tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 46

An Old Head Ch. 46


Try as I might, I cold not get the damned ring off my finger, it wasn't that I didn't enjoy being Marcus, it was just that Phil really did need to go to work.

I decided to go back to Hendrick's and find out more about the princess but first I thought I should catch up on things in Barstow. Firstly I checked in on Reggie, he told me things were going nice and smoothly, then I phoned Trudi who said that I had missed her opening night and so had Phil.

"Come round this evening," she said to me, "and bring Phil if you can find him. Dennis says that he seems to have gone missing."

I slipped the necklace in my pocket before I left the house, I just felt I ought to.

Trudi's house of fun was very discreet, if you did not know what went on behind it's door you would think it was just a large suburban house with a reclusive owner.

"Jim and Steve have done a clever little alteration for me," Trudi told me that evening, "come and see it."

She led me upstairs and through a door to a small room, it was more of a passage than a room and along one wall was a window. The window looked in on one of the bedrooms.

"One way glass," she told me, "whoever is in there does not know they are being watched."

"Oh wow!" I said, "a voyeurs paradise!"

There were about eight of us standing in that little room later that evening when Jess Bertram and four men entered the bedroom.

'Fucking hell!,' I thought to myself, 'what is she doing here?'

"I don't know why I am doing this," we heard Jess say to the men, "but a bet is a bet after all."

Our view of the Scarlett Johanssen lookalike was obscured as the men crowded around her. I could make out one kissing her on the mouth and another running his hands up the backs of her legs to her ass. She had her hands on the shoulders of the man kissing her, she looked as if she was enjoying herself.

The men stood back and a dishevelled Jess did a little strip for them. She looked at each one in turn as she slowly removed her clothing, first her dress, then her bra, then she slowly lowered her panties, wiggling her ass as she slipped them down over her long slim legs.

We watched one of the men stroke her ass cheek as she bent over and stepped out of her panties, swishing them around in the air and throwing them to one of her admirers. He caught them and held them to his face.

"God, you smell so sweet," he told her as he inhaled her musk.

Jess stood in front of them dressed in just her stockings and high heels.

"You like?" She asked them.

"Yes, very much," replied one.

Jess strutted around the room showing them what they were going to be getting as they stripped off their clothing.

"Line up, boys," she told them and the four naked men stood in a line, they all had erections.

Jess knelt in front of them and took each cock in her mouth, one after the other. We heard each of them let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt her lips go round his shaft and her tongue wriggle around his tip.

After a couple of minutes of this they picked her up and put her on the bed. Once again our view was obscured as they climbed on the bed with her and began to molest the beautiful thirty year old millionairess. We could hear the sounds of slobbering as two of them suckled on her tits and her moans of pleasure as they ran their hands over her skin.

One of them shuffled down the bed and settled himself between her outspread legs. We heard her give a little cry as he started to lick her sex.

"Is she wet?" One of them asked the man busy at her hole.

"Her juice is streaming out of her," he replied when he came up for air.

"Don't stop!" Jess cried out, "for goodness sake, don't stop!"

The man resumed his oral ministrations and after a minute or so Jess let out a squeal and we watched as her legs twitched and her body convulsed.

"Oh fuck yes!" She cried out, "oh my God! Oh fuck!"

"She's coming," chuckled one of the men, "she's loving this."

"Hold her legs up," the man who had been licking her out told the others, "I really need to stick my cock up her."

Two of his companions each took a leg and held it up in the air, exposing Jess's hairy cunt. She let out a moan as she was penetrated deeply by the first man.

"Oh fuck, she is nice and hot," he told his friends as he began to fuck her, "what a hot slut."

They let go of Jess's legs and she wrapped them around the back of the man embedded inside her, pulling him onto her as he rammed his cock in and out of her.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she entreated him as he ploughed her enthusiastically.

"Oh yes!" He cried out as he spent himself in her, "oh fuck yes!"

They picked her up and one of them lay on the bed on his back. They flipped her over and put her on top of him, facing him, she knelt astride him and, taking his stiff cock in her hand, lowered herself onto him. He let out a gasp as he felt her envelope him.

"Oh that feels nice," he said as she began to move on him.

Jess leaned forward and one of the men held a tube of KY to her ass hole. He squeezed the tube and the sticky lubricant was injected up her back passage.

"Oooh that feels cold," she said as she felt the gel enter her.

"Maybe this will warm you up," said the man as he tossed away the tube and climbed onto the bed.

He crouched down, positioned his stiff cock at her ass hole and pushed.

"Oh!" Both he and Jess said at the same time, both loving the feeling of his cock forcing it's way up her rectum.

We all had our cocks in our hands and were gently wanking as we watched Jess take two cocks inside her at once. The heat in the little room was building just as much as that in the bedroom.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Cried the man with his cock up Jess's ass, "here it comes!"

He stopped moving and let it flow, obviously sending a huge load up her, giving her a spunk enema.

"Uuuuuuh!" Cried Jess as she had another orgasm, brought about by the cock lodged in her cunt and the one that had been moving in her ass.

After she had been given time to recover from her buggering, Jess was lifted off the man on the bed and put on the floor on her hands and knees. We could see semen leaking from both her cunt and ass and dripping onto the carpet.

"Oh fuck!" moaned one of my companions as he shot his load out, hitting the glass and striping the floor.

The fourth man with Jess knelt behind her and shoved his cock in her dripping cunt.

"Oh you dirty sloppy bitch!" He cried as he fucked her, "you cum-filled dirty sloppy fucking bitch!"

"Fuck me," she growled in reply, "fuck my fucking hole, make me come you bastard!"

"Go on, mate, " I heard somebody in our room whisper, "give it to the filthy slut, make the bitch come."

As Jess took his meat more of us ejaculated onto the floor, I gave a grunt and shot my load just as Jess threw her head back and let out a cry, we were both coming at the same time.

The man fucking her also let out a cry as he squirted his spunk up the nympho slut.

"Christ that was good," said one of my companions in the room, "I have to have her sometime, she is amazing!"

"Yeah," one of the others agreed, "what a whore!"

We watched as the men picked Jess up, put her on the bed, got dressed and left the bedroom. We all put our dicks away and some of us left the little viewing room. Me and another guy just stood and gazed at the beautiful cum-filled slut that was Jess Bertram.

"What a girl," he said to me, "wow."

"Wow indeed," I replied, "wow indeed."

I went to find Trudi who was downstairs in the main reception room.

"How do you know Jess?" I asked her.

"I bumped into her at a party and we got talking, it seems she has been told by her father to be more discreet about her sexual proclivities and my house is very discreet indeed."

"Do they pay?"

"They pay me, but Jess is doing it for her own pleasure."


"Have you asked Phil if his friend Bez might like to have a re-match with the footballers?"

"She's still away."

"Oh. What about Phil? I was expecting him to come and visit."

"He's away too."

Just then there was a bit of a commotion coming from an open door to one side of the room.

"I knew I should not have let them come here," Trudi said to me, "bloody rugby players!"

Just then Ruby came running out of the room, her clothes in disarray.

"They are too rough!" she cried, "I was playing sweet and innocent and they got so excited they started to tear at my clothes."

A quite large young man followed her out of the room, he was very well dressed with short hair and clean-cut features.

"Sorry Ruby," he said, "we didn't mean to hurt you, it's just you are such a tease that Toby couldn't keep his great big maulers off you. Please come back."

"Give her a minute Josh," said Trudi, "let her calm down and she will come back, I promise, but you go careful with her won't you?"

"Yes Trudi," Josh replied, his head bowed in contrition.

"How many of them are in there?" I asked Trudi.

"Five," she replied.

"And Ruby is going to go with all of them?"

"She said she was fine with that."

"Let's give her a little help," I said as I pulled the necklace out of my pocket and slipped it around the neck of the slightly built eighteen year old prostitute.

Before she had time to become possessed I shoved her back into the room with the rugby players.

"Come and watch this," I said to Trudi as I followed Ruby into the room.

"Who has summoned Sha-ra?" Asked Ruby in a deep voice.

"I have," I replied, "oh great goddess of fertility, I make you an offering of these five mortals, that you may harvest their seed."

Ruby's eyes had turned red and her finger nails had grown long and sharp, she tore the pretty knee length dress she had been wearing off of her body and then her cute little cotton bra and panties followed the dress. She kicked off her flat shoes and stood in front of us totally naked.

"Christ, she is gorgeous!" Exclaimed Josh, "what a fantastic little body!"

Ruby strode over to him and grabbed hold of his trousers by the waistband. She ripped them away from his body along with his underpants, leaving his cock and balls exposed for all to see.

"Careful!" he cried, "this is a five hundred quid suit!"

"Get on the floor," she said to him.

With that, Ruby put her small hand on his big chest and gave him a push, he flew backwards as if being felled by a man twice his size and landed on his back on the floor.

"Bloody hell!" Exclaimed one of the others,"did you see that?"

Ruby stood over him and lowered herself, she took his cock in her hand and it instantly became erect. She held it to her cunt and impaled herself on it, then she began to move on it.

"Oh my God that feels amazing!" He cried as he felt her begin to milk him.

"You," Ruby said, pointing to Toby, "come here."

He went to her, pulling his trousers and underpants down as he did so. He offered his stiffening cock to her and she opened her mouth and took it in.

"Oh!" He said as he felt her take his manhood in her mouth and begin to suck him off.

By this time the other three had stripped and approached the randy demoness, she took a cock in each hand and began to wank them expertly. The last man stood and watched, his cock dribbling pre cum in expectation of what was soon to follow.

"What is happening?" Trudi asked me.

"I'll explain later," I replied, "just watch."

"Oh sweet mother of God!" Cried Josh as he began to ejaculate inside her, "this is unbelievable, it feels like her cunt is sucking on my cock!"

Josh's expression turned to one of concern as he found that he could not stop ejaculating inside the hot slut, she was emptying him completely.

"Stop!" He cried, "Please, somebody, make her stop!"

Eventually Ruby stopped moving on Josh and lifted herself off of him as she took her mouth from around Toby's cock.

"Breed with me," she said to him as she left off wanking the others.

He went behind her as she knelt astride her first victim and squatted. He offered his stiff cock to her slit and pushed it in her.

"Oh yes!" He cried as he felt his meat fill her tight little cunt.

Trudi and I watched the remaining three standing in a line gently rubbing their cocks as they waited their turn in the hot whore.

"Oh fuck!" Cried Toby as he began to ejaculate in her, "this is amazing!"

"I think I'm dying," moaned Josh, "I cannot feel anything below my waist."

"Christ!" Said one of the ones queueing up for a turn in Ruby's cum-lined fanny "Josh's balls are missing!"

"Oh God let it stop," murmured Toby, as he too had his balls dried out, "there cannot be any more, there just can't."

Eventually Ruby released him and he fell to the floor clutching at his groin. Ruby stood up and a gush of spunk ran from her, landing on Josh's stomach.

"That's a lot of cum," said Trudi, "I'm impressed boys."

Ruby stood and leaned forward. She took hold of the back of a chair and poked her ass out at the others.

"Breed with me," she commanded and they took it in turns to fuck her for all they were worth.

After she had emptied the last one of every drop of semen he had in his entire body and he had joined the others rolling around on the floor, his hands nursing his genitals, I deftly nipped behind her and unclipped the necklace.

"What has happened?" Asked Ruby as she surveyed the scene of sexual devastation she had just caused.

"You just put them in their place," I told her, "good and proper."

"In all my time in this business," said Trudi, "I have never witnessed such a thing."

Ruby stood up straight and what could only be described as a pint of spunk dropped out of her twat and soaked the carpet under her.

"What..... have... you... done..." Mumbled one of the young rugby players as he lay curled up on the floor.

"I think you had better go and shower," Trudi told her, "and I will try and get this mess cleaned up."

I put the necklace back in my pocket and walked out, smiling to myself. It had been an interesting evening at Trudi's house of fun.

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