tagInterracial LoveA White Wife's Sweet Revenge

A White Wife's Sweet Revenge


A lot of people talk bad about the Dirty South, and I can totally understand a lot of their viewpoints. My name is Claire Jane Warren-Sankara, C.J. to my friends, and I was born and raised in the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina. My family, the Warren Clan, is as redneck as they possibly come, and they had a veritable fit when I fell in love with Ibrahim Sankara, a tall, smart and handsome Muslim student from Burkina Faso whom I met at Georgia State University.

My parents, Edward Warren and Elisabeth Jones-Warren of Fayetteville, North Carolina, disowned me the day I told them that I loved Ibrahim Sankara and wanted to marry him. I haven't spoken to them since that fateful day, almost twenty years ago. I don't regret it, folks. My future husband Ibrahim Sankara and I were of decidedly different faiths and races, but that didn't stop us from being crazy about each other. Love is what happens to you when you least expect it, folks.

To this day, when Ibrahim and I are out and about with our sons Adam and Yousef, people tend to stare at us. Even in these supposedly modern times, it's not easy for interracial couples in the Deep South. Time does not heal all wounds, and just because it's the mid-2010s doesn't mean that White folks down South are okay with seeing Black men with White women. My family and I reside in a two-story, four-bedroom house in a middle-class neighborhood, and let's just say that we know where people stand.

In the Deep South, people don't hide what they feel on such controversial topics like interracial marriage, same-sex marriage, religious differences and cultural issues. I am the White wife of a Muslim immigrant from Burkina Faso, a lovely country in West Africa. I know how people look at me. Dale Hardwick, one of the managers at the accounting firm where I work, looked at my family with disgust when he came by my office to beg for a promotion. For this reason, I rejected his demand for a promotion and Dale has hated me ever since.

My husband Ibrahim and I are just a normal couple with our ups and downs. Our eldest son Adam recently left the nest, and attends Morehouse College. Our other son Yousef is a senior at Cadmus Military Academy, a private school located in the City of Huntsville, Alabama. Empty nest syndrome, that's what my husband Ibrahim and I are going through these days. Lots of middle-aged couples whose sons and daughters have moved out have to cope with an empty house. Ibrahim and I are having problems, folks. I just hope we can get through it.

I still love my husband Ibrahim, even though we've been going through some trying times. Tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, with dark brown skin and a smooth shaved head, Ibrahim Sankara is a very handsome man at the age of forty six. I am still crazy about that fit, muscular body of his. That's why I am so mad that Ibrahim has been cheating on me with Rosa Santiago, a plump Hispanic woman who works as a secretary at the law office where he works.

My husband Ibrahim doesn't know that I know about him and Rosa Santiago, that Mexican bitch he is so fond of. Sometimes I wonder why Ibrahim bothers with that tramp, seriously. I've checked Rosa Santiago out and she is not all that. I'm a far better-looking woman than she is. At the age of forty six, I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy but fit, with blonde hair and light green eyes. People say that I look like Hollywood starlet Felicity Hoffman, from that old TV series Desperate Housewives. I think I'm far hotter than her, but whatever. Let people think what they will.

As an educated Black man with an established career ( high-powered attorney ), my husband Ibrahim has always had lots of women after him. As the wife of a handsome man who is popular with the opposite sex, I know how to deal with it. Throughout our marriage, Ibrahim has been faithful to me. I supported Ibrahim when he attended Emory University's School of Law. I work as an accountant, so I know the demands of a career. Where I come from, women support their husbands and the husband is the head of the household. That's how it works in the Deep South.

In the house next to us lives a man named Malcolm Yasimoto, a Japanese engineer who is divorced. Mr. Yasimoto studied civil engineering at Oxford University and teaches at Georgia State University, my alma mater. I always found Malcolm Yasimoto kind of nerdy, and I know he has a thing for me but I always ignored his advances because I am in love with my husband. I am a good wife. I reserve myself for my husband Ibrahim Sankara, the man that I love. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Slowly but surely, Malcolm Yasimoto and I became friends. When his Jamaican girlfriend Stacey Wellington left him, ending their eight-month romance abruptly, Malcolm confided in me. In turn, I confided in Malcolm about my marital troubles. One night, while my husband Ibrahim Sankara was at work, I was surprised to find Malcolm Yasimoto at my door. There was something in his hands. I invited Malcolm Yasimoto inside, and he showed me a videotape of my husband Ibrahim Sankara committing adultery with Rosa Santiago, his Mexican tramp.

Malcolm Yasimoto went to the DVR in the living room and played the tape. I braced myself for what was to come, and still I wasn't ready. I watched, amazed, as my husband Ibrahim appeared on screen, in what looked like a motel room. I was stunned when Rosa Santiago joined him on the bed, and they got naked and began having sex. A cold fury coursed through me as I watched Rosa Santiago get on her knees and suck on my husband Ibrahim's long and thick, magnificent West African dick.

I watched my husband on the tape, stunned and angry as he cheated on me with that Mexican bitch. My husband Ibrahim moaned softly as Rosa Santiago sucked his big ebony dick like only a greedy, plump Mexican slut could. Ibrahim put Rosa on all fours and spanked her big ass while slamming his dick into her pussy. Rosa screamed passionately as Ibrahim fucked her. While fucking Rosa, Ibrahim used the same cuss words he often uttered while making love to me. Hot tears streamed down my face and I stopped the tape.

Malcolm Yasimoto looked at me with sadness on his face, and he bowed like a proper Japanese gentleman, apologized, and then turned to leave. Before leaving, Malcolm told me how beautiful I was, and that my husband Ibrahim was a damn fool for cheating on me. My heart skipped a beat, and I sat in the dark for a long time. When my husband Ibrahim Sankara came home, I went to him and slapped him hard across the face. Then I showed Ibrahim the tape. Long story short? Ibrahim and I are now separated. Indeed, Ibrahim left our house that night, presumably to go shack up with Rosa Santiago, his Mexican whore.

Over the next few months, I slowly adjusted to life as a separated woman, and I was amazed at the support I received from my family, especially my sons Adam and Yousef. When Yousef graduated from Cadmus Military Academy, Ibrahim and I were there, and we took pictures and then took both our sons to a nice restaurant to celebrate. My estranged husband Ibrahim asked for a divorce and I granted it to him without any fuss. I didn't want any of Ibrahim's money. Indeed, I even let him keep the house, and the bastard moved Rosa into it. Just like I thought he would.

I moved into a nice little apartment a few blocks away, and ran into Malcolm Yasimoto at a café. We talked and laughed like old friends, and then we went to the movies together. Later that afternoon, Malcolm and I shared a kiss. A very chaste kiss, one that lasted about ten seconds, but it was a kiss nonetheless. Malcolm Yasimoto and I began dating shortly after. Life goes on, ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes things go wrong, and your own survival and happiness are the only things you can care about, under the circumstances.

Six months after these events, I moved in with Malcolm Yasimoto. My sons Yousef and Adam met him and they think he's a nice guy. Malcolm worships the ground that I walk on. We recently got engaged. Sure, we do live next door to a very happy Rosa Santiago and her new husband Ibrahim Sankara, my cheating snake of an ex-husband, and while this is a toxic environment, Malcolm and I don't let it get us down. We are living our lives, and we are happy.

Ladies and gentlemen, Malcolm Yasimoto and I finally made love for the first time, and it was awesome. The Japanese stud definitely knows how to rock it in the bedroom. First, Malcolm laid me down on the bed, and proceeded to worship my body. Malcolm licked my tits, and then buried his face between my thighs. I moaned softly as Malcolm licked my pussy, teasing my clitoris with his tongue and nimble fingers. Soon the Asian stud had me crying out, orgasmic, from his oral action alone.

Afterwards, I was most eager to return the favor. I gasped when I finally saw Malcolm Yasimoto's dick. It's not true what they say about Asian dudes, folks. At least not in my Malcolm's case. Malcolm has a big dick, at least nine inches long and quite thick. Want to know something funny? My new fiancé Malcolm was slightly bigger than my ex-husband Ibrahim. How about that?

I smiled at Malcolm as I took his dick into my mouth and sucked on it while massaging his big balls. Malcolm sighed happily as I pleasured him orally. I sucked Malcolm's dick until he came. At last, I got to taste the new man in my life. Malcolm and I continued with our fun. The Japanese stud put me on all fours and spanked my big White butt before slamming his big dick into my pussy. I screamed passionately as Malcolm fucked me with a passion and a fury I had never before experienced. The Asian dude fucked me until my pussy was sore, and I tapped out.

Over the next few days, Malcolm Yasimoto and I began experimenting. All new couples do that in the bedroom. Sometimes, Malcom would sit on my face and I would smother him with my thick White ass. Malcolm loves my big butt. We try kinky stuff together too. Malcolm was thrilled when I bought a strap-on dildo and fucked him with it. I always wanted to fuck a guy with a strap-on dildo but my ex-husband Ibrahim was afraid of kink, and never let me fuck him. I love how open-minded and highly experimental my Japanese stud is, seriously.

That's why one day, when Malcolm Yasimoto came home, he found me on all fours, butt naked, with my cheeks spread. I already lubricated my ass, and told Malcolm to fuck me. Grinning, Malcolm did just that, and slowly worked his dick into my butt hole. I pressed my thick White ass against Malcolm's groin, and he fucked me. Indeed, the Asian dude smacked my big butt as he slammed his dick up my ass. I screamed passionately, fingering my wet cunt as Malcolm fucked me. I love a good ass fucking, folks.

Malcolm Yasimoto fucked my ass for a good while, and then squeezed his dick out of me. I looked at Malcolm and sighed happily, thankful for the ass fucking he just gave me. The Asian stud is something else, folks. I am not the only one who thinks so. Recently, I've approached my former rival, the lovely Rosa Santiago, in the interests of making peace. I introduced Rosa to Malcolm, and we all became friendly with each other, without my former husband Ibrahim's knowledge, of course.

When Rosa Santiago and Ibrahim Sankara started having problems, because of Ibrahim cheating on her with Isabelle O'Connor, a plump White female lawyer at the firm, she confided in me. It's ironic. The woman responsible for the breakup of my marriage confided in me about the issues she was having with him. Rosa came to me and Malcolm one night, to seek our advice. What happened next is definitely one for the ages, folks.

By nature I am a fairly smart and at times manipulative woman, and I always seize an opportunity when it comes my way. Rosa Santiago, my ex-husband Ibrahim Sankara's lovely new lady, was in quite a state over his cheating on her with a White woman from work. Once a cheater, always a cheater, that's what I say. Malcolm Yasimoto and I decided to help Rosa Santiago get revenge on Ibrahim Sankara for cheating on her. Malcolm and I got our camera ready, and then the fun began...

Rosa Santiago, and I got naked, and then the action began. I used to experiment with girls while in university, and so did Rosa, so the woman-on-woman action wasn't out of the ordinary for us. I looked at the curvy, big-breasted and big-bottomed Hispanic cutie before me, and smiled hungrily. Rosa and I kissed, and then we began making love. Malcolm let the camera record the fun, and then got naked and joined us.

Spreading Rosa's thick thighs wide open, I licked her pussy while she sucked on Malcolm Yasimoto's big Asian dick. I tasted Rosa's pussy, and it tasted oh so good. I licked her pussy, loving the way it tasted. There's something wonderful about the smell and taste of a woman's pussy. Every woman who loves women knows this. I hadn't gone down on another female for ages. I definitely wanted to make up for lost time. Malcolm and I tag-teamed Rosa, and we had our way with the lovely Hispanic cutie...

I donned a strap-on dildo, the very same one I used to fuck Malcolm Yasimoto with, and slid it into Rosa's pussy. The Hispanic chick was wilder than I thought, folks. Malcolm and I had lots of fun with her. Rosa Santiago screamed passionately as I fucked her, and she licked Malcolm's balls while I banged her cunt with my strap-on dildo. Hard and fast I fucked Rosa, loving the feeling of power I got from wielding my strap-on dildo.

Afterwards, I lay down, and Rosa Santiago kissed me and licked my tits while fingering my pussy. Malcolm Yasimoto lubricated my ass, then raised my legs in the air. The Asian stud pressed his big dick against my asshole, then pushed it inside. I sighed happily as Malcolm's dick filled my asshole. I smiled at the camera and gave Ibrahim the middle finger. Rosa fingered my cunt while Malcolm fucked me in the ass, and I licked my lips, loving the wicked pleasure and deliciously hot pain coursing through me.

The thought of my former husband Ibrahim Sankara watching me get fucked by Malcolm Yasimoto, an Asian dude with a bigger dick than his own mighty chocolate tool turned me on like you would not believe. Malcolm fucked me real good, and even came, flooding my asshole with his manly spunk. Rosa grabbed Malcolm's big Asian dick as soon as it came out of my asshole and sucked it greedily, right after cussing Ibrahim on camera and giving him the middle finger. Cuckolding at its best, folks!

The highlight of the evening came when Rosa Santiago got fucked up the ass by Malcolm Yasimoto's big Japanese dick while I licked the plump Hispanic broad's delicious pussy. Rosa had never been fucked up the ass before, so Malcolm and I were gentle with her. I licked Rosa's asshole and lubricated her before Malcolm slowly worked his dick up her butt hole. Rosa moaned and screamed as she got butt-fucked, and it turned me so much that I fingered her cunt and licked her. Yummy pussy Rosa's got there, seriously.

Malcolm Yasimoto fucked Rosa Santiago's asshole with deep, powerful strokes, until the Hispanic chick begged for mercy. I pulled Malcolm's tasty Asian dick out of Rosa's asshole, and sucked on it. I flashed the camera the middle finger. Afterwards, Rosa Santiago and I took a shower with Malcolm, and the three of us went to the living room and had a nice little chat. It was truly a night for the ages, folks.

When Ibrahim Sankara came home, Rosa Santiago confronted him with her revenge tape, and my fiancé Malcolm Yasimoto and I were there to offer her moral support. Long story short? A very angry and very cuckolded Ibrahim Sankara left yet another house and yet another marriage. Ibrahim Sankara left town this time. I do not know where he went, and I honestly do not care. At last, I had my sweet revenge. Life is good, folks.

I, Claire Warren-Yasimoto, am a White woman from the Deep South who married a Black man who cheated on me with a Hispanic woman. I cuckolded my Black husband Ibrahim Sankara with a Japanese man, the handsome, educated and well-hung Malcolm Yasimoto. I even helped my former husband's new Hispanic bride cuckold him with my favorite Asian stud. What goes around comes around. Rosa Santiago and I live with Malcolm Yasimoto now, and we're both pregnant by him. We are one big happy family. Isn't life simply awesome?

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