Abducted Bound Cheerleaders

byMistress Maria©

Joe stood in front of the topsy-turvy Gina. Her face was down at his naked groin and her pussy was at his face. He removed her gag and forced his cock into her mouth. He made her clean his wet and still swollen shaft with her mouth as he buried his nose into the bottom tip of her pubic triangle. He breathed her in as he wrapped his left arm around her ass. He pulled her toward him sending her soft mound into his mouth. He stuck his tongue into her inverted snatch and ate her out, while Gina sucked his dick while being suspended upside down. They remained in this awkward position for several minutes. Joe pulled out and shot streaks of cum all over Gina's face, chin, and throat. He left her dangling inverted over the floor.

Joe knelt down and searched his voluminous bag for more toys. He emerged with another vibrator; identical to the one crammed into Mom's slit. He turned it on and walked over to me. He raised my hoist higher, taking my feet at least three feet off the floor. He inserted the vibrator into my violated pussy and shoved it in deep. The oscillating vibrator was a unique to me. I never used one before and the feeling was incredible. Joe took my panties from Mom's head and put them back on me, securing the vibrator in place. The hard plastic phallus shook rapidly in my snatch and buzzed in my panties. I came within seconds. Moments later, I came again. I was going crazy! The feeling was great. Like Mom, I was on my way to a multi-orgasmic experience of my own. Joe made up for leaving me high and dry while after fucking me like he was driving a hanging wheel barrel with is prick.

Joe returned to Gina. He lowered her hoist and helped her down to the floor. He unhooked her legs from the hoist and removed his belt from her ankles. He raised the hoist and hooked in her wrists again. Gina was raised off the floor a second time and Joe pulled her over to a dismantled conveyor belt table. He made sure I was watching what he was about to do to her. There were two scaffolding frames on either side of the table. Joe widened the distance between the two frames. He dragged Gina and positioned her directly over the table. He lowered her a little. Then he took each foot and stretched her legs out, tying her ankles to cross-sections of each opposing scaffold frame. Gina was stretched spread eagle over the conveyor belt table. Joe laid upon the center slot of the table facing up at Gina. His cock was hard, poised, and ready.

"I hear cheerleaders are good at doing the splits." Joe said breaking a long silence, "You look like you would be good at it." He grinned up at her.

"No! Please don't! I'm a virgin." Gina pleaded for her innocence.

"Right." Joe said sarcastically, "All you cheerleaders are whores. Time to do the splits baby doll." He lowered the hoist.

Nooooo! It will hurt!" Gina screamed. Joe continued to lower Gina and her legs spread wide over his supine body. Her legs were in a full split as her stretched out virginal pussy hovered a centimeter away from the tip of Joe's penis. Although her body weight pushed her downward, her slender legs could not stretch any further. Frustrated, Joe got off the table and searched for something that would help raise his body or lower hers. He found a wooden pallet and laid it down across the table. This would raise him nearly a foot from the slot in the table. He climbed on the table and slid himself between the pallet and Gina's wide-open snatch. Once in position, he pressed his cock against her labia. Gina tried to squirm and protest, but she was stuck. He thrust his hips upward and penetrated her tight box. Joe had ventured where no man had gone before and he took Gina's treasured virginity. He fucked her as she did the splits over him. The whole scene looked like some sort of bizarre circus act. I felt bad for Gina that she had to loose her virginity to this dark, sadistic creep, especially in this weird and non-consensual manner. He pounded her from below, which caused her pert little breasts to bounce up and down. Her petite pussy was stuffed with Joe's huge cock. She screamed and groaned as he fucked her fiercely. But Gina panted and shouted for more! He was thoroughly punishing her little snatch. I was almost envious. Gina's small-framed body rocked aggressively as she had an explosive orgasm. Joe shot his load of cum into her salacious snatch.

When he was done, Joe got up and untied Gina's ankles. He helped her to get her feet down from the scaffolding and allowed her to stand upright on the table. Then he dragged her away from the table and lowered her to where her feet could touch the floor. Joe went back to his bag of tricks. He pulled out a cordless hand drill. I shuddered as I thought what he might have planned to do with it. Who would be his next victim?

Joe tested the drill by pulling the trigger twice. It was fully charged. There was no drill bid attached. He walked over to Mom and knelt down between her open legs. He yanked the still buzzing vibrator out of her vagina. He switched it off and tossed it into his bag. Joe took the drill and pointed the hard round rotating head at her mound with intentions of inserting it into her vagina. Although there was no drill bid, the thick rotating steelhead would tear her pussy to shreds. Things were going horribly wrong now. He teased Mom with short revs of the drill. Terror was struck in Mom's eyes. Joe laughed menacingly as he leaned into her, ready to stick buzzing power tool in her. Suddenly, a loud banging sound was heard in the distance. It was loud enough for Joe to hear over the drill's motor. He froze and listened. We heard voices. Someone was coming! Joe quickly put on his pants and gathered up his bag and ducked away into the darkness. I heard a door slam as he left. The voices drew near. They were men's voices. They were laughing and joking.

I was shocked and embarrassed to see half of the starting offense of varsity football team staring up at me in astonishment. To make matters worse, Brian Davis led the pack. They came to the old abandoned warehouse to drink on weekends. And there I was, bound, gagged, and suspended in the air with a vibrator buzzing in my pussy. Then there was my Mom, sitting across from me, bound and gagged, with her snatch sticking out for everyone to see. Boy, was I embarrassed. But I was also relieved that the boys came to our rescue and scared off Joe. Brian was nice enough to help me down. He showed genuine concern, which served to minimize the embarrassment. The other boys helped and untied Mom and Gina. We explained to them that we were abducted and sexually assaulted. At first I thought the boys would show their immaturity and make light of the situation, but when they found out what happened, they were great. Of course, word got out all over school by the following Monday.

Mom told me that Joe broke into the house while she was at work. He jumped her in the kitchen as she came through the garage door. He raped her for several hours back at the house. He knew that no man was coming home. When Joe saw my cheerleading picture on the fireplace mantle, he inquired about me. Mom told him that I was her daughter and I was at the came. Then she slipped and told him that she was late to pick me up. Joe thought it would be worth his while to add a pair of high school cheerleaders to his sexual conquests and he ordered Mom at gunpoint to take him to the school and pick us up. She did not want us to go to the police because he knew where we lived.

Years later, I found out that Mom belonged to a BDSM club. I found out from Gina, who joined the same club a year after our ordeal in the warehouse. It all made sense after a while, because I would often see Mom come home with bruises and welts all about her body. She also had prescriptions for several pain medications. Gina would dress as a dominatrix and Mom did not recognize her. Mom was a "sub" according to what Gina told me. Gina also said that she saw Joe again at one of their gatherings. He was a member from the Chicago branch of the club and was just visiting. He hung out with Mom most of that night.

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