Another Dockside Dicking


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Shalendris kept her tits tightly wrapped around her partner's mammoth prick, creating a soft, slick tunnel for her to fuck. And fuck it she did.

Ashe swung her hips against those monumental tits, picking up speed yet again, cramming as much cockmeat into the warmth of Shalendris's cleavage as she could. "Naaru save me..." panted a sweaty Ashe, her own tits bouncing with the steady rhythm of that titfucking.

Spurts of golden precum coated Shalendris's tits and face and throat as more and more of the abundant liquid shot from the rubbery head of Ashe's monstrous fucklog.

The woman's thrusts became faster and faster as she started truly fucking Shalendris's face now, her prick never even leaving the slut's mouth as her balls remained cradled comfortably against the elf's wobbling fuckflesh.

"NggUUuhhhhHHhh... Ffffuckkkk!" groaned the Draenei as her muscles tensed yet again, arching her body over Shalendris's tits as her cock flexed mightily and she buried over half her gigantic length into that welcoming throat.

The first few ropes of cum blasted deep inside Shalendris's throat and down her stomach. But as Ashe pulled out of the elf's mouth, the following salvoes painted the woman's upper body in thick ropes of potent golden-hued Draenei cum. The excessive quantities of nut shot by the Draenei's cum-cannon quickly went from an elegant spattering to an absolute bombardment.

When the last few dying spurts of Ashe's release finally came, Shalendris was plastered in the thick muck. "By Elune... I thought there'd be less the second time around," she said, coughing up a bit of the glittery sludge.

Falling back ass-first into the boat, Ashe stayed there, panting. Her cock arching downwards as she watched Shalendris's enchantment kick in.

Slowly, the thick layer of cum covering most of Shalendris's body started disappearing, absorbed through the elf's skin. With that absorption of potent, light-infused cum came the growth Ashe loved so much to witness.

Shalendris's breasts, which had, less than an hour ago, been small handfuls, were now huge, wobbling pumpkins. And yet, they were not done growing as the Kaldorei's skin seemed to suck up every last drop of cum that had landed on her. The night elf sat up, placing her hands atop the already colossal tits, watching as they gained in mass with every passing second.

She winked at Ashe, caressing those mountainous tits of hers, teasing the thumb-thick nipples. Though she sat with her back straight, Shalendris's breasts now filled her lap completely. The added weight -- and Ashe had no idea where such mass would even come from -- caused the boat to lean forward slightly, making them both worry if they had caused the elf to grow too much.

Soon, the weight on the druidess's chest was such that she was forced onto her back, buried under a mass of titflesh willing half the small boat. "Aggh... fuck! Next time, try not to cum on me! Or at least, not as much..." Shalendris said, exasperation in her words.

Ashe, with a chuckle, started rowing back to the docks.


Those sailors and soldiers on the docks had gathered around to see what kind of a catch Ashe had found. From a distance, they could only see two fat lumps of flesh, so heavy that the stern of the small fishing boat did not even touch the water.

When the Draenei finally reached the docks, those present would see not some huge sea creature filling the rowboat but an elf with tits larger than any they'd seen before. They had, of course, heard of the rather busty Shalendris, but these tits were quite out of proportion, even for her.

"Are you lot going to stop staring and help me unload her?" Ashe asked, stepping onto the docks.

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