tagNovels and NovellasA Slave-taking Trip to Planet Earth

A Slave-taking Trip to Planet Earth


The Galactic Gynarchy: A Slave-taking Trip to Planet Earth

[set in a different universe from the Gynarchic Alliance stories]

The family of three alien women sat on the bridge of their small spaceship and pondered what they wanted out of the Earth males they would kidnap and enslave. The ship was nearing the end of its month-long journey to Earth, and the women were eager to land and start scouting males. It was a small ship, fifty metres long with old-fashioned chrome and leather styling throughout. It could support a crew of ten, with three suspended animation pods.

They trio shared just the one male, who was nearing the end of his lifespan. He was busy worshipping the pussy of the youngest of the two daughters, as she sat naked with her sister and her mother - equally naked - discussing their plans. They had got together enough credits to rent this ship and buy a small-haul, one-trip slaver's licence. They were looking forward to a little holiday on this primitive planet while they scoped out their targets and made their captures.

Normally green-skinned, with pointy ears and lithe bodies, they had used advanced holographic technology to take on the appearance of a white family with pretty blue eyes. They could forge documents and currency to meet this world's standards. Indeed, they would easily be able to create enough money to afford a nice house, somewhere remote enough that their existing slave would not be spotted and cause comment.

From there, the women would strike out into society to find themselves some males. They planned to take a few for themselves and a few for profit. The big ships had the monopoly on bulk enslavements; theirs would be a smaller, riskier operation. The main problem for them came from needing to take males on different days, then store them on the planet before leaving. A large house, with enough room for a dungeon, was a key part of their plan.

The youngest daughter had styled herself Julia - she was nineteen and had a girl-next-door vibe, with blonde hair and small, pert breasts. She wanted a service slave not unlike the one they had now, but at the start of his lifespan, not the end. She would mould him into the perfect, obedient companion. She hadn't yet decided on a name for her new male - she would have to see what suited the one she captured.

Her sister Clarice, on the other hand, wanted a ponyboy. You could use it for sex, sure, but you could take it for rides too, and seeing as it couldn't talk - just make noises like a horse - it couldn't ever try to offer you its so-called thoughts. She was twenty-two and would take up a career as an engineer when they returned home. The distraction of a male talking or asking for things would just get in the way of her ambitions.

Their mother Lisa wasn't quite sure yet what she wanted for herself. Enslaving a male held so many possibilities. You could get a service slave, who walked and talked and fucked, or a petmale, who crawled and barked and licked pussy. Perhaps one of each, even. She could get herself a torture boy, a shorter-lived slave who would help her explore some of her darker desires. She would have to see what was out there.

Lisa was an administrator on their home planet - the job made her reasonable credits, but she wanted more for her daughters. Getting each of them the right slave would be one way to help them achieve their potential.

They lived out of a hotel for a few weeks then moved into a large house in its own grounds just outside a big city. The language had been easy to learn using their advanced technology, and the money they could forge eased things immensely for them. The house had high fences, plenty of trees and tall hedges - perfect privacy for their fun and games.

They had set their service slave to the task of building a dungeon into the basement, which he completed in two weeks, working to plans drawn up by Clarice. For completing the dungeon on time, he was rewarded by being allowed to cum on Lisa's feet, then fucked with strapons by her two daughters. They soundproofed the entire house, even the windows - no one would hear what happened inside.

Lisa had taken a job in town - not for money, but to scout out likely prospects for enslavement. She had wanted a job where she would meet the most people possible - or at least the most men - and was now working in a large bank. The work itself was rather dull, but she found out lots of details that helped her size up new targets.

She returned home and drove through the heavy security gate, then past the rows of hedges that screened the large, old house from the road. Lisa walked through the front door, and stopped to take in the elegant hallway and the spacious rooms to either side - she was pleased with their base of operations.

Lisa immediately disrobed, letting her clothes fall to the floor. The slave would pick them up. There was nothing so peerless and superior as the female form, and this primitive planet's system of clothing left much to be desired. She was lean and fit, looking far younger than her years. She revelled in her nudity.

As the head of the household, Lisa had asked her daughters to forego clothing in the house as well. Julia, her youngest daughter, had protested but a good, hard spanking over her mother's knee took care of that. In any case Julia lived in university accommodation most of the time, where she could wear what she liked. Clarice, who shared her mother's views on nudity and perfection of the female form, came into the hallway and hugged her mother. Lisa admired the young woman's shapely curves and ample breasts - her daughter was a goddess.

Lisa had spotted Julia's car in the drive. "As if I need to ask," said Lisa, "but where might your sister and the slaveboy be?"

"As if you needed to ask, mother, they're in the basement. She's fucking him with the strapon. Again. My turn next - I want to ride him around the dungeon a little."

"I know it's hard to share, but it's not for much longer," said Lisa with a smile, "My research went pretty well today."

Clarice led them through into the elegantly furnished sitting room. It was dark outside and the curtains were drawn. Clarice had set a fire and the room glowed with warmth. Sitting down, she placed a hand idly in her pussy and began to leisurely masturbate. Her mother thought nothing of this - pleasure was always acceptable.

"Tell me all about it," said Clarice.

Her mother sat down and began, "The first one is a little old, perhaps. Thirty-five, but in good shape. He's a fitness instructor at the gym I go to. I could tell straight off that he knew he was in the presence of a superior female. I've bugged his home, been through his internet history. He's quite good-looking and certainly wants to submit. Looks good naked..."

"You don't sound sure, though?"

"He's a solid choice, but he doesn't scream out 'I'm the slave for you', you know?"

"We could take him anyway and sell him when we get home - we need to fill all three storage pods to make some profit."

"Oh, absolutely darling. Absolutely. He'll be a slave one way or the other. It's just a matter of whether I brand him with our house symbol or someone else has their way with him."

"So that's the first. How many more are there?"

"Two, in a manner of speaking. But actually it's three."

"I don't follow, mother."

"One's a single male, the others are identical twins."

Clarice increased the pace of her fingers in her clit. Twin slaves were rare but especially hot.

"I'll tell you about the single male, first," said Lisa, "He's a gardener, not too well-educated but he has a real spark. Only in his early twenties. I met him at the bank where I'm working - his business is suffering and he needs a loan to keep going. He called me miss throughout the whole interview, could barely meet my eyes. I did the usual background checks and surveillance - he's actively hunting a mistress, you know. Definitely a contender. Gorgeous body, great bottom, and you know how I like to spank a male."

The daughter nodded - her mother was certainly generous with her punishments. "And the twins?" said Clarice.

"I met them when I took Julia back to university the other day. I think she might have her eye on them too. They're gorgeous boys, one athletic and the other more of a thinker. Only nineteen, too. One studies history, the other maths. Both secretly into femdom - I've been through their computer files. I need to find out if Julia's already done more intimate surveillance."

A few minutes later, Julia wandered in. She was still in post orgasmic bliss, the headrush from fucking their slaveboy not yet over. She had pounded him with her largest strapon, using the setting that transmitted all the sensations to her clit and vagina. As usual, she had come hard whilst the chastity-caged slave had been denied. She thought she might reward him soon - he could masturbate onto her bottom then lick up his cum. She knew it was his favourite treat.

Julia hugged her mother and noticed her sister was quietly masturbating on the couch. She sat down on a chair and waited for Clarice to finish. "Clarice, he's ready for you to ride if you still want him. I left him with some energy."

"Thanks, sis. He still chained to the fucking bench?"

"No, I took him down. He's resting in his cell. He'll have some energy for you, don't worry."

Their mother cut in, "Julia, I was just telling Clarice about my prospects. I noticed those twins you've befriended - are they yours or are they up for grabs?"

"I've not decided yet! Give me a little more time. I've already had both of them over in my room for the night - secretly, you know - so no one else knows. They've no idea I've slept with both of them."

"How was the sex?" said Lisa.

"Tom - he's the athletic one, you know, the historian? He was OK. Went down on me without a protest, but I couldn't get him into any bondage. He's ashamed of his desires, can't admit them yet. His brother Sam, on the other hand - the mathematician - he was spread eagled and tied to my bed in minutes. He's coming back for more tonight - I'm going to collar and gag him then give him a paddling and see how he reacts."

"Don't let anyone hear! No sense in raising suspicions."

"Don't worry - I'll use the soft side of the paddle. It's quiet but I can hit hard with it."

"Any other prospects?"

"I thought maybe one of the lecturers. He's definitely submissive, but I think he might be a little old for me. We could sell him on, though. I'm sure he'd love that."

"So when can you let me know about the twins?"

"Give me a week, two at the most. But let's agree to take both of them come what may - we can sell one if we don't want him."

"Agreed. And what about you, Clarice? How are things at the stables?"

Clarice was playing the role of an amateur equestrian. She pretended to have the kind of job that left her free time to have a horse, and had bought an animal to keep at a local stables. She visited every day, scoping out the grooms, stable boys and the other horse owners.

Clarice smiled, "I've got my definite already."

"That was fast!" said Lisa.

"When you know, you know. He's a groom. Knows horses inside out, strong and able. Painfully shy around women, fond of gazing at their riding boots. I've broken into his computer files - nothing but ponyboy this and ponyboy that. Single, not much family, won't be hard to take. Could be our first kidnap?"

"When we've got the others lined up, perhaps," said her mother, "We've got to take them all in a two-day window to get away with it, unless the two of you can come up with a better plan."

"I'll put my mind to it," said Clarice, "but in the meantime, I'm going to ride the slaveboy around the dungeon. I'm going to go put my spurs on." Clarice hugged Julia and said, "Don't take any risks with these boys, sis. Until they've got control collars on, they're nothing but trouble, you hear?"

"Sure, sis. I'll be careful. I've got a stunner implanted in my wrist just in case. But they are ever so tempting to play with."

"Julia!" said Lisa, in her most stern mothering voice, "be careful, be discreet. In fact ... come here. I think your discipline is slipping."

"Yes, mother," said the petite blonde, walking over to her mother then laying down across her knee. Clarice left the room to the sound of her sister being soundly spanked. She knew - they all knew really - how much the nineteen year-old girl still needed the discipline. Still, it was understandable that she was overexcited - you didn't enslave a male every day.

Chapter 2

Julia arrived back at her university residence with a sore bottom and firm plans to test out Sam that night. She was dressed in a sporty skirt and a sweater, fun but not too sexy. She was making an effort to blend in, and spent some time with her friends. One stood out - a tall asian girl called Rita. She liked men, like most of their female friends. Unlike them, she held men in more or less the proper regard; as inferiors to women. Julia longed to reveal herself to Rita, to get her off this patriarchal planet.

Later that evening, Julia began to get ready for her secret night with Sam. He would creep around the building at night and climb in through her ground-floor window, leaving the same way before dawn. They would share her little dormitory room together. Julia had decorated it like the rest of the students who lived there - generically. Once she got home she could go back to having a civilised bedroom with eyebolts and a slave cage.

She stripped naked and regarded herself in the mirror. She had shapely legs, and a shaved pussy with a mound of hair at the top. Her eventual slave would be permanently depilated over most of his body, so she would still look dominant in comparison.

Julia dressed in a corset and stockings, putting her hair up in a bun, then donning leather boots. To this, she added a crop, which she swished through the air a few times. It was mainly for show - she didn't want to make noise and alert her neighbours that she was seeing someone. She settled in to wait. Right on schedule, there was a light knock at the window. Julia hoisted it open and helped Sam through. His jaw dropped when he saw her.

"You look fantastic!" he said, and kissed her on the lips. Julia kissed back, then moved her hands down to his jeans and began to unfasten them. She stripped off his shirt and then had him remove the rest of his clothes. She raked her hands over his skinny frame - she liked slim boys, liked them tall too, like Sam. She caressed his close-cut hair, and stood kissing him as she felt his cock jut out against her, erect and free. The chastity cage would see to that when he was enslaved, but for now it was novel to her to see a male with free access to his own genitals.

"Did you enjoy last time, Sam?" she said.

"It was great! You look so ... dominant. Do you want to do that again? Tie me to the bed like last time?"

"I am so dominant, Sam. I want you to agree to try out some new things tonight - nothing too scary, I promise. But first things first - I want you to wear this collar. OK?"

"Um... Yeah. OK!"

Julia leaned in and buckled the leather collar around Sam's neck. Sam felt the presence of the collar, encircling him, binding him. He felt a rush as Julia closed the buckle. He felt like he was where he belonged. Julia clipped a leash to the collar then held it tight as they kissed. Sam wished she would never let it go.

"You look so sexy in a collar, Sam. So submissive. I'm so happy you share my interests - but remember, you can't tell anyone else. No one at all. Understand?"

Sam nodded vigorously, "I understand. I won't tell a soul."

"That's good, Sam." Using the leash, she led him to the edge of the bed then had him kneel while she sat. "Now lick my pussy like I showed you last time." Sam dove in. "Good boy!" said Julia.

She took in the tableau in her full-length mirror. She already had him naked and collared, worshipping respectfully and energetically. If he could take a punishment and thank her for it, she might not even need to test out his identical twin. She teased his legs apart - males should be on display when kneeling - then pressed his head into her.

Julia enjoyed the boy's ministrations for several minutes. He focused all his energy on her clit, sucking and licking without once letting up. Julia wanted so desperately to own her own male. She arched her back as the boy's tongue cut to her centre. Her mind was aflame, her body shuddering and shaking. She squeezed his head between her thighs as she came, locking him to her. Then she pushed him away and kissed him again.

"I want to give you a reward. In either case, you'll be tied to the bed. But there's one way where I fuck you, and one way where I wank you off. Which do you want?"

"Please can we fuck?"

"I can fuck you, yes, Sam. But you have to do something else for me first. I want to spank you."

"Spank me? Like, a punishment?"

"Not a punishment, no. It's just for fun. I've got a soft paddle I'd use. Please? I really want to."

"Well, OK! But not too hard? I don't want to rush into this."

"Not too hard, babe, I promise. Now, put your hands together behind your back."

Sam did as ordered, still kneeling, with his legs still spread like the slut he was. Julia was delighted that he'd stayed on the floor, not gotten up without being told to. He was a complete natural, an absolute submissive. She brushed her breasts past his face as she moved around him, then cuffed his hands behind his back. On the spur of the moment, she had him suck on her nipples a little before she sat back down on the bed. He took them like they were mana from heaven.

Julia sat down on the bed and took up her fur-covered paddle. "Come up here Sam and lay down across my knees. You're a bad boy, Sam. Bad boys get spanked."

Sam did as ordered. Julia started the spanking with the gentlest of swats, letting the young submissive get used to the feeling. Sam relaxed into the spanking, and Julia began to use more force. She began to hit hard enough to cause a little pain. Sam's cock grew hard against her thigh. He loved every swat of the paddle that he received. Julia's punishment of him was more like a gift.

Julia was already getting wet again. She hit Sam a little harder still, making the boy whimper each time. His bottom began to glow a slutty shade of pink. Each strike of the paddle took him deeper into submission - he eagerly gave her his bottom to spank. After a few minutes, Julia was already spanking him about as hard as her mother spanked her. She knew that she could - and would - use a lot more force in future. Sam bucked and shivered with each hit.

"Now, Sam, I want you to count these last twenty strokes. Quietly."

"Yes, Julia."

"Oh, and Sam? Call me Mistress Julia from now on, when we're in private."

"Yes, Mistress Julia!"

"Good boy!" said Julia, giving Sam's balls a playful squeeze. There was a slave in him, and she would bring it out. She paused for a few seconds then drove the paddle hard into Sam's buttock.

"One!" said Sam.

"That's 'One, Mistress Julia', Sam. Start again."

She brought the paddle down again, harder still.

"One, Mistress Julia!"

"That's it. Good slave."

Julia spanked the boy again.

"Two, Mistress Julia!" he said.

The pain was noticeable now, driving him ever deeper into submissive bliss. Julia hit the boy again, and again. She took the naked, collared, handcuffed boy well past the twenty strokes she had promised him, right up to fifty. He never lost count once. Julia was almost disappointed not to have an excuse to start again from one.

She kept Sam over her knees on the bed for another two minutes while she stroked his back, bottom and cock. Sam was rock hard. He desperately wanted to fuck Julia, Mistress Julia. She had him slither off her knees and kneel on the floor again.

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