tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Old Head Ch. 47

An Old Head Ch. 47


"Could you go to number 28 Derby road for me Kim?" Rob Kent asked his colleague at Friarston estates one Monday morning. "I'm sorry to ask, but everyone else is busy and you only need to take a few pictures so we can start to market it for the family."

"Sure, Rob," Kim answered, "let me have the keys and I'll pop round."

Kim Green was a forty-five year old single woman working as a general assistant for an estate agent on Birmingham road. She lived in a one bed flat in a converted house near where she worked. Life seemed to have passed her by, but she put on a happy face and was liked by the people she worked with, or perhaps they felt a bit sorry for her.

As Kim walked along Birmingham road she decided to take a few minutes to stop for a coffee, there was a place she liked to go some mornings when she was out on an errand, it was called 'Brill'.

Kim took a seat outside, the weather was good and she liked sitting in the sun. A young waitress took her order and Kim sat and waited. She stole a glance at the handsome black man sitting at one of the tables, he looked a lot like a young version of Denzel Washington. Kim had seen him there before, in fact she went to that particular coffee shop hoping to be able to look at him.

Kim didn't have a man in her life at that time, in fact she had not had a man in her life for quite a while. She was not unattractive, but she never met anyone, she just kept to herself and got on with the day to day job of living alone.

Kim looked at the man again, he was reading a paper so he did not look up. The waitress brought Kim her coffee and as she sipped it she began to daydream.

"Hello, my name is Kim, I think you have a wonderful voice, would you sign this photograph for me?"

She was a young Kim and he was a singer in a band. She had been allowed to go back stage to meet the band along with some other fans.

"Hello Kim," he replied, "sure, I'll sign it for you. Tell me, how old are you?"

"I'm eighteen."

"Would you like to come back to my hotel?"

They were alone in the hotel room, she had butterflies in her tummy, he looked lovely.

"I need to take a shower," he said to her.

"I want to take a shower with you," she said eagerly, "let me shower with you."

They were in the shower together, the warm water cascading down over their naked bodies which were locked in a lovers' embrace. She could feel his erection pressed against her tummy, his tongue in her mouth, his arms wrapped around her body. They got out of the shower and he gently dried her body with a large soft towel. She did the same to him, looking into his big brown eyes longingly.

He picked her up in his strong arms and lay her on the bed. She gasped as he put a finger to her slit and rubbed her pussy lips.

"My, you are wet," he said to her, "I wonder why that is?"

"Because I want you inside me," Kim whispered.

She moaned with pleasure as she felt his stiff cock enter her. She grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him down onto her. He put his mouth to hers and they began to snog as they fucked. Kim wrapped her young legs around his back and dug her heels in, pulling as much of him inside her as she could get.

"Oh baby, oh yeah!" He cried out as he shot his load inside her.

"Oh fuck me! Oh yes! Oh my God!" She cried as she had an amazing orgasm, her finger nails digging into his back, breaking his skin.

"Are you o.k.?" A voice brought her back to reality.

Kim looked up, a little startled, it was the waitress talking to her.

"Yes, I'm fine," she said, "what made you ask?"

"Your hand was shaking and you were spilling your coffee."

"Oh, was I?"

Kim stood up, she felt embarrassed. She paid for her coffee, left a small tip and continued on her way.

The house on Derby road was in an average Victorian terrace, it had been lived in by an old lady who had passed away and left it to her children who were selling it. Kim let herself in and started to take pictures of the rooms. Having gone round the house she went into the back garden and took some more pictures.

Something caught her eye, she bent down and picked up a small grey metal ring.

'I wonder if this belonged to the old lady,' she thought to herself, 'I had better take it to the office and they can pass it on to her daughter.'

Having completed her task, Kim went back to the office. She decided against going to 'Brill' for lunch as she still felt embarrassed about spilling her coffee.

'I don't expect he will be there anyway,' she thought to herself.

That evening she was sitting watching T.V. when she remembered that the ring she had found was still in her coat pocket, she got up, went to her coat and took it out. It was quite small, only large enough to fit on her little finger, so she tried it on to see if it indeed would fit her. As soon as it was on her finger she felt dizzy and her sight became blurred, she had to sit down.

Kim recovered from her dizzy spell and looked at the ring, it was still there, but it was on a hand she did not recognise. Kim's heart began to beat faster as she stared at a fine alabaster coloured hand with long finely tapered fingers. Kim looked at her other hand, it too was the hand of a much younger woman. Kim stood up and went to her bedroom where she had a full length mirror.

"Oh my Christ!" She exclaimed as she saw her reflection, "what has happened?"

Looking back at her was a tall slim woman, much younger than Kim. She was a real beauty with flawless skin, big brown eyes and a mass of red hair which flowed in waves down to her shoulders. Kim panicked a little and ran to the bathroom to be sick, but she wasn't. She pulled the ring off her finger and threw it on the floor, she felt dizzy again and her sight failed. When she recovered her senses she looked in her mirror to see she was back as her old self. Kim went to bed in a state of confusion.

They say things look different in the morning and it certainly was the case with Kim. She awoke with a sense of purpose and that purpose was to live the sort of life she had not been given the chance to live before. Kim phoned her office and told them she was going to take the holiday she was owed, starting that very day. Kim put the ring on and looked at the woman in the mirror.

"You need a name," she said to the young beauty looking back at her, "Beatrix, yes that is your name. Bea for short. What about a surname? Hull, I think. Yes. Beatrix Hull."

As Bea, Kim noticed that she received many admiring looks from men she passed in the street and she liked the attention. She took a bus into the centre of the city and bought herself some clothes more suited to a younger woman which she wore straight away, putting her old clothes in a bag and carrying them with her. It was as she was walking past 'Brill' on her way home that she noticed the sign advertising a vacancy for a waitress. She went home, put her old clothes away, went back and got the job.

Kim used the address of some people she knew who were away for the summer when she filled in her details for Reggie. It was there that she took him the first time they had sex together, in the bedroom of the daughter of the couple who's house she had 'borrowed' whilst they were away. As the person responsible for ensuring the house was kept safe, Kim could use it with confidence, knowing that only she would be going there until they got back.

"Reggie," she said one afternoon after he had finished fucking her vigorously.

"Yes Bea?" He replied.

"I wonder what it would be like to be a slut, you know one of those girls who gets passed around, gets treated mean."

"What?" He asked, astounded at what he had just heard, "why would you want that?"

"I don't know, I just have this urge to be dirty."

"O.k. then," Said Reggie, looking her straight in the eye, "I'll send you round to meet a couple of my friends, see if you like being dirty after they have finished with you."

Bea knocked on the door of the flat in St. Isaacs and waited. After a minute or so the door opened and a muscular young black man stood there looking her up and down.

"Hey Bobby!" He shouted, "She's here man!"

"Bring her in!" Came a shouted reply from inside the flat, "let's take a look at the goods!"

The young man reached out and grabbed Bea by the wrist. He pulled her inside the flat and slammed the door behind her. His rough handling of her aroused her, she could feel her pulse increase and her tummy begin to melt. He led her along the passageway and into the living room where another young black man was sitting on a sofa.

"She's a bit skinny," the man said as he looked her up and down, "not got much of an ass on her."

The first man grabbed her ass cheek and gave it a squeeze, she liked having her ass squeezed, it aroused her a little bit more.

"It's nice and firm though," he said as he squeezed, "I like it."

"What's you name, baby?" The man she took to be Bobby asked her.

"Bea," she replied.

"I'm Bobby and my friend here is called Brandon. Reggie told me we can do what we want to you."

"Did he?"

"Yes, so get naked and we'll get started shall we?"

Bea stood still as Brandon unzipped her dress. Her breathing became a little heavier as she felt him slip the dress off her shoulders and pull it down. She wiggled her hips and it fell to her ankles. She stepped out of her dress and moved towards Bobby who was still sitting on the sofa.

Brandon followed her and unclipped her bra. He pulled the straps off her shoulders, drew it away from her breasts and threw it on the floor.

"Oh man!" Said Bobby, "what lovely tits. Feel her tits Brandon."

Bea sighed as she felt Brandon reach around her and take hold of her breasts, one in each hand. He squeezed them like he had squeezed her ass cheek, it felt nice having her tits squeezed, it felt really nice.

Bobby leaned forward and took hold of her panties, he pulled them down, revealing her pubic bush.

"Oh man!" Said Bobby, "I ain't never seen pussy hair that red before! Brandon, you just gotta look at her pussy hair!"

Bea leaned her head to one side as Brandon put his head on her shoulder and looked down at her bush. She rubbed her cheek against his and sighed once again. Bobby pulled her panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Bobby held them to his face and sniffed.

"Oh man!" Said Bobby, "red pussy smells fantastic!"

Brandon turned his head and Bea turned hers, their mouths met and they started to kiss. Bobby put a finger to her slit and wriggled it in between her labia.

"Oh man!" Said Bobby, "she is so fucking wet!"

"You want to do her first?" Brandon asked him, pausing from kissing Bea.

Bobby did not reply, he merely took his finger out of Bea's cunt and got up off the sofa.

"Lay on the sofa," Brandon whispered in her ear as he took his hands away from her breasts.

Bea lay on the sofa and opened her legs. Brandon gently slipped her shoes off and dropped them on the floor. She had not worn stockings and so she was now completely naked.

Bobby had rapidly disposed of his clothes and climbed between her legs. She looked down to see his large stiff cock approaching her waiting vagina.

"Ooooooh!" She moaned aloud as she felt him enter her.

"Ooh baby," he murmured as he slipped his length up her, "what a lovely tight wet pussy you got."

"Fuck her Bobby!" Urged Brandon, "give the little bitch a good fucking."

Bobby thrust his meat in and out of Bea with quick long thrusts, his cock stimulating her vagina walls as it went up and down inside her.

"Oh yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-YEEESSSSS!" She cried out loud as she had an intense orgasm.

"Oh yes baby!" He cried aloud as he sent a huge load of hot spunk into her.

Bobby finished filling her cunt with his semen and climbed off of her. She was a little shocked when he crouched over her and put his still dripping cock against her lips.

"Open your mouth bitch," he said to her as he rubbed his cock head on her lips.

Bea opened her mouth and took his now flaccid member in it. She sucked off the residue of spunk and cunt juice that covered his cock, swallowing what was deposited in her mouth.

"My turn now," said Brandon as he removed his clothes.

Bea's heart started to beat faster and her eyes opened wide when she saw his cock, it was larger than any cock she had ever seen.

"My God that's big!" She cried as he settled himself between her legs, "I don't think I can take that."

"Ssshh baby," he said softly, "it'll be fine."

Bea held her breath as she felt the engorged head push it's way between her cunt lips. She felt herself stretch to accommodate the girth of the head and the length of the shaft as he carefully filled her with his meat.

"Are you o.k. baby?" He asked as he fed the last inch inside her.

"Oh God yes!" She cried as she felt it in her, "oh my God this is lovely!"

Brandon pulled back and thrust forward slowly to start with but soon built up speed, thrusting quickly and deeply.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned as he pumped his meat in and out of her.

"Here it comes baby," he told her as he felt his seed rising.

"Yes-yes-yes-yes! Oh FUUUUUCK!" She shouted out as she had another orgasm.

"Oh baby!" He cried as he sent another huge load to join the one Bobby had put in her.

Brandon withdrew his cock and stood up. Bea immediately opened her mouth as wide as she could.

"She's learning," laughed Bobby as he watched his friend flop his big softening cock in between her waiting lips.

They made her a cup of coffee after they had allowed her to dress. The three of them sat at the kitchen table.

"Is that how you wanted to be treated?" Brandon asked her, "did it feel good?"

"I can't explain it," she replied, "I have this compulsion to be treated like a slut, used like a sex toy."

"No accounting for taste," said Bobby, "still, whatever floats your boat."

Bea was given to Frank Shaw a week or so later.

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