tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Exhibitionist Revenge

An Exhibitionist Revenge


I got the idea for this story while surfing a voyeur site on the Internet. One of the clips available was of a young woman secretly filmed pleasuring herself. I thought what would she do if she knew… This story is one possible answer.

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story, or a story of any kind in fact. I have read many written by others. If reviewed favorably I will probably write more.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Mandy was enjoying her evening. She had worked hard all day as the newest Girl Friday at a prestigious local law firm and needed some relaxation.

She had showered earlier and was sitting on the sofa in the living room of her one bedroom apartment in a state of semi-dress, meaning only a short spaghetti strap top and a pair of light blue silk hip-hugger bikini panties adorned her petite figure. Not a big TV fan she had instead chosen to listen to her favorite female soft rock artist on her inexpensive stereo. At 21 she was newly on her own and considered herself fortunate to have found a good paying job and her own apartment right out of college. Her legs were spread open and had there been anyone there to see, her posture would have afforded a tantalizing view.

She suspected that her good looks and perfectly proportioned figure had played a role in her recent good luck in landing her new job. During the interview the day before she had noticed that David, the firm's hiring manager, had been more interested in her appearance and cute smile than the answers she had supplied on her employment application or in response to his verbal questions. Not that she minded the stares he was giving her. Although not terribly experienced she certainly was no virgin and had long since discovered the pleasures hidden between her legs. She knew the job was hers before the interview was over.

Today had been her first day on the job. The other female employees had taken her under their wing and shown her around the offices explaining the job to her. Carol, a cute brunette with slightly larger breasts than Mandy's, had paid particular attention to her. Mandy suspected that she and Carol could become close friends with just a little effort. David was never far away and she caught him several times sneaking a longing look at her body. He obviously wanted to do naughty things to her. She took a hidden pleasure in accidentally allowing him a quick peek down her low cut blouse or up her short skirt. The thought she was in control and able to contribute to his sexual frustration was somehow sexually exciting to her. Beside she felt she owed him something for giving her a chance to show she could do the job.

When the workday had finally ended she had return to her apartment mildly exhausted and in need of some relaxation. After her shower she had opened a bottle of Chardonnay and had enjoyed some with her evening meal. The rest would be consumed before the evening was over.

Her laptop computer was within easy reach resting on the arm of the sofa. As was her usual custom for this time of evening she was cruising the Internet; not looking for anything in particular, just aimlessly surfing from site to site. In the past she had occasionally ventured into porn sites and especially liked the voyeur/exhibitionist sites she had come across. The idea of unknowingly being caught on camera doing something naughty had some appeal to her somewhat suppressed exhibitionist side.

She was experiencing a warm glow caused by the wine consumption and felt the stirrings of passion. Her thoughts were on how she had kept David hovering around her all day like a bee on honey. She knew she would pleasure herself before the night was over. Her passion seemed to be directing the movements of the mouse on the laptop causing her to once again enter her favorite voyeur site.

As she surfed through the pages of the site reading the descriptions of the available clips she began to feel the glow of the wine move to her female center. She quickly scrolled past the description of girls being secretly filmed in the restroom relieving their bladders. She didn't particular care for this type of voyeur film.

A description, "Watch this young beauty relieve her sexual frustrations" under the heading "New to the Site" caught her eye. Almost without thought, she found herself clicking on the link that would play the clip. As she waited for the clip to download, her hand cupped her left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze under her spaghetti strap top with her thumb and forefinger kneading the perky nipple. Her caress began to ignite and inflame her sexual fires. Slowly she slid her hand down across her flat hard stomach and found the elastic band of her silk panties. Her perfectly manicured fingernails gently lifted the elastic as her hand continued it's decent to her now moist pussy. She cupped her mound in her hand and gently squeezed.

The clip download had completed and it began to play as she slipped her index finger between her lower lips finding the source of her pleasure. She watched as the clip began to play. It appeared to be of excellent quality and showed great detail. There was no one shown in the clip yet but the surroundings appeared to be strangely familiar. Her finger began to caress her clitoris in anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly, her hand froze and she watched herself appear in the clip. She had entered the movie clip wearing only a towel having just showered. She could feel the small hairs rise on the back of her neck, her eyes glued to her laptop screen in horror and fascination as she watched the scene unfold. She was shown removing her only source of clothing, the towel, and then laying back on the same sofa she was currently sitting on. She was perfectly oriented for the best possible camera shot. Her neatly trimmed pussy was clearly displayed on the laptop screen. She watched her hand slowly descend across her body stopping between her legs. She could see the expression of pleasure on her face as she began to masturbate.

She sat up and quickly looked around the room in an attempt to locate the camera that had unknowingly captured her solo sex act of several days ago. Her current passions had cooled out of concern and angst. She was well aware that she was alone in the apartment and possibly vulnerable to a sexual predator. Her eyes immediately focused on the window directly across from her sofa. Based on the camera angle she surmised that the camera had recorded her actions through this window.

She jumped from the sofa and closed the curtains whose open state had permitted the recording. Realizing she was alone and in no immediate danger she returned to her place on the sofa. She clicked the replay button on the clip player and once again watched herself enter the room. As her video self pleasured herself, her mind was running a mile a minute. She vividly remembered how she had felt and what she was thinking about during the recorded solo sex act. She rapidly became both excited and angry as she watched herself reach organism on the video clip. The thought that someone had recorded her actions was strangely exciting but the thought that her actions were now available to the world brought anger. She was determined to get her revenge on the person responsible.

Using her computer skills she saved the clip to her local hard drive and began examining the file properties in an attempt to determine the source of the file. She recorded the IP address of the source computer and using other software quickly revealed more detailed information. A frown crossed her lips as she read the name of the IP owner. So that's why she had gotten the job so easily. Her nose flared slightly as she thought of how she would seek her revenge on David.

Chapter 2

Mandy awoke earlier than normal the next morning. She used the extra time to pay particular attention to her looks. She knew she would have to appear extra appealing if the plan she had hatched last night before falling asleep was to work.

She started her preparations with a long hot shower. Emerging from the shower she toweled herself dry while looking at her 110-pound body in the steamed full-length mirror. She took great joy in admiring her reflection. She could readily see why David had shown such interest the day before. Her small breasts, 34B, were teenage perky with small pink button nipples. She didn't need a bra for support and only wore one when circumstances or decorum required it. Today would be such a day. She gazed down her reflection to her flat, hard stomach and then, lower, to her hips and perfectly proportion ass. She thought they too were perfect. Turning slightly she looked at her private female parts. Her lower lips were devoid of hair; she shaved regularly, and seemed to be pouting. Their fullness hid the inner workings that she had used so often in the past to bring pleasure to herself. Above the lips she had a neatly trimmed patch of blonde curly hair.

She departed the bathroom, heading for her bedroom. Searching the panty drawer of her dresser she retrieved a sexy pink matching bra and panty set that she had purchased only last week. She knew she would look spectacular in it, not that she planned on giving anyone at work a chance to see it. To complete her under garments she selected a matching garter belt and a pair of white silk stockings.

Her next selections were critical. She opened her closet door and removed a blue knit suit from its hanger. Her mother had often complained that the suit was too tight on her figure and the skirt was too short. She liked the way the knitted material molded itself to her body. It made her feel soft and cuddly and sexy inside. She knew that this was the outfit that would drive David wild. A pair of matching high heels completed her wardrobe for the day.

Having completed dressing she sat down before her vanity mirror and began to fix her shoulder length blonde hair and expertly apply her make up. Fifteen minutes later she knew she was ready.

She left the bedroom and went to the kitchen where she grabbed a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Next, she went to the living room and copied the offending video clip from her laptop's hard drive to a handy zip disk and carefully packed both in her computer carrying case. She was now ready to begin her day at work and her campaign to exact her revenge on David for his indiscretion.

Chapter 3

Mandy arrived early at the office. She used her passkey on the door and entered. The lights in the hallway and kitchenette were on and she knew she was not the first to arrive.

"Hello, who's here" she said, announcing her arrival.

She was pleasantly surprised to hear Carol answer "Only me and the mice. Why are you so early? Are you trying to make us all look bad?"

"No, I just thought I would get an early start. I think it keeps me ahead of the day" Mandy replied not revealing the true reason for her early arrival. She joined Carol in the kitchenette.

"Wow Mandy, you are certainly a knockout today. You look good enough to eat. Are you planning on making the men drool all day?" Carol said taking in the full effect of Mandy's careful preparations.

"No, just one in particular" Mandy replied setting her computer case and purse on the floor. "And what I do to him he has coming, believe me."

"Let me guess. David?" asked Carol. He's such a leach. He tried hitting on me until I let him know in no uncertain term that he didn't have the right equipment to satisfy me. I like women and I find you particularly attractive. You ever make it with a woman? I would love to make you moan with desire," Carol said making a pass at Mandy"

"Hmmmm" replied Mandy. "That's a thought. I've never been with another woman but I've been bi-curious for a long time. I've just never found a willing companion"

"Well its time to satisfy your curiosity, I'm certainly willing." Carol said taking Mandy's hand in hers and placing her other arm around Mandy's waist. "That is, if you're interested. There won't be anyone else in the office for at least another hour."

Mandy was beginning to feel the stirrings of passion as she felt Carol's hand begin its descent to her luscious behind. She turned and faced Carol and found her lips were just inches from Carol's. Carol immediately took advantage of their closeness and pressed her painted lips softly against Mandy's.

All the sexual frustrations of last night's interrupted and uncompleted solo sex act came flooding back and immediately heated up Mandy's loins. She opened her perfectly shaped lips and allowed Carol's tongue to playfully attack her own. She wrapped her arms around Carol and positioned her leg squarely between Carols. Carol reciprocated by pulling Mandy tightly against her. The scent of Carol's perfume mixing with her own was highly erotic.

Reluctantly Carol broke off the lesbian kiss. "Come honey, let's go to the ladies room where we can be more comfortable," she said taking Mandy's hand and leading the way. She couldn't believe her good fortune.

Upon entering the ladies room, Carol guided Mandy to a black leather-sitting bench along one wall. She gently pushed Mandy down on the bench and sat down beside her. Mandy was aware of what was going to happen and felt her loins tingle in anticipation. She eagerly responded as Carol once again pressed her lips against hers. Her hand automatically rested on Carol's breast and she gently squeezed.

"Hmmmmm" Carol moaned softly. "Who seducing who here. You feel like you're on fire. I certainly have a fire going. I have just got to see what you look like." She reached for the bottom of the knit suit top and began pulling it up and over Mandy's head. Mandy cooperated and raised her arms allowing Carol to completely remove the top.

"Oh they are so lovely" Carol said as she gazed longingly at Mandy's bra enclosed breasts. She leaned down and began kissing the visible top of Mandy's left breast. Her right hand, which had been resting lightly on Mandy's knee, started sliding up under Mandy's skirt along her inner thigh. The silk of Mandy's stocking felt delightful. When she reached the exposed skin of Mandy's thigh she felt her shiver.

"Oh honey, we got to get this skirt off you. I got to see how you look. Wearing garters and stockings instead of pantyhose is very daring of you" Carol said. "Stand up and let me undress you, please. I need to see."

Mandy was totally in Carol's control and obeyed the request immediately. She stood and Carol pulled the skirt down. Mandy stepped out of it.

The sight of Mandy standing in front of her in matching bra and panties and garter belt and stockings took Carol's breath away. Her eyes met Mandy's and she quickly allowed them to sink lower admiring Mandy's 34B breasts surrounded by her pink bra. She could see Mandy's hard nipples making an indentation in the thin material. She licked her lips as her gaze continued downward.

"Mandy dear, I can see you're getting wet and excited, you've spotted your panties dear. And I am way over dressed."

Carol stood and started removing her dress. Mandy stepped closer and started helping. She couldn't believe she was finally about to fulfill a fantasy. Doing it in the office where it was possible she could be caught added to her growing excitement. She could feel the moisture seeping through her lower lips.

"Hurry Carol. I'm going to have to start fingering myself if you don't take care of me soon" Mandy said as she slid her hands down her hips on the inside of her pink panties. She stepped out of the panties and reached for her bra clasp and removed it also.

Carol's was blatantly staring at Mandy's beautifully trimmed pussy. She started breathing hard as she took it all in. Her hands worked quickly and she removed the rest of her clothing. She stood and pulled Mandy into her arms. Mandy melted as she felt her body naked against Carol's. Carol pushed her down on the settee and began to caress her breast pulling the nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling lightly.

"Ahhhhh" moaned Mandy as she started a thrusting motion with her hips.

"I see you don't need any more foreplay, honey," said Carol as she began her descent toward Mandy's bush. "Let's see what we got here," she said as she positioned her face inches away from Mandy's pleasure center.

Carol began her assault on Mandy by gently trailing soft wet kisses on the inside of Mandy's left thigh. She continued upward, pausing momentarily to gently lick the outside of Mandy's lower lips and then continued kissing down the inside of the other thigh. This brought the desired effect as Mandy, unable to control her actions, moaned and raised her tight ass off the leather.

"Oh please" she said in a hoarse whisper. "Please I need it bad. Your kisses are driving me wild. Don't stop now Carol." Mandy moaned, her hands sliding down across her flat stomach. Reaching her mound she gently used her hands to spread the outer lips of her pussy.

This sight was much more than Carol could stand. Her lips completely surrounded Mandy's clitoris and she began a purposeful tongue action.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" cried Mandy. She knew that it would not take much of these sensations before her release came. She could not control her thrusting and felt her legs begin to tighten around Carol's head.

Carol went along with the bumpy ride. She moved her head in a perfect timing that allowed her to keep her lips pressed firmly against Mandy's pussy. She lapped up the excess juices Mandy was producing and swallowed hard. Her hand found it's way between her own legs and she slipped a finger inside and began massaging her clit.

The sexual tension in the room was strong enough to cut with a knife. Both women were in the throes of passion and the whole office staff could have entered the ladies room unnoticed by either of them.

Carol felt powerful and in control and she expertly tongued Mandy's clit. Each flick of her tongue brought a tremor to Mandy's body and she knew it would not take much more before Mandy climaxed. She quickened the pace of her finger on her own clit. She didn't want to be left behind when Mandy came.

She didn't have long to wait. "Ohhhhhh I'mmmmm cummmmming" Mandy cried out in desire. Her body began to tense and shiver with pleasure as the endorphins fired in her brain. "Ohhhhhh that's so good" she moaned. Her breath was coming in fits and starts, and she was unable to hold back the pleasure emanating from between her legs. She surrendered completely.

This was all Carol needed to ignite her own climax. Her finger quickened its pace almost involuntarily. She too began to moan as her release came in consort with Mandy's.

Slowly the pleasure and sensations subsided for both girls. Carol slid up beside Mandy and, wrapping her arms around her, held her tightly.

"That was soooo good Mandy. I got off getting you off," she whispered softly in Mandy's ear. "You were so tasty and have a pussy that is just made for eating. I'd like to spend the rest of the day here with you making you cum again and again but we have to face reality. The rest of the office staff will be here soon"

Reluctantly Mandy sat up and looked around for her discarded clothing. Carol followed suit and both girls began to dress.

Sitting down before the makeup table and mirror in the ladies room both girls began to fix their hair and makeup. It wouldn't do to leave any clue as to what had just occurred.

"You mentioned that you were going to do something to David" Carol said. "Was his pass that bad?"

"Oh its nothing to do with a pass" Mandy replied. "He's on my shit list for something else." With that she explained the events of the night before and how she had discovered that David was the person responsible for posting her erotic video clip. "I want to do the same for him but in a much more comprising situation. Want to help?"

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