tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 76

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 76


I stood outside the door of my room and looked down the long hallway of the old hotel. Its dark mahogany walls and bright red carpet were from another era.

I could see the figure at the end of the hallway running to me, it was female. She finally stopped when she saw me.

"Take me away, Jim...I can't handle this anymore, please help me." she said as she collapsed into my arms.

"Yes, come with me..." I said as I hustled her into my room.

At the other end of the hall I could the male voice angrily yelling.

"Come back here! You're my wife...get back here!"

I quickly shut the door and locked it, hoping it had been quick enough to not be seen.

The girl was on the bed crying.

"Please Jim, I just want to get away...I can't take being with him anymore."

I sat down beside her on the huge bed and held her close, she was sobbing quietly.

"It's OK, Kim...I'm here." I said as I held her.

Then I woke up. I was in my bed, alone. Sleep like this sometimes provoked weird dreams. In this case, it was after 1AM and I'd dreamed about Kim Kardashian.

Jeff Murphy didn't even bother looking up from his lunch.

"It's all in your mind." he said between mouthfuls.

"Yeah, well dreams are dreams." I replied.

"And like I said, it's all in your mind."

Jeff and I were sampling the lunch menu at Derek Adams' newest entry to the LA hotspot scene, cleverly named "Derek's". He had owned several clubs that were mainstays of Hollywood and generated many memories for me. He was very particular about the establishments he ran and this was his first attempt at a straight restaurant, no performance divas to deal with or fights with other clubs to get shows from.

And, like his other establishments, it became the place to see and be seen at.

Why Jeff and I rarely "did lunch" together I don't know, this time we did it as a show of support for Derek. We were still talking business, though.

"So, feel like doing some more ad copy work?" he asked.

"Who's the client?"


"The shoe company?"

"Uh-huh. Special promotion they're doing just on the west coast. If it works, they'll do it nationwide. Word I hear is they might be opening their own outlet stores next year."

"Do I get paid in shoes?" I said with a chuckle.

Jeff gave me a look that said "ha-ha".

"If you'd prefer that instead of cash, it can be arranged, you know."

He got the last laugh.

"On that note, I'll get the check." I said.

I was looking for the maitre d station when what do I see of all things, a baby in a stroller being pushed by a young mother. But not just any mother, one by the name of Kardashian, first name Kim.

Her brown eyes lit up when she saw me.

"Hollywood!" she said happily as she hugged me and I smelled her gorgeous perfume "It's so good to see you, it's been too long!"

"Well, I've been busy, you know, like you."

She laughed and then turned to her companions, her sister Khloe and mom Kris.

"You remember, Jim. He's that really cool photographer."

"Right! I met him when we were in Hawaii, god that was so long ago!" Khloe laughed.

She was right, the first time I'd ever been to Hawaii was when I'd met her sisters who were staying at a beachfront home owned by friend while I had free reign at a similar home Chuck owned before he expanded his property, adding guest bungalows. Kim and I had met once or twice since, but things had changed for her a lot lately.

"So this is the newest Kardashian?" I asked looking at Kim's baby.

"Oh yeah." she said as she picked up her baby "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Sure, takes after her Mom."

"Aw, you're such a charmer, Jim." she smiled "You know, if you'd played your cards a little differently she'd look like you."

"Kim!" her Mom said, clearly startled.

Kim and Khloe just laughed all the more.

"Come on, we came here to eat." Khloe said as she took the baby.

Kim turned to me once the others were led to their table and out of sight.

"Hey, I'll call you." Kim said softly, adding a sweet kiss on my cheek before she left to join the others. Over her shoulder, she gave me that sweet, flirty smile I'd seen before.

I couldn't help but smile myself. If I'd been a little sneaky with my cellphone, I could've snapped a photo of the most famous baby in Hollywood and made a mint selling it.

I could've also been smart and kept a friendship that Kim seemed to value.

Being smart has its advantages.

That night, I felt a soft, feather-like touch on my cheek. Then an equally soft kiss.

"Thank you, Jim...you're such a good friend..." a voice whispered.

My eyes opened and I could see Kim's smiling face.

"So good..." she whispered, almost tearfully.

I held her close, her head on my chest as we lay in the quiet darkness.

Then I woke up and realized what I was holding close was Smokie the cat. And he didn't look too pleased.

"Sorry, pal."

That morning, my phone buzzed with an incoming text message;

"Can we meet today-K" it read.

I knew it was Kim.

"Name the time and place." I wrote back.

A few minutes later it buzzed again.

"Your place at 2?"

"See you then."

Sure enough, at 2 o'clock precisely, George the concierge called to say I had a visitor.

"Oh, yes, uh, send her up."

I never knew quite how to handle things like this, I started to hang up the phone but then quickly added;

"Wait! I'll, uh, come down to meet her."

"Yes, sir."

I looked around my apartment, and hoped it would please her. In the lobby, I saw Kim chatting with George.

She looked cool in a long, flowing white sundress and large dark sunglasses. Her raven hair casually styled

"Hi, Jim...you didn't tell me you had such a cool guy here." she said with that sly smile as she turned to him.

"Oh, well, I uh..." I stumbled.

Kim laughed and took my hand.

"Come on, nice meeting you George."

"OK...don't say I didn't warn you." I said as we stood at the door to my place.

"You're so paranoid!" she laughed "Come on!"

I opened the door and her eyes lit up when she walked in and looked around the huge apartment with windows that showed off the expanse of Los Angeles in all its sun-drenched glory. Her designer heels made a sexy "clicking" sound on the hardwood floors as she walked around, the sun coming through the huge windows made her white dress transparent, showing off her legs and awesome body.

"Oh...oh...." she gasped before turning to me "Mister Hollywood..."

Kim and I kissed deeply.

"This is...beautiful..." she said as she looked at the vintage music posters from places like New York's Fillmore East and San Francisco's Winterland next to vintage guitars mounted on the wall.

"Do you play?"

"I wish!" I replied "I figured it out a long time ago that if I couldn't play the music I could at least know everything about it."

"No surprise here." she said to me as she looked over the huge bookshelf ran the length of a wall and was loaded with books as well as DVD's and a huge TV.

"It's just the way I thought it would be."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember when we were in Hawaii? When we walked on the beach?"


"I saw the house you were staying at, and I said you'd have a place like it one day."

She said as she gently held me "Now you do..."

She kissed me again.

"...now you do."

Kim had a better memory than I thought. She remembered that walk on the Hawaiian beach better than I did. And her little remark about my future residence seemed on target too. I dismissed it with a shrug, but she believed in me.

"You, uh, want a drink?" I croaked out once our lips parted.

"Not yet." she said as we kissed again "I missed you so much, Jim...so much."

As our lips parted, she hugged me.

"Oh, so good to be here!" she said happily as she looked around some more "Oh! I forgot you had a cat too! Hi sweetie!"

She sat on the low bench that looked outside and served as a lookout perch for Smokie. He hopped up on his perch and eagerly looked at Kim, rubbing against her as she slowly stroked his fur.

"What made you get a cat anyway? I always wondered about that."

"Trust me, that's a long story."

"I knew you'd say something like that!" she laughed

I could just shrug my shoulders.

Kim walked over to me and we kissed. She looked at me with her soft brown eyes and reached back to untie the top of her dress, then stopped.

"Would you like to undress me?" she said softly in my ear.

I gingerly reached for the back strap of the dress, it easily loosened and dropped to the ground.

Kim wore no bra and just thin lacy panties.

"What do you think?" she said with a smile.

"I think you look...awesome..." I somehow said.

"Why don't you go a little further...I know you want to."

"What about you? I think you want to go further too."

Kim gave me that little giggle of hers as she hugged me, I loved the feel of her tits against me. Her hand drifted down and began to caress the zipper of my jeans.

"Searching for something?"

"Uh-huh." she said as she gave me that flirty look of hers "Something special..."

Kim found the zipper and slid it down, her ultra-soft hand reached inside my jeans and caressed my dick through my underwear, it got rock hard in seconds. We kissed deeply as she caressed me.

"Hey babe..." I somehow said in between her kisses "My legs are getting weak."

"Then let's move to your bed, hon." she said as she pushed me backwards onto my bed.

Kim stood before me in all her topless glory. She put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, then turned around to show me her famous ass as she pulled them down ever so slowly. She casually tossed her thick brunette hair, then looked over her shoulder at me.

"Like what you see?"

"Nah, I've seen better."

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock.

"You little devil!" she laughed as she jumped on the bed and slugged me "Never say something like that..."

"...to a naked lady?"

"Especially that!" she laughed as we fell into an embrace.

We kissed again, deeper this time.

"Please...I wanna be with you again...like before." she whispered.

"Me too."

I took the initiative and stripped off my t-shirt, then unbuckled my jeans and slid them off. There was a prominent bulge in my underwear and Kim smiled as she saw it. She slid my underwear off and gave a look of eager anticipation as my erect dick was revealed to her.

"Oh, nice!" she said happily "Just like I remembered."

Kim softly gripped it and began to slow stroke it as she looked at me.

"Like that, hon?" she said with a naughty smile

"You need to ask?"

We both laughed at that.

Kim knelt down close and softly kissed the tip.

"I'll make you feel good, Mister Hollywood." she said as she kissed it again.

Kim looked at me before her lovely lips encircled my dick then disappeared into her mouth. Her eyes now closed. I looked upward at the ceiling and let the feeling envelop me. I could feel her soft brunette hair brushing my waist and her tongue swirling all around my dick. Her hands gently stroked my dick as well, only adding to the pleasure.

"Oh, Kim..." I somehow said.

I immediately thought, what a dumb thing to say. But then again, worse things could be said in the heat of passion!

Kim's lips came ever so slowly off my dick, her eyes were closed and a look of passion was on her face before she looked at me.

"Like that?" she said in that innocent sounding voice of hers.

"V-very much so." I croaked out.

She came up close to me and whispered "I love it" before resuming her oral work on me.

It felt so good and she sensed it too. But she wanted more. She slowly crawled up to kiss me.

"Your turn." she said as she straddled my legs.

I sat up and held her close so I could get at her beautiful tits. My hands and lips were quickly all over them. Her head jerked back as I kissed around her neck and got a scent of her perfume, then worked down to suck her nipples, generating a beautifully erotic moan from her.

I rolled her over onto her back, she spread her legs for me and I saw her pretty, completely smooth pussy, looking so inviting as usual. I knelt down and softly kissed around it, it glistened even in the slightly dim room. As my tongue began to softly lick all around her, she was softly moaning. I felt Kim's hand on my head, pushing me even further. My tongue now penetrated her lady love spot making her gasp, she tasted so good. My finger also penetrated her, only increasing her ecstasy.

"Like that?"

Kim looked up at me, her hair was mussed and she could only close her eyes and nod her head.

"Don't stop...don't stop..." she said breathlessly.

I continued licking her pussy, but now I sat up and fingered her while I sucked on her tits.

"Oh my god! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH GODDDD!" she cried out.

Her tits tasted just as warm and lovely as her pussy.

"Yes baby...lick my boobs...oh god yes..."

"I love your boobs, Kim..."

"Mmmmm...I know you do...ooooh I love it!"

I sat up a little and looked at her gorgeous nude body, she lay on the bed, softly touching herself before turning to look at me.

It was time.

I spread her legs and looked at her nude body, then softly rubbed my dick on her pussy.

"Oh yessss....oh yessss..." she moaned

"Oh...oh yes...oh god oh god oh god oh GOD!!!" she cried out as I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy.

I was fucking Kim again and it felt so good. She was holding her tits as I fucked her, knowing how I loved them. I lay on top of her and continued thrusting into her hot pussy sending waves of pleasure through her body and mine. She held me tight against her body. It was so hot to see the look of ecstasy on her face and it only made me want to fuck her harder.

"OH FUCK YES!" she screamed "FUCK ME...OH GOD FUCK ME!!"

I pulled out of her and she quickly turned over, my dick was back inside within seconds and I was banging her from behind, her face buried in the bedcovers before coming out to scream out again. Kim was grunting with every thrust into her.

"OH GOD...OH FUCK...!"

Her pussy felt super hot at this moment. I gave her famous ass a smack as I fucked her, which only made it hotter.

"Oh god Jim...oh god I'm gonna cum...gonna cum...ohhhhhhhhgodddddd!"

I kept fucking her hard until we finally collapsed onto each other. I had exploded too. I kept my dick inside her pussy and gently lay back on the bed, still holding Kim. I could tell she loved the feeling of "spooning" with me. My hands gently held her beautiful tits.

We were both exhausted, but even exhausted, Kim looked beautiful.

I finally had enough strength to talk.

"Are you OK?"

"Soooo good...I guess we were pretty horny, huh?"

"I guess so."

She touched her finger to my cheek.

"That felt wonderful." she whispered.

We kissed again and she held herself close to me, sleep soon came over us.

The sound of a cellphone ringing awakened me, I looked at my watch and saw we'd only been asleep an hour, but it was darker inside than before. Kim quickly awoke and tried to grab the phone but it must've gone to voicemail.

"Oh, well..." she said as she stood before me, still nude.

"Think it was important?"

"Probably not..." she said as she checked her phone "Ah, it's just a text from North's nanny, wants to know when I'll be home."

"Um, are you g-gonna take off, then?"

Kim looked at me with a look of regret.

"I really should, I'm sorry."

I got out of bed and reached for some shorts nearby, along with her dress.

"Hey, it's fine, I'm okay."

Kim and I embraced again as I handed her dress to her.

"You're so understanding." she said softly looking directly into my eyes.

"It's called being a Mom."

"I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"No, no, don't turn this into some kind of debt you have to repay." I said "This is just a bit of fun between us."

"Dangerous fun, you know. If anyone found out about this..."

"They won't."

"You're sure of that?"

I nodded.

Kim kissed me again before she walked out the door.

"Bye, babe."

I looked around and noticed she'd left her panties on the floor.

"Well, if anyone knows dangerous fun, it must be her." I thought as I twirled them around my finger.

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