tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of Malina Moonstone

Adventures of Malina Moonstone


I'd like this story to be dedicated to "Alissa".


"You've reached Malina Moonstone, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter," her machine proudly announced, in her voice. "What is the nature of your call?"

A thick, electronic voice countered. She tapped the screen and the words fell silent. She didn't care what it was. She'd deal with it later. She was busy. Bounties had been coming at her left and right these days, ever since the expansion of the civilized world to the more unknown regions of the galaxy.

Pirates were the biggest problem, though not the sole problem. She hadn't enjoyed a moment to herself in a month and it was starting to wear her down. Too busy warding off interesting new lifeforms (if they could be called that), escorting research teams to and from alien ruins, transporting vaccines for strange germs, investigating abandoned outposts, and all the goddamn space pirates a girl could never not want to not bother with ever. However, the profits were through the roof. If she kept this up, she'd break a personal record by tripling her total income from all of last year in less than two months. That's if she could keep it up, anyway.

She would've smiled, if she wasn't too busy thinking about how she hadn't even seen a humanoid male in about three weeks. It was really troubling that a young, fertile female such as herself was going so unnoticed, by way of unfortunate circumstance. She tried not the think about it, tried to remain focused, but she was hoping nothing would require too much of her attention or things would likely go up in smoke. She was distracted, in a very moist sort of way. In a swollen, dripping sort of way, actually. So much so it hurt. Damn it, she deserved a break today...

She ran a hand against the crotch of her inner suit. It was a thin material, similar to latex. The sensation of it on the skin was the same, though. Electric pleasure zipped up her spine and she liked it a little too much. She decided it was a bad idea to do that at the moment.

Or was it...

"Computer," she summoned.

"Active" it replied.


"Twenty three minutes and thirty two seconds till we arrive at Red Outpost 2332," it said.

Plenty of time. She darted out of the console chair, down a small hatch and into her bedroom. The ship was her home, as well as her only means of conveyance, and she wasn't afraid to say that she liked to do her private business in the comfort of her own room.

Her suit was form-fitting, but it allowed her room to breath. It covered her chest and belly completely, but only halfway on her forearms and shins. She rubbed her nipples gently through the material, winding her forefingers around them until they hardened pleasantly. She unzipped herself and pulled her suit down just enough to expose her breasts. She massaged them in a circular motion, squeezing them together ever once and again. She continued with her right hand as she wet the first two fingers on her left hand on her tongue. She slipped it down into the groin of the suit and rubbed her clitoris until it began to puff up. She moaned and slipped out of the suit.

She stood for a moment admiring the feeling of being nude, before lunging onto her bed face down and burying two fingers into her aching wetness. She quivered and squeaked as she furiously masturbated, slipping two of her thin fingers not-so-gently around inside, the tips teasing her special spot with each pass, thumbing her clitoris, toying around her anus with her free hand and biting her lip, recalling the times she had wrapped those lips around a real specimen. The thought of being competely filled made her crazy and she shoved two fingers into her ass and an extra one deep into her cunt. She moaned at the pain as it twisted into pleasure and she flipped over onto her back. She kept one arm behind her, letting those fingers invade her tiny, pink butthole, as she forced half her hand inside her swollen, dripping vagina and beat about her clit. She bit hard into her lip and screamed as the pleasure shot up the whole of her back, causing her to arch up.


The explosive combination of the pleasure and the pain exploding together in her mind caused her to explode just the same. With a scream, she squirted. She heard it splash onto the floor, but couldn't tell where. She fell back down, withdrawaling her fingers from her tender parts, panting. Her eyes were half open and mouth hung open. She needed that.

She laid there just breathing with the expression of satisfaction stuck on her face until she heard the computer chime in.

"Five minutes to arrival and departure, Miss Moonstone," it said in it's sterile, nondescript voice.

She didn't sigh or protest. She just exhaled deeply, stood up and slipped back into her outfit.

"Damn it," she swore. "I jizzed on my suit..."

It smelled like her vagina and made her horny. She prayed her helmet would block it out, but she wasn't expecting it to. She'd probably have to compensate; the very thing she was trying to avoid by touching herself to begin with. She sighed at herself in disappointment, but got over it quick.

She climbed down into the armory and tried not to think about how much she wanted to get it.


Her form-fitting armor reflected in the dull light. The obtuse V-shaped plate on the chest, the thigh pads, the shin guards, the forearms, and the joints protrubed slightly from the rest of the suit in an intimidating blood-red; the rest was a thinner, more maluable metal in a gentle black. Her helmet rested in the crook of her arm as she decided on firearms.

A couple pairs of handguns, two shotguns, a plasma rifle, a very basic grenade gun, and a dated assault rifle that was gathering dust. She tried not to think about why there was dust on her ship as she holstered a pair of pistols, slipped one of the shotguns across her back, and grabbed the assault rifle, more out of distaste for the thing and a need to rid herself of it than a genuine desire to use it.

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, Malina Moonstone, ready for action.

She slipped her helmet on and her nostels filled with her own special scent.

Oh Hell...


She stepped cautiously out onto the landing platform, looking around the massive, yet disarrayed bay for signs of life. Crates and boxes where stroon about everywhere, though there were no signs of any other vessels than her own. The lights were low and flickering. There were marks on the walls that looked like plasma scoring and splotches of strange goop. It was on the ground as well. It was on the ceiling. It was everywhere; a thin film of some purple, viscous substance. She knelt down and ran her fingers through a shallow puddle of it. She rubbed it around in her fingers and pulled them apart. It stretched, but didn't break.

She marked a large drag of a puddle of it that led to a door on the far left of the bay. She raised an eyebrow and approached. She lacked any real bearings, so she just followed the goop and, presumably thereby, the trouble. When she reached it, the door slid open quickly and pleasantly, almost thanking her for the company. There was suddenly a dark, hexagonal hallway before her. She breathed in for air, but caught her own smell again. She wanted so badly to be filled, plugged, stuffed, add euphemism here, that she thought about stripping right there and shoving in whatever fit. Thought about it in a very loose, distant sort of way, as one would think of slitting the throat of an old lady who pays for groceries in pennies. She knew it wasn't going to happen, that there were a thousand good reasons not to, and even a few possibly scary reasons not, but the thought brought a little comfort. Or maybe it was just like doucing a brush fire in lighter fluid. Anyway, she wasn't stupid. Judging from the state of things, she'd likely get killed doing that by whatever ruined the place.

She shook the thought off as best she could and moved into the dark hallway. She walked through a patch of darkness and she kicked her suit to life; illuminating an outline of her limbs in a gentle red and activating nightvision through her visor. She took her steps slowly, but didn't piss around. She moved down the hallway, turning corners and following the mess. She passed by doors that were equally coated in the purplish goo, but her guts told her just to keep going.

After almost a half an hour of creeping down the wide hallway, she came to the end and a door that read "Section 1: Lesser Species and Germs". There was a small, black eye of a camera just above it. It didn't look too promising, but she had a job to do. She approached and the door beeped. It wasn't a happy beep, either. It was a "fuck you, bitch, you ain't gettin' in" beep.

She looked around the door and spotted a panel on the right. She approached. It was glowing bright red with the word "Invalid".

"How do I become valid," she asked herself.

"Unauthorized guest," a deep, male computer voice said. "Return to scheduled activities. Authorized personelle only."

"And how do I get authorization," she asked.

"Authrorized personelle only," it repeated. "Return to scheduled activities or security will be notified."

"Screw this."

She shot the eye, nice as you please, and the door protested no more. It opened for her into darkness. She could see roughly ten feet of the floor in front of her. Beyond that, it was a curtain of pure black. She inhaled and the smell made her quiver. That damn smell was going to be the death of her today, she just knew it.

She took a few steps in and heard something to the left. She turned and saw something just out of her scope of vision slither away along the ground. Something panged inside her and she became very nervous. She looked all around quickly, holding the rifle at ready. Nothing else moved. At least, not that she could see. Her breathing picked up as she followed the direction she guessed to which that whatever it was had gone.

She took two steps. The lights sparked and kicked to life, making her jump. What sat opposite her in that room could only be described as a Jell-o mold on steroids. A large, oval shaped mass of purple with a large variety of gelatinous tentacles twisting around out of it, ranging from thin to fat, short to long. Small nucleoids swam and danced around in its core mass.

"Oh, shit..."

It took notice of her. Several of the nucleoid shapes grouped together in her direction. As she trained the gun on the mass, one of the plethora of tentacles slipped around the ankles of her suit, forcing them together. She lost most of her balance and clawed at the air to regain it, to no avail. It threw her legs up straight up, forcing her head against the ground and everything became blurry. She felt it drag her, but didn't get a good look at exactly what was happening to her before she lost consciousness.


She awoke to the scent of her juices in her nostrils. Her body was reclined; felt like she was resting on air, though she couldn't remember why. She cooed at the feeling of relaxion, the subtle scent of her vagina making her horny. She stretched and yawned and ran a hand along her crotch, but she didn't feel the swollen contours of her femininity. She didn't feel anything except her hand stop moving. She was still in her suit.

Then she opened her eyes and screamed.

She was immerced in the creature's core, with it's tiny nucleoids dancing and swimming playfully around her. She struggled around in the gel, waving her arms and kicking her legs, but only succeed in moving her body, not in altering her position in the mass of purple goo. She clawed for the small floating nucleoid masses. She managed to get a grip on one after a moment of watching them dart out of her reach. She squeezed as hard as she could.

The creature contorted and flipped about in agony. It shot her from its core and she hit the ground rolling. It picked itself up on some of its larger tentacles and banged itself against the wall, the nucleoids inside it flinging themselves around in panic, like molecules of water in a boiler.

She stood up quickly and grabbed at the guns in her belt, only to find the holsters empty. She reached for the shotgun across her back. Abscent. She looked around for a weapon. The room was pleasantly devoid of them. She sprinted for the exit.

The creature took notice and grabbed at her legs. She fell face down and a crack appeared in her visor. She pushed herself onto her back and looked at the creature as it dragged her closer. All of the nucleoid creatures had formed a mass which followed her. They were its eyes and nerves. She trained her right arm on the mass.


A bright, flaming bullet ejected from a minute opening just above her wrist. It penetrated a few inches into the mass of the jelly and fizzled out.

"OH FUCK," she screamed. She rolled back onto her belly and clawed at the ground as the creature slowly, purposefully dragged her back to it. Her gloved hands gathered no bearing on the grated floor. She tried to maintain as panic gripped her. She looked over her shoulder through her cracked visor at the goop. She was maybe a yard from it.

It picked her up by her legs and held her above the ground. Her arms dangled down. It pulled her close to it's mass of nucleoids. They sized her up, buzzing around among themselves like anxious bees in a hive. She noticed, in passing, the one she squeezed deflated and floating around on the opposite side of the mass, dead.

"Uh... hi," she said.

It wrapped one of it's tentacles around her wrists and pulled her arms apart, in a sort of upside down crucifixion. It was rough, but it didn't hurt her. She was bracing to feel her arms yanked off, like the wings of a cooked turkey. It wrapped a thin tentacle around the base of her helmet and pulled. It popped off with seemingly no force, but she knew the simple mechanism that locked it in place was probably trashed. Her short bangs and ponytail of golden hair fell straight down.

She got a good wiff of the creature. Its smell was thick with pheromones and she was overtaken by it. It calmed her down slightly. The sight of the thing was still less than pleasing, though.

The tentacle hovered around her face. She watched it wave back at forth, like it was trying to mesmerize her. It rubbed itself gently against her mouth and she retracted. It followed her, seeming to chase her full, red, slightly parted lips. She pulled her head all the way back until she was looking at the ground directly below her. It curled around her neck and slowly up her chin. It traced back and forth along her bottom lip until she forced them together and refused to open her mouth. It tightened around her neck. Her eyes shot open and so did her mouth. With that, she could taste it. It tasted like copper. It probbed the inside of her mouth, rubbing against her cheeks and tongue. She didn't want to bite down, but she would if it did any more.

It finally exited, but remained around her neck. She could still taste it. She looked at the creature, not defiantly, but not pleased. It was still sizing her up. It turned her right-side-up and freed her legs. They fell apart just in time for two separate ones to twist around her ankles and up her legs. She felt it tighten around her legs, then she felt a strong pull downward. Her she looked down. The entire lower half of her suit was gone. Her legs were still covered by her inner suit, but her feet were bare. The creature discarded her now broken armor on the ground below her and grabbed her by the ankle of one foot. It pulled her foot toward it's main mass, her back now facing the ground. She tried to look down, but her chest blocked her view. She felt something run across the tips of her toes and she shuddered. It tickled. She felt it trace down the curve of her sole. She giggled. It lifted her other leg and bound them side-by-side. She became very nervous.

The tentacles around her wrists twisted up her arms and she felt a strain again. The rest of her armor split in half and fell to the ground. She fell slightly backwards, but was quickly picked back up and restrained by the Hell-jelly. She looked down at herself and saw that her inner suit was slightly torn in some places, but she was remarkably unscathed. Either she was lucky, or it knew what it was doing. She kinda hoped it was the former.

It traced, painfully slowly, along the base of her toes and she broke out into a laugh. She would've clasped her hand against her mouth if she could've, but that option was out the window. It rubbed each one of the soles of her feet with it's gooey tentacles in unison, causing her to burst into uncontrollable laughter. She tried to wiggle loose of its grip on her, but it was impossible. She couldn't even squirm an inch. She just jittered and screamed as it mercilessly... tickled her.

"STOP!" she screamed.

It refused to comply. It wriggled around her toes and up and down the soles of her feet, increasing it's rigor with each new burst of laughter. Her eyes welled up with tears and she gasped for breath. She thought, for a fleeting moment, that she was going to asphyxiate, but that fear became secondary when her bladder released. Urine burst from a small tear in her suit and the creature suddenly stopped, more interested in the reaction than in torturing her any furthur. She looked down and saw slightly colored water oozing down her legs.

"Oh, great," she said.

It spread apart her legs and she saw two of it's smaller tentacles twisting and weaving through the air toward her crotch.

"Hey, wait a minute..."

They brushed past her shins.


They gently traced up her thighs.


They reached the tear and twisted their way inside. One of them rubbed against her clit, causing her to shake and let out a small 'Ah!'. Once inside, they pulled apart, spliting her suit just up to the base of her breasts. Her pink vagina and butthole were exposed to the jelly mass. With the same set of thin tentacles, it poked each one, very gently.


It poked a little harder. They were starting to swell up. It took notice of the crevis of her vagina and the elastic opening of her ass and didn't waste a second probbing them.

"Oh shit!"

It felt like warm melted plastic had been pushed inside her. In the distant parts of her mind that weren't overwhelmed by panic, it was nice. It pushed itself in as deep as it would go inside her vagina and twisted up her bowels. It hurt in a deep, unexpected sort of way and she clenched her eyes shut. Thin tears of pain issued out.

"STOP!" she screamed. The tentacle inside her femininity almost exited, but reentered before it got all the way out. It circled around inside her vagina, feeling her in the deepest way it could. It rubbed up against her spot and her mouth opened in surprise as she shuddered. She watched as it probbed her vagina. The other had stopped crawling up inside her and began probbing as it's mate was; back and forth in a circular motion. It went deeper into her ass than the other went into her fur tea cup, but it wasn't trying to straighten out her intestine anymore. With every twist around, it rubbed her g-spot and she became wet. She felt her clitoris swell, but didn't dare look down. She didn't want to give it ideas. It had enough already.

However, it noticed just the same. She felt something warm and slick slowly wrap around her clit, effectively driving her absolutely nuts. She tilted her head back and opened her eyes. She wanted more. She felt the tentacle around her clit slip gently up, maybe a centimeter, and then slide back down. She didn't fight off the pleasure.

"Oh God!"

The two inside her swelled up slowly and increased the speed of their probbing. She tensed up. It was starting to feel wonderful. Hell, it wasn't just starting. It did. She felt the warm-plastic sensation slip gently back and forth and around inside her, gracing her spot every now and again, as it gently massaged her hardened clit.

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