tagSci-Fi & FantasyA War From Far Away Stars Ch. 02

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 02


Rick went back to the house after Karen had left to check on his new house guests, he arrived to find that the other men had gone to sleep and the Commander was watching over Iza'ell. She was resting comfortably in his grandparents bed, if they were still alive today they would never believe that aliens were on their old farm.

"Commander Dern'ala when the others are awake and strong enough, I would like to drive my tow truck up the crash see if we can get that ship of yours down to my garage. Maybe we will be able to get it fixed up enough to either get off the Earth or call your people." Rick explained in a low tone so not to disturb Iza'ell

"Thank you Rick, which sounds like a good idea, you can also call me Dern for now on the last part of the name is more formality than anything and calling me Commander when I do not command you are not right either." Explained Dern'ala

"Okay. So Dern you never did say what brings you and your people to our world, you don't plan on conquering us or anything?" Asked Rick nervously.

"No days of conquest ended a hundred years ago, in fact our empire was on the verge of becoming a republic before the war happened." Replied Dern. "I can show you, give me a moment to set the medical device to warn us if anything changes in Iza'ell."

Dern'ala set the medical device with a few pushes of the buttons on it and then went left the bedroom. Rick followed the alien man down the stairs and the two of them ended up in the kitchen where they sat down at the table. Dern'ala pulled another device similar to the medical device out of a large pocket on his pants. When he turned the device on a holographic image appeared several inches above it.

"The area in red represents the Teyven Empire, but my grandfather Emperor Dewar'ala fought the last great war against our enemies bringing the Empire to its current size. With our enemies subdued the Empire flourished and the people prospered. Our resources were going from war to research and exploration, then we found your world. My grandfather was fascinated by it, especially your United States, that is what gave him the idea to start seceding his power and giving it to the worlds of the empire. He wanted every world, every colony and every citizen in the empire to have a voice, a say in its future. Unfortunately there were several who opposed the idea, mainly my father Delag'ala, he went to our three former enemies and gave them military secrets and technology. Also, Admiral Dega'tal he too wanted the empire to go back to its former ways of being a military power. Then we were struck from three different sides, first came our ape like enemies the Goronites, our fleets were taken by surprise when they attacked. Then the insectoid race the Zentoids attacked, followed by the dreaded race of humanoids known as the Cyberlords, they were the ones who were able to use our technology the best. Our fleets were spread pretty thin across the empire when my father struck, but he was secretly building a large battle fleet near unexplored space. Our fleets were defeated within a few weeks, the only thing that remained was the Emperors fleet that surrounded our home world Teyven Prime." "Wow so how did you escape?" Asked Rick who was in total awe of the story.

"My grandfather ordered Grand Admiral Kova'aval to fight our way out of the system, he told us to travel in one direction and then come to your system. He feels your world is ready to join the intergalactic community and could help us defeat our enemies." Explained Dern'ala.

"I don't know about that, the Earth as a whole can be pretty messed up, we fight amongst ourselves, we have terrorism, hunger and famine, diseases like AIDS." Rick explained.

"This would be a great opportunity for your world, we are offering you space and technology that would help your world cure disease, feed those who starve and maybe appease those who want to strike terror into their fellow man." Dern'ala explained to Rick. "Do you recognize this?"

Dern'ala pressed a button on the device and what looked to be a small moon appeared floating above it. Rick shook his head no and the Commander clicked the device back off.

"That is a moon in your solar system belonging to the planet you call Jupiter, under its ice is a ship my grandfather called a Grand Dreadnought. With this ship and the ship's us already have, as well as the ones we hope to get our new human allies to build we should be able to reclaim our Empire and free our people." Dern'ala explained the whole magnificent plan. "Well if you want to address the world, I suggest you go to the United Nations in New York City, representatives from every world government are there." Said Rick.

"We will need an ambassador, do you think you could go with us, as our ambassador Rick?" Asked Dern'ala.

"Dern I'm just a small town guy earning a modest living as a mechanic, and I have no experience in politics." Rick replied shocked that the Teyven would consider him for such a position.

"Rick my great great great-grandfather was just a farmer when led a revolt that brought down a tyrannical government on our home world. Even simple men can go on to do great things, you can do great things, you have never tried." Said Dern'ala.

"All right I will do it, at least until you find someone better to fill my place." He said getting up from the chair to go to the refrigerator and get out a pitcher of lemonade.

He poured them a couple of tall cold glasses of lemonade and sat back down with his new friend. Dern'ala was grateful for the drink after all of the talking he had done to explain why they had to escape from the Teyven Empire.

"So do you have any other family left behind?" Asked Rick.

"My grandfather is dead, executed by my father, yes I do, I hope they are in hiding, my father is greatly upset with me for not siding with him in his takeover of the empire." Dern'ala replied. "I have a wife and three children they live on a small plantation outside the main city of the home world."

Dern'ala reached into his pocket and showed Rick a picture of a very beautiful woman, even if she is an alien. Then he showed him a picture of three children two boys and one cute little girl holding a doll.

"Nice." Rick said politely.

"So why have you not professed your love for the lady Karen who came here to help Iza'ell?" Dern'ala asked watching Rick almost jumps out of his seat in surprise.

"I don't, I mean how the hells do you know I love her?" He stammered.

"Your eyes watch her every move, your face lights up brighter than the brightest star, your hands get a slight tremble when she is near you and your palms get sweaty causing you to wipe them on your clothes from time to time." Explained Dern'ala. "I had the same problem when first met my wife as well, in a case of true love like mine and my wife's you never get over those first feelings." "I do love her, and I just cannot find the right time or words to say it to her." He replied looking down at his glass of lemonade.

"Courage my friend, I can find the courage to fly my fight craft into a battle with fifty to one odd against me, yet when I first met my wife I could not find the courage at first to even talk to her." Dern'ala explained.

"How did find the courage?" Rick asked.

"My grandfather told me that if there is something you want, something you desire more than anything in the universe, then you have to find the courageous to make it yours." Dern'ala replied.

A knock at the front door, Rick got up to see who it was, sure enough it was Karen carrying with her a medical bag and a large gym bag. Rick opened the door for her and took the large gym bag from her placing it over his shoulder.

"How is our patient doing?" Asked Karen.

"Sleeping, I have an air mattress out in the garage I use for camping, I will blow it up for you so you can sleep in the same room as Iza'ell." He said to watch her head up the stairs.

"That would be great thanks Rick." She shouted back.

Rick set the bag down and told Dern'ala he would be back in a few minutes, Dern'ala took the time to walk around the downstairs of the home. He stopped and looked at every picture that hung on the wall, some he figured were family related to Rick due to the resemblance. The house reminded him of his own home back on Teyven, and everything was neat and uniformed. Rick came in carrying with him, and the inflated air mattress, he carried the mattress and the gym bag upstairs so Karen had a place lie down. "I'll be out in the garage." He said running down the stairs. "Let me know when the others are awake, then we will go get your craft and bring back here."

"Good Rick, I will rest for a while." Dern'ala replied.

Rick ran out the door and down the steps, only one dog followed him out the screen door on the front porch, the one called Rommel the other followed Dern'ala to the couch. He lied down on the couch and stroked the dog's head for several long moments. We really need creatures like these back on Teyven he thought, they are so noble and relaxing. Then he too fell asleep on the couch, but several hours later the other members of his crew woke him up.

"Commander we are awake now." Dela'ol said to wake him.

"Good we must go find Rick, he says he has a way of bringing the ship from where we crashed to his garage so we can begin repairs." Said Dern'ala wiping the sleep from his eyes.

The three of them with Rommel following they left the house, they went for the barn that Rick used for a garage. They found Rick who brought them around to the back where he showed them the tow truck and the flat bed wrecker. He told them his plan, pulled the vessel out of the small crater with the tow truck and then pull it up onto the bed of the flatbed wrecker. The four they made out to the wreck and everything went as planned, before sunset they had the wrecked vessel in the barn. The three aliens went to work immediately assessing the damage, Dern'ala declared that communications will be the first thing they should work on. Rick left them to their work and went back up to the house to make dinner, he fired up his grill then went in to get some steaks he pulled out of the freezer earlier. Karen left her stable patient long enough to whip up some pasta salad and baked several potatoes for everyone. When all of the food was done, they place it all on the picnic table in back of the house, Rick turned on the insect repellent torches, Karen found a soft rock station for the radio, then Rick went down to get the three aliens. After dinner Karen went back upstairs to check on her patient, who now was awake. The young woman was shocked at first, then she realized that Karen meant her no harm.

"Who are you?" Asked the young woman.

"I'm Karen, you must be Iza'ell, your commander is very worried about you." She told the young woman trying not to alarm her.

"The commander, I must speak to him at once." Said the young woman.

"I will go get him." Karen replied.

"Do not let the others know I'm awake, not yet." She asked her.

"Okay I will only get the commander and let him know." Said Karen leaving the room. "Iza" Said Commander Dern as he entered the room.

"Sir, I know who sabotaged our mission, yet I feel you will not believe me." She said.

"Tell me and I will tell you if I believe you or not." Said Dern'ala

"Your brother is the traitor, he sabotaged the ship, he wants our mission to fail." She told her commander.

"Iza you need to relax." Said Karen nervously watching the medical device as it showed her heart rate elevated.

"What proofs do you have, making accusations against a senior officer and a member of the royal family of Teyven can result in court martial from the fleet." Explained Dern'ala with no real outward change in his emotion or in his tone of voice.

"Before we left the flagship him on board in the engineering section when I came on board to do one last rundown of our flight course. He was carrying a tool box, he claimed he was making some adjustments to the weapons system." She said. "Then when we entered Earth's orbit he pulled a device from his pocket, detonating the bomb he planted, he is loyal to your father not your grandfather." "Karen I want you to give my brother a sedative, one strong enough to put him out for hours, with the help of Dela'ol we will try and access the bridge flight recorder. We will see if her story matches, what she is saying is feasible enough to be true." The commander turned to look out the window shaking his head. "You will find that right sedative in the Teyven medical bag, and the medical device can tell you much to set the shot at to put him out."

With that he turned and left the room, Karen was able to get Iza to eat a little food and then a young woman went back to sleep. Using the excuse that his brother wanted him to get some good nights sleep for a long day work tomorrow. He accepted the reasoning behind the suggestion and allowed her to sedate him. Once he was asleep, Karen went downstairs, she went out onto the porch to find Rick staring up at the stars. The two dogs were lying down, both of them asleep, Karen stood next to him rubbing her bare arms. She wore a loose-fitting tank top and a pair of jean shorts when she came back to the farm this morning. Now the cool summer nights' air was causing her sensitive nipples to strain against the fabric of her shirt and bra.

"Sure is cool tonight." She said while trying to get closer to him for warmth.

Rick turned around and opened the front door, he reached into the house and pulled a nice crocheted shawl off of the coat rack that belonged to his grandmother. He came back outside and wrapped it around her, then he stood behind her wrapping his arms around her. She seemed to melt against his body, she could feel his warmth, his strong tender touch, the strength of his arms as he pulled her against him.

"It sure is beautiful tonight, Karen there is something I need to say to you and I don't want you to interrupt me. I love you, I loved you all throughout high school, I loved you after you left and I still love you now that your back. You are beautiful and such a beautiful person, I love being around you, being so close to you." He said feeling like someone lifted a five-ton boulder off of his chest.

She turned around in his arms, she buried her face against his and she was now sobbing into his chest. Rick instinctively put his arms up around her back and began to rub it, doing his best to calm her down.

"Rick I've waited so long to hear you say those words to me, and I love you too." She sobbed and sniffed.

Rick broke the embrace only to reach down and take her face in both hands, he gently reached up and wiped away her tears. Then he looked down into her beautiful eyes as they sparkled with lust, leaned his head down and kissed her full on the lips. The two of them stood kissing, hugging laughing, crying for several long minutes when they interrupted by Dern'ala and Dela'ol. Dern smiled at Rick, realizing what had just happened, happy for his new friends to find each other finally. Then he broke the news to them that they had just finished reviewing the flight recorder and they found what Iza had said was true. "My brother is the traitor, but he is loyal to my father." Commander Dern'ala said still showing no emotion in his voice.

"We also went through the gear his brother brought on board, we found a homing beacon, I don't know if has the range to give our location away or not. Also it had correspondences that were between him and his father months before the attack. The little traitor knew about the attack's months before they even happened." Dela said with rage in his voice.

"In the morning I will execute him." Said Dern'ala bluntly.

"You can't execute him, can't we just tie him up or something?" Karen pleaded.

"Karen if he was a regular citizen we could, but he is not a regular citizen, one he is of royal blood and he betrayed that. Secondly he is a soldier sworn to defend the Empire, to betray either one is punishable by death. If I do not do it then it falls upon Dela to do it, if he does not when we get back to the ship the Grand Admiral can execute us all for failure to carry out our duty." Explained Dern. "Now if you will excuse me, I will pray over my brother while he sleeps, then sit with him for a while remembering happier younger times. Good night."

Dern and Dela left the porch leaving Karen and Rick alone again with the dogs, both of them realized that there would be no talking them out of doing this. They grew tired of standing, so they retired to the porch swing, Karen finally fell asleep in his arms. So he carefully swooped her up and carried up the stairs. He layed her down on the air mattress, covered her with a blanket, he gave her a peck on her forehead and whispered he loved her. Then he left the room, and he passed his room where Dern was on his knees praying and crying over his sedated brother. Rick went downstairs to find Dela sitting in the dark living room, Rick did not turn on the light as he went and laid down on the couch. He picked up the remote from the coffee table and turned on the television. Dela jumped up and looked at the screen, he had never seen Earth television before, he wanted Rick to explain it to him. Rick showed him how to work the remote and told he to have fun with watching, he wanted to get to sleep. Dela stayed up most of the night watching television, while poor Rick slept a long uncomfortable sleep on the couch.

Chapter 3 coming soon: The execution of a traitor and they meet the Grand Admiral.


Thank you for all of the wonderful comments, I will try to keep the stories coming as long as most everyone likes it.

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