tagBDSMAdventures in Nemesisland Ch. 17

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 17


Mistress Nemesis sat in her changing room preparing for Kim's next test. She was surrounded by her wardrobe of fetish clothing, row upon row of pvc dresses, tops and skirts in various colours, a collection of fetish boots and shoes, an array of wigs and a dressing table scattered with make-up. She had already changed but was sat in front of her dressing room mirror for a moment of quiet contemplation. She was dressed in her favourite black pvc cat-suit and knee high stiletto boots. The shiny material clung to her statuesque and shapely figure. She always felt dominant in this outfit. She knew only too well the effect this cat-suit had on her slaves. The shiny pvc stretched over her voluptuous bosom and hips made her feel alluring and powerful. The mere sight of it catapulted her slaves into a state of submission. She could see it in their eyes. She had put it on now for a reason. She wanted to feel at her most dominant and powerful for the act she must now inflict on her protégé, her special slave girl.

Mistress Nemesis reflected on Kim's progress through Nemesisland. She's done brilliantly. She's been everything I wanted and expected from her. I knew that given the chance her hidden but latent qualities would shine through, and they have. She's shown herself to be submissive when required but wickedly dominant when necessary. She's clever and imaginative and resourceful. She's respectful at the right time but wicked and fun when she needs to be. And she wants to submit. I can feel it. She's embraced Nemesisland. She's confused and bewildered at times and she knows there's something being hidden about her past and I'll need to address that, but not yet. There will be a time for that. I need her in my world. She's so close and I must have her. For me and my wider purpose but also for herself so she can find out who she is. I haven't made a mistake; everything I've heard of this girl is true. I can see into her soul and I know she's the girl I need. It's imperative I have her. I must have her submit to me, completely. This is the last act, the final test for her.

Mistress Nemesis took something down from the shelf above her dressing table. It was black, made of hard rubber, thick, long and fearsome looking. Larger and harder than any male cock, it was the ultimate tool of humiliation. It was the biggest most awesome strap-on she possessed.

I have to steel myself for this, she contemplated, as she handled the hard dark object in her hand. I know how special this girl is and what she means to me. I like her. However cruel I've needed to treat her I've great affection for her. But I must manifest my harsh side. I must take her through this final trial of submission; take her deepest taboo and make her face up to it so she can surrender herself completely. And then all can be revealed.

She took the leather belt and strapped it around her waist, tightening the harness so it sat snugly against her crotch. The black false cock protruded from her body. She could feel its hardness against her own sex and that made her feel empowered. She ran her red fingernails across its contours and felt its unforgiving hardness. She felt the power and dominance of it run through her. This would not be easy, for her or for Kim, but it had to be done. She got up from her dressing table chair and went into her dungeon.

Kim had already been prepared by Vicky. She was front down on her whipping bench, her wrists and ankles strapped to the bench and her naked body tied down with leather straps. She was helpless and vulnerable and Mistress Nemesis knew that what she faced would be a severe challenge for her. She stood in front of Kim the black strap on bobbing in front of her face. Kim was tied down so she couldn't look up; her whole attention was directed at the fearsome object around the Red Queen's waist.

"Do you see this girl?"

"Mmm, yes mistress," Kim muttered in a whispered whimper.

Mistress Nemesis could tell Kim knew where she intended to put the hard object. Kim realised it. She hoped that she intended to fuck her with the strap-on in the normal way, up her sopping cunt but somehow she knew instinctively that wasn't where it was going to go. It was the only part of her bound, battered and abused body that hadn't been used in Nemesisland and it was hardly likely it was going to escape attention.

"Do you know where this is going to go?" she asked in her cruellest tones; the question was rhetorical.

"Yes, mistress," Kim replied, oh yes she knew.

"This is going to go up your arse girl. I will force you to cross your last taboo Kim. You will submit to me whatever the pain, whatever the humiliation, do you understand?"

Kim whimpered and nodded. She had hated this when it had been forced on her before by an ex-boyfriend. Could she learn to receive it in Nemesisland? Kim was scared.

Mistress Nemesis grabbed Kim harshly by the hair and lifted her head up.

"Take it girl. Suck on it."

She pushed the object between Kim's lips as they parted. The huge false phallus filled Kim's mouth. The taste of the hard rubber filled her mouth and its smell, mingled with the aroma of Mistress Nemesis's perfume, wafted up her nostrils. At first she could hardly breathe and she had to take in deep drafts of air through her nose as she obediently did as she was told and sucked on it. Mistress was not going to show her any mercy. She pushed the rubber cock down her throat in deep strokes until at one point she started gagging. Kim was close to tears but she pulled herself back. Eventually Mistress Nemesis settled on a slow rhythmic movement that forced Kim to suck hard on the object.

Kim was relieved when the strap-one was pulled out of her mouth but it was only a brief respite as she knew what was going to follow. Mistress Nemesis said nothing. She marched beside Kim her stiletto heels clicking against the stone floor. She climbed up onto the whipping bench and knelt over Kim's back-side. Kim could feel the hard pvc against her the flesh of her arse and her thighs.

There was a slapping sound and Kim let out a howl of pain.

"Take it girl," the voice behind her reprimanded cruelly, "control yourself."

It was such a surprise. Kim wasn't expecting that, she was waiting for something very different. Mistress Nemesis slapped her hard with the open face of her hand five or six times. It was painful but this time Kim was ready for her.

"Vicky, pass me my riding crop."

Kim heard movement behind her and then the sharp whack of the leather loop of the crop against her back-side. Kim had to use all her inner strength not to let out a squeal of pain. She leaned right over Kim so that she could feel the pvc pressed against her and then the touch and smell of Mistress Nemesis's dark hair as it hung over her cheeks.

"You'll be my little pony, girl."

And she whacked Kim hard with the riding crop. She felt her arse glowing red with the harsh strokes.

"Vicky, fetch a ball gag and bridle and put it on her," ordered Mistress Nemesis.

Vicky did as she was told. She put a red ball gag into Kim's mouth and tightened the strap behind her head so it was kept firmly in place and then secured a metal bridle around her cheek and a pair of leather reins. Now, mistress climbed up onto her back and took hold of the reins. The weight of her pvc clad back-side pressed down onto Kim. The harsh strokes with the riding crop continued in earnest now.

"Come on take me for a ride girl."

Her back-side felt like it was on fire. The pain was now excruciating and Kim was sure there would be red welts on her arse from fierce strokes from the crop. There was no release from it; she was strapped down and could barely move and her cries and moans were muffled by the ball gag in her mouth. She could feel the movement of mistress on top of her, 'riding her' and the legs of her pvc cat suit squeezing her body. And yet, and this Kim couldn't explain logically, just like everything else in Nemesisland, she loved the sensations. She wanted it and her burning desire was to give herself up to whatever this powerful dominatrix threw at her.

At one side of the whipping bench there was a mirror and Kim was able to cock her head to one side. She had to admit it looked sensational. This pvc clad woman mounted on her, the riding crop in her hand. She would alternate the strokes of the whip with gentle strokes of Kim's sore and throbbing arse with her gloved hand and these felt like a heavenly interlude between the punishments. Eventually Mistress Nemesis's pony had been put through her paces and she passed the crop back to Vicky to hang back on the wall with the other floggers and whips.

"Vicky take the ball gag out," she ordered.

Vicky untied the strap and pulled the red rubber ball out. Kim exercised her jaw to relax it and get some movement back. She drew in long drafts of air through her mouth. The combination of physical punishment and restricted breathing had made her very woozy.

The cat-suited figure leant over her, once again Kim felt the cool shiny pvc pressing against her back. Her face was alongside Kim's. She could feel her warm breath against her check, smell the aroma of her red lipstick and the scent of her long black hair. It felt like submissive heaven.

"Do you trust me?"

The words were whispered in her ear firmly and urgently.

"Yes, I trust you"

"Do you trust me completely Kim?"

"Yes, I do," Kim whimpered.

And she meant it, she really did. She wanted nothing more than to give herself up to this powerful woman and be part of her world.

"Will you do anything for me Kim?"

"Yes, mistress, yes I will."

"Will you take it for me, will you take the strap-on Kim."

"Mmm, yeah."

Kim was fearful but she did trust her. In some strange inexplicable way she trusted her completely; Kim understood that she was looking out for her and there was some meaning to the rite of passage she was going through. This was different from when her boy-friend did it or when the psycho in the parlour tried to take her, completely different. This was an act of surrender and submission freely offered up and entered into.

She could see Vicky pass her some lube in the mirror out of the corner of her eye. She spread some generously over the black cock. Kim gulped. Would she really be able to take that thing inside of her. She felt a cold slippery feeling over her arse hole as she spread lube liberally over her with her pvc gloved hand.

At first she felt the object nudging at the flesh of her buttocks and then Mistress Nemesis use her hands to spread her bum cheeks so she could find the right spot. The black strap-on pushed against her hole as she felt her hips force it into her. She felt the muscles of her arse being pushed open by the thing and she tried desperately hard to receive it. She knew it wouldn't help to put up any resistance. Besides, she wanted it, she really wanted it. She felt the muscles being stretched and for a moment wondered whether she would be able to take it but then she felt the gnarled head of the false cock push into her anal passage and she knew she was there. She felt a sense of euphoria. The thing wasn't pushed into its full depth but it was nestled safely inside her and Kim knew she had probably gone through the worse now.

She glanced to one side and saw the stunning dark figure of Mistress Nemesis over her and the fearsome black strap-on, partly inserted into her arse. Kim had to admit it looked awesome. Having got the false cock comfortably inside Kim she started to fuck her, at first with long gentle strokes, sliding the strap-on inside her and gradually pushing it further and further into Kim's sex. Kim felt it filling her up as though her whole back-side was being stretched. It was a peculiar feeling, not painful as she remembered it from her first experience, but certainly challenging. It was on that boundary between pain and pleasure that Kim had experienced often in Nemesisland, a sensation she had grown to love. It was also wonderfully, gloriously submissive. The idea that another woman could take her in this way just turned Kim on immensely.

The momentum of the strokes started to increase and Kim could see reflected in the mirror the black strap-on going quickly inside her. Mistress Nemesis was holding onto Kim by the hips and pushing in and out hard. Kim could see she was working up a sweat herself and putting a huge effort into filling her. He long black hair was swinging back and forth with the movement. It was such a decadent and horny act, thought Kim, now a new convert to anal pleasure. The sensations in her arse were amazing, like every nerve ending inside her was alive and the juices in her cunt were flowing. Mistress Nemesis now leant over her so the full weight of her body was resting on Kim's and the movements became yet harder and faster. Her body started to shake as the pvc clad body presed down onto her, fucking her wildly. She expelled a squeak and groan and came. Kim could hardly believe that anal penetration could have that effect on her but it had. Mistress Nemesis did not stop though. She continued to pound into Kim as more waves of orgiastic pleasure spread over her.

Eventually she thread the strap-on out of Kim's back-side and dismounted from the whipping bench. Her breath was heavy and, unusually for her, she looked a bit dishevelled from the exertion she had put into fucking Kim's arse. She stood in front of her, her hands on her hips. Kim could hardly believe that the huge object had been right inside her, that her tiny arse-hole had taken such a thing.

Mistress Nemesis put a finger under her chin and lifted her head up so she could look into eyes. Her gaze was still fixed and harsh.

"Do you submit to me?"

"Yes," gasped Kim, "Yes, please, utterly."

With that response she turned away immediately and walked serenely out of the dungeon. Kim looked on in awe as she followed her beautifully rounded pvc clad rear out of the dungeon.

Mistress Nemesis closed the door of her dungeon behind her and exhaled a deep sigh. It was done she reflected; Kim has submitted to me. I had to treat her like that; had to keep up the role, however much I wanted to take her up in my arms afterwards and comfort her. She had given herself up completely and freely. I knew she would. Now the time for revelation and redress is close.

Kim didn't know how to react. Was that it? Was she just going to fuck her up the arse and walk away? Kim was confused, even hurt. Or was she over-reacting? Perhaps there was some other purpose to her actions? Kim had said she trusted her and she did. Kim had said she submitted to her and she did. There was always some new twist and turn in Nemesisland, maybe she had to be patient and see what the next one would be.

In the meantime Vicky was being especially kind and attentive towards her. She had undone her straps and helped her down from the whipping bench. That was nice of her as Kim was still a bit unsteady on her feet. She offered Kim a drink and said that Mistress Nemesis had said she should have a shower before being presented to her again for her next ordeal.

Another ordeal? Was there no end to the extremes of pleasure and torment in this place?

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