A Widow's Life Wrecked


I was shy with shame -- listening to him. While thrusting his tongue in and out of my vagina, he thrust one finger into my anus once again and started moving that too, in and out of my body. Despite my revulsion, I was getting very excited and my vagina got very wet. I began moaning slowly. Seeing that his tongue in my vagina was getting me excited, he flicked his tongue over my clitoris all the more. After some time, my father-in-law abruptly removed his finger from my anus and got up.

He said, ' Enough Bahu. Now raise your legs, until your knees touch your breasts and spread your thighs wide apart. You need to position your cunt properly to receive my cock. The cock of your own father-in-law! '

I raised my legs until my knees were touching my breasts and spread my thighs wide apart. My body was almost curled up and my vagina was facing his penis upwards -- ready for him to pillage my vagina. He once again inserted one finger into my vagina and began massaging me. He was getting me moist enough to be able to penetrate my vagina a bit more easier. Pulling, pushing and spreading my little lips. Getting me ready for the assault about to take place.

I meekly told him, ' Baabuji, I really wish to give you pleasure. But, your organ is so mammoth and powerful. It is going to kill me with pain, when it is tearing open my little vagina. Can you help me a little, by applying oil on your penis and into my vagina, so that my pain would be slightly reduced? The bottle of oil is right next to the bed '

He said, ' No Bahu. I want to enjoy the pleasure of my cock, rubbing against your raw cunt, when it is being opened up roughly. So -- no oil '

I was now shivering with fear, at the thought that my little vagina was going to get torn by his gargantuan penis. He knelt in front of me, between my thighs. I looked up at him and couldn't help but see, his one most dominating feature. His rock-hard colossal penis. It stood out so long and so thick. I closed my eyes and tried to focus my energy on relaxing my body to receive the monstrous appendage. He toyed with my vagina for a few minutes, jabbing the thick head of his organ against it and slid it up and down, rubbing it in, between the slits of my vagina. He then took his enormous organ in his hand and started lightly beating it on my vagina, around my clitoris. My father-in-law now positioned his penis to finally penetrate my tiny vagina.

He began inserting the huge bulbous head of his penis into my vagina. Anxiously I spread by thighs further to be able to accommodate him easier. I braced myself for the pain. He pushed forward a little and the purple head slowly parted my pink vaginal lips. My little pink lips were really being stretched. I gave a shrill scream and tossed my head about, flinging my black silken hair across. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets, as the bulbous head slowly drilled into me.

My mouth opened in surprise and I gasped, " Hey Bhagwan! " ( Oh God! )

He pushed a little more. My vaginal lips made a strange sucking sound as they closed around the crown of his organ head. He now tried to push further into me. Push as he might, he was not able to proceed further! That was because my vagina was simply too small for his gigantic size. I could see his fat organ head, embedded in the mere entrance of my vagina. The head of his penis was about two and a half inches long and it felt as if he had completely filled me up already! I could see that he still had nine inches of organ to thrust into my little vagina! I stared at my father-in-law with unbelievable shock and fear. We both knew that he would not let me go, without thrusting his full organ into me. I did not even know where I could accommodate such a huge monster.

My father-in-law pulled his organ out. He toyed with my wet folds and then slipped his organ head in, again. I groaned, as it slipped into me, this time considerably easier than the first time. He began to thrust into the entrance to my vagina, with the mere head of his organ, sliding it in and out with slow, gentle jabs. I was loosening up slowly now. With every push, he was able to worm his organ into my vagina, a little further. He suddenly grabbed me by my knees, pushed my thighs further apart, prodded and jabbed his organ deeper into me. Three inches. Four inches. Loud squishy sounds erupted from my vagina, as he slowly drilled into me with a short, cork-crewing motion. Five inches. My eyes rolled about in their sockets and I panted and groaned. Six inches. My hair flounced about my head, as I flung my head about - like a mad woman.

I just lay there, softly sobbing and crying out, " Hey Bhagwan, Hey Bhagwan " every few seconds. My father-in-law managed to slowly drill at least seven inches of his organ into my vagina. Three quarters of his organ was inside me now. I moaned, as the bulbous head was stretching the walls of my vagina, wider and wider, with every thrust. With a huge forward thrust, his penis reached the bottom wall of my vagina. He had thrust in eight inches into me and his organ head slammed up against the back of my vagina, right up against my cervix. I stared at him, with my mouth agape.

I was in pain now. I pleaded with him, " Hey Bhagwan! Enough. Please stop Baabuji. No more. You have reached the end of my vagina. Please stop further thrusting more of your organ into me. Please ...... Please Baabuji ...... Please stop. It is paining me horribly "

He simply smiled his evil smile and said, " Shhhhhh ...... Bahu. There is still three inches of my organ outside your cunt, which I intend to put into you and your lovely cunt has to accommodate. Just bear the pain "

Watching my small body shake and quiver, as his organ pounded into me, was driving my father-in-law mad with lust. I stared at him with wide eyes, as he thrust into me again. My father-in-law grabbed my waist, spread my thighs even wider with his shoulder blades and started slowly to slide those eight inches of hard penis, in and out of my vagina.

I gasped. I arched my back and started to pant and moan. I rolled my eyes and squeaked every time the head of my father-in-law's huge organ thudded against my delicate cervix. He again pulled out, until only the head remained lodged inside my vagina. He laid himself on top of me, roughly grabbed my breasts in his hands and began to suck and nibble upon them. I moaned as he teasingly pulled at my swollen nipples.

He said, " Bahu ...... You like my big cock inside your cunt, don't you? You want me to slide it in again? "

The head of my father-in-law's penis was still half embedded inside me. With a powerful jerk, he thrust his hips forward. I shrieked, as my father-in-law slammed his penis into me, with one solid thrust. He began to slide those eight inches of his organ in and out of me, with slow, even strokes. I began to pant and moan. He avoided thudding against my cervix and contented himself with a good, solid intercourse instead. We continued like this for another ten minutes, both of us panting and moaning. My tight vagina was driving him wild and soon his penis became engorged with blood. I got a feeling that maybe he was ready to ejaculate his sperms, into my vagina!

I pleaded with him, " No Baabuji. Please do not put your seed into me. I will become pregnant. I am the widow of your son. What will people say? Please pull out of me. I shall make you ejaculate with my hands "

But my pleading was in vain. It was obvious that he wanted to plant his seed deep inside me. He stared at me. There was mad lust in his eyes. There were still three more inches of his organ that my vagina had not yet accommodated. I could see that he was now determined to push his whole organ into me. He again pushed and prodded, jabbing deeper into me. He started to really spread my vagina open. I wailed as he thrust forward. My father-in-law grabbed my slim shoulders, in his strong hands again and pulled me against himself.

I groaned as the head of my father-in-law's massive penis, thudded against my cervix. He pushed deeply into me. Slow and gentle jabs, each forward thrust spreading my narrow cervical sphincter wider and wider. I was in tremendous pain. I howled and bucked my hips. I spread my legs as wide as possible to allow him to thrust deeper into me. My father-in-law stopped jabbing and just simply pushed forward. I groaned as his penis started to spread my insides wide.

The back of my vagina was soft, but extremely narrow. His penis head pushing against that rubbery barricade was causing me horrific pain. But his thick and swollen bulbous organ head kept drilling into the deepest part my vagina, with unrelenting forward pressure. Sweat was just pouring off me. My father-in-law pushed harder. I was crying & sobbing with acute pain now. But not caring about my pain he kept pushing his rock hard penis into me. In the midst of my terrible pain, I could hear my bones creak in protest, as my father-in-law's penis spread the muscles of my cervical ring wider and wider apart. The tapered tip of his huge organ head was now actually piercing through my narrowest of openings, spreading my cervical ring far apart, widening it for the massive length behind it.

I again pleaded, " Baabuji it is paining me too much. You are tearing me apart. Please remove your organ. I shall die with pain now "

Instead of listening to my pleading, my father-in-law thrust his organ head into me more forcefully! I gritted my teeth and stared at him with shock, as I felt my cervix surrender to his organ. I exclaimed with shock " Aaaah " as my father-in-law's bulbous organ head pushed through me. There was a sudden, slight rendering sound, as my cervical sphincter was forced apart and then his organ head was through it! I gave a shrill cry as the fat head pushed past my cervix, inching its way deep into my womb. My father-in-law leaned forward even more and continued pushing the rest of his eleven-inch penis into me, until his testicles slammed up against my moist vaginal lips and the head of his penis connected with the back of my womb. Now my father-in-law was in - all the way! He had realised his dream!

I stared at my father-in-law with awe! Despite my terrible pain, I was amazed at his manliness. Amazed at what he had done to me now. I simply was awe-struck that he had managed to thrust his entire organ through my vagina and further through my cervix, so deep - right into my womb. Despite the fact of what he was doing to me, was by force, yet as a woman, I was thrilled at being able accommodate my father-in-law's massively monstrous penis, so deep in my womb. I was getting excited that I was able to give pleasure with my body - to such a virile man. As a matter of fact, Exquisitely pleasurable sensations were developing deep in me, where his penis was embedded into my womb. Among such sensuous feelings, I gradually decided to forget the fact that this was my father-in-law, who was in me.

I stared with a new found passion at my father-in-law. My eyes were now as big as saucers, as I felt the swollen & throbbing head of his enormous organ, tickle the most sensitive lining of the back of my womb. Now my pain was slowly subsiding. I was gradually getting short, little bouts of pleasure. As seconds flew by, I was enveloped by a long-lasting wave of delirious ecstasy. I emitted continuous short grunts and arched my head back. My father-in-law withdrew his penis from my vagina very slowly. The secretions from my vagina and his own pre-cum dripped off the tip of his penis. I stared at it. My own lust grew. My breasts were thrust up like cones. My nipples became erect.

My father-in-law said, " Bahu -- now that I have managed to open up your tight little cunt, I am going to drown you in my fertile sperms and put in a dozen babies straight onto your eggs in your womb now. Are you ready to receive my fertile seeds? "

I shyly said, " Yes Baabuji. I am ready. Ejaculate your manly seeds onto my eggs and make me pregnant tonight. I shall be proud to have your baby "

He again spread my thighs. I held onto him. I gave a little squeal of protest when the swollen and bulbous head of my father-in-law's penis tickled my vaginal lips. He held onto me firmly, sliding me down further, inch by inch. His hands clasped around my waist. I grunted and groaned, as it slowly drilled into my moist vagina. I had been superbly wetted and it slipped in rather easily. My father-in-law gave my body another thrust downwards. My breasts bounced in front of his face. Half of his penis was inside me now. He let go of my waist and cupped my tender breasts in his hands instead and used them as a hand-hold to guide me down. He began to roughly squeeze and knead my breasts and I gave a sigh, as his thumbs rolled over my nipples. The seventh inch of his penis disappeared inside me. About four inches of solid penis was still poised outside my vagina. Although I could not see, I could feel how wide my vagina was being stretched around the massive girth of my father-in-law's penis.

Eight inches slipped into me. I threw back my head and groaned. Nine inches. I squirmed a bit, rocked my hips and squeaked, as the head of my father-in-law's penis slowly wormed its way past my tight cervical ring. It started paining again.

I began groaning, " Baabuji ....... slowly ....... your organ is hurting my cervix now ....... It is paining me again "

He just kept forcing me down. Though I was in pain, he held on to me and thrust his organ much more forcefully. I emitted a loud squeal, as more of his penis pushed through my cervix into my womb. He kept his penis in my cervical ring static for a moment. He seemed to be gathering his breath. Suddenly, with a powerfully violent thrust, he tore through my cervical ring and embedded his colossal rock hard penis deep into my womb, almost directly over my eggs. And then he was gain in to the hilt in me. The shock of his violent thrust made me momentarily almost die with pain.

I screamed, " Aaaaah ....... Aaaaah ....... Baabujeeee ...... I am dying with pain ....... you are killing me "

My father-in-law replied, " Its OK ....... bahu ....... Your tight cunt has swallowed my whole penis into it now. My cock is completely in through your cunt into your womb and directly over your eggs. So relax. I shall keep it still so that you can get used to the size. Only when your pain eases, I will fuck you "

So saying he again kept his organ completely still, deep in me. Both of us were breathing rapidly and sweating profusely. Our bodies were joined. Crotch to crotch. Pubic hair to pubic hair. My father-in-law and I, were one now. We lay still. My pain was easing off. Gradually, my excitement returned and I started feeling pleasurable sensations again. I slowly thrust my hips up a bit further onto my father-in-law's penis -- trying to accommodate him better.

He asked me, " Sangeeta beti ....... Are you OK now? Has your pain reduced? "

I replied, " Jee Baabuji. I am feeling much better now "

He asked me, " Can I now fuck your womb to my heart's content, beti? I want to fuck you roughly and violently "

I shyly replied, " Jee Baabuji ....... Take your pleasure from me to your heart's content in whatever way you wish. I am ready to give you all the pleasure that you want "

My father-in-law now began thrusting his penis deep in and out of my womb. It was rubbing against my sensitive nerve endings there -- which I never even knew existed! With the pleasure that I began getting, I emitted a deep resonating gurgle and drew my nails down his back. He again plunged his organ with force. I gave a little cry and braced my hands on his shoulders. I began to meet his thrusts into me, with my own thrusts upwards onto his organ. Slowly and carefully. My eyes closed and my hands digging into his shoulders. Up and down he rode. sliding half of his rigid penis in and out of my womb. I grunted as the bulbous head of his penis repeatedly thudded through my womb.

My father-in-law cupped my breasts in the palm of his hands, bent his head a little, popped the left one into his mouth and began to suck and pull on my nipple, slurping his tongue over my nipples or teasingly pulling at them with his teeth, while I thrust myself slowly up and down onto his penis. He began to thrust faster and faster with total frenzy. I squealed and wailed as his organ thudded in and out of me. He grabbed me real tightly then. His fingers dug into my waist. He rammed into my womb all the way violently. My father-in-law began to propel his organ into my womb like a mad man, lifting and lowering my small body, continuously jack-hammering through my tight cervical sphincter. I was in ecstasy. I could feel my orgasm building up. He noted that I was getting into my peak and began to drive his penis all the more violently into my womb in and out. My excitement was climbing rapidly. Sweat was pouring out from both of us. Both of us were gasping. He went on shoving his massive organ in and out of my womb -- almost brutally. My climax was building up faster and I could not control myself any longer. Finally my orgasm burst out of my womb

I screamed, " Aaaaaah ....... Baabuji ....... I ....... I ....... Aaaaaah ....... I am cumming ....... Aaaaah ....... "

I let myself go completely. He went on viciously thrusting into me, when I was having my orgasm making it more intense for me. My juices and secretions were bubbling and pouring out of my vagina. I was completely out of breath. I threw my arms around his neck, groaned deeply, then thrust my lips on his, with such fierceness that he was momentarily shocked. He let me kiss him for a few moments, holding me against him and allowed my orgasm to subside. My whole body was quivering and shaking.

My father-in-law relaxed for a few minutes and stroked my hair. Without a word he slowly lifted himself way up so that just his organ head was lodged inside me and slammed into me again. Ramming the entire eleven-inch organ into my womb to the hilt. All the way up and all the way down again. I shrieked as he pumped his penis viciously up and down. He was lifting himself one foot off me, so that he hovered in the air, only to slam into my womb all the way, so that our bodies collided with a crunch. With every thrust his organ head slammed through my tight vagina, thudded through my cervix and slid deep into my womb - actually connecting with the very back of it. It looked like his violent propelling into my womb, was re-arranging my insides. Almost like pushing my stomach and intestines aside, with his gargantuan penis!

He was sweating and gasping. He was propelling his penis into me like a machine. His speed was increasing. I could guess that he was about to ejaculate his virile seeds directly onto my eggs. He had been practicing considerable restraint in the last hour or so. I knew that he could not hold back much longer. Although he had loosened me up, my vagina was still extremely tight and all that pushing, shoving and plunging of his penis was creating enormous friction between my vagina and his penis, which was driving him insane.

As his organ was being thrust completely in and out of me and that too violently, he was probably feeling two sensations on his penis. One - the sensation & pleasure from my vagina. The other - the sensation & pleasure from penetrating my cervix with every stroke. It must have felt to him, as if he was having the pleasure of two vaginas! He was thrusting into me sadistically now. I wailed and clawed, as his groin slammed against my vagina with every thrust. My breasts were being flung about too - considering how firm and stiff they actually were. After a few more violent thrusts, I could feel the head of his penis swell, all the more. I moaned deeply and groaned, as it spread me even wider apart. He shut his eyes gasping. He grabbed my waist and heaved into me, with ferocious thrusts. And then the moment came .......

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