tagGroup SexAngel's Work Ch. 05

Angel's Work Ch. 05


I did not go to work for a long time after the football team. I was sore for quite a while, but not very horny. I had saved a bit of money so I was financially comfortable for a while. Collage work began to pile up, after the Easter break I really began to feel the pressure. That was what finally sent me back to the agency, I needed a release.

“Sure thing, Angel. We have missed you these past couple of months. Actually there is a job on for Friday. I group want to have two girls. Two girls that don’t mind doing each other, while they watch. Beth is going and she asked if you were available for it. Want to go?”

The thought of getting to see Beth again got me going right there. “Sure thing. Just tell me where and when.”

I knew Beth would be looking fantastic. I had to do something just to be noticed next to her. A visit to Victoria’s Secret and new outfit and I was ready to knock her socks off.

At seven thirty I was at the hotel bar having a drink, and giving guys the brush-off, when in walked Beth. She had out done her-self this time. Her black hair was in a long pony tail down her back, bare shoulders ran down to a light blue dress that gently hugged her hips, but flared out to stop just above the knee.

I was dressed in a short, pleated skirt that brushed the cheeks of my ass in a very nice way when I walked. I had found a small white shirt that hugged tightly around my breasts, even with a couple of buttons undone. The naughty school-girl look was what was attracted the men like moths around a light.

In the elevator Beth gave me a short, hot kiss.

“Good to have you back. Where have you been?”

“After the football team I haven’t really needed it. It was quite a strange night, that one. Fun though.”

“Seeing you dressed like that gets me going. We should knock their socks off.”

“Wait until the action starts. Are any guys going to be there?”

“Don’t know. I think it is just girls. It should still be fun though.”

We fixed our make-up in the hall mirror before knocking on the door.

“Well hello. Do come in ladies.”

The six women in the room were all very different, but gorgeous in many different ways.

“Why don’t you girls entertain us for a while.”

Beth and I started to dance to the light music coming from the stereo. A slow Cuban beat that got the hips swaying. We got closer and closer, until our pubic hair was grinding together. It felt like she was not wearing and panties. That thought made me so hot I leaned over and began kissing Beth deeply. The sultry Asian sex-pot swirled her tongue around my mouth, her lips tasted of sweet jasmine. The dance was getting to her as well. I felt her hands run up my hips and begin to unbutton my shirt. Her hands were hot as she cupped my breasts, running her long figure-nails along the lace top.

“I like you new stuff, very sexy. I can’t wait to see the rest.” With that she pulled the zip at the back of my skirt and let it fall around my ankles.

A sigh from the audience brought me back to the room. Standing in $200 underwear in front of six, very horny, woman got my juices flowing.

Beth ran her hands around me from behind and we began dancing again. Feeling her pressed against my back got me even wetter than before. A large dark spot was forming in my panties, some of the girls in the room began playing with them selves. Hands ran into dresses and before long gentle moans filled the room.

I spun around in Beth’s arms and unzipped her dress, as it hit the floor I stared at were amazing body. She was completely naked, her breasts were firm in my hands, and her nipples were so hard I had to take one in to my mouth. As I sucked on her tits I ran a hand down her body and began to play with her clit. She was much wetter than I was down there, and as my fingers slipped in to her slit she began to nibble my neck. I ribbed the palm of my hand across her well trimmed pubic hair, and shoved three fingers deep in to her sopping wet slit.

As she moaned she undid my bra and let it fall. “Lay down. I want to eat your pussy. It was so good last time.”

I lay on the sofa and let her peel down my panties. A load gasp from the audience let me know they were watching.

“Oh, a smooth; shaved pussy. Angel you are a dirty girl, but I like it.” Beth began kissing me were the hair used to be, it felt so smooth and soft and her lips were hot and moist.

A pair of lips found mine and I was in a very passionate kiss with someone. I felt hands begin to fondle my breasts, and more kisses on my stomach. I moaned a little and Beth took that as a sign to attack my pussy. Her tongue pierced straight in to me cunt, while she used her teeth to nibble my clit.

The girl kissing me pulled away, but quickly replaced her mouth with her pussy. Having a hot twat of my own to play with sent me over the edge. I screamed my orgasm into the woman who had sat on my face and began to eat her for all I was worth. I stabbed my tongue deep inside her and began to grind her clit with my teeth. I reached up and cupped her breasts, her nipples were hard as bullets as I began to run my hands over her flesh and tweak her nipples even harder.

Before long she began to gush her cum in to my mouth, she kept moving as she came and smeared my face with her juice. As she rolled of my face Beth moved up my body to give me a deep kiss. Tasting my cum, mixed with the other girls on her lips was so good. As Beth and I were kissing I felt a fresh set of lips on my pussy, a thick tongue rolled over my clit and sent fresh shivers all over my skin.

Beth moved on to the floor and knelt down on all fours. A girl lay in front of her, trying to force her pussy into Beth’s mouth. As she bent down to start work someone else started to run her tongue around her slit and ass. Beth, it seemed, loved having her ass liked. She cried out and began rubbing her tits as she ate the steaming, hot cunt in front of her.

I looked down my body to see a bob of red hair between my legs. Her wide tongue was stretching me almost like a cock. I put my head back and found a pussy hovering over my face. She still had her g-string on, but that was no defence against me. I grabbed her hips and dragged her down onto my face. The strap cutting through her cunt, and pushing her pussy lips out quite nicely, turned out to be PVC. Very kinky, I thought but started nibbling her clit through the thong anyway.

It wasn’t very long before my face was awash with girly cream again. The girl got up and bent over to give me a long kiss. Looking at her I saw she had one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen.

“Would you like a proper fuck?”

I didn’t understand until I looked at her again. The PVC thong turned out to be part of a huge strap-on dildo. My eyes went wide at the sight of the huge black cock.

“God. Get that thing inside me now.” The girl licking my twat sat up and started to swallow the whole thing.

“She will get it nice and warm and wet for you lover. Just be patient. I’m Tabby, and this is Clair.” The red head slid her lips back over the plastic cock with a slurp and smiled at me. Between them, the two girls began to ease the monster in to my hungry cunt. The oversized head barely fit, when it was just in Tabby began rotating her hips. The giant cock head bulged in my pussy and I started grinding my hips, trying to get more of it in side me.

“Just wait Angel. I will get it all in soon.” Tabby stopped rotating her hips and began to ease the whole thing in to me. Clair helped to guide it in and sucked my clit and pussy lips.

“She doesn’t need and help lubricating it. She’s cumming buckets already. Slam it in to her, the whore can take it.” Hearing this angelic read head talk so dirty began to push me over the edge.

“Go on. Ram that huge cock up my twat. You, suck my clit. Stick your tongue in me.”

Tabby eased back slightly before forcing the whole, giant, invading, plastic dick right in me. I screamed as the end slammed against my womb, and I felt her thighs brush against mine. My clit was getting a good work out from Clair as well.

Tabby began sawing her huge dildo in and out of my over-stretched pussy. With Clair swapping from my aching clit to Tabby’s pussy lips and thighs I was in heaven.

Glancing sideways I saw a tall blonde girl laying on her back with a large red strap-on pointing straight up. Beth was lowering her tiny body on to the massive pole. With a last squeal she filled her self right to the top with plastic dick. She lent forward to kiss the blonde girl and fondle her tits.

Someone asked her something I didn’t hear, but she nodded her head a lot. At that a second woman started to ease a smaller strap-on up Beth’s tight, little ass. The blue cock glistened with lubrication and slid quite easily up her tiny hole.

I was beginning to get a bit jealous when the last two girls grabbed hold of me. Tabby pulled the dildo out of my soaking, wet cunt and they put my on all fours. Kneeling there, exposed to the world, with four exquisite woman eating me with there eyes. I feeling of being so wanted and dirty made me cum right there.

“She is good. She can cum when me aren’t touching her.”

“Yer, but it’s more fun to touch.” With that I felt Tabby’s dildo begin to invade my pussy again. I slammed my hips back and enjoyed being full of cock. The strap between her pussy lips must have been good as she began to cum, and shake the dildo inside me doing it. Clair lay underneath me and attacked my clit and cunt lips with a new energy. The brunet girl began to kiss my back and slowly ran her tongue down my ass cheeks and began to use her mouth and fingers on my ass.

Now you know me, I love getting both holes filled and the tongues in my pussy and ass had me gasping for breath when the last woman lay down in front of me and wrapped her thighs around my head. I quickly began to devour her juicy pussy.

After an hour of fucking and sucking each other, three of the girls made there excuses and staggered to the bathroom to dress. After they left the other five looked around and wondered what to do next. It was still early and the party was just getting started.

Beth went to the mini-bar and began to make cocktails. Half way through the first margarita there was a knock at the door.

“Hope you girls don’t mind. We invited our husbands along.”

“As long as they have cock they can come in.”

Well, two hansom men walked and their jaws hit the floor. Five hot, horny women, laying naked around the room, just waiting for them.

“Get undressed boys. We need some of your good stuff.” I have never seen two people lose their clothes so fast.

Beth began by sucking the taller one, called Brad, deep into her mouth. He was Lane’s husband. As Beth was sucking him, she scooted under her and began licking her cunt, and nibbling her clit.

John looked at Tabby and asked if he could do me.

“Sure baby. But you have to let me get her all nice and wet for you.” With that she pushed me on to the floor and rammed her hot tongue into my snatch again. The sight of his lovely wife eating a whore’s pussy got him very hard. I opened my eyes to see his cock disappearing in to Clair’s mouth. I reached out and grabbed the base of his lovely prick.

“Save some of that for me lover.” I whispered. With that he pushed his wife out of the way and started guiding his thick pole up my cunt. Tabby grabbed hold of his cock and began to wank him off as he was sliding his length up me.

As I was lying on my back Clair swung her legs over my head and lowered her hot snatch right on to my mouth. I felt Tabby’s lips and tongue began to wrap around John’s cock as it slid in and out of my tight pussy.

“Oh, God. You have such a tight, little pussy.” John began to pump harder and harder. Having his dick in my cunt and his wife sucking his balls and licking his cock clean every time he pulled out was really getting to him.

“Wait, John. I have a great idea.” John slid his cock out of me, lay on his back and asked me to sink down on his prick.

“Just like the other are. Only we have a surprise.” Tabby came back with her huge strap-on.

“Here Clair. You try it. Strap this big boy on and take this sluts ass with it.”

Tabby helped Clair with the strap-on. When she was ready I sank gratefully down onto John’s engorged pole. He held on to my hips as I lent forward and relaxed my ass enough to let in the dildo.

Looking over my shoulder I saw Tabby rubbing lube all over the huge, red cock. With Tabby’s help, Clair positioned the bulbous head against my waiting ass. Slowly, with gentle thrust I felt the whole thing begin to slide in to my ass. That set of a small explosion in my pussy, and I felt my cum leak out and all over John’s cock and balls.

With a last big push the massive dildo was rammed right up my but. Being full felt great, and my two new lovers started to pick up the pace of their thrusts.

Tabby must have been feeling left out, as when I looked over I saw Beth on her back having Brads cum eaten out of her pussy by one girl, while Tabby was sat on her face getting a great pussy licking. Brad was near by fisting his cock back to hardness.

“Wait,” I looked over my shoulder, “Clair, go and shove that dildo up Tabby’s ass while she is getting her pussy eaten. Tell Brad to come over her and take over.”

With that I had both thick, throbbing cocks inside me. Tabby was screaming and thrashing about on Beth’s face as she was getting ass-fucked. The sight of four beautiful women all fucking each other just sent me over the edge. I began screaming as a huge orgasm washed over me. As I was coming down from that I felt the boys pace being to quicken.

“Oh yes. That’s it boys. Fill me with your cum. Fill your slutty whore all the way up while your wives fuck each other.” The torrent of filth I was spouting had the right effect. With a finale thrust both cocks slammed into me and began to spew hot, creamy spunk up my pussy and ass. Having your ass filled with cum is the best feeling ever, it’s nearly as good as having it spraying your cunt. Both together, that had me screaming all over again.

I flopped on to John, and Brad flopped on to me. I was in a man sandwich, and loved it. When their cocks grew soft they rolled off me and left me on the floor. My pussy and ass were assaulted straight away. Tabby began to eat her mans cum from my pussy, while Clair sucked her mans cum from my ass.

When I was clean the other got dressed and left. As the room was paid for Beth and I had a shower together and sank into the soft bed. We didn’t sleep much, but that is another story.

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