tagIncest/TabooAccidental Piss Lovers Ch. 01

Accidental Piss Lovers Ch. 01


I am 19 years old and have my own apartment, which is close to my parents house. Leaving the house was not my choice, not by a long shot, but it has worked out alright. My sister, Brandy, comes over to visit often and I enjoy her company. She feels a little guilty about what happened, since it was her actions that got me thrown out. I have never held that over her head and we continue to have a good relationship, despite her acting like a brat far too often for my taste.

We are watching a movie, at least I'm trying to as she sits on my lap, which she has done for many years. There is nothing remotely sexual about it and I have never thought of her in that way. Even if I had the desire to cross that forbidden line, it would not be with my sister. She is far more petite and her breasts are far smaller than the women I desire.

The only reason Brandy does something like this is she knows it blocks my view. She thinks it's very funny, but I find it quite the opposite. I have tried several things to get her to stop, but the only thing that works is tickling her into submission. It is always a last resort since I know she will dig into my legs with her nails in an attempt to stop me. Getting her to stop is something that is always painful.

Getting angry, I say, "Damn it, Brandy. Stop it. I'm trying to watch the movie."

She throws her shoulder length blond hair back in my face and says, "No. I don't want to and you can't make me."

I brush her hair off my face and try to force her off of me, but her nails start to dig in. Getting all the more angry, I say, "That hurts. Stop it. Why can't I just enjoy watching a movie for a change."

She says, "Because, Max, it's funny."

I stop trying to force her off of me and say, "Not to me. Damn, Brandy, you are 18 years old. Grow up already."

Her nails release their grip as she says, "I don't want to, Max."

Leaving me no alternative, I use the only thing in my arsenal that works and prepare for her finger nails to dig in. My hands reach her sides and my fingers start to work the areas I know will impact her the most. She immediately starts giggling and digs her fingers in tightly. The pain is not pleasant, but I know I can take it.

Between giggles, she says, "Quit it, Max. Stop tickling me."

She throws her hair back into my face and digs in harder, which causes me to yell out from the pain. I don't stop my attack, since there is no other way. I have been through all of this before and know she will relent, just as long as I can push through whatever she decides to throw at me.

I say, "I'm not going to stop until you get off me." The anger in my voice is very clear.

She says, "No." Her nails dig in deeper and she starts to have trouble catching her breath.

I let out a grunt of pain as I say, "I'm not going to stop until you do."

While trying to catch her breath, her fingers let up as she says, "Stop it, Max. I have to pee."

She has used that one far too often and each time she goes right back to getting in my way. I say, "I'm not falling for that again, Brandy." My fingers work harder to prove my point.

Her breathing is getting more strained as I continue to tickle her and she gasps out, "I really have to go. Please stop, Max."

I say, "It's not going to happen."

I notice her demeanor change and start to feel something warm on my thighs. I stop tickling her, but don't even think of releasing Brandy. The warmth spreads rapidly and it takes a moment to realize what is happening and I find something oddly pleasant about the sensation. She is sitting just far enough forward and is unable to feel my dick getting hard.

I ask her, "Are you peeing on me, Brandy?"

She says, "Damn it, Max, I told you to let me go. I can't believe you made me piss myself. Now let go of me so I can take a damn shower."

I let go of my sister and she gets up to reveal a massive wet spot on both of us, but she doesn't bother to turn around to see the result of what she just did. This is a good thing, as there is no covering my erection from her view. The thought of piss being sexual in any way, especially from my sister, is not something that has ever crossed my mind.

She says, "Damn, Max, I don't have a change of clothes."

I say, "I'll let you use a pair of my sweat pants and do a load of laundry. No bid deal, Brandy."

She says, "You're damned right you will."

Brandy keeps her back to me as I focus on the part of her pants that are clearly soaked through. She marches into the bathroom and slams the door and I know I am safe. She has no idea that I have a very hard dick and I am a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I get a couple of pairs of sweat pants for the both of us from my bedroom and carefully avoid them making contact with any part of my legs that was touched by her piss.

I knock on the door and say, "Here you go. Now toss out whatever you want washed."

She opens the door a crack and grabs the sweat pants I am holding out for her, the other pair is hiding my erection, then she throws her pants and panties at me. The pants land against my chest and I catch them easily enough, but the panties hit me in the face and manages to stay in place. I hear her laugh as she closes the door and I stay there for just a moment as I inhale deeply. The aroma is wonderful and I don't want an end to come to this, but I know I have a short time while she is in the shower.

I hold her pants so the portion that is the wettest is pressed firmly against my crotch with my left hand, right along with the clean sweat pants, but keeping them free from her piss is not something that even comes close to the top of my mind. My left hand holds her panties firmly against my face and I love the sensation against my skin. I inhale deeply again and continue to enjoy everything about the scent.

I know I can't stand there forever and force myself to make my way to the laundry room without moving a single item of clothing. I drop the clean sweat pants onto the ground, but I keep her panties up against my face and pants against my hard cock. With some degree of difficulty, I open the lid to the washer and put her pants inside. I have no interest in doing the same with her panties as I maintain the pressure against my flesh.

Then with one hand holding her panties in place, I remove my pants and underwear to my hard cock. I leave them on the floor next to the sweat pants and use both hands remove her panties from my face and I hold them out to see what they look like. There is nothing remotely sexy about her panties, but I don't care. What matters to me is seeing they are completely soaked.

I place her panties on my dick and find the sensation is something far beyond anything I have ever felt before. I start to stroke my cock and make certain her panties cover every inch as I make quick work of stroking myself. I have an unbelievable orgasm and soak the crotch with my cum.

Once the orgasm ends and there is nothing left for me to add, I throw them inside the washer along with the other articles of clothing laying on the floor. I remove my shirt to include in the load and start the cycle. I find myself standing there completely naked and having no means to cover myself. I rush to my room and throw on a pair of sweat pants, then go to the living room and wait.

She finishes showering a short time later and walks out of the bathroom wearing the sweat pants I gave her and know there are no panties between the fabric and her flesh. I think I might get lucky and she'll leave me a little gift, even if she doesn't know it's a gift. There is little time to think about such things at this moment, but I know there will be plenty of time later.

Brandy says, "Your turn, piss head. Take a shower, because you stink."

I find myself wanting to smile at the comment, but maintain my composer. There is no way I risk saying anything as I quickly make my way to the bathroom and regretfully wash her piss off of my body. I have no alternative as there is no way she would not realize I missed a spot and I don't want her to know anything about what just happened while she showered.

Once I finish my shower and leave the bathroom, neither of us says a word while waiting patiently for the clothes to finish. Once done, she goes into the bathroom to change and leaves the sweat pants on the floor. She rushes out my apartment and I move quickly to the bathroom. Placing the spot where her bare pussy had just been resting and I bring it to my nose. I inhale deeply while trying to find some hint of that aroma, but find nothing.

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by Anonymous

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by cdnbimale5007/10/18


Great story, hope he drinks her piss, and they add shit to it. You might want to put a forewarning for the "sensitive" people. Not enough of these stories. Love it, more please.

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by Anonymous07/10/18

Read before uploading or get an editor

Not incest as they never did anything sexual together....why did he get kicked out and why was it her fault? What is the point of having her wet pants pressed agAinst his crotch when he still has allmore...

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by UAlbanyGirl51807/09/18

Nice story

Two of my favorite topics are incest and pee play, so I was happy to read your story. It seems like the sister knows exactly what she’s doing, and trying to tease her brother to make the next move.more...

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by prop6907/09/18

NOt a fan of piss

Next chapter

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