tagLoving WivesAmy and Ron Ch. 02

Amy and Ron Ch. 02


One week after the party, Amy's winter holiday began. She went back home to her family, where we couldn't find the opportunity to make long phone talks at nights. However, during the whole week after the party, our sex talks on the phone got even hotter and hotter, despite my guilty conscience. I was feeling ashamed to encourage Amy having her time with Brian, dancing with him and letting him grope her, but at the same time talking about this event was making me extremely aroused. Once the whole blood in my veins is pumped into my dick, all the shame and guilt was going away.

Her time with her family did put an end to our phone sex sessions. In any case, just after her holiday was over, I returned from my duty abroad. As soon as I came back to the country, I went to see her at the campus. It was a surprise visit and she was very pleased to see me. I had other plans in my mind but she wanted me to meet her friends and blend into her group. This wasn't something I happily agreed to do but I couldn't refuse her request. I met almost all of her friends there, including Brian.

Meeting Brian was an interesting experience for me. He was looking exactly just Amy has described to me; a tall, blond, muscular man. When I looked into his eyes, I thought, "these eyes saw my sweetheart almost naked." When I was shaking his hands, I was thinking, "This hand was all over her body, moving on her ass, caressing her tits..." When he was talking to me, I was looking at his lips, which were once on my sweet Amy's nipples. I was looking at his crotch, trying to imagine his dick in my fiancée's mouth. Again a guilty feeling was growing inside. Besides, every friend of my fiancée knew their history together and they witnessed that dirty dance at the party. However, these thoughts were equally exciting.

Among Amy's friends, two girls were catching immediate attention. One of them was Andrea, the girl, who Brian has cheated Amy with. She was a really hot blond, wearing clothes which reveal most of her body. Despite being smaller than my sweet Amy's, her tits were very remarkable within her tight blouse. No wonder Brian had screwed this chick.

The second girl, who attracted my attention, was Megan. She was a petite charming brunette, with a lovely face, fit body and firm ass; obviously exercising. She was dressed very conservatively unlike all the other girls around. She wasn't very talkative and preferred to stay distant. In fact, she was looking at me as if I was an enemy.

Later, when I had a chance, I've asked Amy about her friends. I knew Andrea from our earlier conversations. Amy did not like her much; the reason is obvious I guess. She never mentioned about Megan though.

"I was not very close to her until recently," she said. "She was a cold fish. But during the project that we worked together on, she has been very kind to me. We get along well now, I guess."

"Well, I think she didn't like me much."

"Why do you say that?"

"When she was looking at me, she was frowning."

"That's typical Megan. I don't think it's personal."

"She's always so?"

"Yes, not very friendly at first. I'm sure you'll be friends, soon."

"Ok! So, do your friends always wear sexy clothes? Andrea, Jenny, Mia?" I asked.

"Do you find them sexy?" she asked angrily.

"You're much sexier than all," I replied. "I think, they wear short skirts, low-cut dress and something like that, just to be seen better than you. But even with your jeans, you shine like a star."

She just laughed.

"Seriously," I said, "why don't we go shopping together? Let's change your wardrobe."

"For what?"

"You know, you have one hell of a body. Why do you hide yourself? Let's show them what a natural beauty is. You were incredible at that party, they must be very jealous of you."

"Ron!" she exclaimed.

It took me almost half an hour to convince her. Finally, she agreed to add some pieces to her wardrobe. The next day, we went to a mall. I have selected the shortest skirts for her to try on. She acted like she didn't want to but I knew she liked to wear them. After four or five hours of shopping, I bought her almost half a dozen of skirts, which were as tiny as possible and some blouse and shirts, which could exhibit most of her perky breasts.

When we were back at home, I asked her to try them on once again for me. She happily agreed to and selected the skimpiest skirt.

"Wow, you look great!" I said.

"Ron, thanks for the gift but I'm not sure that I can wear them at school. Don't you think it's sluttish?"

"So? That's the idea," I said.

"I mean, look at this. How do you even sit with this skirt without displaying your knickers?"

"Easy... You don't wear any underpants."

"Ron, it's ok to wear them at home for you, but I can't go out like this."

"Let's do this," I said and selected another skirt, which is a little longer.

"Start with this and when you get used to wear miniskirts, you can try the others."

"Ok," she said, "but this one stays here. This is too short to wear outside."

On the following days, I was asking her on the phone about what she was wearing. She didn't wear her new clothes at first, using the cold weather as an excuse. Finally I managed to convince her to go to school with her new skirts. Talking about the people, who were peeping at her, was a new turn on for me. The fact is, after meeting Brian and other friends of Amy, neither her party night with Brian nor her previous actions with him were now involved at our fantasy chats. I did not bring up this subject again. I think she was feeling guilty too and was never mentioning of him. Her new clothing style was our main topic at our phone conversations for some time. She used to go out in her new outfits.

When she was with me at another weekend, I asked her to wear the clothes, which she left at my house. She said "ok" and put them on. The blouse she wore was a chiffon flower patterned blouse that left her shoulders bare and revealed the upper swell of her large breasts. She wore no bra under it, which meant the blouse's material clung to her voluptuous mounds and was so thin her pink nipples could be peeked thru the flower pattern. Her skirt was a very short flirty number that ended almost two inches below her hips and floated tantalizingly whenever she moved. She was incredibly sexy and gave me an immediate hard-on.

"Come here," I said. She sat on my lap. I started kissing her lips and alternatively fondling her legs and her breasts. Then she stood up and knelt in front of me. She unzipped my pants and took my cock in her hand. Then her lips enveloped the tip of my penis. After a while, I stood up and watched as my cock slowly disappeared in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and collapsed as she sucked and bobbed on me. I responded moving my hips back and forth plunging in and out of her mouth. She sucked my dick eagerly for almost ten minutes in her slutty clothes. I was very close to cumming into her mouth but I held myself back.

"Easy, easy," I said. "That's enough. Come on."


"Let's go out and eat something," I said.

"Eat? I don't understand, you did not cum yet?" she asked. "You are still hard."

I knew, if I did cum, I would lose my desire to go out and exhibit her to the people outside.

"Yes," I said. "We can finish, when we return."

"You act strange, Ron. Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Let's go."

"Ok, ok. Let me change," she said with a puzzled expression on her face.

"No, don't change your clothes. I want you wear them outside."

"Ron, don't be ridiculous," she said.

"Honey, if you knew how happy you'll make me..." I replied.

She was bewildered.

"Come on," I said.

"At least let me put my bra on!" she said.

"No, I want you to stay this way."

She didn't say anything. She hesitated for a while, then looked into my eyes and just nodded.

There was a fine burger restaurant in the neighborhood, so I decided to walk her there in broad daylight. I held her hand and started walking slowly. No one was blatantly looking at my sexy fiancée, I just caught a few glimpses, but Amy was not comfortable at all. She was walking very close to me, sticking her body to mine, and trying to hide what her dress was revealing.

"Relax, baby" I said.

"Ron, everyone is staring at me," she murmured.

"Nobody is staring at you," I said. "It's just that you're not used to dress that way. Just relax."

Soon, we were there. The waiter led us to our table, which was somewhere around the center of the hall. There were 2 guys eating their burgers across our table. I seated myself next to Amy for not to block the view of the guys. When they realized how short Amy's skirt is, they were both started peeking at her legs under the table. Amy also was aware of the situation.

"Why don't you sit there?" she whispered. "The boys are checking my legs."

"I think they're happy with the view. Let them look. Let them admire your silky legs."

She blushed and didn't respond. Then the waiter came and asked whether we're ready to order our meal. He had a good view of her cleavage. I took my time checking the menu, so that he can have a good look at Amy's tits.

While we were having our meal the boys were already finished their burgers and having their drinks.

"Why don't you part your legs a little?" I said to Amy.

I was expecting her to object but then I realized how excited she was. She slowly opened her legs a little bit.

"Do you think they can see your panties?" I whispered into her ear. She was having deep breaths.

"Part a little more. Show them your crotch."

She obeyed and opened her legs more pretending that she was unaware of it. The boys were happy for what they saw, they were grinning. The looked at her panties for maybe five or ten minutes, till we finished our meal and left. We quickly walked to my house. We were both extremely aroused.

That day was the day, when I first saw her pussy, the most memorable moment of my life. Peeling her panties off was like a ceremony. I wasn't expecting her letting me to remove her panties, though. I was just trying my luck, like I did many times before - with no success. However, she didn't say anything this time and didn't try to stop me. She was much more excited than me.

"Oh my God, I'm doing it," I was thinking. My heart was beating faster with every inch coming into view. First some pubic hair, then a little bit of flesh above her pussy and finally her pussy lips. There, the sweet pussy of my sweet fiancée was lying in front of my eyes, for the first time during our relationship of 4 years and it was the most adorable vagina I saw in real life. I was mesmerized and put my head on her thigh. My once innocent, young Amy was completely naked for me.

"Will you just keep staring?" she asked.

This was the sign for me to have a taste of her wet pussy. From this moment on, our sex life evolved to the next level. I first put a little kiss onto her pussy and then used my tongue on her clit. Then I kissed her pussy deep as if I was French kissing her. When I took her clit in my mouth and started sucking it, she was very close to the edge and came soon.

Later she told me that she heard from her friends, how wonderful cunnilingus feels. Megan, especially, was very keen to talk about sex and was always trying to bring the subject to Amy's sex life. She strongly suggested her to try some oral sex, so Amy started thinking to allow me to do it soon. I was thankful to Megan, since she encouraged Amy to let me lick her pussy.

Amy was still a virgin and was planning to remain so until our wedding night, therefore she didn't allow me to penetrate her. I always respected this and never complained, although my dick was never buried in a pussy for years.

"You'll get your reward for being so patient and understanding," she was saying. I was happy enough with the blowjobs she was giving to me.

Soon, she almost became addicted to oral sex as I became addicted to her pussy. She often woke me up in the middle of the night asking for a head. She was having orgasms at least three or four times a night whenever we stay together. It was fine for me; her pussy was delicious, tasting better than anything in my life. The only problem was that she wasn't allowing me to kiss her after I licked her pussy well.

"Go wash your face, you stink!" she said.

"Stink?" I said. "This is the most beautiful scent of the world."

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