tagBDSMAn Unexpected Journey Ch. 04

An Unexpected Journey Ch. 04


Nathan slowly slipped from the bed as she lay there helpless and panting to catch her breath. He reached into the drawer of the night table and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. He gazed down at her to see her reaction. He saw the eagerness in her eyes as she arched her back pushing her breasts upwards to him.

He began to flick each nipple with his finger and thumb until they became pink and taut. Gingerly he attached the clamps to each nipple and tugged lightly on the chain. A deep guttural groan escaped her lips and again her juices began to pool under her ass.

Nathan rose from the bed and walked to the wardrobe. Kira's eyes widened in astonishment when he opened the doors. On each of the three walls hung various implements for punishment and or pleasure.

He removed a small whip and walked back to her then ran the two tongue-like strands over the palm of his hand. He asked wickedly, "Do you know what this is, little one?"

She nodded and whispered, "Yes, Sir. It's a quirt or viper whip."

Nathan grinned, "Then I don't need to tell you what it's purpose is, do I?"

She shook her head, "No, Sir."

He returned to the bed and slid down until he was at the foot of it. He raised the whip and began to brush her distended labia with its tongues. She whimpered softly as the leather lightly kissed her extremely sensitive areas causing her pink lips to puff out much to his delight. He ran the two small strands over her clit then along either side as she wriggled on the bed.

Raising the whip, he spanked her clit sharply. Its sting caused her to yelp and buck her hips. He repeated his actions and struck her nub harder and harder until it swelled to twice its size. He gazed down at her beautiful dark pink blossom then reached for the chain and tugged harder while his cock grew hard within the confines of his slacks.

Kira bucked wildly against the ropes which held her at bay and cried out as the pains of pleasure surged through her from her aching nipples to deep within her core. Nathan was determined to make her cum this way as her orgasms would be paramount to their future.

She rose and collapsed on his bed as her clit throbbed from the sting of the quirt. Her face was beautifully contorted and her arousal had become so intense she begged for more.

"Oh God harder. Oh fucking hell. Please strike me harder,Sir!" she pleaded. Nathan obliged by whipping her intimate regions with full force.

Within seconds Kira's body vibrated as a powerful orgasm cascaded through her. Her thunderous screams echoed throughout his quarters while her body wracked with spasms. Nathan ceased whipping her clit however he was far from done with his little wench. He cock dribbled inside his slacks and begged for its own release from its hidden cave.

He released her from her white rope bonds and pulled her to him. She shivered and cuddled in his arms as he comforted her, deftly grinding his hardness against her pubic bone.

"You have been a very good girl and have pleased me beyond my expectations."

Kira looked up at him and quivered, "thank You, Sir."

He embraced her fondly and again thought of how stupid he was about what he had done to her in the past week. He would ensure that it would never happen again. He pulled slightly away from her and gazed again at this young submissive before him.

He smiled impishly as he said, "As of tonight, this will be our bed, and you will arrange to have your belongings brought here. We will now enjoy our first of many showers together, then I will arrange dinner to be brought here from the galley."

Kira squealed with delight then rushed to start their shower. She had turned on the water until it flowed a comfortably warm stream. She stepped into the glass stall and Nathan slipped in behind her. He pulled her back to his chest while his hands cupped her breasts and nibbled her ear.

As they lingered under the water he growled playfully, "From this day forward you will never wear panties until I give you permission. When we are working together during the day, you will remain professional and go about your normal work duties but immediately after working hours you are mine."

Kira smiled happily as she turned to face him, " yes, Sir. Is there anything else?"

He pondered for a moment then replied, "Actually there is. The moment we are back in our quarters after our days' at work you will instantly remove your clothing and either dress in a robe or stay naked for me. I will leave that decision up to you as I trust your judgement."

Kira trembled under the water as she listened to everything that he wanted. His voice was tender and confident, and quite clearly she had fallen under his magical charm.

Nathan broke the silence, "Now, I will order dinner while you finish your shower. I hung a robe on the hook behind the door for you to use. It will be fine for tonight and tomorrow we will find you something more appropriate."

He left the glass enclosure and grabbed a large bath towel. He dried himself, wrapped the towel around him then went to his credenza and phoned the galley to order their meal.

Kira exited the bathroom and giggled at the enormity of the robe. Easily she could have wrapped it around herself three times. Nathan smiled and extended his hand to indicate her place beside him.

They sat in front of the large picture window and enjoyed a meal of light fare. Nathan did not want them to be overly full if they were to participate in an evening filled with delicious and memorable events. While they ate, Nathan asked Kira to explain how much she knew about the D/s lifestyle.

"My father was a male Dominant and my mother was his slave. Their lifestyle has worked extremely well for them both during their lifetime together. While I am interested and comfortable in the lifestyle it was never my wish to become a slave."

Nathan nodded understandingly, "You must never feel that you must follow in their footsteps, my little one. Only you can decide what your wants, needs, and desires are. You must only discuss your limits plus the activities which would please your One and satisfy yourself."

Kira looked meaningfully into his eyes and whispered, "It would be my greatest joy to share everything with my One."

Nathan was taken aback by her unexpected reply and smiled with pride as he listened to what her feelings were. He asked her about her limits and what she wished to negotiate, if needed.

Kira essentially told him that aside from water sports, scat, and blood drawing, her limits were few. She quietly admitted that her sexual experiences were limited. He assured her that he rarely participated in any type of torturous play where blood was involved and grinned, "But I admit, it would please me to see your nipples pierced."

She smirked coyly and her dimples showed, "Is that a task?"

Nathan laughed and said that some time in the future they would discuss this but for now there were other things to explore and discover more between them.

Kira smiled and rose from her chair. She removed the large terrycloth robe and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Nathan's eyes widened as she proceeded to kneel before him, her thighs spread and her palms raised upwards. She raised her sparkling blue eyes and looked at him with surrender.

"How may this girl please you tonight, Sir?"

Nathan stood up, looked down at her and stroked her cheek with his long fingers. She rose up as he took her hand and guided her to the spanking bench. He was pleased when Kira bent over, raised her ass cheeks high in the air and gripped the handles on either side of the furniture.

She assumed why he chose the spanking bench. He was going to punish her for her attitude over the past few weeks, and rightly so. She deserved the reprimand and would accept it willingly.

He moved in front of her face and looked down into her eyes. She watched as he slowly unzipped his black slacks. His cock bounded out and gently slapped her cheek.

Kira raised her eyes until they were level with Nathan's massive phallus. Never had she seen a man so well endowed.

~~ "Oh my God, he must be at least ten inches! Good God! How am I ever going to take it all?"~~

She watched as his hard cock pulsed and the clear fluid oozed from its slit. She extended her tongue tip and licked slowly around and under his mushroomed head.

Nathan stroked her hair lightly urging her to open her mouth wider. She began feasting on his shaft while his soft growls and moans were barely audible. She ran her tongue around his thickness as it slowly traveled along its journey, then pursed her lips to gently suckled each inch. Her cheeks expanded and hollowed as he slid in and out.

Nathan reached over and took her long auburn hair into his hand and began to twist it tightly around his fist. She was arousing him quicker than he had expected, something of which he was not prepared for.

"Easy, little one. There will be many times for you to pleasure me this way," he smiled down as he watched her. He had almost forgotten what it looked like to have his cock slathered with drool and saliva while the woman was bound helpless and forced to accede to his every thrust.

Kira whimpered as she tasted the salty fluid which trickled from him and relished in the bliss of knowing that she would be given the honor of drinking his elixir whenever he wanted her to.

Her gentle motions had caused the metal rings on the bench to jingle and the oak wood to creak, while her mouth engulfed his enormously thick shaft.

How beautiful she looked as she lay on her stomach, legs spread on either side of the bench, and her mouth opened and accepting. He couldn't resist the delicious temptation of spanking her firm ass cheeks.

He brought his right hand down and spanked her delicately at first then repeated the soft spankings until her firm globes turned a superb pink hue. She murmured repeatedly on his cock which sent shimmering waves surging from the tip of his cock to the bottom of his toes.

His hips rocked as he closed his eyes in absolute bliss. He thought he had died and gone to Heaven. Her slurps and sucks were such melodious sounds, like an easy-listening tune that he loved to hear over and over again.

Kira loved the feel of his pulsing vein rubbing and encouraging her to suck harder, and she willingly complied. She relaxed and flattened her tongue then began to slide him deeper into her throat. She gagged louder when his thick and long pole stretched her throat muscles. She was forced to breathe through her nose while his hood slid past her tonsils and found its way down the curve.

Nathan groaned deeply and planted his feet firmly on the floor while he slid deeper. He grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard while he thrust powerfully in and out of her luscious throat.

Kira gagged and grunted as he throat fucked her and caused more drool to drip from the corners of her mouth. She worked every inch of him--pressing her tongue, squeezing her throat muscles, and humming louder as if she was his personal vibrator. He was flabbergasted when he realized she had taken him fully. All eleven inches of his swollen member were securely embedded in her mouth and throat.

Nathan felt his increased urge to explode as his balls began to fill and sway. He screamed inwardly and forced himself to hold back. He was not ready yet and he was certainly not about to let her take control of his orgasm. Reluctantly, he pulled his cock from her vice-like throat and pulled it from her mouth.

He rubbed her pink ass with his cool hand and whispered, "Not now, my little one." He rubbed his cock along her lips and gathered up any remaining droplets of pre cum. She instinctively licked the droplets from its hood and ran her tongue along her lips as she looked up and playfully pouted at him.

Nathan gently pulled her up from the bench and held out his hand. He guided her to the credenza and brought forth two pillows which he placed under her head. Instinctively, she bent over the table and spread her legs while he opened the drawer and retrieved a black silk piece of rope. He took her arms, placed them behind her back and tied her wrists securely.

God she was a lovely sight to behold--her scrumptious ass raised and ready, bound wrists, pussy dripping, and offering herself for his bidding. Kira mewled softly as she envisioned his cock now fully released from its confines and ready to take any hole it wished. He wanted to tease her mercilessly but more importantly he wanted to ensure she knew he would always be in control of her body.

He walked to the wardrobe and searched for a moment until he found what he wanted--a mahogany cane with a curved handle. It would do quite nicely as a crop and would not leave any permanent marks on her skin. He brought the cane over and ran it teasingly across the table so that she could see it.

Her eyes widened and her thoughts went back to the time when she thought about her mother's cries and whimpers and how she begged for more. The wondrous ministrations her father must have given Kira's mother made her quiver with delight because now Nathan would administer the same to Kira. She shivered over the table and her pussy came to life once again.

Silence was golden and the only sounds were cries of ecstasy .

The gentle tap of the cane on her ass and inner thighs caused her skin to ripple. Nathan proudly watched as her body twisted to give him more access to whatever he wanted. His blue eyes sparkled as her clit grew thicker without manipulation and he viewed this as another sign of which would be paramount to their future. Yes, he truly believed Kira would be the perfect submissive for him.

He continued to tap the cane along her ankles, calves, outer thighs and the sides of her hips. She shifted on the table and spread her legs wider while he continued to mark her body with the stiff taps of the cane.

She wanted to offer her submission to him but only if and when he was asked. She wanted to be His girl, His submissive, His lover, His slut and His whore. She wanted to be His and only His.

Nathan looked closely at the faint cane marks on her skin. He smiled in satisfaction then bent over her and whispered in her ear, "Do you trust me, little one?"

Kira studdered quietly, "y-yes, Sir."

He reached once again into the drawer and brought out a silk black blindfold. He placed it over her eyes and secured it tightly. Kira shivered a little and remained silent.

She heard him walk to the wardrobe again and tried to listen. She heard faint sounds as he rummaged in the wardrobe and shuddered when she heard the sounds of chains. She was extremely excited and it showed. Her pussy nectar began to stream. She heard him walk back and felt his body behind her.

He brushed his lips against her hair and left ear, "I told you before, little one, that I will never hurt you. If you feel that you are in any way uncomfortable, you must tell me. Is that understood?"

"yes, Sir," she smiled nervously.

She felt him kneel down behind her and heard the soft sounds of a delicate chain. She whimpered as he began to stroke her clit with his middle finger and encouraged it to swell. She dripped like a faucet over his finger and her clit tingled wildly. He firmly gripped her clit in his fingers then she felt a sharp pain.

"Oh God, Sir! What are you doing?" she wailed.

"It is a temporary clit jewel to be used to test your pain tolerance level," he said soothingly.

Kira took a deep breath as the sharp pain began to subside, and its gentle beating against her labia.

Kira could hear something being opened then the sound of a tube being squeezed. She shivered as she felt a sudden coolness being spread over her anal pucker.

She cooed softly as Nathan's fingers deftly worked the lube all around her anus to ensure it was well coated. She lifted her ass to him and spread her legs even wider.

He squeezed more lube onto his hand and stroked it over the length of his cock. He took his cock head and began to tease and persuade her anal bud to open. As Kira moaned against the pressure of his hood, Nathan took a deep breath. He grabbed her hips firmly and plunged deep inside her tight hot tunnel, in one long stroke.

"Who owns this ass, Kira?" he growled into her ear. He stopped giving her anal ring time to widen.

Kira screamed as his cock penetrated her, "Your, Sir. It is your ass."

Nathan began to thrust his hips in and out as he stretched her anal tunnel until it reluctantly opened freely to him. Kira continued to wail and howl as his tool worked in and out of her in a frenzy.

The clit jewel struck her clit over and over as his thrusts ravaged her bowels. Her clit became swollen and engorged with blood, which caused her orgasm to emerge from its depths.

Nathan winced and grunted in pain as the tightness of her hot tunnel clenched and expanded like a vice around his fuck stick.

He couldn't hold back much longer and he was determined to have her cum with him. It took all the willpower he had to wait tolerantly as he pounded her ass harder and deeper.

He nibbled her earlobe then growled into her ear, telling her all the things he was going to do to her in the future. Kira was delirious with ecstasy as her ass was deeply ravished by the One she adored. As she listened to his repeated growls in her ear, her body shook uncontrollably.

"Cum, Kira! Cum with Me! Cum now, baby!", he roared as he quickly removed the clit jewel.

Kira screamed as the blood rushed back into her clit and released her orgasm with an explosion of such intensity that Nathan thought for sure she would slice his cock off with her tight hot asshole.

He emptied his hot creamy seed deep within her bowels while she screeched at the force of his release. He held her tight to him while her spasms wracked through her and milked his cock dry. Every last drop of his precious seed emptied into the ass that was now His.

He slowly pulled out of her gaping hole and pulled her up to him. He undid the rope then turned her around and kissed her deeply.

"You are such a good girl, little one. i will reward you for your willingness to please me."

He took her hand and lead her into the bathroom, and told her to wait while he filled her bath with warm water and soothing lavender oil. He guided her into the tub and told her to relax while he bathed her from head to toe.

Kira loved His caring attention and she realized that he truly was everything she had ever wanted.

He reached for a soft white towel then dried her completely. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to bed. She was exhausted.

He smiled as she rested against the pillows--tired after such an emotional day. He stroked her hair as she drifted off to sleep.

Several hours later he awoke as Kira lay between his spread thighs, gently sucking his cock. He looked down at her and gave a loving smile while he watched her tongue drag up one side and down the other of his raging hard on.

"I'm sorry for not asking permission first, Sir, but I didn't want to wake you from such a deep slumber," she smiled wryly.

She held his cock in one hand while her lips and tongue found their way to his balls. He groaned softly as her lips kissed around and between each ball, then arched his back as she sucked each ball into her mouth. Who was he to admonish her for wanting to pleasure him.

"Oh fuck, Kira, that feels fucking incredible!" he wailed over and over again.

Kira took her time, delighting in the fact that she did have him in control--at least for now. Her tongue ran along and around each ball. When she sucked them both into her mouth, Nathan jerked and thrust harder.

Kira's mouth inched its way back up his shaft until she had his hood in her hot steamy mouth. She sucked as her cheeks puffed in and out which made his cock throb frenziedly.

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