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My first “adult” encounter with another man

I knew but the dry mouth and nervousness that this was what I had been waiting for. I had not seen nor touched another man for at least ten years! And the thought was making me horny and crazy!

I pulled into the parking lot and noticed that, for 2 in the afternoon it was very busy. I wondered if all the people were “sick” and called in to work like I had done!

I went through the door and encountered the same boring face of the attendant that I have grown to expect. Paid my money- opting to get the gay addition to the ticket also. Why not?, I knew that was why I was really here after all…

I had read that you should go to the back of the theatre for the action but upon entering the opening the second of three doors I noted I could not see a thing except for outline of heads in the seats before me. I turned towards the back, and as my eyes adjusted, noticed one open seat on the end of the back row. I made my pardons for blocking the view of the others as I made my way to the seat. Most of the men had their cocks out or at least feebly tried to cover them as I passed. My own cock was straining at my jeans as I made my way.

Sitting down, I noticed I had sat beside an older man whom seemed to be looking at me from the corner of his eye and then looking back to the screen as the large breasted blond took two cocks into her mouth.

I immediately took my cock out- by this point the signs that warned against this were a moot point! I was so goddamn horny!! The pre-cum was already staining my pants and lubricating my cock.

It appeared that once my cock was free of its bonds the other men in the row loosened up and also began, again, to play with their cocks. I joined them in their side-ways glances and slow jerking of their cocks whilst watching the screen.

As my eyes adjusted more I noted that the older gentleman next to me had absolutely no problem with achieving an erection! His cock was at least 12 inches if not more. Slim, a perfectly flared, circumcised tip and smooth enough to slip into me with no problem!

I slowly moved my hand to the arm rest and he removed his hand from himself. His massive cock slapping against his belly. I slowly reached over and, as I became more light-headed, gently grasped his manhood with my hand. It pulsed and throbbed with the beat of his heart. I noticed that it was very wet and lubricated. Quickly I took my hand from it and brought it to my face, smelling the scent of him- it was not a lubricant but his own man-juices! It was, to say the least, intoxicating!

I again wrapped my hand around him, slowly moving it up and down. He reached over and fondled my full, swollen ball sac and touched my engorged shaft. Although he did not stroke me I was still in rapture at his touch!

I took my thumb and, upon my up-stroke, spread his juices from his slit around his cock head. He would moan and lift his hips to my ministrations. His finger mean while found my wrinkled opening and traced lazy circles around it. Further heightening my arousal.

After what seemed like an eternity his shaft swelled and shortly there after he groaned and thrust upwards as pulse after pulse of cum rolled out and down around my hand, burning me with his seed.

The air quickly filled with the musky smell of man-cum and he slowly calmed down from his orgasm. He put his quickly deflating cock back into his trousers and got up and left. I noticed that all the other men were watching me as I slowly began to pull on my engorged cock. I had never had an audience before and this further heightened my arousal.

Stoking more furiously and remembering the feel of the man’s cock I shortly shot my own load into the air. Now I don’t get into the whole “creative license” thing- I have an average 7 inch, cut and shaved cock… but that day I really did shoot what had to be the biggest and farthest load I had ever shot!

It was to be the first of many!

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