tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 44

An Old Head Ch. 44


"Here we are father Wick," the bishop told me, pointing to the large stone building in front of us, "the home of the sisters of the order of Magdalene, we can stop here for the night."

I looked at him, it was Sidney Spence from LKJ, my firm. I urged the horses on and they pulled the cart carrying the two of us along the stony path to the convent.

"Welcome my lord," said one of the sisters as we came to the stables next to the main building, "I shall get your horses attended to and take you to mother superior."

The mother superior looked very much like Sarah Lewis, which did not surprise me.

"Welcome my lord," she said to the bishop, "how long will you be with us?"

"Probably only this night," he replied, "we are on our way to Barstow to inspect my new palace."

"There is a young woman who needs to get to that place,would you be willing to escort her there?"

"I would be willing to do that for you. Now, I would like refreshment for myself and my priest, and we shall take confession from the nuns."

We were shown to a room which was to be our accommodation for the night, it had two small beds, a table and a couple of chairs in it. We were brought bread and wine by one of the nuns which was most welcome.

"Send in the first of your sisters who wants to confess," Spence told her.

A few minutes later a young nun entered the room, it was Lexi from LKJ. She stood, head bowed, in front of the bishop, who was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room.

"Forgive me my lord, for I have sinned," she said to him.

"What is your sin child?" He asked her.

"I have thoughts of an unpure nature, especially when in my bed at night."

"And are these thoughts about your sisters?"

"Sometimes, but more often they are about men I knew before I was sent here."

"Come here child."

The young nun took a few steps and stood between the bishop's outspread thighs. Spence gathered up the material of her habit and lifted it to the level of her waist. She was naked under her habit and her blonde bush was exposed for us to see.

"Hold this for me," Spence told her, offering her the material.

The young nun held her habit up and Spence put his hand on her bush. He patted it softly.

"Do you touch yourself when you have these thoughts?" He asked her.

She nodded her head in reply. Spence rubbed her labia with the two middle fingers of his right hand. She let out a sigh as she felt his finger tips caress her sex.

"Do you put your finger inside yourself?" He asked.

She nodded in reply.

"Like this?" He asked as he slipped his fingers inside the young nun.

"Yes my lord," she replied, "like that."

Spence began to gently fuck her with his fingers, sliding them in and out of her. I could see how wet they were when they were out of her. I could hear her moans of pleasure when they were pushed back up inside her.

"And do you rub yourself just here?" Spence asked as he gently rubbed her clitoris.

"Yessssss," she replied as her fingers gripped tightly on the gathered up material of her habit.

Spence took his fingers away from the nun and gently pushed her away. She took a couple of steps back and Spence stood up. He pulled his robe off over his head and stood naked in front of her. His stiff cock was standing out in front of his body, a long thin pole surrounded by a wiry grey bush.

Spence sat back down, this time with his knees together. He beckoned to the nun.

"Come child, sit," he said to her.

She straddled him and planted herself on his pole, they both let out a gasp of delight as they coupled. She let go of her habit and put her arms around his neck. She put her mouth to his and they kissed as lovers kiss, their mouths open, their tongues dancing with each other.

Spence put his hands under her tight little ass cheeks and bounced her up and down on his cock. I was unable to see exactly what was going on as her habit had fallen back down and was covering their legs. I could feel myself stiffening as I watched the old bishop fuck the young nun.

"Oh my goodness!" Cried the bishop, "you have such a lovely tight little cunt."

"Oh my lord!" She cried in response, "your holy pole is sublime!"

Spence gave a grunt and stopped bouncing her on his lap, his cock buried inside her as far as was possible, he was obviously ejaculating in her.

"Oh my lord!" she said aloud as she climaxed, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, her legs gripping the back of the chair.

Spence finished coming inside her and gave her another kiss, then he grasped her by the shoulders, held her back and looked into her eyes.

"What is your name child?" He asked her.

"Letha," she replied.

"Go now Letha," he said to her, "and send in the next of your sisters who needs to confess."

The young nun climbed off the old bishop and walked out of the room. Spence turned to me.

"Would you like to take the next confession father Wick?" He asked me, "I shall go and see the mother superior about our travelling companion."

As Spence left the room another nun entered, this one was older than the first, it was Roz, Debby's mother.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned," she said to me, head bowed, hands clasped together in front of her.

"What is your sin?" I asked her.


"And who are you jealous of?"

"The young sisters. They are so much more happy and full of life than I."

"Are you not happy then?"

"I am not, father."

I walked towards her and took her hands. I lifted them up and kissed them in turn. I looked into her eyes.

"Will you let me try and make you happy?" I asked her.

She nodded her head.

I took hold of her habit, lifted it up and over her head. She was naked underneath, her pale skin contrasting with her jet black pubic bush. I pulled my own habit over my head and off, letting it fall to the floor in a pile next to hers.

"Come sister, lay on the bed," I said to her.

She lay on the bed and instinctively opened her legs, I got down between her thighs and began to kiss the soft flesh just below her pussy, she let out a small moan of pleasure as I kissed her.

"When were you last had by a man?" I asked her.

"More than ten years ago. My husband was killed in battle and his sister sent me here to pray for his soul."

I kissed her pussy and poked my tongue out, trying to prise her labia open, I could feel her juice leaking out of her and onto my tongue.

"That feels nice," she said to me, "he used to do it just like that."

I licked her out for a while and then I moved my attention to her clitoris, rubbing it with my tongue, making it harden, making her moan aloud.

"Oh Thomas!" She cried as she approached her climax, "oh my love!"

I kept working on her clitoris as she had her orgasm, her legs twitching, her head rolling from side to side.

After she had calmed down I climbed on top of her and pushed my stiff cock in her wet cunt, it felt lovely being inside her. I fucked her rapidly, wanting to satisfy myself as quickly as I could.

"Oh yes!" I cried as I felt my spunk squirt out of me, "oh yes!"

I pulled out of her and sat on the bed next to her, she looked up at me and smiled.

"Thank you father," she said to me, "you have made me feel happy."

"Was Thomas your husband?" I asked her.


"I am sure he is in heaven, sister," I said to her, "perhaps you can stop praying for his soul now and once again go out into the world."

"Thank you father, perhaps I shall."

I took confession from other nuns, but kept my hands to myself for the rest of the day.

The next morning we prepared to leave for Barstow, the horses were put into harness and we were given food and drink for the journey. The young woman we were to take with us was the lady Aliss, whose parents had apparently died from the plague and who had other relatives in Barstow.

"I think it would be appropriate if the lady Aliss had a female companion for the journey," bishop Spence told the mother superior, "sister Letha is about the same age, she should come with us."

And so the four of us left the convent and headed off to Barstow.

I awoke none the worse for wear, which came as a great relief, perhaps the ring was being kind to me. I had taken the precaution of stuffing my pyjama bottoms with tissues, so the bed was not covered in my semen. I however, was covered in my semen. I got showered and dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast I loaded the car Reggie had given me with a large quantity of drugs, paid Jack a very large sum of money and headed home.

"Take some of this to this address," Reggie told me when I was back in Barstow, "and make sure you get my money."

I looked at the piece of paper with the address on it and shook my head, "Bratton heights," I said to Reggie, "more the sort of place you should be sending Brandon."

"He's busy," replied Reggie, "anyhow, you should do a bit more work, I been treating you too soft, now get going."

I walked up the stairs to the tenth floor of the high-rise block, the lift was broken as always in places like this. I noticed the piss and garbage covering the passageways, and was surprised that I saw no needles. I stopped in front of a door with peeling paint and knocked. The door was opened a little and a man's face appeared.

"Reggie sent me," I said to the man.

"Oh right, come in," he replied, opening the door fully.

I walked in and was pleasantly surprised at the clean, neat passageway that I was led along. We entered a tidy, nicely furnished living room with a kitchen area in one corner. There was another young man sitting on a sofa and a young woman sitting next to him.

"Hello," I said, smiling, "I'm Marcus and I have brought you some weed."

"Hello Marcus," replied the man on the sofa, "I'm Zeke and this is my girlfriend Tasmin."

"I'm Nathan," said the first man, "now, let's see the goods."

I exchanged the packet of drugs for an envelope stuffed with twenty pound notes, I didn't bother to count it.

"Do you want to spend some of that?" Nathan asked me.

I gave him a puzzled look.

"Hey Ruby!" He called out.

A door opened and she walked into the room, I recognised her immediately, it was the girl from the night club. She was wearing a towelling robe and rubbing her damp hair with a towel.

"All nice and fresh and clean," Nathan said to me, "give me a hundred of that and you can have her. No anal though, her manager is saving her for someone special."

I pulled five twenties out of the envelope and handed them to Nathan. Ruby disappeared back into the room from which she had just emerged, I crossed the room and followed her.

"Do you live here?" I asked her as I watched her let the robe drop to the floor and climb onto the bed.

"Sometimes," she replied.

Ruby lay on the bed and opened her legs, I stood and looked at her, she was a real beauty. She had long blonde hair which was all frizzy from just being rubbed in the towel. She had small firm breasts with little pink nipples, a flat tummy and a lovely, neatly trimmed blonde bush. Her legs were long and slim, her feet were petite. I could sum her up in one word, cute.

I sat on the bed next to her and ran my hand up and down her body, she felt so soft to my touch and so smooth. She reached down and rubbed my crotch through my trousers.

"Are you going to undress?" She asked me.

I stood up and took my clothes off. My cock stood stiff and proud, I was ready to have her.

"Are you going to use a condom?" She asked me.

"I'm clean," I replied, "are you?"

"Yes, I was checked last week, the woman I work for makes sure all her girls are clean."

'Good old Trudi,' I thought to myself, 'professional to the finish.'

"The lube is in the drawer," she said to me, indicating the bedside cabinet.

I opened the little drawer and took out a tube of lube. I pulled back my foreskin and squeezed some of the gooey liquid onto my purple helmet, then I spread it down my cock with my fingers. I put the tube down and climbed onto the bed, Ruby looked away as I lowered myself onto her.

"Are you o.k.?" I asked.


I slid my cock inside her and began to gently fuck her, she lay under me and let me do her without making a sound. It felt good being inside her tight little cunt and before long my thrusting got faster.

"You are beautiful," I told her, "and so nice and tight."

"Mm," she mumbled in reply.

I stopped moving and lay still, my cock buried in her up to the hilt as I felt myself put a huge load inside her.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I cried out as I came.

"Oh," was all she said as my spunk filled her.

I climbed off her and sat on the bed.

"Well, that was nice," I said, "are you always this enthusiastic?"

"I was trying out a character," she replied, "the woman I work for said I should try and be different characters when I am working."

"What character were you being?"

"Bored whore."

"Well, you were bloody convincing."


"What is Nathan to you?"



I put my clothes back on and left her lying on her bed. I went back into the living room to see the others smoking a large joint.

"Did you enjoy her?" Nathan asked me.

"It was o.k.," I replied, "I'll see myself out."

"Yeah, cheers man," he said to me, waving, "tell Reggie I'll call him when I have sold this batch."

"Sure, bye."

I took Reggie his money and called Trudi. I told her she needed to get Ruby out of Nathan's flat, then I went home to pack and take Anka to see Hendrick's treasure.

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