Almost Caught


It was an extremely hot evening as Susan finished her work. It was days like today that she wished her house was air conditioned. Every window in the old farm house was open. She had already shed her clothes and was sitting on the front porch sipping her wine. After the 3rd glass, she felt a need to take a walk. The golf course had a small pond she told herself and it was only a short trek through the woods. Susan took the bottle of wine and her glass and began her journey through the woods. It felt so exciting to be walking through the woods completely naked. It was almost as if she were some wild animal.

Her feet were tough and calloused from years of going barefoot. She was glad that the moon was full for her journey and illuminated the path. Her body was perspiring from the excessive humidity and her excitement. Aside from the occasional branch that would impede her, the trip was invigorating. She finally broke through the thicket and saw the pond. She walked to the pond and sat down. She dipped her feet into the pond and poured another glass of wine. The cool water felt good on her.

The alcohol was starting to have an effect on her. She finished the wine and allowed herself to slip into the pond. The bottom of the pond was filled with sticky mud and it made walking an effort. She dove under the water and swam to the other side of the pond. It felt wonderful. She popped her head up and found herself on the swampy side of the pond.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a light in the distance. It looked like a flashlight. She strained to see who it was. As the light came closer, she could make out a man walking his dog. She moved further into the swamp part to hide. Her feet sunk into the deep black mud. The man seemed to be walking toward the pond. Her heart began to beat faster. She tried crawling further back Her body sunk in the mud. The mud was about 3 feet deep. She grabbed a handful of it and wiped it on her face to conceal her fair white skin. Her body was covered in the cool mud.

She looked up to see a security guard walking his watch dog. Her pulse quickened as she wondered what would happen if he caught her. Suddenly the dog barked and he shone his light in her area. She ducked her face into the mud hoping to conceal herself. After her lungs began to pound, she lifted her head and took a breath. "What is it girl?" the man asked the dog. "What spooked you?" Susan laid perfectly still as the dog took a drink from the pond and the man's flashlight found her bottle of wine "Damn kids drinking here again" he murmured to himself. It was then Susan felt the heat building inside her body. She subconsciously started rubbing her mud covered nipple. Her small breasts were very stimulated. The dog barked again and her fingers couldn't stop. She watched as the man and the dog left. She closed her eyes and her right hand went between her legs. She rubbed her clit hard and her other hand pulled and twisted her nipple. She felt her body convulse as the orgasm shook her.

The mud tried to hold her in place like its prisoner as she tried to escape. After several minutes, she was able to free herself and crawled onto the hard ground. She dared not go back and clean herself as she was afraid the man would be back. She began her journey back to her house. In the moonlight, she noticed that she looked like a tribal woman covered in mud.

It was then that she heard a noise behind her. She strained to see but could not see anything. She then heard the unmistakable noise of the leash. She started running hoping to elude them. The branches seemed to attack her naked vulnerable body. The noise was still following her. She knew she wouldn't be able to outrun them so she looked for other options. Off the path, just ahead was a tree with a low hanging branch. She grabbed the branch and pulled herself up. Her bare feet pushed the bark and lifted her higher in the tree. She soon was about 20 feet above the ground, hugging the tree, hoping to be hid. The bark tore at her naked body. She heard the dog coming closer. The dog was running through the woods with the security guard closely following. The dog stopped momentarily where she had climbed the tree, sniffed and kept going. The man finally caught the dog and led him back along the path. Susan sat down on the tree limb and breathed a sigh of relief.

After climbing down, she finished her walk home. She walked up onto her porch and sat down in her chair. The next thing she new, the sun was up. She looked at her muddy, scratched body and smiled and walked inside to shower. "I would never be able to star in a Tarzan movie" she thought to herself.

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