tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Visit From St. Dick

A Visit From St. Dick


A Brief History of the Elvish Race

As the human tribes grew more numerous with each passing winter, the elves were forced to retreat from their homelands settling on Eire. The Emerald island was already settled by an ugly misshapen people known as the firbolgs which they easily conquered and enslaved. Known as the Tuatha de Dannan, the elves were a tall, fair, and amorous race. Eventually, mankind came to Eire and for a time the elves whose females were always few in number, enjoyed having human women to play with, but in time the human males learned to make weapons of iron which gave great pain to the elves and they fled North.

Even fiercer men with iron weapons inhabited the lands of Scandia and the proud elves were reduced to living in caves mating with their firbolg slaves until the proud race was reduced in stature and beauty. There the North men took to calling the elves, trolls and they were shunned until the randy nature of the elves forced the humans to hunt them down to protect their women. Klaus, the last Elven king went before the North men's god, Wotan and groveled that his people be spared. Wotan declared that a wereguild tribute be paid for eternity to the children of his warriors killed in battle by the elves and ordered them to leave only returning yearly with the tribute.

Klaus enchanted a herd of reindeer to carry his wife and the survivors of his people far to the North beyond the land of the Laps and they live there to this day toiling endlessly making gifts for the children of the Northmen who became a great seafaring people spreading their seed far and wide across the Earth.

Wotan was known as Saturn by a Southern people and the tribute fell on his day Saturnalia. Even when the old god's died the tribute continued Saturnalia becoming known as Christ's Mass for the son of the new god. The early Christians were both better and worse then their predecessors. They condemned followers who didn't obey their commandments and Klaus' burden fell on only those who were decent so he began keeping a list. However, the Christians also feared the red cloaked figure calling him a devil, Satan, ol' Nick, or Satan Nick, but as they began to celebrate Christ's birthday on Saturnalia, and given the fact that Klaus alway brought gifts to the children, Klaus became a Saint or Santa Claus.


A black gloved hand with fur trimming reached out and grabbed the picture over the fireplace. The picture showed the man and woman of the house on a beach somewhere celebrating their honeymoon. It was the woman's bikini clad figure that drew Santa's attention. She had a beautiful innocence about her that stirred the old elf's loins. Long, straight, black hair framed a face with full lips and bright green eyes. Her hair fell to the tips of full, upthrust breasts. Her thin waist tapered past a flat, sexy belly, flaring out at her hips. The picture was about ten years old and if the woman had kept this body after having her two brats, Santa decided she would be the one.

Not even a mouse was stirring as Santa moved through the house. The Elven King possessed the ability to freeze time or more accurately move his own body and anything he touched outside the normal flow of time, this was how he and some helpers accomplished delivering the Christmas tribute in one night.

Though still bitter at the tribute after three thousand years, Santa looked forward to leaving the bitch behind on Christmas night and getting some young pussy.

He passed the brat's room, groaning at the visions of Harry Potter toys dancing in their heads. Let the parents buy that crap, if he listened to all the Harry Potter requests, he'd have to build an entire factory just for that. Every damn year it was something else, pokemon, beanie babies....crap.

He arrived in the parents room and pulled back the covers of their bed. His cock stirred when he saw the woman laying on her side clad in only blue panties and a white tank top. She had kept her trim figure, but it had actually gotten better. Having two children had fattened up her breasts and her ass was a perfect white globe. He ran his gloved hand across her ass, squeezing it, impressed by it's firmness. Yes, this human would do nicely.

The male slept nude on his back, he had developed a paunch since the picture. His penis was a typical human half-cock and it was erect as he dreamed about his wife. Time frozen dreams were hard to read, but Santa could sense hers were erotic too and not about her husband.

Santa left them four special presents under the tree as he returned to his sleigh.


"Mommy, daddy, Santa's been here," screamed Amy throwing herself on the bed.

Sheila and Jim smiled at each other and climbed out of bed, throwing some robes on. Amy pulled them downstairs where Jimmy was waiting. Their son was sitting near the bottom of the stairs with his arms wrapped around his knees staring in awe at the presents under the tree.

Later, Jim aimed his new polaroid camera at the kids playing with their Harry Potter figures. "Glad you like it," said Sheila watching the pictures come into focus.

"I love it," said Jim, "and I'm gonna love seeing you in your present."

"Later dear." Her husband had given her some lingerie so skimpy it had made her blush. Sheila wondered if the present was for her or for him.

"Mommy, what's this? Can I open it?" Amy had found another present under the tree. There was more, one for each of them.

"Go ahead honey."

The children opened their presents. Both got the same thing, a little doll around a foot long. There was nothing special about them except when you laid them flat their eyes closed and they made snoring noises. Jim opened his gift, it was a new thermos bottle. He sniffed it. "Mmm, eggnog," he said and took a sip. "Good too. Try it."

Sheila did and she had to agree it was quite good, warm, and she detected the hint of alcohol. "These must be from your mother. It's just like her to give Jimmy a doll." The weird thing was, the boy seemed fascinated with the doll. Sheila opened the last gift, addressed to her. It was a two foot tall, slightly sinister looking Santa, more the jolly old elf, then a fat old man in a Santa suit. There was a switch on the thing's pedestal and she pressed it. Jingle bell rock blared out and the thing started moving it's hips dancing. The kids laughed and Sheila placed it back under the tree after turning it off. She found it kind of creepy.

Sheila got up to go start dinner, while the kids played with their new toys. Jim turned on the game and sat before the TV sipping his eggnog.


Sheila sobbed as she climbed out of the bath. Dinner with her parents had been a complete disaster. Jim was drunk off his eggnog, slurring his words and swaying at the table. He had burped out loud and told a joke that made her mom blush. The kids hadn't seemed too interested in the presents their grandparents had bought for them, they seemed to like the dolls Jim's mom had left for them too much.

After toweling herself off, Sheila didn't know why she was bothering, Jim wasn't getting any tonight after his behaviour, but she began rolling on the nylons that went with the lingerie he had given her. It was a very sexy, lacy, white bra and garter ensemble. The bra pushed her large breasts together giving her cleavage that rivaled Dolly Parton's. The lace left little to the imagination, her nipples were clearly visible as was her pubic hair when she pulled on the panties. She hooked the nylons to the belt, herself amazed at how incredibly sexy she looked.

Sheila decided, she would put on her robe, stroll up to Jim, hold it open to show him the lingerie and say, "You can have this if I ever forgive you, but for now you're sleeping on the couch." That would teach him to make an ass of himself in front of her parents and the children.

Before she could do it, Amy ran into the bathroom screaming, "Mommy, mommy, Santa looks funny." Her daughter grabbed her and pulled her downstairs.

Sheila gasped when she saw what her daughter was talking about. The children had stripped the dancing Santa and the toy was anatomically correct in every way. It had a long dangling penis- as long as Jim's -that looked huge on the doll. It was thicker then her husband's and nearly touched the stand it was so long. The rest of the doll, looked like a typical nude Santa, with a fat belly, white chest hair and rosy colored skin. Her mother-in-law couldn't have known what was under the thing's clothes. "What were you two doing?"

"We were playing doctor," said Jimmy.

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"They did," said both kids at once pointing at their dolls. They had stripped their dolls naked also, but they were normal, no sex organs.

"Oh they did, did they. Well run off to bed, I'll check on you in a few minutes." Sheila watched them run off. She moved the Santa back under the tree and couldn't help touching the fake penis. Despite being obscene, the craftsmenship was amazing. The penis had a lifelike detail that made it look real in every way. It had a big blue vein running the length, ridges, bumps, and was even warm to the touch. She let go, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Sheila walked upstairs to the children's room. Amy and Jimmy were in their beds, pretending to sleep, and both were snoring softly. She knew they were faking because both were in the exact same position as the sleeping dolls lying beside them in bed and they were both snoring like the dolls. "Goodnight my sugarplums," she said turning out the lights. Sheila didn't notice one of the doll's closed eyes open and follow her from the room.


The song blared from downstairs as she was walking to her bedroom. She ran down the steps to the living room. Somehow, the dancing Santa had gotten turned on, it's arms moving up and down as it swung it's hips. The big penis swung back and forth like a big banana, swaying hypnotically.

Sheila sat in her husband's recliner and stared at the big penis. The lace on her bra scraped against her nipples and she realized, she was becoming aroused at the sight before her. A lot of women had a father figure/ Santa Claus fantasy and Sheila found the sight very erotic, f obscene. She couldn't help herself as her hand slipped between her robe and down her belly. Her hand worked it's way under her panties and over her bush. Her index figure ran down her wet slit, growing wetter by the second.

Sheila moaned as she pushed one finger inside her vagina. She needed Jim bad. She suddenly changed her mind about withholding sex, she'd punish him tomorrow.

Sheila turned the Santa off and ran back upstairs, skipping them two at a time. She let the robe fall to the floor as she entered the room and turned on the light. She felt disgusted as she looked at Jim. He was passed out on the bed. The thermos cup had spilled on his bare chest and his chest was sticky with eggnog. The stuff even covered his chin. He was still dressed. His pants were unbuttoned with the zipper down and his beer gut bulged out as if he had drank too much. Sheila knew without trying that she wouldn't be able to wake him.


Sheila jumped when the song came back on. She ran back downstairs clad only in her new lingerie. The Santa was dancing again. She watched it's penis swing around and imagined the song said, "around goes the cock" instead of "jingle around the clock". But it wasn't her imagination, right when the song hit what sounded like, "It's penis swell time", the penis began to swell.

The penis plumped up looking for the world like it was getting an erection and it was. It grew a couple inches until it scraped the floor and then it began to rise. The penis grew until it was a foot long and the doll even seemed to grow bigger. As the penis rose upwards, Sheila could see equally large nuts in the sack between it's legs. The rhythm changed too. Instead of rotating his hips, Santa began thrusting them forward like it was fucking something.

Sheila suddenly heard bells, and something clopped across her roof. Cold air blew in from the chimney and the fire in the fireplace flickered. The very air seemed magical and Sheila smelled roasting chestnuts as the air shimmered around the doll and it was gone. An old man stood in it's place.

The old man wore a Santa hat and old fashioned red pajamas that covered his body from neck to feet. Button down flaps were at his crotch and rear for relieving himself. His cheeks and nose were a rosy red and he had slightly pointy ears. He wasn't very big, probably five-four, she was two inches taller in her bare feet. His small size, age, and demeanor didn't make her feel threatened. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Santa Claus," he said. Other then his head, the only thing not covered by his red pj's were his hands. He brought his index figure up to his mouth and whispered, "Sshh Miss Claus thinks I'm sleeping off last nights work."

"Why are you here?"

"To give you your Christmas wish, of course."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"To be dominated by a well-hung man and treated like a slut."

Sheila gasped suddenly not so sure the creature was harmless. "I don't want that."

"Sure you do." Santa pulled a long piece of paper out of thin air and handed it to her. The paper appeared to be parchment and it had everything she had ever wanted for Christmas, a pony was written by 1977 with the words, not practical written in beside it. She skimmed down to 1997 and there it was: wants to be dominated and treated like a slut, wished while watching a boxing match. "I checked my list twice," he said.

Sheila vaguely remembered that day. Jim had gotten pay per view to watch Evander Holyfield fight. Though turned off by the brutality of the fight, Sheila had found herself turned on by the two muscular men boxing. Earlier Jim had asked her what she wanted for Christmas, 'that's what I want,' she thought imagining herself naked between Evander and the equally muscular white guy as they forced her to perform vulgar sex acts on them.

"So are you ready?" asked Santa. The little man was leering at her and Sheila suddenly remembered her state of undress. She held an arm across her breasts and her other down her body, so that her palm covered her crotch.

Santa undid the buttons on the front of his pj's and as the flap fell down, a giant penis burst free. It was as big as the doll's, semi-hard and bobbing in the air. His penis was surrounded by bushy pubic hair as white as his beard and the hair even covered what she could see of his oversized balls. She gasped at the sight. "That can't be real. Your not real. This can't be happening, it's...it's a dream," she cried unable to take her eyes off his huge cock.

"Then you might as well enjoy it." Santa moved closer and Sheila fell into the recliner where she had fingered herself watching the toy Santa. "It's your fantasy after all."

"What do I do?" she asked, her pussy on fire with desire for the big appendage.

"Tug on it to make it hard. I want you to touch the cock that's gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before."

Santa's language offended her, but it also sent a shiver of excitement down her spine. She reached out and grabbed it, feeling it's warmth and it swelled in her hand. It grew to over a foot long, it's head half the size of her fist. "Stroke that big cock you slut," ordered Santa. Sheila obeyed running her hand along the shaft, feeling it slide between her fingers. "Now suck it."

"I can't, I've never done that. It's disgusting and besides your too big."

"Suck it bitch," growled Santa. He slapped his cock across her right cheek with enough force, it stung. Then he slapped her left cheek. Santa pointed the tip at her mouth and pushed it against her lips. Sheila relented, figuring this was her dream after all. She parted her lips, opening wide as Santa pushed the big cock inside her. The head was huge and firm in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it. "That's a good slut. I'm gonna teach you how to treat an elf-sized cock, not that little human twig you're used too. Lick the shaft, then take it back into your mouth."

Sheila did as she was told. This was turning out to be a helluva good dream, living out her most secret fantasies. She licked his entire shaft, even his hairy balls as he held his cock up for her. The head was oozing pre-cum as she took it back into her mouth. There was something familiar about the taste of his pre-cum, but she couldn't put her finger on it and since she had never done this before, she couldn't compare it to her husband's fluid.

Sheila began giving Santa her first blow job. It was easier then she thought as she bobbed her head. Either her dream made it easier or Santa's magic because she easily took him into her throat without choking. Soon, she was kissing his pubic hair as she took his entire foot long cock down her throat. Neither did her neck get sore, nor did she tire as she bobbed her head over his cock. Santa helped her by thrusting his hips each time she bobbed forward. He must be liking it, she thought, his cock seemed even bigger and harder as it slid back and forth in her throat. He pulled all but the head out just as he exploded.

A flash went off just as Santa shot his load in her mouth. The amount caught Sheila off guard and her cheeks bulged out, sperm dribbling out her lips. She swallowed his hot seed as fast as she could. It was good, tasty even, warmth from all the sperm spread through her body and she felt herself becoming tipsy on it. It did taste familiar, like... like eggnog. The image of her husband drunk off the eggnog from the thermos flashed in her mind, the stuff covering his chin just like it was running down hers.

Sheila loved it and Santa continued to ejaculate several more wads into her mouth. When he had finished, she stroked his cock, squeezing out any remaining drops on her tongue. She froze like that.

Santa moved between time, leaving the beautiful housewife leaning forward in the chair a drop of his cum frozen on her extended tongue. The flash had been Jim's Polaroid camera going off. Two of his helper elves stood there frozen with the camera in their hands until they too phased between time with him. "What are you two shits doing here?"

"We want a piece of the action boss," said Oberon.

"Yeah, I want's a piece of that sweet ass," chimed in Puck. Both elves were between three and a half and four feet tall. They were some of the older elves being about 2500 year old and they aided Santa in paying the tribute as opposed to slaving in the factories. Oberon resembled a miniature Santa, while Puck was more twisted, with a pointy nose and hunchback, evidence of strong firbolg ancestry. "How'd you little bastards follow me here?"

"We morphed into the sleeping dolls," smirked Oberon proud of the deception, "and unless you want Missus Claus to see what you do the day after Christ's mass, you'll let us have some too." He waved the photo of Sheila swallowing Santa's cum.

"Alright then, your little pricks can stretch her out for me."

"You call this little," said Puck stripping out of his green and red uniform. His cock was close to eleven inches and looked even bigger on his little body. Oberon's was just over ten.

"They're little to me, but someday you'll have one like mine. Elvish cocks continued to grow throughout their entire lifespan.

"Yeah sure, we all know elves that get up there in age disappear."

"They retire and move to Florida," said Santa. "At least that's what Missus Claus tells me."

"Sure boss," said Puck playing with the frozen girl's nipples, "and you believe that manipulative old bitch?"

Of coure they were right. Missus Claus liked her position at the north pole and would do everything to protect it from rivals.

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