A Tanaris Titfuck


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So abundant was that titflesh that the Draenei wasn't certain the poor woman would have been able to sit up, pinned beneath those wobbling orbs. But she didn't care. Fucking those tits was all that mattered. It felt so good, it felt so positively divine. And with each lick of her cockhead, with every few drops of precum ingested by the Night Elf, her obscene tits would grow just a bit more.

That sight alone was enough to drive Ashe over the edge. It hadn't taken her long, she realized, invigorated by that druidic magic and soon enough the paladin was groaning, fucking a pair of elven melons unlike any she could have ever dreamed of. That silken flesh, enveloping every inch of her fantastical length, would throw her over the edge. Her thrusts became more and more desperate, having a hard time holding any kind of rhythm as she collided with a mind-melting orgasm.

Her release felt so glorious that no muscle in her body responded to her call anymore and she grunted and groaned, desperately holding on as rope after rope of Lightforged cockmuck shot forth from her throbbing cannon onto Shalendris' face, into her mouth and onto those glorious magic titties of hers.

And though the Night Elf's upper body was soon plastered in the glowing golden jizz, it seemed to be absorbed through her skin slowly like water into soil. The Lightforged Draenei's enhanced cum was so potent, so delicious for Shalendris that a sudden orgasm ripped through every nerve in her body. She hadn't even touched herself, hands still massaging the shining semen into her skin. Under the amazed paladin's gaze, Shalendris came suddenly and with such force that the overly hung Draenei thought she'd broken the poor woman.

Seconds dragged on for eons to the Night Elf as her chest absorbed every ounce of cum that touched her, tits growing and growing until she was truly pinned down beneath them. And once the Draenei's own orgasm had tapered off, she stay there panting, cock resting upon one of her partner's titanic boobs.

"Now, I suppose we should get out of here..." remarked the Draenei.

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