tagLoving WivesAn Awesome Menage-A

An Awesome Menage-A


My wife and I have been married for 3 years. We have always enjoyed being kinky, and are not inhibited sexually in any way. This experience we feel enriched our relationship and has actually allowed us to grow stronger. We enjoy trying new things, and this was just the beginning...

Kiara is 20 years old, and is beautiful. She is 5 feet tall, and weighs 103 pounds. Her breasts are on the small side, but it's quality not quantity that counts, and in that category, she rates VERY high! Her body is tanned with NO tan lines, and her 34 B's are perfect with her beautiful small nipples. She keeps a small strip of hair just above her pussy which draws attention to her perfect slit.

Anyways, enough with the description... It all started one year ago. For the past 11 years Derek and I have been friends- through school and even work. Derek, and his wife Kristen would constantly hang out with Kiara and myself. Every free night we had the four of us would hang out. But as is the case in most friendships, we kind of drifted apart.

Well, that is, Kristen stopped wanting to hang out with us because we are very open people and she is a bit... "stuffy." It turns out she couldn't handle being around us because she is what I would describe as BORING. There were times when she would be OK, and would engage in a game of strip poker with us, but as soon as she was supposed to lose her shirt, she'd flash her (nice) boobs and say that the game was over. Finally, she stopped wanting to hang out with us and in effect Derek was kept from us also.

Well, one day, I got a call from Derek saying that he missed hanging out with me, so we decided to go and play a round of golf. It was during this round that he convinced me that Kristen was really okay with us. However, we never did get back together with all 4 of us, so it turns out it was a lie, but that's another less interesting story.

Derek kept telling me how much he wanted to see me taking his wife's pussy, and I had to admit that I wanted to see him in my wife's also! The only difference between the two of us is that my wife was willing! Anyways, we continued to get together every so often, and each time he'd tell me how much he wished the four of us would get together so he could try and get into Kiara's panties, and so I could get some pussy from Kristen.

After several of these encounters when he raved about my wife, I decided to take it up with her. I went to her and said, "Hey hon, have you ever thought about having sex with Derek?" "Well, of course, I mean haven't you ever thought about Kristen?"

"Of course I have, and I'm not mad that you've thought about it, as a matter of fact it really turns me on to think about it..."

"Wow, I never would have thought that would get you turned on!" Kiara said as a big smile spread across her face.

"Well, it never really did until Derek and I kept talking about it whenever we would get together. Would you do it?" I asked.

"I... I don't really know. I mean, there's alot to think about you know? First, he'd be the first guy besides you that I've had sex with!"

"Yeah I know, but it seems like so much of a turn on every time I think about his cock sliding into your pussy for the first time, and how much you'd like it!"

"Wow, that does sound pretty tempting..."

And, for the time being that is where we left it-- well at least after a great hour of sex! She rode my cock and started to scream his name-- I can't tell you how much of a turn on that was!

So, the next time I got together with Derek I decided that if he brought it up again, I'd make him an offer.

About a month later, I got a call from him saying that he'd like to get together. We met at the local restaurant for dinner. I let him bring up the subject, and then I decided to take it from there.

"Have you and Kiara done anything "fun" lately?" he asked?

"Well, as a matter of fact, I've been screwing her lately while she thinks about you..."

His jaw almost hit the table.

"Oh my god man," he said, "you've got to be kidding me! Ohhh, I wish it really WAS me in her pussy!"

"What about Kristen?"

"You've seen her man! She's such a prude, I can't even tell her my own fantasies. It's driving me crazy."

"Yeah? Well, I know that Kiara would be interested in it, so it would probably be up to you..."

"Oh hell yeah! I'll do it any time!"

"Well, I know when I left and told her I was meeting you, there was a gleam in her eye, so if you want to come to our house, I'm sure SOMETHING will happen. Maybe not much, but something."

"I'm there!" he said a little TOO excited.

So, we hopped into our cars and drove to our home. We walked through the door and Kiara was sitting in the front room. Her eyes lit up when she saw Derek with me, and I could almost feel the heat in her pussy start to generate.

I walked in and sat on one side of her on the couch, Derek on the other. We small talked for a minute, and I suggested that the three of us watch the sex video that Kiara and I had made. Everyone agreed so I popped the tape in.

Derek loved it! You could see his cock grow in his pants as he watched me pounding my cock into my wife's wet pussy as she screamed out his name. You could see the color drain from Kiara's face when she realized what tape I'd put in.

She glanced over at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and winked at her as if to say, "It's okay, just trust me." So we went back to watching, and Derek took the initiative.

"Oh man, I wish I could see those!" he said referring to her breasts.

Kiara just kind of laughed and glanced over at me. I raised my eyebrows and glanced over at Derek as she screamed his name on the video. She saw this and new that everything would be okay with me if she really did. So, she waited for another comment like that from him, and she acted on it.

"Geez you have a beautiful body, your husbands a lucky man!" he said.

"Why's that?" Kiara asked milking an invitation out of him.

"Why??? Because look at you, you're perfect! I wish I could see you naked for real!"

She just smiled and looked from him to me.

"Well, are you going to show us?" I asked.

"What? You guys don't really want to see me!"

"Are you kidding me?" Derek practically yelled, "Hell yes I want to see you!"

"Oh..." she said and waited for her prompting.

"Go ahead babe, show us!" I pushed.

So, she slid around and pulled her shirt and bra up so we got a good look at her tits. Derek automatically reached out and started caressing them.

"Will you just take your shirt off while we watch?"

She slid her shirt and bra over her head and was sitting topless in front of us.

I asked her if she wanted to see his cock, and she said, "Sure." but I could tell from the animalistic look in her eye that she was dying to see it, and get her hands on it!

Derek opened his pants and his 6.5" cock came ripping out.

"You can touch it!" I offered knowing that it would be okay with him.

She hesitated for a moment before reaching out and starting to stroke his cock. It is slightly larger than mine, and only the second she has touched in her life. She continued to stroke it for several minutes as Derek thrust his hips up to meet her stroke.

I could tell that he would have taken her second hand flower right there if she'd have let him, but her emotions overcame her, and she was just too embarrassed to proceed any further... at least for a short time. Derek replaced his penis into his pants, and eventually stood up and headed out the door.

As soon as he left we were in the bed, and going at it like animals. She was more turned on than I'd ever seen her! It was amazing! Shortly after, we began receiving phone calls right when we knew that Derek was getting off of work. His number showed up on the caller ID, and even though he knew we were both still at work, he still called virtually every day just hoping that maybe Kiara would get home from work early. You see, he'd been over to our house many times, but we had decided to keep the fact that we had Caller ID a secret so that when we saw our "friends" and they said, "We've been trying to call you all the time!" we would know that they are lying. Anyways, he called up to 3 times EVERY night trying to reach Kiara.

I realized later that he got off just on the thought that he may get her on the line one of these times. In fact, it did happen about 4 times. We always acted like I wasn't there because that was more of a turn on for us, seeing what he would say if he didn't know I was there. Turns out, he was really getting into this! He would try and get her to have phone sex with him, but she'd play it cool and say that she had to go do some things, and couldn't talk- even though they did do SOME dirty talking at times.

Derek and I got together next about two weeks after the initial time. At first he said he felt bad about doing this behind Kristen's back (even though at first he told me it was their fantasy and that she even knew about it and was fine with it) but then he couldn't get over how boring she was sexually, so if he didn't do this he'd go get a girlfriend on the side.

We went and caught a movie, even though we talked through most of it. He was so excited by the thought of doing it again (as were the two of us) that he could hardly sit still. When the movie let out, I decided to give it another go. When we walked through the door this time, Kiara almost went wild.

We had planned it earlier that we would act like I was surprising Derek and bringing him over without her knowing it, so we had her in bed when we got there with just her thong and t-shirt on. He and I sat on the couch for awhile- after we both went in and saw her in just her tiny clothes and said hi. He asked to see the movie again, so I put it in. No more than two minutes had gone by before he was practically moaning.

"Do you think we can do anything again?" he asked.

"Sure I don't care, I was just waiting to see if you really wanted to."

"Oh god yeah!" he almost shouted.

"Well, go ahead and go in there!"

So, he went into the bedroom, and I wanted to give them a little privacy, so I remained on the couch for a few minutes. After I couldn't stand it anymore, and my cock was breaking loose of my jeans, I snuck to the door that he had left cracked open when he entered.

I watched as they kissed, and he took off her shirt. He sucked on her amazing nipples for a minute, and then proceeded to pull her panties down. She spread her legs and he began to finger her soaking wet pussy as he sucked on her tanned nipples.

She reached down and began to undo his belt, and as she did so, he gave way and lay on his back. At this point I entered the room, and Kiara gave me the biggest smile. She continued to remove his pants and boxers, and she took his throbbing cock in her hand, massaging it.

After only a couple of seconds, she took it into her mouth, the second cock she'd had in her mouth- ever. As I watched her sitting doggy style, sucking Derek's cock, I removed my pants, and came up behind her. I slid my cock up and down her slit, and she moaned over the tip of his cock. As my cock entered her cunt, Kiara moaned, and Derek said, "Oh yeah, I want some of that!"

Kiara and I had already talked and she had decided that she wasn't quite ready to be re-deflowered by another man.

So, when he heard that, he was kind of sad for a minute (understandably so), but he got over it when she suggested that the two of them masturbate side by side, he seemed content.

So, with the cum that I had just left in her pussy she began to masturbate, and Derek's fingers roamed around her labia and into her soaking pussy as she masturbated. Both of them were so nervous that they were not able to climax.

Only three days later, Derek calls me (well, gets ahold of me- he'd called about a hundred times, from work, home, pay phones, etc. as we saw on caller ID), and says that he wanted to get together again! Unfortunately, I had to go to work, so I said I'd call him back! After speaking with him, I decided to talk to Kiara.

"Babe, Derek wants to get together again, what do you think? Are you ready you think? I won't be here because I have to go to work..."

At that her eyes lit up yet again, and she responded, "Yeah, I think I'm fine, I've been thinking about it alot!" I don't blame her for getting excited about this because I understand that it's just an animal instinct- lust.

So, I called him back, and set him up with a time to come over one hour before I got off for work.

Here's the events of the evening from Kiara:

I was sitting on the couch, I was surprised I could sit since I was so excited, just waiting for Derrick to show up. The doorbell rang and my pussy started to tingle! I answered the door and let him in. Surprisingly each of us were so tense that we just went and sat to watch a movie. There was a woman stripping on the show, and Derek asked me to do that for him.

"Sure," I said standing up and taking him by the hand, "But let's go into the bedroom..."

I led him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed as if he were sleeping. I walked to the end of the bed, and since there was no music, I had to do a little dance to my own tune. I acted cute and he seemed to enjoy it.

First I leaned forward and unzipped his pants. I pulled them down, and slid them off his legs. I massaged his cock, and since he wanted to see me strip, I replaced my hand with his. I retreated to the footboard of the bed, and began my dance again. I lifted my shirt just a little, and finally removed it. I undid my bra as I slowly danced seductively. I held the cups over my nipples to tease him, since my husband had told me that Derrick loved my breasts.

Slowly, I uncovered my nipples and his hand began to stroke his beautiful cock faster. I couldn't help but imagine having it in my pussy. After throwing my bra to him, I started playing with my zipper. It came down, and I turned around slowly.

I was wearing a light blue thong, so when I pulled my pants over my hips, he got a good view of my butt. I swayed my hips to the imaginary music and as I glanced over my shoulder I could see the precum dripping off his cock. I hooked my thumbs in my panties and slowly pulled them down, bending at my waist to give him a good view of my butt and pussy. As I came up, I looked over my shoulder at him staring at me, and I spun slowly around.

When his eyes got view of my nearly bald pussy, his eyes widened, and he stroked his cock faster. I began my slow journey up the bed by kissing his legs, up his thighs. Finally, I came to his balls, and I started sucking on them as he stroked his shaft. I grabbed his hand and stopped him, and I licked up the underside of his cock. His head tilted back as he enjoyed the attention. I took his cock completely into my mouth, at which he was thoroughly surprised. I kept my eyes locked with his when he could find the strength to keep them open.

I pulled my mouth off of his cock, and kissed up his stomach. I straddled his hips, so my pussy was pushing against his cock as it rested on his stomach. I ground my hips against his cock. I kissed up his neck, and nibbled his ear. Finally, I allowed our lips to meet, and the passion erupted. I began to thrust my hips forward a little further, and when I reached the head of his cock, I maneuvered my hips so that the head was pointing right into my wet pussy.

I was still too far forward for it to go anywhere, but I could feel him begin to thrust as he lay there kissing me. Finally, I broke the kiss, but held eye contact. I started to rotate my hips completely in a small circle so the head would find my pussy entrance. As Derek's cock head slipped into my pussy, I could feel all of my nerves in my pussy begin to spasm. I milked the head of his cock as my pussy began to expand to take his girth which is somewhat bigger than my husband's and it felt great.

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to have all of him. I slammed my pussy onto his cock, and because I was so wet, it went in EASILY. I went wild with the feeling of a new cock in my pussy.

I started to grind my clit down onto the base of his cock, and into his coarse pubic hair as I screwed his brains out. I had never gone so wild in bed, and I could feel my climax mounting. I had never before had an orgasm during sex, but my husband had this theory that it was because I just needed that animal passion back. Was he ever right. I could feel my pussy muscles begin to tighten, and the blood felt like it was rushing throughout my entire vagina. As I slammed onto his shaft, I erupted in a fiery orgasm. It was the first penetration only orgasm I'd had, and it was wonderful.

As I slid around on Derrick's cock, and he felt me climax, he began to buck and thrust under me. I was on birth control so I decided to let him cum inside me. Even if I hadn't been I don't think I could've resisted feeling that anyways. The hot cum hit me deep inside my pussy, and both of us collapsed on each other just as the door to the house slammed shut.

Bobby (my husband) walked in to find our bodies meshed together, with me lying limp on top of Derrick. Later he would tell me that it was one of the most erotic scenes he had ever witnessed. Because he was so taken with having another cock inside of me, he insisted that the two of us have sex once more. Needless to say, both of us were happy to oblige...

That is the end of our story (thus far), though if the comments and votes are good enough, we might call him up and get together for another installment...

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