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Amelia and Daniel and KimK and Me


Ever since I wrote a part in a variety special for Kim Kardashian, we have had a very enjoyable sexual relationship. She loved the way I wrote the part, which I designed for her incredible beauty but rather limited acting skills, and she really loved the way I ate her pussy and licked and fucked her big, beautiful ass when we weren't working on the show. I can't take any credit for doing anything special in bed; she is so hot and sexy almost any straight man would have done the same things with her, and many of them would have done them better than I.

Her name came up in a conversation I was having with Amelia and Daniel, two friends who are recent immigrants from the Middle East and have Anglicized their names. Kim has many ancestors from that part of the world, besides a few distant cousins who still live there, and my friends know some of the latter. I mentioned something to them about having written a part in a show for her and being friends. Since I do not kiss and tell, I said nothing about the carnal side of our relationship.

"Do you really know Kim Kardashian?" Amelia asked. "Both my husband and I think she is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world."

"I know her quite well, and I fully agree with what you say about her beauty and sexiness. A while ago, I wrote some parts for her in a variety show, and she really appreciated them. If she happens to be in town, or I am near where she lives, we often have dinner together." What I said was true, but what I didn't mention was that we always have each other for dessert. There have even been times when we skipped the food and I ate her pussy and her ass and fuck her in the latter, or sometimes both if her visit is overnight.

"Do you think we could join you some time?" Daniel asked. "We're big fans of hers, and would be very pleased to meet her in person."

"Yeah. Sure. Why not?" I answered.

What I didn't even think about was that my friends might be mostly interested in Kim because of a reputation she has for being sexually open, especially if they had seen the sex tapes she made. Before I left my friends' apartment, I had agreed to try arranging a meeting between them and Kim the next time she contacted me about coming to town. I kissed Amelia good-night at the door, on her cheek, and shook Daniel's hand, and returned to my own home.

Two weeks later, I received an email from Kim. "I'm going to be in your town next week, and I really hope we will be able to get together like we usually do," she wrote. "I miss your tongue and your cock and what they do for my pussy and, especially, my ass."

I smiled when I read it, thinking about what those fabulous places can do for my tongue and cock. "I'd love to get together with you," I responded. "I have some friends I would like you to meet too. They are from the Middle East and know some of your relatives there. After we leave their place, we can come back to my house and take a shower together. You already know what I want to do after we finish the shower, and I know you want it too. XOXOXO"

Kim is very family oriented, and I believed she would want to meet some people who knew some of her relatives she hadn't seen for a long time, if ever. Sure enough, her response was what I expected. It meant we would get together with Amelia and Daniel at their place, where she would be able to learn about her family's activities, followed by returning to my house for a night of the kind of hot sex we both like so much, followed by more of the same in the morning.

When I met Kim at the airport, we greeted each other with a tight embrace and a long kiss, with our tongues also renewing their acquaintance. I was aware of looks of envy from other men there, because she is such a beauty. Except for our tongues, our greeting was circumspect, although I had to struggle to keep my hands from fondling her truly gorgeous ass. Later, I reminded myself, I will have my tongue in that outstanding example of posterior pulchritude, followed by my cock.

I considered calling Amelia and Daniel and telling them Kim was not feeling well and suggesting we get together the next day, but I don't like to tell fibs like that, and I'm not very good at it anyhow. Besides that, Kim really did want to meet them and catch up on the news about her relatives, and had no problem in delaying our frolicking in bed for a few hours. Being the good sport that I am, I went along with it. I lead a very active sex life, so I wasn't really horny; I was just looking forward to something extremely enjoyable that I hadn't done for a long time.

The visit started out to be an extremely cordial one. I was quite surprised to see how my friends both greeted Kim, with warm hugs and long kisses on the lips. I had greeted her the same way at the airport, but I thought of that as being something of a prelude to the sexual fun we would be having later. When we all sat in their family room, Kim was in the middle of the sofa, with Amelia and Daniel on either side of her, sitting close together and seeming to take an extreme interest in every word she said. Not only did they have their arms around her back, either of them had a hand on one of Kim's bare thighs and, as I watched, both hands disappeared under their visitor's short skirt.

I didn't pay attention to what was being said about Kim's relatives, nor did I contribute very much to the conversation of the three people on the sofa. I didn't know any of the people involved, and I was more preoccupied with the thoughts of what Kim and I would be doing after we left and went to my place. I was surprised, therefore, when Amelia got up, crossed the room to where I was sitting in a big easy chair and sat on my lap. As soon as she snuggled herself against me, her arms were around my neck and her lips were pressed against mine, with her tongue seeking entrance to my mouth.

I had always thought of her as a friend, rather than a lady friend, but my mind changed then and there. Seconds after her sitting on my lap, our tongues were greeting one another as if they were old chums. Almost as a reflex, my hand started fondling her very shapely breast, and I was surprised to discover she was not wearing a bra. I took this fact and her open sexual overtures as an invitation, so my fingers unbuttoned her blouse and I reached inside to fondle a pair of treasures that had been hidden from me until that night.

"Just a minute," Amelia drew her lips and tongue away from mine to say, and she finished removing that garment. "Is that better?" she asked, with a lewd smile on her face.

It was much better. My friend has a very pretty face, with dark hair and eyes and a clear complexion of unblemished light brown skin. I had been kissing her there, and enjoying it immensely but, after she bared her breasts, I started to pay more attention to them. She has a very nice figure, not as hot as that of Kim Kardashian, who may be the sexiest woman in the world, but quite nice by any standard. Amelia invited my attentions to her breasts by cupping a hand under either of the lovely twins to present them to my mouth.

Before accepting that invitation, I glanced past her to see how her husband was reacting to what she and I were doing. Apparently, Daniel had no objections, to it, because he was doing with Kim much the same as I was starting to do with his wife. He had already removed her skirt, besides taking off her blouse, and both garments were draped over the arm of the sofa. Somewhat relieved, I started licking the nipple of one of the lovely breasts being offered to me, and was somewhat surprised when I discovered the dark brown nipple was already so erect I could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of the areola.

I had just started licking the second of the precious twins when I heard Daniel make a suggestion. "This is great," he started by saying, and I silently agreed with him. "But let's take a shower before we all get into bed together."

Later I learned the couple had been swingers for a long time, although I was never involved until that night, and they always liked to start their sessions by everybody showering together. I was all for the idea, and I often do the same thing. For one thing, it's more fun when everybody is clean but, when I am with Kim, I like to carefully wash her ass before starting to lick her there. She was in favor of the shower too, for the same reason, I hoped, so we all headed for the master bedroom to wash ourselves and each other before starting our coupling on the bed. On the way there, I swallowed the Viagra pill I had expected to take later, washing it down with the last of the coffee I had been drinking.

Apparently the house had been built with the intended kind of activity in mind, because the shower we would be using was extra-large, and accommodated all of us with no crowding. There were four shower heads, mounted high on the walls, besides hoses with shower heads mounted lower. Daniel turned all the showers on at once, and we finished undressing each other while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature. The lower hoses were not spraying but, from the way they jerked when the water started to flow, it was apparent they could be turned on individually as needed.

By then, Kim was wearing only her panties, which were quickly removed by Daniel, and she began stripping the clothing from him. Amelia and I busied ourselves with each other's attire and, by the time everybody was naked, the water was exactly warm enough. Really looking forward to our evening's carnal escapades, everybody entered the roomy shower.

Amelia occupied herself mostly with washing me, and the soapy attention was returned, while her husband and Kim took care of each other. That was alright with me, but I wanted to be the one to wash out the insides of her ass cheeks and her adorable rosebud, because I expected to bury my face between them and lick her to an orgasm. I wanted to fuck her there too, of course, but I was afraid Amelia might think she had proprietary rights to my cock, and I might not be able to get it up a second time, even for Kim's gorgeous ass.

The showering was rather perfunctory; I think the main idea was the fondling and the immediate nakedness involved. That was fine with me but, when I am in a shower with Kim, I always take certain pains with the part of her luscious body where I expect to have my tongue. She knows this too, and likes these preliminaries as much as I do, maybe even more, and she was not ready to leave the spray of water when our host and hostess were.

"We're not done yet," she told them. "George always likes to give me a special washing in a special place."

Having said so, she turned her back to me and leaned against the wall to let me do the cleaning I considered necessary. Amelia and Daniel watched as I washed off the outsides of her ass cheeks, followed by Kim reaching back and spreading them so I could carefully clean the more important parts. I began by carefully applying the mild soap from the dish, and followed that by gently scrubbing her with the soft washcloth. Kim murmured happily over what I was doing, but she knew as well as I the best part of the washing was still ahead and the best part of all would take place on the large bed that had apparently been prepared for us earlier.

The shower room seemed to be designed for washing the way I was washing Kim, because I picked up the nearest of the lower hoses, twisted the head to start it flowing and rinsed the soap off the insides of her cheeks. With that part done, I covered one of my hands with soap and carefully inserted the middle finger into her adorable rosebud. While I carefully washed the surrounding pink puckered area with the pads of the fingers of the other hand, I slowly fucked in and out with the finger inside her. Kim giggled and wiggled her ass at me to encourage my careful washing.

"Get her good and clean back there, George," Daniel suggested to me as he watched the proceedings.

There is only one reason for washing somebody's ass as carefully as I was washing this one, and I wondered if he wanted a chance to lick her out too. I certainly wouldn't blame him. When I was a youth, I sometimes heard the ribald comment "Fucking her would be a violation of The Pure Food and Drug Act; she's eatin' stuff!" although I never heard of anybody who actually meant that. In any event, Kim's ass and pussy were certainly "eatin' stuff," but that would never keep me from fucking her in either place after my mouth had derived its full enjoyment.

I finished the last part of the washing by carefully rinsing Kim again, and. I was confident I had removed anything undesirable, including all the soap suds. The rest of our group was done too, so everybody left the shower, and Daniel shut off the water. Amelia and I dried each other off with two big, fluffy towels that had been in a warmer, and the other two adventurers did the same for each other. Kim was the first one onto the bed, and I was close behind her, because I really wanted to start the fun by licking her ass, and I was quite sure she felt the same way.

I gently placed my hands on her succulent cheeks and firmly planted a kiss on either of them, letting her know what I wanted. Kim wanted the same thing, so she reached back and spread her succulent cheeks for me and I leaned in close to begin. As I always like to do, I started by swirling my tongue inside the cute little dimple at the base of her spine, before starting to slowly lick my way down the inside of her left ass cheek.

She giggled and leaned forward so her face was pressed against the pillow she had placed on the bed under her and bowed her back to present her ass as the best target possible. She was still holding her cheeks apart, although I would later take over that very pleasant task. The skin I was licking was smooth as the finest silk, and a soft tan color, slightly lighter than the rest of her body.

I was not the only one who wanted to use a tongue on her. I felt somebody else moving in front of me and, when I looked, I saw it was Amelia and, apparently, she wanted to eat Kim's pussy while I was licking the same hotsy's ass, but her position would be rather awkward. Being a good guest, and wanting to let my hostess have her pleasure too, I pushed on the hip of the woman who was between me and her. Kim saw what I wanted, and lay on her side with a pillow under her waist, which raised her body enough to give me full access to her ass and allow somebody else to eat her pussy at the same time.

Daniel was not left out either. Seeing two of Kim's pleasure holes were taken already, he scooted up beside her face to offer his cock to her pretty mouth. She smiled and opened wide, and he slid the end between her lips, letting her move her face forward to engulf his entire shaft and start slowly moving her head back and forth. Although I'm not a voyeur, I was glad to see Kim and my Mid-Eastern friends having fun together, but not as glad as I was to get my tongue back inside the beautiful ass cheeks and continue where I had started licking.

I didn't pay any attention to Daniel, because he was out of view, and I was far more interested in the Damask insides of Kim's cheeks to give much thought to anything else. However, I had to pay some attention to Amelia, because her sexy naked body was straddled by the legs of the even sexier woman we were both eating. Her breasts were pressed snugly against me, and I could feel her rigid nipples digging into my bare chest. She could feel something hard of mine too, because my stiff cock was rubbing against her soft belly whenever either of us moved.

I became aware of my hostess in another way when my mouth had traveled all the way down the edge of Kim's ass and was circling below her sweet rosebud, which would be the ultimate target of my tongue. My chin and Amelia's were bumping against one another, and she giggled at the contact but didn't give way to me at all. That didn't bother me but, what did perturb me slightly was that she was the one devouring the delicious juices Kim's pussy was producing. Mentally, I shrugged my shoulders, because I certainly had no particular claim on the treat, and I hoped to get a taste of the nectar later.

As I would expect from such a sensuous woman, Kim was deriving tremendous pleasure from being the center of our sexual mingling. She couldn't speak as her mouth was being repeatedly filled by Daniel's big cock, but her body was writhing in bliss and she was thrusting her ass and pussy toward the two faces that were pleasuring her. I didn't say anything to Amelia, because my tongue was too busy -- by then it had completed the first circuit around the soft insides of Kim's ass cheeks -- but I knew the hotsy between us was close to what would be the first of several climaxes that night.

Daniel was even closer. "I'm ready to come," he told the beautiful woman who had brought him to that state. "Do you want me to come in your mouth or on your breasts?"

I thought that was a silly question and, apparently, Kim did too because she didn't remove her lips from around his shaft to answer. I knew she could feel his cock throbbing or jerking in her mouth and that she tightened her lips so none of his juices would dribble out and be wasted. From being sucked off by her a few times, I knew she was also stroking faster with her lips so Daniel would come on her tongue. When he did climax, he grunted and sighed happily from the extreme pleasure he had just received and stayed in the same position so Kim could lick off every bit of the fresh semen and squeeze it out of his cock so she could fully relish every drop before swallowing it.

After Daniel was through coming, Kim was on the verge of her climax too, from what was happening to her ass and pussy and from the mouthful of his semen she had enjoyed. I was rather disappointed from that, because I hadn't yet gotten to the best part, which is licking her lovely rosebud, so I decided to continue applying my tongue to her ass while she was in the throes of coming, and even after she climaxed, so I could bring her to a second orgasm by myself. I did not convey that decision to anybody, because my tongue and lips were having so much fun I wanted to continue with what I was doing.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Kim whimpered, once her mouth was not busy and she could give voice to her joy. "Oh god!" she cried out ecstatically as she started to come.

Her legs swung back and forth, as if she were running while lying on her side, and she alternated thrusting her pussy at Amelia's face and her ass against mine. I continued licking where I was when Kim started to climax, because I knew that to be a very sensitive spot, and I know Amelia had Kim's precious clit inside her mouth and was busy sucking and licking. When the beautiful woman getting all our attentions climaxed, every one of her muscles clenched and she rammed her ass and pussy against us.

After Kim's great orgasm, she completely relaxed, so I pressed my face even more closely against the soft skin I had been licking, and my tongue continued up the inside of her cheek. Amelia didn't move her face back right away either; presumably she was feasting on all the fresh juices that had just gushed from Kim's pussy. After devouring them all, she did finally move, but I stayed where I was, until my tongue reached the top of the lovely ass that felt so great to my tongue and lips.

Kim knew right away what I was doing. "Are you going to make me come again, George?" she asked.

Of course I didn't answer, because my tongue had started meandering down the inside of the cheek where I had started, and it felt too good for me to leave to answer her query. A minute later, when I was slowly caressing beside her precious rosebud, Kim had her answer, and she made a suggestion.

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