tagErotic CouplingsAlex: Gift Wrapped

Alex: Gift Wrapped


You are preoccupied as usual as you walk into your room that night thinking about work- again. But suddenly, you stop dead and look around your room. "What the hell?" By the bed on the floor are a couple of bags - some clothes hanging out and on the bed some more clothes stewn about. On the desk are 2 empty beer bottles and a bottle of coconut suntan oil. You look in the bathroom and on the mirror in lipstick it says "Come to the pool". As you turn to go out the door you notice you what you missed earlier, you walked over a trail of clothes - closest to the door is a purple butterfly thong......

In the elevator on the way down your hair is standing on end in anticipation - you can't stop smiling. As you open the door to go out to the pool you look ahead and see first more clothes in a trail heading to the hot tub with the last being two bikini tops and secondly - two people sitting in the water. I turn seeing you there and you watch as my face lights up in a huge shit-eating grin. "Surprise!....I brought you a present....this is Alex." "Nice to meet you," she says, "I'd get out but I'm a bit undressed..." Giggling, I say," Well? what are you waiting for? Get in here."

You slide quickly into the water and look at me with a HOWDIDYOU?WHOISSHE?ISTHISFORREAL? look on your face and I smile as I kiss you saying, "Alex and I sat next to each other on the plane. She thought our story was really sexy and wanted to add a chapter..." Alex, not to be left out, presses up against your side, leans over and sha and I exchange a hot, wet kiss. You, wearing a shit-eating grin of your own now, lift your arms over our heads and back down around us - caressing breasts on either side. Not to forget you, we dazedly untangle our tongues and turn to you. "We've already had some fun- now its your turn...."

Both of our hands are roaming all over you, your chest and arms, legs, your cock. And now Alex turns to welcome you with a hot kiss. I can feel just how hard you are at this point. "Help me with his shorts, Alex." We slide your shorts down and off and
I jump on you for a quick grind - as your cock is sliding up and down my smooth pussy lips I begin to massage and lick Alex's tits. The two of you are still nibbling on each others tongues and you have a hand on each of our asses. Suddenly, Alex and I look at each other and with a giggle she says,"remember?..." "Yes," I say, "that's just what I was thinking..." so we turn to you and say, "Sit here." - patting the side of the hot tub. You, looking shy but willing, pull yourself out of the water and sit on the edge, your cock standing at attention as we move in with our hands and tongues. As we lick your cock our tongues intertwine, sometimes turning into a kiss, sometimes veering down to your balls. She has fantastic fingernails and first she scrapes them gently at the base of your cock and balls
and then at your belly and then in my hair as I take all of you in my mouth. After a little while, we hear people in the pool area and, laughing, we decide to move to the room. We wrap up in towels and run up the stairs. As you are putting the key in the door,
Alex and I run our hands all over your ass, "Having trouble?" The three of us run in the door and collapse on the bed laughing- clothes and towels dropped. We open some more drinks from the fridge and tease you about needing to catch up.

"So what do you think of my present?" I say as I rub the bottom of the cold wet bottle on Alex's nipples and watch them harden. I replace the glass with my lips and she moans softly. "Hmmmmmmmm, verrrryyyy nice...." You begin to kiss and nibble her other breast and work your way down her belly to find her wet pussy begging for attention. I kiss her now and as I nibble her ear I tell her just how much she is going to enjoy what we are going to do to her. I
slowly work my way down to where you are and find your lips - I want to taste her on your tongue. It's time for your lesson now, *wink wink*, so I gently push you aside and find her clit with my lips and tongue. You see, I've been here before while you were still working.... I lick and suck her lips and flick my tongue across her button. Pushing my tongue in and out of her wetness I gently press against her mound with my hand. She is getting so wet and she's arching herself into me - I swirl my tongue around and up -
lapping at her like an ice "cream" cone. I slowly slide my finger deep inside her pressing her G spot. In and out, swirling around...

After she cums, I move over so you can go back to work and I move up to lower my pussy to her lips but I'm thinking now that what I really want is to see your cock buried inside her and I think you are ready too. So we move around so that she can ride you and I lower myself onto your face. I watch as she impales herself on you moaning. She and I, hands roaming, stroke each other and kiss until she can't focus on me anymore and cums in an explosion, shaking and moaning That puts me over the edge and I too cum in a gush. We both snuggle down next to you to catch our breath but it is immediately apparent that we have work left to do. Kissing you, I pull you over on top of me and rub your cock against my slippery lips. Suddenly you plunge into me - arching back - ahhhh - that feels so good. I lift my legs and wrap them around you, drawing you deeper inside- I love the way you rub my clit as you move - oh I'm going to cum - I feel Alex's hands on me and you- in our hair and my nipples - I lean back and she slides her tongue into my mouth while you are fucking me like a wild man- oh my god! In a climatic daze, I feel you convulse and then you are cumming with me... Alex is rubbing her hands all over both of us as we come down and I know that as soon as we recover she is going to need some attention.....

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