tagNovels and NovellasAnother Year at St Cat’s Ch. 04

Another Year at St Cat’s Ch. 04


Winter Sunshine (2)


Thursday, 21 November


David looked around Helen's room while he waited. It was similar to his suite: a large old-fashioned study with a large desk, chairs and a large bookcase all made of sturdy-looking oak. Her desk was very organised: the papers neatly stacked and the pens uniformly lined up along one edge. He assumed the rooms would be like his with the bedroom and adjoining bathroom behind the closed door to his left. Outside in the darkness of the frosty night, he could hear the distant sound of girls voices hurrying towards the canteen for their dinner.

"Mr Lean, thanks for joining me," Helen said eventually, looking up from her papers.

"No problem," he replied.

He listened politely as she explained what the investigation was about and how any allegations made would be treated as being confidential.

"Is that clear?" she said, in conclusion.

"Yes, perfectly."

"Okay, well let's get right to it shall we? Mr Lean, have you ever had any kind of sexual contact with any of your students."

"No, of course not," he said.

"Are you sure? You've never said anything suggestive or touched them at all? Never been tempted?"

"Absolutely not," he said.

Had Vicky said something? He examined Helen's cool mint-green eyes behind her thick, black-framed glasses but they were unreadable.

"So what were you doing last Saturday morning?" she asked, glancing down at the papers in front of her.

"Last Saturday? I was collecting stock from the store room with young Vicky."

"I see, Vicky, yes. I interviewed her the other day. She's an attractive girl, isn't she?"

David shrugged, as if he hadn't noticed.

"So did anything happen between you and Vicky?"

"No, well nothing inappropriate, if that's what you you're getting at."

"Are you sure? Because several students said they heard some odd grunting and groaning coming from that room."

"Well it was quite hard work; there was a lot of going up and down step ladders and so on."

"Uh huh. And I also hear that Vicky's blouse was ripped."

"Yes, well, she caught it on a sharp edge."

"Yes, a sharp edge. That's funny, that's exactly what she said," Helen said, looking up at him. "At least that's what she said at first, before she told me what really


David tried to look cool as he felt a cold shiver pass through him, his mouth suddenly dry, his palms sweaty.

"I have her statement right here," Helen said, a thin smile forming on her crimson lips as she held up the report.

"She's lying if she suggested anything funny went on," David blurted out.

"Now why would she do a thing like that?" Helen said, sceptically.

"I don't know, maybe I've upset her. Maybe she's got a crush on me."

"A crush?"

"Come on Helen," he said, flashing her what he hoped was a confident smile. "You know how it is, these girls are a long way from home. They can become attached to you, develop crushes, you know."

"I'd prefer it if you called me Ms Feldman," Helen said icily.

"Yes, of course, I didn't mean to cause any offence," he said defensively, watching the lazy sway of her hips as she got up and walked around to his side of the desk, leaning back against its polished surface. She had lovely legs. He couldn't help wondering if the black nylons under her fitting, graphite-grey skirt were tights or stockings.

"Like what you see?" she said, looking down at him.


"You're staring at my legs, Mr Lean, do you like what you see?"

"Sorry, I mean yes, they're very nice."

"Very nice, hmm? I think it's so important to be honest with each other, don't you think?"

"Um, yes, Ms Feldman."

"That's a nasty-looking red mark on your neck," she said, leaning forward a little and peering over the rims of her glasses.

"Oh yes, it's an, um, insect bite."

"An insect bite? In November? How unfortunate."

David swallowed and anxiously tugged at the collar of his pale blue shirt as she stared.

"You know it looks more like a love-bite. Why don't you unbutton your shirt so we can make sure?"

"Excuse me?"

"I think you heard me, Mr Lean. Unbutton your shirt," she repeated sternly, as if she was scolding a reluctant schoolboy.

He watched her heels sink into the carpet as she walked around behind him.

Helen reached out towards the door and twisted the key in the lock. She smiled to herself as she turned back around, watching as his fingers fumbled nervously with the buttons of his shirt. This was going to be easier than she'd thought.

"Now let's have a closer look at this so-called 'insect bite'," she said, running a hand through his short, brown hair.

He caught his breath and winced, but didn't resist as he felt her roughly tugging his head to one side. Her hand yanked the collar of his shirt, then he felt on her hot breath on his skin as she closely examined the livid red mark on the side of his neck.

"Hmm, looks like a nasty little love bite to me. It's right where Vicky said it would be, now isn't that a coincidence?" she said. Up close to him, she could almost smell the fear and uncertainty, mixed in with the fresh, woody scent of his after-shave.

"Well maybe, I uh, maybe I fooled around with her a little."

"Fooled around a little? I think what you're trying to say, Mr Lean, is that you had sex with one of your students. You ripped her blouse open, threw her on a pile of mattresses and you fucked her, isn't that right?" Helen said, running his hands over his broad, square shoulders then down over his pleasingly firm chest.

"No! I mean, wait a minute, if she said that I forced her..." David started.

"I didn't say you'd forced her, just that you'd fucked her," Helen repeated.

David swallowed anxiously, the subtle, flowery scent of her perfume filling his nostrils as he watched her slender fingers smoothed the blue cotton over his firm chest

"Come now, in the end she told me everything, Mr Lean. And I mean everything, so you might as well be honest with me," Helen insisted, slowly unfastening the buttons one-by-one.

"No," David said, shaking his head, unsure of what to say.

"Come on, we both know what you did. She strikes me as being a bit of a prick tease so I don't really blame you. Is that what happened? Did she keep teasing and flirting until you couldn't take it any more?" Helen whispered, her lips next to his ear as she slid a hand beneath his shirt. She could feel his heart thumping against his ribcage.


"And look, you've got a mole here, just below your left nipple, just where Vicky said it would be," she said, easing his shirt open.

"She is a real tease, I mean, it wasn't my idea," David conceded.

"So she was asking for it? That's what men like you always say, isn't it?" she teased.

"No, I mean..."

"You were just giving her what she really wanted, right? What she needed?" she insisted, making him shiver by kissing his neck, marking his skin with her lipstick.

The crimson 'O' formed on his skin reminded her of a brand, a mark of ownership. It seemed to say "you belong to me now".

"I couldn't help myself," he confessed, feeling her hand tugging at his hair again, his head pulled back till he was forced to stare at the ceiling.

"You threw her on that pile of old mattresses and gave her what she deserved. A good, old-fashioned fucking," Helen continued, in her crisp English accent.

"Maybe. Yes," he gasped, watching as her fingers deftly undid the remaining buttons, tugging his shirt wide open.

"Well, you have been a bad boy, haven't you? A very bad boy. I hear the headmaster hired you himself. He's going to be very disappointed when he finds out. Very upset.

I wonder what kind of reference he'll give you after you've been fired for gross misconduct."

"Please! You can't tell him! I'll never work as a teacher again if this gets out."

"That's right, you'll never work again. If I include her story in my report, that is," she whispered, her breath warm against his ear, as she pressed against him, wrapping one arm around his neck. He watched her other hand slide over his stomach then over his trousers. Despite his predicament, he felt his cock stiffen at her touch.

"Please, you don't have to report this, do you? What can I do? I'll do anything."

"Anything, hmm? Well perhaps you could start by calling me 'Mistress'," she said, running her fingertips over the hard ridge forming in his trousers.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good boy. Well now Mr Lean, we're both grown-ups. I'm sure we can come to some kind of mutually beneficial arrangement," Helen said, as her sharp little teeth closed around his earlobe and her nimble fingers unfastened his belt.


David lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He was quite naked and shivered, although not because he was cold. He felt Helen tug his ankle towards the corner of her bed with surprising strength. He suppressed his natural desire to resist as she wrapped a bright green silk scarf around it, securing it to the wooden bedpost.

"There," she said, straightening up and examining her work.

He was just the type that she liked: lean and boyish, just a few strands of dark hair on his chest, his long, athletic limbs stretching towards the corners of her bed. A swimmers body. Inevitably, her eyes were drawn to his excitingly thick, semi-erect cock, nestling between his muscular thighs in a sparse triangle of pubic hair.

Tied securely to the bed David could only wait patiently, his head propped up on some pillows, watching as she slowly undressed. Sliding out of her smart grey jacket and hanging it in the wardrobe. Slipping off her heels and unbuttoning her blouse. Unzipping her skirt and wriggling it over her rounded hips, then down over her long legs. He watched her carefully place her earrings and glasses on the bedside table and remove her hairclip. Her semi-naked body was quite different to the girls he saw in his class, with plenty of soft, womanly curves and plump, mature breasts.

He felt his cock stiffen in anticipation as she climbed onto the bed, clad only in her silky black underwear and hold-up stockings. She looked very different without her glasses, and her darkly glossy hair spilling over her pale, smooth shoulders.

"Now then, Mr Lean, I assume you want to keep your little indiscretion between you and me, rather than getting the headmaster involved, is that right?" she said, reaching behind her and unhooking her bra.

"Yes," he said hoarsely, watching her shrug the bra from her shoulders and slide it off her slender arms. Her exposed boobs were gorgeously full with large chocolate brown aureole surrounding small, delicate nipples.

"Do you like my boobs?" she said, as he stared at her beautifully rounded breasts.

He nodded.

"Why don't you have a closer look? Do you want to taste them, David?" she said, cupping one of them and offering it towards his mouth.

"Yes," he moaned, as he kissed the warm, soft flesh.

"Yes, what?" she replied, her long, fuchsia-coloured fingernails raking across his bare chest and pinching one of his nipples till he squealed girlishly.

"Yes Mistress!" he whimpered.

"Good boy, now as long as you keep me happy I'll keep your dirty little secret, understand?" she purred, running a hand down over his chest and feeling his lips caress the soft, plump flesh.

She smiled contentedly as she traced circles over his lean stomach and stroked his warm thighs, watching his cock slowly coming to life. She slowly stroked his balls and ran her long fingernails along the inside of his thighs, feeling her arousal grow as his cock gradually straightened.

"Mmm, yes," she moaned contentedly as he drew one of her nipples into the warm wetness of his mouth, his tongue gently teasing her till it stiffened, like his cock.

"That's a lovely big cock you have," she purred, watching his hips twist and jerk as she drew an expensively-manicured fingernail along the taut, quivering flesh. "But if you want me to play with it you're going to have to make me cum first."

There was a faint hiss of static as she eagerly slipped her black panties over her hips then down over her nylon legs. Helen tossed them aside as she carefully placed her knees on either side of his head, the sheer stockings a paler shade of black where they stretched over her knees. David, his limbs stretched to the four corners of the bed, could only watch and wait as her prominent pussy lips hovered above his mouth; they were pink and swollen, beneath a thin, neatly trimmed strip of dark hair.

The distinctive, feminine smell of her arousal filled his nostrils.

"Yes," she gasped as she felt his warm lips kissing her inner thighs, where the creamy flesh contrasted with her black stocking tops. She shivered with anticipation as his warm kisses inched closer to her wetness.

"Now then, let's see your tongue," she said, her hand squeezing his jaw, forcing his mouth open.

She smiled as she watched his long, snakelike tongue appear from between his lips.

"Good boy. If you can make me cum you might get a reward," she promised, as his tongue gently began to lap at her puffy lips.

God, it had been so long since she'd had a man lick her down there, over a month since her last session with Phil. A long time to go without sex, particularly as she liked to liked to play around with her boyfriend two or three times a week. After so long a dry spell, her body was loving the feel David's inquisitive tongue exploring her most intimate parts, shivering with little electric thrills of pleasure as he licked her pussy, sucking her swollen labia into his warm, wet mouth. She closed her eyes, sweeping her long hair back over her head as her body undulated, moving back and forth as he lapped at the juices spilling from her ripe, juicy cunt.

"Ooh yes," she growled throatily, leaning forward, her hands gripping the wooden slats of the headboard as she rubbed herself against his face, feeling his tongue press against her vagina. She licked her fingers and gently began to play with her clit. Strumming her fingers back and forth her achingly sensitive bud as the delicious tingles spread through her whole body. She loved the feeling of riding a man's face like this. It wasn't just the physical pleasure of being able to be

licked just where she needed to be licked, she thought, as she shifted her hips so that he licked her right there.

"Oh God, right there, yes!" she panted.

It was also the feeling of dominance, the power and the control that was such a strong aphrodisiac. Watching him trying so hard to satisfy her. It was just so deliciously decadent using poor David for such wicked pleasure. She spread her legs wide, slowly moving her hips back and forth, encouraging him to lick the full length of her sensitive slit.

"Yes, that's it, right there," she groaned urgently licking her fingers and pinching one of her tight nipples, feeling the hot waves of pleasure surge through her.

"Yes, yes, don't stop!" she panted, as she moved her hips faster and faster, the combination of David's tireless tongue and her long dry spell causing the sensual feelings to spiral dizzyingly. She ground her hot pussy against him desperately as she squeezed her aching nipples, using a wet fingertip to stimulate her clit, feeling herself losing control.

"Don't stop, don't stop! Just there, yes, yes!" she cried, her voice a harsh whisper, her body as taut as a violin string, her heart thumping as she felt the waves of pleasure lifting her higher and higher.

"Yes! Yes!" she squealed as a quick, hot orgasm surged through her, her legs spread wide, her chest heaving, as the fiery euphoria ripped through her, all the frustration and stress of the last few weeks evaporating in a single, perfect moment of sublime ecstasy.

She rolled off him, in slow motion, her breathing gradually returning to normal, her body still tingling from head to toe. She reached into one of the bedside drawers and drew out a small, pink vibrator, about the size of a thick marker pen.

In the long, pleasurable minutes that she'd been grinding herself against his face, his cock had become flaccid.

"Mmm, let's see if we can't get our little friend nice and hard again," she said as she started to coax him back to full hardness.

"Please," David moaned helplessly, his cock coming alive in her hands.

"Mmm, good boy. What a lovely big cock you have," she said as she quickly stroked him back to full hardness. "I bet your little girlfriend Vicky loved it didn't she?"

"Yes," David confessed.

"It's so lovely and thick. I bet her little schoolgirl pussy felt nice and tight, didn't it?" she said, watching the frothy pre-cum spill over her fingers as she stroked his inflamed cock up and down in long, steady strokes from his swollen balls to his engorged glans.

"Yes, very tight," he grunted, straining against his bonds as she started to stroke him faster.

As she stroked him, she stroked herself with the same, steady rhythm, her free hand caressing the wet, velvety folds between her open thighs. She couldn't help herself. The thought of him energetically fucking Vicky in the cellar quickly made her become aroused again. She imagined the girl's helpless sobs as he plunged that lovely hard dick deep between her wide-open legs as she played with herself. Imagining their hot, young bodies twisting and grinding together in the semi-darkness of the cellar until she couldn't take it any more, changing position so that she was sitting astride his broad chest, facing his feet. She continued to stroke his cock as she bent forward and placed her pussy over his face, still glistening with her juices.

"Now then Mr Lean, would you like to cum first or do you think I should?" she said, as she wriggled her hips provocatively, giving him the answer to her question.

"I'd like you to cum first, Mistress," he said, as he watched her slide a hand between her hot thighs and spread her lips with her fingers exposing the wet, inner pinkness.

"Good boy. You're an even better student than you are a teacher Mr Lean," she chuckled, twisting around and rewarding him with a cold smile as she spread her legs wide apart.

"Did she squeal when you eased this gorgeous fat cock into her tight little pussy?" Helen gasped, feeling the tip of his tongue lapping at the warm honey coating her hot skin.

With her thighs pressed against his face, David could only emit a muffled "Mmm". The feel of his lips vibrating against her cunt sending a delicious tingle of pleasure through her.

As she rode his face, Helen picked up the vibrator, expertly flicking it on with her thumb. She ran it over the generous slope of her breast, making herself shiver by lightly running the tip over one of her tight, stubby nipples. She stayed like that for several minutes, enjoying the little ripples of sensual pleasure. She took her time, slowly rocking back and forth; after all, it wasn't like he was going anywhere. With his hands still firmly bound, he was forced to move at her pace. She reached behind and ran her fingers through his hair, drawing his head closer, encouraging him to explore the length of her wet slit from her perineum to her achingly sensitive clitoris.

"Don't you dare cum without permission!" she warned, making him squirm by running her buzzing toy slowly up and down the full length of his throbbing shaft. She smiled as his cock jerked like it was being electrocuted.

"I bet you gave her a good, hard fucking, didn't you, you naughty boy?" she panted, as she ran the toy over her hot thighs. Her needy clit was throbbing urgently, aching for some attention now.

"Mmm, mmm!" David agreed, his tongue furiously lapping the sweet juices spilling from her slit and smearing his face.

"Did you make her cum? I bet you did, I'm sure she loved it," she purred, making herself shudder with pleasure as she ran the vibrator over her clit.

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