tagBDSMA Slave at the Mall

A Slave at the Mall


I had promised you a very interesting day. As you stepped into the car, I attached the soft blue leather collar and locked it in place. You shuddered in a combination of fear and excitement. We had played these games before, and you loved them. But we had never played this in public. But now we were in a strange city, three states away from home. No chance of meeting anyone who would know you.

I reached up under your skirt, and raised it above the tops of your thigh highs. My hand exploring up to the crotch of your panties, finding them damp already as I watched you bite your lip.

"Buckle up."

"I think you will enjoy this adventure"

You buckled the seat belt and looked at me. The nervous look on your face told me you were not sure you wanted to do this. I knew that you could stop it but just saying no. I would let you stop it at anytime you wanted to. As we headed to the mall I glanced at you and told you how much I loved you.

"Take off your bra now."

"Here? Now? In the car?"

"Yes, Right now."

You slowly reached under your blouse and unhooked your bra. And put it on the back seat. I could see your nipples poking out against the material of your blouse. I knew you were turned on by the way they stuck out. A large semi passed us, and I could see the driver look down on us.

"Open the top buttons of your blouse and flash the driver."

"Please don't make me."

"Do it now."

"Let him see your tits."

You slowly unbuttoned your blouse, and pulled open. Looking up at the driver, you smiled at him. Then, something I hadn't expected, you lifted a breast out of your blouse and licked the hard nipple. I could see that this was really turning you on. I couldn't wait to get to the mall. Seeing it on the left, I entered the parking lot, and found a parking space. It was cool out so I handed you a sweater jacket, and got out of the car. I waited on the other side of the car with the door opened as you closed your blouse and put on the sweater.

Guiding you into the mall, I led you straight to the adult boutique. As we entered a young woman approached us. I asked her if she had a Joni's Butterfly. She looked at you, then smiled at me and Said that she did. Then I ordered nipple clips and crotchless panties. I saw sone handcuffs and ordered them too. I clipped them on your wrist and spoke to the sales woman.

"I'm Rose's boy friend, My name is Yankee."

"What is your name? ."


"Rose needs some help putting on these things."

"I'll give you fifty dollars to take her in back and help her."

A smile lit up her face as Martha took the 50, and led you by your elbow to the dressing room in back. Your face was crimson with embarrassment but you didn't say a word. A short time later, Martha brought you back. You were blushing even more. The clips visible through the blouse. Martha demonstrated that the Butterfly worked and handed me the remote. I thanked her and we left.

As you walked into the mall, you hesitated.

"What's wrong?"

"The handcuffs, I can't."

"Not in public, I can't"

I draped your jacket over the cuffs, and took your elbow and guided you into the main section of the mall. As we began to walk, I turned on the butterfly on low. I watched you flinch as it stimulated your clit. We walked a little longer and I turned it up higher. You bit your lip to keep from screaming, the beads of perspiration on your forehead told me you were close. I whispered in your ear.


"Cum right now."

"Cum right here, out in the open, where everyone can see."

You let out a small groan, shuddered and sighed as you came. I shut the remote operated vibrator and walked over to a soft drink stand. I ordered a large coke and began to drink. You looked at me longing for a drink. I lifted the straw to your lips, and held it there till you drank your fill. Then I drank the rest. As we continued to walk the coke got to you.

"I have to go potty."

"Okay, go"

" I can't with the handcuffs."

"You just need some help."

"Please don't make me do this."

"You can say no and end the game now."

" I don't want to!"

"OK, Then Ill get you some help."

Seeing a young woman, about 20 years old, negotiate with her to help you in the bathroom, after I show her your handcuffs. You come back blushing and tell me the woman said that you were very lucky. She also told you to have fun. She had also said she could se you were as your pussy was dripping and the juices were running down your legs.

"Rose, are you hungry?"

"Yes, I am."

"Do you want to eat in that nice steak house over there?"

"I can't eat with the cuffs on."

" I'll take them off if you behave."


I removed the cuffs, and led you into the cool dark restaurant. As the waitress came over, she looked at your chest and smiled at the outline of your nipple clamps. We ate a very quiet dinner and the waitress brought the check. I noticed her looking at your chest again. And I asked the woman if she wanted to see what was under your clothes. She said she was very interested, and said so. I took the cuffs from my pocket and cuffed your hands in front of the waitress. I draped your jacket over your hands and turned the vibrator on at full speed.

"Take her to the bathroom and make her show you everything we bought today."

You came back blushing, with your juices running down your thigh. I smiled at you and asked if you were horny. You just looked at me and blushed. I had my answer. I turned the remote on the vibrator at the medium setting, and watched you shudder. We continued our walk through the mall, as the vibrator worked its magic on you. Your skin color and breathing changed as you neared orgasm. However, there was not quite enough to carry you over the edge.

"Are you ready to cum?"


"Should I turn it up higher?"


"Lets go into the movie."

"I'm gonna fuck you while we watch it."

After paying for the tickets, we sat down in a dark corner of the back row. I undid your blouse, and played with the nipple clips. You moaned louder and louder. I commanded you to lift your skirt. After you lifted the skirt, I checked to see how wet you were. That pussy was soaked, dripping wet.

" Stand up, with these crotchless panties you don't even have to take them off."

"Yes sir."

"Lift your skirt."

"Now, sit on my cock"

You sat down and groaned loudly, as my cock entered your wet pussy. As your hips started to grind on me, I set the vibrator to it's highest setting. And you groaned even louder.

"Do you wanna cum Rose?"


"Tell me when you're ready."

"Now please."

"I'm Cumming" You screamed, at the top of your lungs.

Then we walked out of the movie and the mall, as my cum dripped down your thighs.

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