tagGay MaleAnother Place Ch. 03

Another Place Ch. 03


Alex and Matthew ran with speed to Matthew's bedroom and fell laughing onto the bed. They could hear their Grandmother downstairs cursing as she cleaned the flood of water caused by the boys energetic anal fucking in the bathtub. They were too drunk on pleasure to care of the work that they had caused their ageing guardian.

They fooled around as they dried themselves. Alex placed Matthew's penis in his mouth and made him erect. He suckled at the cock and Matthew whimpered like an injured puppy. Alex bobbed up and down on the sex, taking it fully into his mouth. Matthew moaned and thrust upwards. When Matthew came it was because Alex rubbed his ass. His ass hole twitched and Matthew ejaculated. He bit his lip as his semen flooded Alex's mouth. Alex sucked his cousin's cock until the come was spent. Then he spat the come into a water glass.

Now Matthew took Alex's member in his hands and rolled the foreskin backward to reveal the head glistening with pre-come. He licked the cock head. It tasted salty but not unpleasant. He had not tasted come before this moment and its taste pleasantly surprised him. Matthew masturbated Alex's penis while simultaneously licking the shaft and head. Alex rocked in ecstasy as his cousin stroked his cock.

Alex was becoming aggressive in his lovemaking. He wanted to violate Matthew. There was something in him that was primitive and savage, but he knew this side of him would have to be kept hidden until Grandma was asleep. Instead he withdrew from Matthew's grip and placed him upright against the head board. Alex kneeled in front of his cousin and returned his cock to Matthew's lips. Matthew took the sex hungrily, swallowing the thick shaft of meat so it gagged at the back of his throat. Alex rocked his hips rapidly back and forth, thrusting his sex into Matthew's wet mouth. His eager moans announced the approaching orgasm.

Alex grasped Matthew's scalp and fucked his pretty mouth, the moist lips masturbating his tender shaft. The boys were oblivious only to the rattling of the head board against the wall and the accelerated squeaking of the bedsprings, as Alex moaned incessantly and came at last into Matthew's satisfying mouth. The semen ejaculated in thick gushes into Matthew's throat, and the virgin boy could do nothing but swallow the foaming liquid that tasted salty but divine.

Alex took his dripping penis from Matthew's cum flecked lips and lay next to his cousin on the mattress. Both boys' cocks were glistening and sore from coming. They rested for a moment, their sweaty thighs pressed tightly together, kissing and stroking there intimate places. Then they slipped into their bedclothes and went downstairs to Grandma.

In their pyjamas the two horny boys ran downstairs for supper. Grandma had forgiven them but her words were like mist, floating uselessly in their ears. They ate quickly and as they ate became hard in their pyjamas. They were at that age when their cocks were permanently erect and bursting to come. Alex grinned like a cat at Matthew as he gobbled his supper. All he wanted was to return to the haven of his bed with Matthew and spend the night enjoying his young body.

When the meal was over the two boys bid goodnight to Grandma and ran back hurriedly to Matthew's room. They fell onto the bed in a male embrace and soon they were naked, their bedclothes in a heap on the floor. Alex dominated Matthew, lying on top of his willing cousin then sliding down his yielding torso. He put Matthew's penis in his mouth and fellated it as if he were sucking a lollipop. Soon Matthew was in heaven, moaning softly as Alex gave him head.

It was then that Alex became overcome by more primitive and aggressive desires. He pulled Matthew forward so his bottom lay at the edge of the bed, then pushed his legs back so his knees were at his ears. In this position, Matthew's legs were apart and his pert ass hole exposed and winking.

Alex groaned in abandon and placed his cock at the brown hole between Matthew's ass cheeks. He pushed with his full weight, lying across his cousin as he forced his cock into Matthew's buttocks. Matthew wanted to cry out but bit his lip instead, groaning in agony as Alex's cock roughly invaded his ass hole. His flesh stretched open to accommodate Alex's sex, and Alex did not stop bearing down on his cousin until his cock was fully inside his ass hole.

Then he humped Matthew's backside aggressively, fucking his ass selfishly, his thoughts consumed with his own desire. Matthew could not help but rock in union with his cousin, taking the cock in his ass passively and without contempt. He reached down to masturbate his own sex as Alex fucked him, but Alex brushed his hand aside and took hold of the penis himself. Alex masturbated Matthew as he fucked the boy's ass hole, and as the mattress shook beneath them both boys came in a flood of passion.

Alex cried out in ecstasy as he flooded Matthew's bum with his treacly semen, and Matthew whimpered as his cock convulsed and sprayed his thick come upon his belly and chest. The come lay in thin lines across his torso, then trickled downward toward his navel as Alex withdrew his cock from him ass hole and Matthew sat up sorely. He reached for a towel then wiped the come off his hairless chest. Then both Alex and Matthew lay back on the bed until their cocks were flaccid and they slept soundly until morning.

When they awoke the next day the room was filled with daylight. The boys spent the morning masturbating leisurely, reclining on pillows and making themselves come until they were fully spent of desire. So began a lifetime of passion for the two cousins, and even though both are now married with children, their gay affair continues to this day. Even as adults, Matthew and Alex cannot resist the homosexual urges that consumed them as boys. They fuck regularly, and well. Boys may grow into men, but the love of cock and anal fucking remains strong.

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