position, I did decide to take the interview seriously. I researched the school's reputation and looked for any significant past alumni of which there were several; I made sure I was able to be as authoritative on my subjects as was possible.

I have always taken particular pride in my appearance without being vain and decided to invest in a new suit, shirt, tie and shoes. Designer stubble didn't seem right somehow, so a close wet shave coupled with a modern but classic haircut and I was ready for what turned out to be the most extraordinary job interview I have ever or will ever have.

It was a warm and sunny day as I boarded the train for a 40-minute journey into London, I allowed myself a further 45 mins to get to the Dorchester although it was only a 10-minute ride from Victoria station. Once out of the taxi I had 30 minutes to kill before the 13:45 deadline, I wandered into the hotel and soaked in the opulent atmosphere watching "the beautiful people" go about their business. I checked out the reception desk for where would be best to present myself and spotted a crested notice in a frame sitting on the left of the reception area. In bold writing, it stated simply "Lady Sophia's interviewees check in here. That was that problem solved then, at precisely 13:40 a liveried member of staff moved behind the notice and checked his watch, I timed my approach to the reception desk to the second and arrived at there at 13:45 and announced my name and purpose. Without a word, the staff member made a note on a piece of paper while still checking his watch and then looking up, smiled and asked me to follow him.

We took a lift up to the 8th floor, and after a short walk down the corridor, we arrived outside a set of dark oak double doors where the guy used his white-gloved hand to press a doorbell. The door was opened by an immaculately dressed young woman I guessed at being a similar age to me, smiling she held out her hand and greeted me.

"Mr Sampson, a pleasure to meet you, my name is Miss Urquhart; I am Miss Agnew's personal assistant and Deputy Head."

Taking her hand in mine, I shook it gently "The pleasure is mine Miss Urquhart." I responded with my most disarming smile.

There was the faintest sign of a blush as she released my hand smiling and turning to the member of staff took the note from him. She looked at the note a faint smile broke on her face. "Thank you, Sam that will be all, Mr Sampson would you, please take a seat here, I will come and get you in a few minutes."

I had expected the interviews to be taking place in a small conference room. However, this was apparently one of the hotel's suites. I was sat in a small hallway or vestibule which led into a large sitting room with sofas and a dining area. I could see the dining table had been set up as the interview area with three chairs on one side and a single chair opposite, I couldn't help wondering how much a suite like this would cost per night £1500, £2000? More than I could afford that's for sure.

I heard some voices and saw Miss Urquhart and two others appearing from the left of the room, Miss Urquhart broke away from the others and came toward me beckoning for me to follow her into the room, guiding me to the table and the single chair. Before we all headed to our respective sides of the table, Miss Urquhart stopped and introduced the two other women allowing a formal shaking of hands before we took our places. The introduction was to Miss Agnew the Headmistress and a Miss Hazeldine who was the Head Girl, which I thought was slightly odd to have a student as part of the interview panel.

I confess now that I was more than a little overawed by this whole scenario, the surroundings for the interview were well out of my daily personal experiences, but it was plain to see that this was the very minimum standard for these three women who oozed breeding and class.

Neither of the three was under 5' 8" Miss Urquhart had shoulder-length blond hair held in place by an Alice band, she wore glasses which in many ways added to her allure rather than being any sort a detraction from a very natural and soft beauty. Dressed in a white silk blouse and a navy A-line skirt which stopped just above her knees, her legs enhanced by navy blue patent high heel shoes. She moved with a grace and elegance that showed her slim and interestingly curvy figure off to perfection.

I have never been good at assessing a person's age. However, I put Miss Agnew at early to mid-40's; she was a stunning and imposing specimen of womanhood. Dressed in a subtle patterned, plum coloured wrap around dress with a plunging neckline that left little doubt about the size of her breasts. She could not be described as slim, statuesque, would be fairer and would only be a compliment. Her face was classical with high cheekbones long auburn hair raised in an immaculate bun and eyes that you felt penetrated your soul.

The Head Girl Miss Hazeldine was dressed in the school uniform of white blouse, with a sort of floppy bow tie (no idea of the proper name of this) that matched a dark green and blue tartan uniform kilt. She also wore a dark blue cardigan with the uniform ensemble finished off with white socks and black patent shoes. I cannot deny at this point that this particular outfit features in many of my fantasies and when worn by this particularly stunning specimen of young womanhood it was time for me to sit down with my hands in my lap before I gave myself away. Miss Hazeldine was the tallest of the three, a subtle hint of olive skin and thick, lustrous dark hair and like Miss Urquhart kept in place by a dark blue Alice band. I have to say I couldn't help thinking that she seemed a little old to be a head girl, an explanation later addressed this for me though.

They each took their place at the table and sat down; Miss Agnew took the middle chair flanked by the two younger women.

"Please do sit down Mr Sampson and may I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent time keeping, neither early or late, spot on to the second I do admire that in a person."

"Thank you, Miss Agnew, it is a little bugbear of mine when a person is late or overly early."

"Exactly Mr Sampson, now while this is a formal interview, I see no reason for stuffiness, so if you have no objection, I will call you Paul, My deputy is Cassandra, and our Head girl is Serena. Cassandra is a former student who became Head Girl and stayed with us until achieving her current position. As you know, Serena is our Head Girl which in our establishment is a position filled by a girl who has completed her education and graduated but is selected to consider remaining for a further two years to fill the role. It is a prestigious position enhancing any young lady's CV. I will ask however that you continue to call me Miss Agnew."

That explained my earlier thoughts about Serena and provided a better legitimacy to her presence at the interview. Miss Agnew continued to explain the history, ethos and mission statement of the school. Lady Sophia's was about the excellence of mind, the excellence of body and excellence of behaviour.

"When these three elements come to together in perfect harmony then a young lady is ready for the life ahead of her." Miss Agnew stated with a smile.

I was quizzed by all three on my experience, my views on education, behavioural trends, in fact, I was well and truly grilled on just about every subject imaginable, they were apparently determined to make themselves entirely sure who they might be taking on if they employed Paul Sampson.

"Well, Paul we are going to take a short break of 10 minutes after which we will inform you if we intend to continue with the interview. Please feel free to take a comfort break or help yourself to some water or cordial." Saying this all three stood and moved out of the room into what I assumed was a bedroom to discuss my fate. One thing was for sure these women moved with a simple grace and poise that highlighted their essential womanhood, it was a joy to observe three gorgeous derrieres sashay across the room.

I still felt that I was out of my social league here and that would probably be the verdict of the "panel." I did not need to go to the toilet, but the opportunity to stand up and stretch was welcome. I wandered over to a trolley holding an assortment of soft drinks and water, I helped myself to some sparkling water in a crystal tumbler.

I thought I had done quite well so far in the interview, but my gut was telling me that somehow I couldn't possibly be right for this world of the rich and pampered. I headed back to my place just as the door to the other room opened and I assumed there would be a call to Sam to come and collect me and escort me back to reception.

"Please take your seat, Paul." Miss Agnew indicated as they each settled themselves back down. "So Paul if you remain interested in us then we would like to continue with this interview?"

You could have knocked me down with a feather, "Yes, of course, Miss Agnew, I firmly believe that it would be a fabulous opportunity if I were fortunate enough to be offered the position.

"Good, that's excellent, well then, we are delighted with your qualifications, experience and attitude for the position of English Master. Now, however, we need to ascertain your suitability to fit in and contribute to the school community as a whole." Miss Agnew continued.

"We notice from your CV that you have considerable experience coaching sports, and we play neither football or rugby. However, we feel that your coaching skills may well be transferable to the activities we do partake in, would you have any problem undertaking some coaching the girls?" Cassandra asked.

"No not at all, again it would be a welcome challenge to focus on a different sport, I am looking for a new challenge as well an element of change in my working life."

"Good, now Paul, I have to ask you your views on discipline, the parents of our students pay us an awful lot of money to for us to produce the results they want to see in their daughters. Well mannered and well behaved young ladies that can be relied on never to let them down." Miss Agnew asked.

"I am a firm believer that where society or an institution has created rules and standards to ensure respect and order, it is incumbent on those in authority to enforce those rules. In my humble opinion, we are seeing generations now that do not understand there are consequences to one's actions."

"Define consequences for us, Paul." Serena asked.

"When I was being brought up, and I misbehaved, I knew there would be a consequence, some form of sanction. This would be a stop of my pocket money, a restriction on the freedom of my movements or some such punishment."

"Did you ever receive any form of physical punishment at any time, Paul?" Miss Agnew asked.

Now, this was a difficult question to answer as corporal punishment is banned in schools and is frowned upon in the home. I had, in fact, received a spanking with a slipper on more than one occasion and while I didn't like it, I had no particular issue with the principal of a short, sharp lesson.

Miss Agnew could see I was hesitating and came to my rescue, "No one in this room has any sort a problem with corporal punishment Paul."

"Well yes, then I did receive the slipper on the odd occasion from my father. To be brutally honest there have been times when I have wished that I could mete out a short, sharp reminder to some of my pupils to remind them that the world does not owe them anything and sometimes you simply have to abide by the rules! This is all rather a mute point isn't it? As I'm sure you are aware corporal punishment is banned in schools, and surely your young ladies are well past needing a spanking?"

"I suppose it's only fair Paul, that we add a little clarity to the current discussion," Miss Agnew replied.

"You are quite correct that young ladies of the age that attend Lady Sophias ought to be beyond requiring harsh discipline. However, the truth is many of them have had very privileged and maybe a rather indulgent upbringing. We are in the business of creating strong and independent characters certainly but whiny and needy is very unattractive and has no place at all in society."

"So are you saying you use corporal punishment? Surely these are consenting adults they'd never agree to anything like that?"

The students who attend Lady Sophia's are all interviewed with their parents where the school's ethos and mission statement are explained along with the potential methods that may be required to achieve them. Each student and their parents sign contracts agreeing to the use of such punishments where deemed necessary. It is, of course, fair to say that it is then up to the individual as to whether any such punishment is ever required."

"Have you any experience of administering this type of punishment Paul?" Cassandra asked unable to hide a faint grin.

"No, not at all! I have no children of my own, and even if I had wanted to as I said earlier, it is banned in our schools." I replied still somewhat shocked at where we had arrived in the interview process.

"So do you think you would be able to administer a spanking to a young lady's bottom if required Paul?" Serena asked with an undoubted sly grin on her face.

"Serena, please show some decorum if you don't mind," Miss Agnew said firmly.

"Paul this is unfair, let me explain, we have a nominal position which we call the head of the discipline, this is always a male member of staff, and our current head is leaving, his position as Maths Master on this occasion has been filled by a competent female teacher. Therefore at the moment, we are obliged to consider any suitable male applicant for the additional position of head of discipline."

"Ah, okay that makes some sense, but surely you would only want a female teacher to administer such a personal punishment?"

"No, not at all, experience over the years has shown it is far more effective when the chastisement is administered by a male teacher." Miss Agnew continued. "Now, Serena's question while a little improper in its delivery does have some validity. Do you believe you would be able to deliver the required chastisement if it were deemed necessary?"

"Urm, I guess so," I replied hesitantly. " I mean it really isn't anything I have ever done before, and I would be very nervous about hurting the recipient."

"If you don't hurt them, then there is little point in the exercise Paul, we are by no means advocating brutality, but this is a punishment after all!." Miss Agnew stated.

"I wonder if you'd mind excusing us again for a few minutes Paul? We just need to have a quick chat, once again please feel free to take a comfort break and freshen your water or whatever."

"No, that's fine please go ahead."

My head was spinning, as I tried to take in what I had heard, spanking for god's sake! I wondered how the spanking was administered, fully clothed? With panties or bare ass? Maybe it just the back of the leg? That would be disappointing! I refilled my glass as my imagination ran wild with thoughts of spoilt rich girls lying on my lap, skirts up around their waist, waiting for me to spank their cute and firm arses. Not very professional I admit, but what the heck fantasies aren't supposed to be professional they're supposed to be fun.

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