tagMatureAll In A Day At The Office

All In A Day At The Office


I was going to see my honey at his work. I dressed carefully, wearing my new white sheer bra. My black lace skirt and white see through top. I also added a lite black sweater, to cover the see through top. I looked very nice. My honey worked in an office, so I had to dress like I worked there.

I arrived at his office on time. He was standing there waiting for me. We walked down to his office talking. Once reaching his office, we walked in and he locked the door behind him. I walked to his desk and waited.

My honey, Shaun walked up to me and started kissing me. I started backing up to the wall and he followed, our lips never parting. Shaun started pulling up my skirt, his fingers plunged between my fat pussy lips. A small moan escaped from my lips as he rubbed at my clit.

My hand went for his Vedga, his cock. I started rubbing the head, wanting to feel all of it. Shaun unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Placing my fingers around the head I began stroking him. He still played with my clit. Our kissing became deeper, more heated.

My honey sat down in his chair, his dick pointing straight at me. Seeing his dick made me lose all control. I immediately went to my knees. I wrapped my lips around the head sucking him in my mouth. My tongue went to work licking the under side. I worked his thick cock in and out of my mouth. Taking him in all the way, licking down the shaft then back up under the head.

Shaun asked me where's the camera. I stopped sucking his dick long enough to get it. Then I returned to giving him head. I sucked the length in and out of my mouth then Shaun said to me, "Look up at me."

I did just that, slurping, sucking, licking his cock and upon coming up to the head the camera went off. He had taken a picture of me with his hard, thick cock in my mouth. Just then I wrapped my lips alittle tighter, then sucking him in all the way in. I flicked my tongue along the length, then staying just under the head.

Shaun's head went back, I knew he was loving his blow job. He then said to me. "I want you to play with your pussy." I did as he asked. Spreading my legs wider I slipped two of my fingers between my fat pussy lips. I massaged my clit in the same rhythm as I sucked his big cock.

My pussy was still very wet from when he had been playing with it. This really turned Shaun on. I had only been stroking my juicy pussy a short time, when he started mumbling that he was close to cumming. I stroked my pussy, not cumming but making it drip.

I continued sucking and licking, taking him deep. Shaun's dick grew alittle bigger in my mouth. Sucking a bit harder and faster, he says I'm cumming. His first squirt of hot cum shot in my mouth and I swallowed. I worked his cock, sucking every drop of cum he offered. Licking off him, I pulled the head to my lips letting his cum coat my lips. Swallowing once more not wasting any.

I leaned in and rested myself on his lap. Shaun sat their looking at me and started sweating. I said something to the fact of honey, "I didn't mean to make you so hot." We both started laughing. I knew from how Shaun acted that he loved the blow job he just received.

Just then Shaun heard a pounding on the door. He looked at me and said,"Hurry and put your clothes back on."

I did just that, but I wasn't going to fast. Finally, I was all put back together and he opened the door. Shaun came back and sat at his desk and told me it was the cleaning lady. She came around and gathered the trash and was on her way.

The moment she walked out I let out a loud sigh. And said," That scared the shit out of me."

I sat there still alittle scared. How would he of explained why this woman was sitting in his office after hours, at one of the "Big Three?" Shaun went back and locked the door. I still felt somewhat nervous. Soon Shaun made that go away.

He leaned in kissing me deeply, letting me know he was still horny. He pulled me into him again. His hands going to my breast, cupping them squeezing slightly. I stood in front of him, my legs on the outside of his. I lifted my blouse over my head, and bringing my tits to hang over the cups of the bra. Shaun's hands were busy bringing my nipples to full attention.

I pulled my skirt up around my waist, turned around and bent over. Shaun smacked me across my ass checks, then rubbing them. He ran his hands down my ass crack to the slit in my lips. I bent my legs, spreading them alittle wider. His fingers slipped between my creases. Spreading my lips apart.

Taking a few fingers rubbing my clit lightly, stroking back to my hole. Shaun's fingers plunged in my cunt. I went forward so that I was leaning on my arms, my ass alittle higher in the air. My pussy was being fingered slow but deep.

Shaun stood behind me, slowly teasing every spot on my pussy. I could feel my wetness gush out with every thrust of his fingers. I reached around unzipping Shaun's pants. Letting lose the cock I call my own. I moved forward so that his fingers would withdrawal from my hole.

Shaun leaned into the back of me, rubbing his big thick cock against my pussy lips. We grinded together so that his cock rubbed against my ass too. Using his thumbs, he spread me apart and slowly entered my from behind. I could feel the head enter my wet pussy hole.

Shaun leaned into me and I pushed back on him. Feeling his big dick fill my pussy. His hands went to my hips, grabbing me as he thrust his cock in and out of my cunt. I could feel my juices coat his dick.

He would pull all the way out and slam his cock back into me. With each thrust he was going deeper and deeper in me. Spreading and stretching my pussy out. As Shaun would grind into me I'd pump my hips back on him. Feeling him hit that spot with in me, over and over again.

My body started to stiffen up. I could no longer stand what was building in me. I leaned over a bit more, giving Shaun more access. With a few more thrust of his fat cock grinding deeper in my pussy. I manage to mumble,"I'm I'm go going to to cccc cum.

Shaun mumbles or more like groaned something to the effect of him too. His paced quickened. You could hear flesh hitting flesh. Our breathing becoming harder and faster. I could feel my hole contract around his dick. Not wanting to let go.

It was I who let go first, then Shaun was soon to follow. Waves of hot orgasm soaked down and around his cock. He shot hot long burst of cum deep into my pussy. His cock pumped in and out of my hole till he was finished. And I as well.

Not moving for some time. Staying the way we were, feeling our juices mix together. When Shaun did withdrawal from me, wetness flowed out and down the insides of my legs. I didn't bother to wash up afterwards, he didn't want me too.

We gathered ourselves back together. And when ready, walked out of the office together. I could feel my wet slippery lips rubbing together as I walked. Upon arriving at my car Shaun leaned in kissing me deeply. Once again stirring feelings from below. It was time for him to leave. Walking away he kept watching me. So, I decided to give him something to watch.

Reaching down I placed two fingers inside my pussy. Pulling them out, covered in both of our cum. I placed my fingers in my mouth sucking it off. Shaun stood there watching. Not being able to move. Just a smile covered his face.

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