tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst Her Will, or Is It?

Against Her Will, or Is It?


The day started out like any other, me cussing and slamming the snooze button. It was mid-May and the morning was still a little chilly as the sun was rising. I'd had this job for a couple months is all, and it was getting old real fast. I'd picked up a job working with a lady in a small town nearby, who traveled and painted anything and everything for people. In all reality, I was her bitch, doing the work nobody else wanted to do. I planned on sticking it out the rest of the summer, as it paid well and wasn't too far from home.

I rolled out of bed, combing a finger through my hair and shuffling to my dresser. Glancing in my top drawer, I groaned. It'd been awhile since I'd done laundry, and all I had left for underwear was cute ones, usually saved for special nights out. Not that those happened lately anyways. I grabbed a simpler black pair, cute lace cheekers that hugged my ass nicely. With my plain blonde hair and bright blue, green eyes, I knew I wasn't extremely pretty, mostly just average. One thing that stood out was my body, thought I definitely had a little fat on my tummy, I had curves in all the right places.

Grabbing a simple white v-neck and cut off shorts, I make my way to the bathroom. I flip the shower on, letting the steam fill the small room as I strip my nightclothes off. I pull the curtain aside and relax as the hot water runs down my body. Washing my hair quickly, I squeeze some soap into my palm and start lathering it up my arms and across my stomach and breasts. I squeeze them lightly, pinching at my nipples. At a small D cup, they're the perfect handful. I watch as the water trickles across my hardening nipples, washing away the sweet smelling body wash. I rinse the rest of my body quickly and shut off the water.

I try to dry off quickly, having spent more time in the shower than I should have. I tug my shorts up my tan legs, sliding them over my ass. They're tight, and I groan. I don't have time to go through my other shorts right now, so I pull my shirt over my head and brush through my hair. Grabbing a water bottle, I slip my flip flops on and head out the door.


I arrive about ten minutes early, and to no surprise my boss isn't there yet. There's a note taped to the door reading: Will be a couple hours late -- pick weeds in driveway and mow lawn please. I glare at the paper, wishing it would burst into flames. I dramatically blow my hair out of my face and whirl around to find gloves.

Finishing the weeding fairly quickly, I'm sweating slightly in the warm afternoon sun. I straighten up to look around. The lawn I was to mow next was down the road a ways, around my boss's house. The house is set back off the main road, no other houses very close by. The yard is pretty large and hasn't been mowed in a while. Probably not since the last time I did it. I push my hair back off of my forehead and start walking.

I don't make it far when I hear a vehicle coming up behind me. A truck speeds by, one I've seen around town a few times before. To my surprise, it slams on its breaks and starts backing up.

I stop walking, caught off guard. It's not unusual for people to be friendly in a small town like this, but I was still wary. The truck stops at my side and the driver's window rolls down. Peering out is a guy in his early 20s. He's pretty handsome, dark brown hair falling across his forehead, blue eyes squinting through the sun at me. A deep voice matches his looks nicely, "Need a ride?"

"Oh, thanks for the offer but I'm just going to that house down the road. It's not too far of a walk." I use my flip flop to scuff a hole in the gravel, glancing back up at him.

"You workin' for Leah? I bet that's a good time, from what I hear anyways." He grins, showing a line of fairly straight, white teeth.

I wince, nodding. "I'm just back from college and wanted to pick up a simple job around home. This isn't exactly what I thought I was getting into. It's money, I guess."

He chuckles, "I hear that. Why don't you get in and I'll take you the rest of the way?" He fidgets with something in his lap.

I chew on my bottom lip, contemplating my choices. I glance in his truck, looking at the passenger seat. Nothing looks like it could be used to kill me, but still, it's not that long of a walk.

"Thanks but I'll pass this time. It's not too far, and my shorts were pretty hard to get on this morning, so I could use the walk." I laugh, blushing when I notice him looking at my ass, "I really should get going, though."

"Get in."

I'm taken aback, my head whipping back around towards him, "Excuse me?"

His door suddenly flies open, a completely different person than I just talked to charging out of it. He's turned dark, determined. I react late from shock, and turn to run as he grabs my wrist. I twist it hard, wrenching it from his strong grip. I catch a glimpse of something in his hand, which sparks fear and kicks me into gear. I bolt, running towards Leah's house.

However, running has never been my strong suit and I feel him close behind me. He steps on the back on my flip flop, causing me to face plant pretty hard. The shoe comes off and I roll over to my back, sitting up and trying to scramble backwards away from him. I start screaming, know that this far out of town that people probably won't hear me. He looms over me and then drops down, kneeling over my stomach and shoving me back into the road. The gravel presses hard against the back of my head, poking and sticking in my hair as he presses a dirty rag against my mouth and nose. I use everything in my power to try and buck him off of me, my hands tearing at his in attempt to pull him away. I fight hard to hold my breath for as long as I can, but soon I'm forced to gasp for air. In seconds, everything goes black...


I awake to darkness. My head is foggy and sharp pains shoot through my skull. There's duct tape across my chapped lips. My whole body aches as I try to sit up, to no avail. My hands are tied above me to what I guess would be a headboard. Only my right foot is tethered to something at the bottom of the bed. There's a pillow stuffed under my head and I want to laugh. How thoughtful of him. The whole scene plays through my mind as my heart races. I yank against my restraints, needing to get out of this place. The thin rope cuts into my wrists, causing me to wince in pain. I know I could easily lick off the duct tape and scream, but honestly I'm afraid to even try. There's a good possibility I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and would just make my captor mad. I squeeze my eyes shut, tears rolling down my cheeks. My head is killing me and struggling is only making it worse. I slip into a fitful sleep.


The next time I wake, light filters through small windows close to the ceiling. They've been covered with dark sheets, but the sun seeps through, coating the room in a soft glow. I can tell now that I'm in a basement. It looks to be fairly large, almost one big room. The bed I'm tied to is in the back corner, against the wall on my left side. To the right of the bed is a small living room of sorts. A T.V. is mounted against the wall, dvds and video games strewn across the floor in front of it. One lone couch sits opposite of the T.V, a single pop can on the side table next to it. Beyond my feet is a ping pong table, red cups and beer bottles littering the top. On the wall is a dart board, next to a picture of a scantily clad girl holding an energy drink. Definitely a party spot for this guy.

I hear a door slam above me and boots thud across the floor. My heart races and I struggle again. I can finally see my restraints, tightly tied red baling rope that's common for the Midwest. It's also incredibly hard to break. The boots clunk down stairs on my right, though I can't see any. My heavy breathing catches when he comes around the corner...and it's not him.

They're obviously related, brothers I would assume. This one is older, about the same muscular build and average height. He has dark hair as well, but with a nicely trimmed beard. The same blue eyes shine as he passes by a covered window.

My eyes widen as he comes closer, sitting at the bottom of the bed towards my feet. I pull myself as far away from him as possible, fighting against my restraints.


I freeze, my chest the only thing moving with my labored breathing.

He sighs, glancing from my heaving breasts down my body. He noticed my untied leg right as I remember it. Without thinking, I kick hard, going for his face. The awkward angle of having to go across my right leg throws me off, and I connect with his neck. Not as powerful or as accurate as I would have liked it to be, he still shoots off the bed, sputtering and choking.

He straightens up, glaring at me. He walks across the basement and opens a door I hadn't noticed before. He comes back, and I can almost see the steam coming out of his ears. He grabs my free foot roughly, producing more baling rope from his pocket. Tying it tightly around my ankle, he yanks hard, earning a muffled yelp from me. He leaves no slack in this ankle, pulling me hard in that direction. I can already feel it slicing into my skin. A tear rolls down my face again and he glances back up at me.

"Never, ever try anything like that again. You'll be so, so sorry little girl. I came down to untie you and look where your bright idea got you." He whirls around and stomps back up the stairs, door slamming not long after.


What seems like an eternity later, the door slams upstairs again. Softer boot steps follow, coming down the stairs. I'm sickened with myself, how I've been anxious for one of them to come back. I want to right my wrong, get on their good side. That's the only way I'll get out of here. I shut my eyes, trying to look relaxed and asleep.

I peek out through little slits. This time, it's the first man again. He comes around slowly, stopping right next to the bed. Controlling my breathing has never been so hard, and I must've failed at it.

"I know you're awake."

I sigh, opening my eyes slowly and looking up at him. I try to make them look as innocent as possible, hoping he's felt bad and come to let me go. Instead, his hand reaches down and runs a finger lightly up my bare leg. Goosebumps emerge immediately. His hand comes up, trailing up my stomach and across my breasts. He stops at the duct tape. In a swift movement, it's been ripped from my mouth.

"FUCK." I wince, licking my dry lips and tasting blood.

"Well, well, well, someone has a potty mouth. Maybe I should put this back on?" He raises his eyebrows and holds up the used tape.

"Please no, I'm so sorry. Please let me go, I'll do anything, I don't want to die." I plead, tears streaking my face again.

He chuckles, using a thumb to push a tear off of my cheek. "Don't worry, we're not going to kill you." The smile fades, and he gives me a swift smack on the cheek, "Unless you pull stunts like I heard about earlier, then you'll wish you were dead."

I nod, sniffling, "What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, you said you'd do anything for us to let you go right? Why don't we get started on that?" He winks at me, lifting his shirt over his head. I stare, completely terrified of what will happen next. His flat stomach is tan, with slight outlines of what could be abs if maybe he didn't drink a lot of beer like I was guessing. The sound of him undoing his buckle draws my eyes down. My eyes widen at the bulge already formed and I begin to plead with him again, "No, no, no, no, please just let me go."

Laughing, he walks closer and knots his hand in my hair. With his free hand he pushes down his jeans and underwear in one swift movement, letting his hard cock spring free. I seal my lips shut, knowing what comes next. Not surprisingly, it's a good size, about seven inches and fairly thick. He twists my head so that I'm looking up at him and starts running his length across my closed lips. Pulling back, he leans close to my face, dark eyes locking with mine, and slaps my cheek hard. I flinch, hissing through my teeth. He straightens back up and plugs my nose, leaving me gasping for air.

His cock shoves its way into my now open mouth, pausing as he leans closer and whispers, "If I feel teeth, you'll be sorry. Now suck."

I stay still, refusing to give in that easily. I do, however, make sure my teeth are tucked safely behind my lips. He pulls harder on my hair, bringing my face forward and shoving himself deeper into my mouth. Hitting my throat, he continues to push. I gag, trying to breathe through my nose. Soon he's thrusting hard and fast, fucking my throat raw. I try to breathe through it, doing my best not to gag and choke. After what feels like forever later, but was probably only a couple minutes, he slows down a bit.

"Are you ready to start listening? Suck it, bitch."

I nod as best as I can and suction my lips around his head. I bob as well as I'm able to for a while before he takes the initiative and starts thrusting slowly. I swirl my tongue along his length, drool running down my cheek. He picks up his pace, long thrusts almost leaving my mouth when he pulls back. His hand has loosened in my hair and the other one strays to my breast. He pulls my v-neck up, revealing my somewhat jiggly stomach and my simple black lace bra. His hand slips under the bottom of it and cups my tit, running a thumb over my hardening nipple.

He's still fucking my mouth slowly, but getting faster. The hand tightens in my hair and he moans softly. His thumb and forefinger come together pinching my nipple hard. I moan involuntarily around his cock. My captor shoves hard into my throat one last time, groaning. It's hard not to choke around his spilling seed and I want to spit it out.

He pulls my hair back hard, so that I'm looking up at him again, his cock slipping out of my mouth.

"Show it to me."

I open my mouth, trying not to gag.

"Now swallow." His hand goes to my jaw, pushing my mouth closed. I gulp loudly, grimacing. He opens my mouth again and nods with a grin. "Clean me up."

Shoving his deflating cock towards me, I lick everything up as best as I can before he pulls me off and releases my hair. As I'm still trying to catch my breath, he buckles his pants and grabs his shirt off the floor. He reaches down to pat my still stinging cheek, and with that, he leaves.

I can tell it's almost dark again, the pale light is fading from the windows. My breast is still out and, somehow, my nipple is still rock solid.


The next morning I'm woken up by my growling stomach. Cupboards are slamming upstairs and soon enough I hear padded feet coming down the stairs. The brother comes over, holding a couple breakfast bars and a bottle of water. He unties one hand, sitting a fair distance away from me after handing me the food. I blush, very aware that my shirt is still up from last night. He barely looks at me, instead scrolls on his phone. We don't talk as I devour the bars. I struggle with the water, unable to open it with one hand. I glance at him, holding the bottle towards him before he finally opens it for me. I try not to chug the water too fast, knowing I'll get sick. Before I can finish the bottle, a yell comes from upstairs.

"Justin! Hurry the fuck up, we're gonna be late for work!"

He lets me take a few more sips before taking the water and tying my hand again, shaking his head. He leaves without a word.

Justin? I guess it fits.


I spent the rest of the day dozing on and off again. It was amazing the difference not having your mouth taped made when you slept. Those are words I'd never thought would cross my mind in my entire life.

Hours later, the door opened and closed upstairs. I expected to hear footsteps on the stairs, but instead they went further into the house. I relaxed, thinking maybe tonight would be better. My stomach still growled though, so part of me hoped they would come down. Justin though, not the other one.

Minutes later, the door opened again. This time, boots made a beeline for the stairs. My stomach fell. He came around the corner, a pissed off look on his face. My eyes latched on the water bottle in his hand. He undid my hand and gave me the bottle, lid already off. I gulped quickly, not wanting him to take it away again. Instead, he was peeling sweaty clothes away. I stopped, mid chug.

Down to just his boxers, he sits down on the edge of the bed and puts his hand on my thigh. I recoil away, sloshing water onto my chest. It trickles down, running across my still nude breast. My nipple hardens immediately and he chuckles, noticing my discomfort. He takes the bottle away and sets it on the side table. His hand slides further up my thigh, brushing the bottom of my shorts. I chew on my bottom lip, still sore from the tape last night. He trails his fingertips up my body, pausing when he gets to my covered pussy.

I can feel my heart beating everywhere in my body as he crawls more on the bed, kneeling with one leg by my side and one between my legs. He lowers himself right in front of my face, smiling at me wickedly before taking my nipple in his mouth. I suck in a slight breath, tensing. The hand that's not holding him up rips my bra down more, freeing my other breast. He squeezes it, pinching and tugging at my nipple. Moving his mouth to it, his hand slides down my stomach, stopping at the waist of my shorts. He expertly undoes the button, slowly inching down my zipper. I shiver, unsure of what to do with my free hand. I knew better than to try hitting him, there's nothing I could do after that. Once my zipper is down, his hand sneaks under my waistband, over my silky underwear, his calloused fingers slightly snagging the lace. He rubs lightly, sending tingles up my spine.

Kissing down my stomach, he sits back on his heels. His hard cock tents his boxers. I try to advert my eyes, turning my whole head away. That elicits a chuckle from him, as he hooks his thumbs in my waistline and tugs. Without me lifting my ass up, the shorts don't go anywhere. He reaches under, pinching me. I yelp, jerking upward. The shorts are pulled down some ways, before he reaches back to untie one of my legs. Pulling that leg out, the shorts pool around my right ankle.

"Don't do anything you're going to regret."

I nod nervously. His finger traces up my panty clad slit, goosebumps rising across my body. He pulls them to the side and my body tenses. His finger circles my clit, not touching it, before in sinks in between my lips.

He grins, looking up at me. "Feels like someone is enjoying this."

My face turns a bright red and I'm ashamed of myself. I start struggling, pushing him away with my free hand. "You're a fucking pig." He simply grabs ahold of my wrist and holds it down onto the bed. I let out a frustrated groan, still struggling slightly.

"Fine, bitch, if you're going to act that way, you're not going to get any help from me."

With that, he uses his free hand to push down his boxers, letting his engorged cock spring free. Throwing my free leg over his shoulder, he slides closer to me. I feel the tip of his head brush against my clit and start shaking my head profusely.

"No, no, please I'm not on birth control. I don't want to get pregnant!" I plead.

He releases my wrist and covers my mouth instead, just grinning at me. Lining himself up with my wet hole, he pushes slowly until just the tip is inside of me. His hand slides from my mouth to my neck as he slams himself the rest of the way into me.

I stifle a scream, it's been a long time since I've had sex, and honestly never with anybody as big as him. Which is a little embarrassing. As much as I am embarrassed about being wet, I'm really glad I am too. His fingers close tighter over my throat and I fight for breath as he starts thrusting. His eyes run up and down my body, pausing at my jiggling tits and the stopping on my reddening face. Finally letting go of my throat, he squeezes my nipple hard and I let out a small cry.

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