tagBDSMA Slave's Night Out

A Slave's Night Out


Allow me to introduce you to Blaine and Lizzie. They're a young couple with a fairly high stress lifestyle, and they use BDSM to relieve that stress. I want to write a lot about these two as they're very close to my heart so I hope to hear feedback and suggestions, thank you for your time.


The night before his birthday Blaine would have liked to get some studies done. As a fourth year medical student, he needed to memorize an immense amount of information every day. The focus needed to accomplish this was only achieved through a clear, unencumbered mind. A man who's eaten a full meal, who's balls were empty, who felt comfortable, warm, and satisfied- this was someone who could memorize all of the necessary details of bread-and-butter general surgeries. Blaine would have liked to be that man, unfortunately he didn't feel so calm and satisfied. He hadn't cum in two weeks. His thick, seven inch cock- fair skinned with a petal pink head- was crammed into a steel chastity cage which was secured shut by a small but effective padlock. To prevent slipping, a piercing in his urethra (the kids call it a prince albert piercing) and perennium (the kids don't have a word for this one, thank god) were gauged with low gauge stainless steel rings, each looping around their respective portions of his weighty chastity cage so even if he was submerged in the iciest water and subjected to aching, retreating balls and dick- the cage wouldn't come off. This he knew from experience. Blaine was hungry, too, and wouldn't be eating for a while. He was also cold, his nakedness (aside from his cock's confinement and a metal dog collar) wasn't helping matters.

His sadistic and all-demanding mistress, Lizzie, was fucking with his head. Lizzie was also his wife and the mother of their child, but that wasn't the most important factor in their relationship right now.

Blaine would have liked to get some studies done, but it certainly wasn't coming easy. He was struggling with some flash cards in the den he shared with Lizzie as a work space when he heard the door click open. Swiveling his head, he saw his beloved wife stride in. Normally, she appreciated the importance of his work and wasn't so entitled to his time. For the past two weeks, as his need to cum built and his attitude became more submissive and passive, she'd been taking liberties.

Every time he looked at her he couldn't believe what a lucky guy he was. She stood at a leggy five foot ten inches, with flowing jet black hair, green eyes, and delicious smirking pink lips. Her breasts were perky C cups, nipples pierced, and guided the eye to her slender and muscular waist. If one's eyes lead them down the waist to her curved, goddess-like hips, perky large ass, and muscled long legs, one would certainly harden and strain against one's chastity cage. Of course Blaine wasn't so bad himself- at six foot four inches, he'd been a shoe-in for his undergraduate swim team, and focused on squatting, benching, and deadlifting massive weights after he'd graduated college and found his workout time cut short. His complexion betrayed his nordic heritage- Blaine's skin was ivory white, especially compared to his wife and mistresses' olive brown skin- besides some light freckles which highlighted his bulky shoulders and chest. His hair was short and dirty blond, styled into a professional part with minimal gel, and his eyes were pale blue. His core was strong and ripped, and his thighs and legs were thick with muscle. Years of squats and swimming had given him a perky but clearly immensely strong ass. A ridiculously attractive couple, when Lizzie was pregnant with their son friends often commented that their kid would likely be a model or actor. Lizzie hoped their young child would become a doctor. Blaine hoped he would do literally anything else. They'd dropped him off with Lizzie's mother two days ago, and grandma probably hoped he'd stay a toddler forever.

His wife's beautiful features were highlighted by her outfit. which seemed built to cause Blaine trouble in his chastity device. She looked very equestrian in her thigh high leather boots, skin-tight black pants, and button-up collared blouse. As Blaine admired her features and clothing, he noticed that her beautiful, soft lips had curled into a snarl. Uh oh.

"You lost in thought boy?" she said to him, walking towards him and spinning him around in his office chair.

"Better not be wasting my time in here. I thought you said you wanted to study, and you know I'm still waiting on my dinner. I can't believe I check on you and you're just staring at me like some idiot." She absently placed a knee between his legs on the chair, just brushing against his locked manhood.

Blaine broke eye contact to look at the floor.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. It's hard to focus when I'm this horny. I think I'm going to call it, I'll get started on dinner."

This improved LIzzie's mood.

"Good boy."

She took her knee away from between his legs and he moved to stand up the chair but was stopped when she grabbed his hair and pushed him back into the chair. He knew better than to resist her handling of his body, and sat down, looking up at her curiously. Lizzie rewarded his curiosity with an authoritative snap of her fingers, and she pointed down at her boots.

Without a word, Blaine sank from the chair onto his hands and knees, and bent at the elbow (leaving his ass high and proudly displayed, as Lizzie had previously mandated as the acceptable position for foot worship) and began to kiss her boots. He started at the left pointy toe and polished her leather footwear thoroughly, taking his time to make out with the tops of her shoe. He licked and kissed his way up her ankle, up her shin and calf, and finally up to her thigh. When he got to the border between her boot and her pants, he tried to kiss the inside of her thigh, which was rewarded with a hard slap to his face.

"Bitch. Do not get smart with me tonight, birthday boy. You know where you're supposed to be right now."

Blaine moaned and repeated the process with her right boot. When he'd thoroughly worshiped and polished he sat back on his heels and put his hands behind his back.

"I'd like to start dinner now, ma'am."

"Go right ahead," She laughed, and pulled him up to his feet by his collar. She knew cold, cruel treatment drove her man wild. It certainly was fun for her, and she'd taken to it heartily since they'd implemented a femdom dynamic early in their relationship. Making Blaine submit was normal in their lives, but what she had planned for him tonight was not normal by any sense of the word. This control made her feel, somehow, incredibly empowered. Domming this beautiful, powerful, brilliant young man made her proud, like the owner of a Maserati or champion race horse. She'd noticed that her days at work at the marketing firm after she'd completely owned his ass were better, she was more assertive and gregarious with coworkers and more confident and comfortable in her own skin. The orgasms she had in the middle of his periods of chastity (previously only a few days at a time) were insane- grinding down on his plush lips and long powerful tongue she'd cum more times and harder than ever before in her sexual life. Lizzie knew at her heart she was a mean bitch, and she loved letting that part of herself out with Blaine. She was a natural dom.

She watched him carefully walk to their kitchen and begin to cook for her, moving to a couch in the adjacent living room to watch him more closely. His birthday so his favorite meal- steak and asparagus with red wine. She'd only asked him to thaw one steak, though, so he knew the score. Even though he wouldn't be partaking in the meal, he certainly made it beautifully- searing the steak in a hot pan over only a minute or so, cooked in a touch of oil with rosemary and cloves of fresh garlic. He had to wear an apron to avoid trace oil splashes, which she permitted and absolutely loved the look of. When he'd finished her dinner he presented it to her at their table, head down.

"Please accept this, ma'am."

She grinned.

"Of course, birthday boy. Why don't you grab me some wine and then sit at my feet while I enjoy your birthday dinner."

He poured her a glass of cabernet savignon (much less expensive than it tasted, thanks to hours on wine message boards) and sat at her feet and watched her eat. His stomach grumbled.

"Ohh, are you hungry baby?" Lizzie said to him.

"Yes ma'am," he replied humbly, worried she was going to find some humiliating soft food for him to eat out of a dog bowl like she had a few months before.

"Why don't you grab a granola bar from the cabinet while I finish this meal."

What a relief!

He took her dish after she finished and cleaned up, she sat back with her slender arms and legs crossed and smiled at her tidy boy. He got so domestic when he craved an orgasm and feared her punishment.

She checked the clock.

"Looks like it's right about time boy. Kneel in your spot."

He knew his spot. While he moved to the top of their sturdily upholstered ottoman and knelt with his hands behind his back and head down, he realized she'd gone to their room and returned with a bag. From the bag she produced a leather sleeping mask and put it on his head. She crouched down in front of him so her face was right in his, she'd be looking into his eyes if he could see.

"So. Tomorrow is your birthday," She said, and waited for a response.

"Yes ma'am."

"And birthday boys have special surprises, right bitch?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Do you think I've prepared a special surprise for you?"

He paused.

"Um. Yes ma'am?"

"That's right. Care to take a guess at what it is?"

"Will I be able to cum, ma'am?"

She laughed.

"Such a one track mind. You've got one trick, don't you boy."

He blushed.

"Yes ma'am. It's been quite a while."

Pain shot across his cheek and he realized she'd slapped him.

"You will cum when I decide it's time for you to cum. Now. Will you trust me tonight?"

"Of course, ma'am."

"Good boy. Remind me of your safewords, just once each."

He recited: "Red for stop, yellow for caution. Three taps of my foot on the ground if I'm gagged. If I'm gagged and suspended I roll my head and grunt four times."

"Such a smart boy. No wonder they let you into that big prestigious medical college!"

Har har har, he sarcastically thought to himself. Another shot of pain, this time from his exposed ass.

"You will respond to me bitch."

"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

"You ready for the night boy? Don't ask me any questions unless they're directly relevant to your safety or comfort." She stroked his back and her tone changed to the loving voice she used with him on a day-to-day basis.

"Seriously babe, let me know if anything is bad. We're going to push your boundaries here and I think it's going to be fun but if anything's not you can tell me, no punsihment."

"Will do, I'm excited." He replied. She smacked his ass again, hard enough to draw a grunt from him.

"Will do, I'm excited ma'am."

"Good boy."

She clicked cuffs onto his wrists behind his back and he realized he was handcuffed.

"Stand up!"

He did, and stepped carefully onto the floor. She wrapped him in what felt to be his bath robe and clipped something to his collar, which he knew by weight and sound to be their leash. He followed her lead to the front door of their house, out onto their driveway. She opened a door and gently guided him into the passenger seat, buckling a seatbelt over his body. Then, she drove them.

He'd been sitting for a while and could tell from the corners of light at the upper boundaries of his vision that it was getting dark, and his mistress was still driving them somewhere. After an hour of travel, they stopped.

"You feeling good boy?"

"Yes ma'am, I just have to pee."

"You can urinate in a second."

She guided him up out of his seat in the car and into a building. That was as much as he knew. As soon as they walked into wherever they were, she took off his robe. He stood naked once again, walking with fine posture behind her, his large masculine frame dwarfing her majestic feminine one. He felt her grope his ass and slip a finger into the crack between his muscular glutes as she lead him on the leash. There were odd sounds, like some kind of muffled concert or loud conversation, coming from nearby, and Blaine was completely confused. She lead him an arbitrary distance, and could have been walking him in circles for all he knew (but suspected, making him do extra work was something she liked to do.) and stopped him with a slap on his right pec.

"OK. Pee."

He knew better than to ask for privacy and let loose, ignoring the burning feeling of humiliation spreading as a blush across his cheeks. She flushed for him and he was shocked when he was then hit in the crotch with a blast of cold water.

"You've gotta be clean, right boy? Because you're about to put on a show."

She sprayed his whole body with the icey water and when he was finally soaked and shivering, she stopped the stream and patted him down with a towel.

"Position three, now bitch."

By now their positions were muscle memory, and by reflex or instinct he instantly straightened his posture, spread his legs wide, and stood with his hands on top of his head. His locked cock and balls were on proud display in this position, and his body was completely available and hers for the taking. A long awaited moment happened- he heard the click of the lock on his chastity cage, and felt Lizzie softly unhooking the piercings which held it in place. She pulled off the frontal portion which encased his shaft and unhooked the large O-ring which encased his balls and cock and held the whole rig in place. Already stiffening, he felt her replace the ring in his perennium piercins. He thought he heard... faint jingling?

No time to consider the odd sounds though because Lizzie's hot mouth was suddenly on his cock. Feeling that sensation, with no warning, after feeling nothing on his dick but steel and pressure for weeks was incredible, and his cock grew rock hard and stood proudly in front of him.

"There's my big boy. Bet you missed this, didn't you?" Lizzie said, gripping his dick tightly, causing it to pulse and Blaine's hips to push forward against her grip. He stammered out a reply.

"Y-y-yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

"You're welcome, bitch! And, the next surprise-" She shook his cock and he heard a clearer jingling from behind his balls.

"Youre here with bells on!" She laughed hard at her own joke. Clearly she'd found a bell ring for his piercing. He started to thank her (against his best interest- encouraging Lizzie's cruel sense of humor never worked out well for him) but was quickly cut off by the sensation of her mouth sucking on his cock again. When it was at it's hardest and most sensitive she took her mouth off, gripped it hard by the shaft, and slipped a tight ring onto his cock.

"This is a cock ring, boy. It'll make it so you have to stay hard no matter how uncomfortable you get."

"Thank you ma'am," he replied, despite the incredible pressure in his pulsing erection and hanging weight of his balls.

She rummaged in a bag nearby and had him lift his left leg. He felt a soft ring slide up his thigh and then tighten. She repeated the same with the other leg. Then, she had him step into what seemed to be a pair of pants, except when she pulled it up to his hips and tightened it he realized that it only served to support his ass cheeks and frame his cock. She slipped on and tightened cuffs to both of his wrists, took off his metal collar and replaced it with a much softer one. She fastened something around his head and had him open his mouth to bite on what turned out to be a thick, hard rubber rod, which functioned as a bit. When he pushed on it with his tongue he found it unyielding.

"Position three." She whispered into his ear.

He bent over at the hips while staying standing, grabbing his ankles and keeping his legs spread. He felt that his new apparel lightly spread his ass when he bent over, simply by virtue of being tight against his perky glutes. He felt more slaps across his rear and the backs of his thighs, except it hurt much much worse than Lizzie's open handed spanks from before. The pain was more localized and stung, rather than burned. He grunted as she beat him to her heart's content. It was only five or six strikes across each side of his ass but by the end his knees were shaking and he was struggling to maintain his position.

"Such a tough boy, aren't you?"

He tried to thank her through his bit but only gutteral sounds came out. She laughed at his pathetic attempt.

"No need to for speak the rest of the night baby, You won't have anything to say. Relax your ass, bitch."

He felt the cold sensation of slick fingers and lube around and in his anus as she loosened him up. He knew what was coming next so when he felt the hard rubber tip of a butt plug he took a breath, relaxed, and lightly pushed out. The pressure grew and grew, it was larger than he'd ever taken, and eventually it became pain. He groaned into his bit but kept his head down and ass up, maintained his grip on his ankles. Finally, the pain ceased and he felt his ass accommodate to a large plug.

"Good boy. You took that so well, didn't you." Lizzie said, and rewarded him by softly jacking off his cock, which was still rock hard and pulsing, with her lubed hand.

"Position five again, you're almost done!"

He stood up and grunted as the plug shifted in his ass. The bell behind his balls jingled. Lizzie quickly stuck two familiar feeling nipple clamps onto his nipples, forcing a moan out of him.

"Good boy! You ready for the big reveal? OK!"

She used scissors to snip the band of his blindfold and pull it off his face. As he blinked to get used to the sudden fluorescent light he realized that, despite an alarming lack of peripheral vision, he was in a green room type space, industrial and sparse, with a dirty couch (on which was the bag from earlier), a bathroom with a shower, still drying from his experience, and a wall of mirrors. And in this wall of mirrors he saw his own reflection.

Lizzie had outdone herself. His red cock stood proudly in front of him, encircled at its base by a tight rubber ring. It was framed by a crotchless leather jock strap, essentially just studded straps, which cut into Blaine's hips. Around his thighs, secured to the jock strap, were two thick leather bands. Bands of identical construction, but thinner, were on his wrists. His head was decorated with horse-style blinders and a rubber bit, and above his head was a stylized "mane," basically a leather and feather decoration in the shape of a large mohawk. Fastened to his nipples were two classic aligator clamps with rubber coating, but between them hung an elegant gold chain with strings black beads hanging down to nearly his belly button. The black and shine of all of this contrasted heavily with his matte white muscular form. He looked beautiful, but felt more like an adorned possession or decoration than a person. This was good, exactly the feeling that he chased with his continued forays into submission to his wife.

As she turned him around he saw that he had a large butt plug in his perky ass, and from it sprouted a long, elegant horse's tail. The color of the tail matched the color of the hair on his head. He thought, only for a moment, that this must have cost his wife a fucking fortune.

Lizzie herself was in the boots from earlier at their place, but she'd replaced the conservative blouse with a sheer corset and black leather bra. She'd replaced her skin-tight pants with crotchless panties, which revealed a delicate triangle of jet black, trimmed pubic hair pointing down into a beautiful pussy. The hair on her head was scraped back into a fierce power ponytail and her makeup was aggressive and sexual, all smokey eyes and bright red lips smirking at her objectified boy toy. In her hands she held a mean looking riding crop. Together, they evoked a kinky equestrian and her horse.

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