All I Wanna Do


I'm driving down the dark road in the early evening in an unfamiliar area of New Jersey, listening to the heavy rain pound across my roof and windshield. The CD is playing some old Neil Young and I'm singing along, slipping into a melancholy mood. As I cruise along at a very slow pace, watching for potholes and little critters on this very dark back road, I realize that there's really no rush to get home as there will be no one there waiting for me. I decide I should find either a small restaurant or bar and stop for a bite or a drink.

The road is very treacherous as it curves around mountainsides and cliffs, and the headlights bounce back at me off of the puddles. There are no streetlights, or other cars for that matter. It's a desolate town between two busy cities; it could be a mere hideaway for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, but it seems it's a best kept secret. As Neil sashays from one tune to another, I fantasize about finding a hitchhiker on the road, standing in the rain, waiting for me to pick him up and carry him off to another world so unlike the one he's currently fading into. I fantasize about how I'd make uncontrolled love to him without even knowing his name.

In the distance, as I'm singing along with Neil and making love to a total stranger in my mind, I see lights on a small dumpy building off the side of the road. As I get closer I see "Budweiser" and "Coors" blinking red and yellow in the window. I decide a beer sounds wonderful and I pull into the parking lot. The bar is obviously decades older than myself, but I kind of like the fact that it's a small town joint with lots of history and no future.

I run from my car to the door in my high heels trying to avoid getting drenched, holding my coat up over my head. I enter the door and hear the TV blaring so loudly I wonder if they're all hard of hearing, or just trying to drown out their own thoughts. There are three men at the bar, and one male bartender sitting behind the bar on a stool staring at the TV screen. None of the men turn to see who just came in, I doubt they even heard the door open or close; this bar is pretty much lifeless. I walk up to the bar and smile at the bartender, and order a Yuengling.

As I sit on a stool I notice that all three customers are alone, with several stools between each of them. The one at the far end must be 70 years old and obviously retired from work and life in general. The next is probably early to mid 60's, and has a round face to match his very round beer gut. Then there's you; well built, very handsome, gorgeous eyes and a sexy smile, and I immediately wonder where you came from, and what brought you to this bar. As I sit staring at you, you look over and catch me. You raise your glass as if in a "toast" and I raise mine in return. We both sip from our glasses without taking our eyes off of one another. I feel a warm sensation and hope that you're feeling the same.

You finish your beer and I fret that you may leave, so I tell the bartender to fill you up, on me. You accept the gesture and leave your stool to come over and properly thank me. I invite you to sit on the stool next to mine and you accept. I cross my legs without noticing that it causes my skirt to rise enough that the tops of my stocking show, and the snaps on the garter are peeking out from under the hem. You glance down and see what I'm not aware of. We start to talk about the weather and the flood warnings, and then move on to more interesting topics. As I drink down the refreshing brew I order another, not thinking about the fact that I had no food all day. One beer after another goes down more smoothly than the last, and I'm feeling very good.

You leave me for a few minutes to play the old jukebox that's in the rear of the bar, near the pool table. You don't immediately return, so I decide to join you and help pick out the tunes. I naturally push the buttons for a few "Neil Young" songs, and a "Heart" favorite. You ask me if I want to shoot a game of pool, and I accept.

We're laughing and thoroughly enjoying each others company as we drink and shoot the breeze, and shoot some billiards. At one point I need to make a difficult shot, but I think I'm too short to stretch across the table and get the proper angle. I lean forward on the table but fail to notice or care that my skirt is rising high, and you're right behind me not missing a thing. I lean a little further but then you come up behind me and lean right into me. You stretch your right arm out right along mine and whisper "let me help you with this". I feel your groin up against my ass, and it feels wonderful. I can feel the hardness of your cock pressing right between my ass cheeks, and I start to feel a little wet. Your right arm stretches out over my outstretched arm, caressing it softly, as you say "see, pull it back a little, then push it forward hard" and when you say this you grind your groin into my ass harder. I am bent over the table at this point feeling like I could take you right here and now...I no longer have an interest in this game. As I pull the cue stick back and attempt to slide it forward between my fingers in an aggressive manner, I suddenly feel your left hand sliding up under my skirt. My breath begins to deepen as I stand there in my 4 inch black spiked heels, with my ass in the air, leaning across a pool table with a total stranger pressing his cock into my ass and rubbing his hand up my inner thighs.

The jukebox quiets, and then another song begins. "Heart" begins to

sing an old favorite "All I Wanna Do"...

...It was a rainy night when he came into sight
Standing by the road
no umbrella
no coat
So I pulled up along side and I offered him a ride... the words blare out I begin to want more than your hand under my skirt. I let go of the cue stick and move my right hand behind me, looking for your groin. I keep an eye on the men at the bar, who's backs remain to us and who seem to know nothing of what's going on a the pool table; actually I'm not certain they even know what's going on on the TV. I find your crotch and immediately notice that you are bulging and begging to be released. I unzip your jeans as I continue to rest my breast on the pool table, with both legs spread a little more than shoulder width apart. Your hand is now between my legs, and your index finger is holding my thong off to the side while your middle finger is starting to probe my wet pussy. I let out a soft moan, and the customers are still enthralled in the TV.

Ann Wilson begins to croon louder from the jukebox...

...All I wanna do is make love to you
Say you will
You want me too...

You lean forward and whisper in my ear "say you want me..." I am so wet at this point there's no denying it; I turn my head to the side so I can get close to your ear and I respond "I want you badly...I want you right now, right here!" As soon as the words are out of my mouth you yank my thong and it rips, falling to the floor. You place your wet finger in front of my face and I see my own cum glistening under the low hanging light. You move your finger towards my mouth and I open wide as you put your finger in, then close my lips as you pull your finger slowly out of my mouth. You lift my skirt up so that my ass is completely uncovered.

I feel the cool air and I tingle from the excitement. I spread my legs a little further as I reach between my legs and grab for your cock. My hand finds your hand between my legs again, and you are tickling my pussy lips with your fingers. I can feel my juices swelling at the opening of my pussy, and I want your cock very badly, and I tell you so. I find your hard dick and I pull it towards me as you then release my pussy lips from your grasp. You rest both of your hands on the pool table on either side of me. You tell me to keep quiet and I feel your cock touching my lips...I'm so wet you slide right in on the first thrust. I disobey you and let out a wail, but fortunately the jukebox is blaring out words even louder...

we made love
Love like strangers...

The pounding you are giving me is so exciting, I love getting fucked from behind, it feels so wonderful in that position! I reach down to my pussy with my right hand and start to rub my clit slowly, in little circular motions. I am in heaven as you lean over my shoulder and look down at my hand, watching me masturbate while you're fucking me fast and hard! I look up at the men with their backs to me, and I see that they're not even realizing what they're missing.

You stand up straight now and hold onto my hips, and pound me harder and harder while I continue to stand there bent over with my legs spread wide, my hand manipulating my pussy, and your cock is banging away at my cunt until I start to feel my legs weaken, my body shakes, and my pussy quivers...I can't hold back, I won't hold back...this is it...the fantasy of my lifetime...I am fucking a total stranger in a bar, with people around, and enjoying every second of it...I reach ecstasy and I let it all out...I scream with my left hand across my mouth to muffle the sounds while my right hand vigorously manipulates my clit and I feel you explode inside of me allowing your cum to join mine, and the juices flow freely from my pussy to my thighs.

It is warm and satisfying. We lay there for a moment, my face against the green felt, and your chest against my back while looking toward the bar, wondering how these people could be so deaf and blind to the exciting activities at the back of the room. We smile at each other with content as we walk back to the bar for another beer, leaving the thong on the floor as evidence that life does exist in this bar on occasion.

Note: "All I Wanna Do" is a song written and sung by Ann Wilson of "Heart".

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