tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Vacation Ch. 08

Alien Vacation Ch. 08


Tags up front: alien, harem, consent, psychic powers, male-female sex, blowjob, bikinis, fantasy, dream control, night elf, a little taste of mff and a little taste of female-female sex.


Miranda dreamed.

She stirred in a luxurious bed, covered only in a silken bedsheet. Sunlight dampened by curtains gently coaxed her awake. As her eyes fluttered open, she found herself lying between two naked, beautiful bodies. One of them was a lithe, athletic black girl she'd had a crush on in her last days of school back in Australia. The other was Kyle. Back home, Tina had been distant and uninterested but so attractive. Her presence here seemed symbolic somehow, but so appreciated, like a sign of unattainable desires now within reach. Kyle felt equally attractive, perhaps even more knowing what she did about him and having been intimate, but that also made him much more real. Both were asleep.

She felt comfortable here. Safe. Wanted. Free.

The doors were open, both to the hallway and the balcony. It felt natural rather than like some invasion of privacy. She was in control here. She saw her car keys, her purse, and her clothes on the nightstand nearby. She could leave anytime she wanted. Something about that felt meaningful and reassuring.

Miranda heard the click of heels at the bedroom door. Neither of her bedmates stirred as another woman walked in, a tall, leggy, slender and beautiful brunette in only a black bustier and matching thong panties. She was a sight, smiling at Miranda and standing there without shame or reluctance. Miranda didn't have to hide her desires. The brunette wasn't here for the others.

"Mistress," said the brunette. The butler, Miranda realized. She was the butler. "May we speak?"

Miranda slipped out of the bed, managing to stand without disturbing either of the people beside her. They rolled farther apart as the bedsheet gathered around Miranda like a dress. It should have been a hassle. It should have tripped her up. Instead, it wrapped around and clung to her naked body like a dress.

The butler took Miranda's hand, stepping slightly forward to lead her out. She was here as a treat for Miranda's eyes...and more. They both knew it. Nothing to hide from it. Nothing to deny. Yet she was also here for other matters.

They passed through the door onto a balcony hallway overlooking a wide and well-appointed living room. This wasn't a house. This was a mansion. Practically a palace. The kind of place Miranda dreamed of owning, and maybe could someday, but it would take a lot of work and good fortune even with her considerable skills. Miranda might be part of the one percent, but a house like this belonged do someone another decimal place removed from that. It was something she could have maybe, someday, if she tried hard and took risks and if she was very, very lucky. The same could be said for finding a guy like Kyle. Or a woman like Tina...or the butler.

Except now she realized she did have all that. Maybe not Tina, not specifically, but she had the house and the man...and the sexy butler.

"Is everything to your liking, mistress?" asked the butler.

Miranda's eyes took in the butler's shapely backside. Those thong panties were only a token obstruction. The butler even turned a little to improve Miranda's view. "Yes," she said approvingly. "So far."

"I wanted to talk to you, mistress, about Kyle. About you. And about...arrangements."

* * *

Asami dreamed.

She was curled up on a bed, looking at Kyle sleeping right beside her. They were both naked, separated only by a little bit of space. He slept. She studied his body and thought about this new turn her life had taken.

This wasn't his studio. It was a much, much nicer home. She didn't question the change.

The bedroom door was open. Scattered on the floor at her side of the bed were her clothes, her keys, her phone, and her belt. Even her gun and badge were there. Every expression of her power and her freedom could be seen all around her. Other than providing the rough, dominating sex and playfully controlling language she yearned for, Kyle had been nothing but sweet to her. She was no prisoner here; she was here by her own choice. The little collar around her neck and the thin jewelry chain leading from it to Kyle's hand were all of her choice, too.

No whips or restraints or overblown roleplay. No complicated negotiations. No painful toys. Just a simple, willing, primal pact: respect me as an equal, trust me as a friend, and fuck me like your personal sex slave, and I'm yours. Completely yours. It wasn't a pact she could make with just anyone. She'd never felt this way about any previous boyfriend.

She already knew it would be more complicated than that...and yet it wasn't. Whatever else came up, if he was the guy she knew he was, the rest would be fine. She'd just have to learn to navigate it. The delicious warmth between her legs as she thought of it all helped her look forward to it. Bizarre lifestyle stuff, you say? Outside the bounds of normal relationships? Do I keep feeling this good? Then bring it on.

She heard a light tapping at the door. A brunette stood there, tall and leggy and gorgeous in nothing but lingerie. Asami's first thought came instantly: Of course there are other women here. Then came her second, with excitement and even renewed arousal: Oh my God, are there other hot women here?

The brunette beckoned again with that finger, and also with a smile. Something about her suggested answers. Answers she was going to like. Answers and fun.

Asami gently slipped off the collar. It was there by her choice, after all.

* * *

Angela dreamed.

Everyone who was anyone was here at this party. The place was huge, the attendees sexy and classy and famous, and they treated her like she was one of them. Like she was perhaps the most important of them all. She could do anything she wanted here. Anything, and anyone.

In this moment, she was doing the two hot superhero actors in a private little space against this wall. Everyone's clothes were in a pile in the corner. The lights were dim. The music and chatter from the crowd below the balcony hallway covered their noises. Nobody saw her held up between them, strong hands and arms holding up her legs and spreading her ass so she could take them both inside her.

The sensations blew her mind. They fucked her like they shared the same brain or something, which seemed to fit since these guys cast to play these roles in film all seemed to fit a similarly delicious type. She didn't really have to do anything more than just be here and experience them both, and couldn't if she wanted to beyond kissing the one who held her from the front. The one who held her and fucked her from behind didn't even receive that much, but that seemed fine. Both men were completely focused on her pleasure.

She groaned and bounced slightly with their thrusts. This should have been awkward somehow. There should be some silly little unforeseen inconvenience to distract or even ruin it. But everything went perfectly. Everything worked out. This was elegant and erotic, like life had gone into wondrous slow motion so she could savor this. It was all for her.

The butler came into view behind them, walking in on long and slender legs and midriff completely bared for Angela's view. Her black bustier and lace thong panties showed off almost everything. Even with two men deep inside her, Angela found she could still hunger for more. At the very least, she could hunger for something different. The brunette butler grinned back at her, signaling total agreement and availability, but she didn't interrupt Angela's current pleasures.

Angela threw her head back. All of this was for her. She could enjoy wild, slutty fun without a care and without regret. She was completely safe here and she'd be completely safe with her real boyfriend later. Funny enough, that inspired a new hunger, too.

She felt feminine fingers brush through her hair. The butler smiled as Angela's eyes met hers. "I have more to tell you and more fun to offer," said the butler. "More answers, too. We should talk."

"Uunnhh?" Angela managed, still filled with hardened flesh and rapture.

The beautiful butler smiled. "When you're ready."

* * *

She wore nothing but thin, silvery chains over her naked, violet flesh. They crisscrossed her body from neck to waist, leaving everything else uncovered. The night elf's full, luscious breasts rose and fell in tandem with the rise and fall of her body on top of his. Every bit of the elven beauty's body was exposed for his pleasure, from her incredible hips to the blue hair cascading down her shoulders.

The bed was a luxury, too, surrounded by silk curtains to give them elegant privacy as they fucked. She straddled him with her lips caught between a smile and a moan. She was powerful and influential, the highest priestess of her people, and she gladly surrendered herself to the dick inside her. The chains did as much to make it explicit as the grind of her hips over his. A single strand of those chains was wrapped around one of his hands just to make the point. She belonged to him and rejoiced with every grind. If fucking a human was a perversion in her eyes, it was now a perversion that brought her delight.

Kyle didn't move. Didn't have to do anything but look on her beauty and enjoy the ride. This was her role, as much as leadership to her people or the priesthood. Every noise from her throat and every little move of her body expressed her devotion and her gratitude. The silky, stroking grip of her cunt milking his cock did the same.

The curtains parted. Another beauty sat at the side of the bed, this one of an entirely different world. She was a gorgeous, slender brunette in only a black lace bodice and panties and her smile. Something about her hinted at a more equal relationship than his current sexual vessel, but also equally available. "Take your time," said Xin. He knew it was Xin, regardless of her face. "This is all purely to spoil you."

Her presence made a few connections too clear to ignore: his partner was from a computer game, though she looked and felt absolutely real from the sound of her breath to the sensations of sex. She was also unattainable as a romantic partner in any way, especially by a human...except here she was. He also remembered Xin, along with all of their adventures and all of their intimacies. He didn't question the rest. Kyle took Xin at her word and his sexual partner at her obvious intent.

The high priestess of the night elves kept fucking him, lavishing him with the pleasures of her body. Kyle let her fuck him to the edge of climax, watching her composure crumble further as she came to much the same point. He grabbed her hips at the very edge of orgasm and pushed them both over the edge. She let out a wail of helpless pleasure with her first spasms, coming only a few heartbeats before he did...just the way he liked it best. The high priestess shook in tandem with every pump from his cock.

She sank down against him, kissing him and showering him with whispers of loyalty and gratitude. The sentiment came across, but didn't remember the words. Besides, he had other matters to attend. Leaving her on the bed in a state of bliss, Kyle took Xin's hand and rose from the bed to walk beside her, naked and unashamed.

For a brief moment, he was in a beautiful night elf palace straight out of the game, carved within a gigantic tree. The scenery changed completely even before he walked through the exit. Hand in hand with Xin, he found himself on a tropical beach. In the distance, a tall ship had run aground on the sand.

He knew that ship from childish fantasies of youth. He'd be the only survivor of the shipwreck. The island would be inhabited by gorgeous Amazons who would be delighted to find a strapping young man to play with. They would teach him the ways of sex, share him...it was embarrassing to remember, particularly as Xin had to know or they wouldn't be here now. He blushed fiercely. "Uh..." he began.

"Don't you dare feel self-conscious," said the gorgeous brunette. She turned to him, smiling seductively and stroking his naked flesh. "We're in your mind, Kyle. This is your dreamscape. It's only you and I in here. There's no one else."

"Doesn't make this particular fantasy any less cheesy," Kyle grinned. "Like a three-ton block of cheddar cheesy."

"I love it," she said with complete sincerity. "I love it and I can't wait to experience it with you. Over and over again, if we wish. They'll worship you and it will be amazing."

He looked around. The island sure looked and felt real. He could even smell the ocean. Xin's hands on his body felt real, too. "We're in a dream? I'm asleep?"

"Yes. And this entire conversation takes hardly a few twitches of your closed eyes. This happens rapidly in your brain, though it seems as if time passes normally to your perceptions. I'm not even trying hard to create details. Your fantasies give me inspiration for the broadest strokes and your dreaming imagination fills in the rest. You don't even notice what's missing, because you don't want to break the illusion.

"This is easy for me, Kyle. It takes no more effort for me to guide this and make it vivid and real in your mind than it takes for you to daydream. Of all the things I can give you, of all the things I do with you, this is the easiest. And it's wonderfully intimate."

Her touch grew more intimate, too, stroking the erect and sensitive cock that had only just erupted inside another fantasy woman. The slick coating of the night elf's wetness remained along his flesh to enhance the sensation. He felt incredibly good under her touch. Ready to come again at any moment. Vulnerable.

"You can be vulnerable here, Kyle," she assured him. "You can be anything you want, whenever you want, in any world you want. You can rule. You can serve. You can conquer and take what you like. You can even be weak and vulnerable. Anything and everything to your pleasure. We can create any world you like, and you will rule them all.

"Right and wrong turn entirely on your pleasure here. It's only a dream. Only you and I together. And that means every woman you meet is me. Every woman you fuck is me. And they're all here for you, Kyle. Let yourself go. Take what you want. Be arrogant and perverse and even cruel if you wish."

"I'm...not exactly holding back a...lot of dark desires," he admitted, his breath heavy with arousal as she stroked him.

"I know. But even you have a few darker fantasies than the others. Here you have the freedom to delve as far into them as you like. You'll bring only pleasure. You'll never do any harm. Here, you will always get what you want. Here, you will always win."

The tremors running through his body certainly felt like vulnerability, and also like winning. He had absolutely no problem with anything she said. His doubts and hesitation about her powers and the impact of their decisions in the real world weren't an issue at all here. Not if it was just the two of them in this real...very real...very orgasmic fantasyland. "W-won't th-that get old after a while?" he stammered.

"How many times have you had the same nightmares and been fully terrified every time?" Xin asked. "No more nightmares now. I'm here to fix that. You'll forget enough of this conversation and be just unconscious enough of my presence to fully enjoy each fantasy. When you awaken, you'll remember it's only a dream. Perspective will reassert itself. You'll always find more fun in reality. But as long as you're here, your immersion will be complete."

"Ungh!" Kyle grunted. A thick rope of his seed erupted from his cock, blasting Xin's lingerie-clad body and followed quickly by another and another. She merely grinned and milked out the rest, leaving him shaking under her tender mercies.

The spasms subsided. Kyle caught his breath, his eyes fixated on the white-stained beauty. Xin's smile turned from erotic to playful as the fluid on her lace and skin quickly and unnaturally ran together, coalescing and changing colors. In the blink of an eye, it all became a handful of butterflies that flitted away.

Kyle groaned, and this time it wasn't sexual. "What was that about immersion?"

Xin laughed. "Hey, I didn't spoil the moment until after you got off. You've gotta know I'm gonna fuck around at least a little."

"Do you get anything out of this like you do with us having actual sex?" he asked.

"Nah. Not in terms of psychic power. But anything pleasant for you is pleasant for me, and it's fun. I can see how this is gonna be a ton of fun. Like you doing one of your role-playing games, except with an unlimited budget for costumes and scenery and effects. And the game master wants to use everything to fuck you...the nice way."

That got another laugh from him. "Y'know, last I heard, dreams are where humans are supposed to work things out in their subconscious. Processing memories and stuff like that. Won't this be a disruption?"

"Yeah, turns out I can handle all that maintenance for you, too. You won't even remember it. No need for stress dreams or nightmares anymore. The next time you show up late for a final exam completely naked, just walk up to the lectern and bone your professor in front of everyone."

"Wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you."

"Consider it a benefit of our working arrangement. And of being my boyfriend." She leaned in to kiss him lightly. "Anyway, I'd kick off your next fantasy right now and let you forget this 'behind the curtain' stuff except we have something to do."

"What's that? Do I need to wake up?"

"No. It's the middle of the night. Your body only needs a couple hours sleep thanks to my fine-tuning, but Asami needs a little more rest while I'm fixing her up so I figure you might as well both sleep through the night. We can get stuff done like this, though. Right now we've gotta go talk to all your girlfriends."

"Wait, all of them?"

"Yeah. I told you before I wanted to reveal a little more of myself. I've been handling that stuff tonight, too. Miranda and Asami are all caught up with Angela now, and we've all gone a little farther than that. It's time to have a group discussion."

"Miranda is halfway across town. So is Angela."

"And they're both full of your cells and cells I have altered, so they may as well be in bed with you and Asami right now, remember?" Xin giggled. "I guess I've given you a better time tonight than I thought. Anyway, we don't have to do a whole recap. Like I said, it was a lot like my first dream with Angela but with more information. They're a little blown away, but past the sense of surprise and a little 'too good to be true' hesitation it's going really well. Especially for you."

"So you're handling all four of us right now?"

"Yep! With everyone asleep and open to me and connected? Not a problem. I told you I'm hyper-intelligent, right? I can handle many conversations at once. I can handle a lot more than that, really."

"So if you can do all this with all of us at the same time, do they get the dream benefit package, too?" Kyle asked.

Xin's smile broadened again, smug and perfectly pleased that he would make that connection on his own without even a hint. "Yes. This stuff is a lot of fun. Like I said, not as good as the real thing, but there's active fun and there's leisurely fun. Gotta have both, right? You wanna hear what they've been up to?"

"No," said Kyle. "No, that's between you and them. I should let them have at least a little privacy. If they want to tell me, they can tell me, but let this be about them and what they want. And you."

"Aww." Xin drew him in for a long, lingering kiss. "You're sweet."

"It shouldn't be that rare," said Kyle. "But thanks."

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